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Old 11-18-2012, 09:30 AM   #16
^ "Look up"
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Originally Posted by AteamNM View Post
Did you do a ride report?
Just what knybanjo put in his day trippin thread.
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AteamNM OP
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Day 8
October 24, 2012
Ohio River Raging

Went on several day trips around my home town and crossed the Ohio River into Ohio.
This bridge crosses the top of a dam on the Ohio River.

The bridge is somewhat new, but the dam was built in the 50ís. I spent many days dove hunting the river bottoms near the dam on the Kentucky side. This picture is taken looking south east from the Ohio side.


I had a friend tell me he was driving from Lexington Kentucky to Detroit for a world series game that weekend. 5 hours driving through mostly Ohio. He says he never stops in Ohio unless itís to piss or litter.

While riding around in Ohio, I found this.

So I did this.

This was a RC track, complete with pit row, bleachers, a food stand and a very small dirt oval track.

Kentucky is on the other side of the river.

Haha, have KLR
will disobey.

Iím not a role model, Iím a warning label.

Then I got to here.

Bike trials area here. Notice the riding pants? Those were my Dads hunting pants when he was in his 30ís.

This guy came out of no where. A Maine Coon. Total bad ass. He was not concerned about me, looked at me a while while he scratched and rolled around on the ground. Then he walked off. This is the ultimate barn cat.

The dam (lock) dropped a barge down to the next pool. Heading south and down river.

Took the rail road home from the river. Jo Jo was loving the dirt