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Old 10-09-2012, 10:06 PM   #121
Joined: Apr 2008
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making our way to that far peak, looks like we can make it...u go1st

Mark rallying the husky, cool road lots of turns

Nevada is made of rocks,,, add 5psi

theirs a pass through there somewhere? to the left looks like a good line

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Thanks for the info

Thanks for the info on the GPS units you guys used. they seem very reliable it did'nt look like you got too lost and always found your way home.and good advise on the 2 way radios i'll remember it in the future.also my favorite pic so far is from Kramsetac on day 4 paradise valley up and over hinkey pass. I love how you can see the heat waves in the pic and the dust coming off the bikes is just perfect.
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Old 10-09-2012, 11:33 PM   #123
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Day 4

Here are a few pic's starting with Hinkey Pass.

Dr Dan doing the FUNKY CHICKEN DANCE!!

The hill climb that should have killed Marks Husky. I think his Chain guide saved his ass.

Here is an Action shot of Mark changing into.......................Mark MacGyver.

I think we are all going to carry a few more spare parts on our next trip, you see why when we post Day 6.

Top of Windy Pass.

I did not get any pics of the road down Windy pass but it looked like another group of riders tried to climb the pass when the road was a muddy mess, you could see were they dumped their bikes at least a dozen times for miles.

The mad dash back to Denio I only got my Camera out fews times waiting for the last riders to catch up, but the ride back into the setting sun was not easy my neck was killing me from turning it at a wierd angle using the visor to block the sun and trying to watch out for crazy cattle and rocks on the trail at the same time also we had no wind in the deep valleys to remove the dust, it just hung in the air and even if you waited 5 minutes it was still the same.

We made better time when the sun finally went down.

Here comes Scott

When we got back to Denio I heard people talking about a guy dumping his bike a few minutes ago in front of the hotel someone said he was showing off for some cute country girls standing in the parking lot. You go Mike!
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Old 10-10-2012, 09:10 PM   #124
MasterMarine OP
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Day 5


Today would be a short day. We were just going to sleep in, do some repairs and service on our bikes and then ride up to check out the crash site and then Bog Hot.

We all ate a great big tasty breakfast in the bar. My ankle was hurting from my stupid spill in the parking lot the night before as I swapped out my air filter and checked over my bike for any issues. I pulled off my Giant Loop and strapped on my Chacos to the back of the bike. Everyone was busy checking their bikes over to repair any damage from the last 4 days of hard riding. Mark scavenged parts off his Husky 310 to fix his kick stand and sprocket issues on his 610.

Once everyone was ready to go, we headed out to make our way up to the crash site. It is not too far away from DJ. We ran across a group of guys in a Nissan Frontier pickup who were trying to figure out how to get up there. I think the guy I talked to said they were from Oregon somewhere. I think they had heard about it and got directions from the folks at the Field Station. I told him we were headed up there and that he should just follow our tracks. The guy was cool and waited for us to go thru before closing up the gate behind us. I never saw them again so the road must have been too rough for them. I think you would need a pretty serious 4wd with lockers and such to make that final climb up to where the crash site is.

I got off the trail on that last climb and fell over. I think this picture is from once I got back up.

It was amazing how different the desert was this year. When we had been down in 2011, it had been a very wet spring so everywhere we went was very green and lush. There were flowers everywhere. This year was the opposite. It was very dry. One of the ranch managers I had talked to during the planning phase of the trip had told me that it was one of the worse drought years he had seen during a lifetime of ranching in the area. You can really see the difference in the pictures I took at the crash site if you compare the ones from 2011 to the ones from 2012.

2011 approach to crash site.

2012 approach to crash site.

That is so amazing. We were there almost exactly 1 year later and the difference is striking.

I was excited to check out the plaque that Hodakaguy had placed at the crash site. We had chatted about it a bit thru the winter and I had been texting him while he was on his big trek around the desert in the area during that time. He had asked me to bring some pencils to put in the box.

It is totally cool. I put some pencils in the box and also a small sharpener that I borrowed from my son. Hopefully they will stay there for a while.

Thank you Hodakaguy!!!!!

We all spent some time exploring the site and taking pictures. I signed the log book first and then everyone else did too.

I sure hope that people will respect the place. Luckily it is relatively difficult to get too so that should keep some of the people out of there who will just steal stuff. It is a sacred place that should definitely be respected by all who visit.

Once we had all finished exploring, we headed back down to Bog Hot.

We took the direct route to Bog Hot. I heard there were some donkeys that were sighted but I missed them.

Here is Bog Hot.

We were planning to soak at the Bog but it was so hot that we all wussed out. Except for Ugo1st who went in pretty deep. When he stood up, it was rather obvious how deep he had gone in since he was quite red.

After the soak, I had planned to kind of let everyone do what they wanted. Kramsetac, Busdriver, and Ugo1st headed up north towards Fields. They planned to go over Domingo Pass, to Fields Station for a shake, and then back down the highway to DJ.

Duckspanker, Dr. Dan, and I headed back to DJ. My ankle was bothering me and I wanted to try to rest it up since we had 3 long days of riding left to complete.

On the way back, Continental Lake was looking like a mirror. I tried to time some shots with my GoPro while zipping down the highway.

When we got back to DJ, all the locals were excited because something was going on. It took us a bit to get the story. We heard a guy was fishing at Blue Lake, to the south of DJ, and he was hurt. A helicopter was supposed to be on its way to DJ to pick him up. The original story was that he had a rattlesnake bite. It turned out that he had a dislocated hip. It seemed like a very long time before the helicopter showed up. The helicopter actually arrived at about the same time as the other 3 riders who had visited Fields.

For some reason, the EMS brought him all the way to DJ from Blue Lake to send him out in the helicopter. The helicopter crew had to wait for even longer for the patient to arrive.

Before the trip, I had become a member of my local helicopter ambulance service. It had cost less than $100 for a family membership and the agency has reciprocal agreements with most of the other helicopter ambulance services in the western states. Busdriver told me he had spent a bit more and was able to get an international plan which would be a good thing to look into if you are out of the country often. It might be a good idea to look into this service if you like to do these super remote back country adventures.

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Pop Copy Manager
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Day 5

After the first 4 days of riding, which were relatively daunting, I think we all had a good night's sleep at the motel. Mike had planned "Day 5" an easy day-ride for us to just have some fun. So after I unloaded all the extraneous crap off of my bike, we headed up to a B24 Liberator crash site to take some photos and relax a bit. The trail was a bit rough but with almost nothing loaded on my little bike, it felt like an entirely different machine and it was much easier for me to tackle the terrain.

After leaving the crash site, we headed down to a hot spring called "Bog Hot". We all planned on a soak but as we stepped into the water, we decided that it was far too hot to stay in. Bill was able to get used to it and did soak for a bit but the rest of us were too whimpy to stay in.

After leaving the hot spring, we split up. Mike, Dan and Chuck headed back directly to Denio Junction while Bill, Mark and I went north up to Fields, OR to get a milkshake. Unfortunately the milkshake machine was not working so we ended up just having some ice cream.

Overall it was just a nice, easy day of riding that allowed us to unwind a bit.

Tinkering on a few things before heading up to the crash site.

Bobby and Maria's dog, Shooter.

Arriving to the crash site

Beautiful day

Mike is reading the guest book that is kept on the memorial plaque located at the site

Crash site


As a pilot myself, it's always very sobering to walk the grounds of a crash site. I can't help but try to visualize what it was like to be in the pilot's seat that cold night.

At some point after we left the site, Wild Bill missed a turn and headed along a fence line that started climbing steeply. I noticed his mistake and tried to catch up to him but couldn't get his attention before he started up the incline. He ended up slowing down enough to hear my horn but getting the big KLR beast turned around was no easy task. I decided I should document this...


This was taken about 5 minutes before my second significant crash of the week. This was a crash that injured my shoulder, back and ribs. Fortunately Dr Dan was able to fix some of it that evening with a chiropractic adjustment on the picnic table outside the bar. He said he did his best work after a beer or two.

Bog TOO Hot

Here is Mark preparing to approach the burros up ahead

One of my better photos of the weekend... the burros really didn't seem to mind too much that Mark was that close

The antelope however, were skittery as hell and I was only able to get a shot of them by using the zoom lens

Dropping down into Fields
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Originally Posted by kramsetac View Post
Regarding the 610 kickstand: I'd be interested in a direct thread on here or on Cafe Husky for the aftermarket stand to fit a 610.

PM'd you the info Mark.
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Old 10-11-2012, 09:39 AM   #127
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Great thread and pictures, thanks for posting.
'05 450 EXC
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Old 10-11-2012, 10:53 AM   #128
free range moron
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I did the exact same thing on my 990 last spring, pretty gnarly little road. Great RR, thanks!!!
one day I will learn, until that day... fuck it.
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Old 10-11-2012, 12:18 PM   #129
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Day 5

Lots of sleep, Long Hot Shower, big breakfast, easy ride for the day, a lot of frosty cold beverage and a big dinner that night with more frosty cold beverage. Not much but here are the only Pics I took on day 5.

Crash site.

It turned out to be a great relaxing day, got the bike ready for day 6 and went back for more refeshing drinks.
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Old 10-11-2012, 12:20 PM   #130
just passin' through
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Just got back from 1st PT visit and off crutches. Great reading your report, nice facts and current conditions!

(those damn Huskies )
What's next? More action!
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Old 10-11-2012, 12:37 PM   #131
Moto Prozac
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I made it to page 3. Great RR and super pics. Look forward to catching up on the rest of it!
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Old 10-12-2012, 11:10 PM   #132
turnip truck driver
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well done boys.. sure miss riding with you guys.. maybe next summer
"ride hard, live righteously"
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Old 10-13-2012, 09:21 AM   #133
MasterMarine OP
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Thank you for all the postive comments so far! It is great to hear them. This is a fabulous area to ride.

Here is the mileage and elevation data for the first five days of the trip. These are from the track I made for each day. For the first 4 days, they should be pretty similar to everyone else but on some of the last 4 days, there will be some variances due to unforseen circumstances (adventure! ).

So here you are:

Day 1

184 miles

Minimum Elevation - 3926 ft
Maximum Elevation - 7056 ft

Day 2

92.6 miles

Minimum Elevation - 4974 ft
Maximum Elevation - 7650 ft
Day 3

175 miles

Minimum Elevation - 5051 ft
Maximum Elevation - 8953 ft

Day 4

213 miles

Minimum Elevation - 4093 ft
Maximum Elevation - 7958 ft

Day 5

44.2 miles

Minimum Elevation - 4074 ft
Maximum Elevation - 7004 ft

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Old 10-13-2012, 09:28 AM   #134
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I dream of trips far away, but my goodness, gentlemen, that's some beautiful scenery pert near in my back yard. Thanks for taking the time to post such wonderful photos of your outing. It's greatly appreciated.

Makes me think of dreams attainable.
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Old 10-13-2012, 10:24 AM   #135
MasterMarine OP
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Prior to our trip to this area in 2011, we were discussing a trip to Baja. I had been reading ride reports for this area and thought with the language barrier and security issues of Baja, perhaps we should go here instead. Plus it is not quite such a drive to get down to Denio Junction as it is to get to Mexico.

And so we did. There is still so much to see down there! I sure would like to go to other countries someday but I am going to concentrate on this area before it gets closed off. There are not many areas where there is such a huge expanse of BLM land with roads crisscrossing it. This is an extremely remote area with few services. You and your party need to know how to survive and fix most anything that can happen. Crazy stuff happens.

Do some searching thru the ride reports. You will find some great ones from years past in SE Oregon, Southern Idaho, and Northern Nevada.
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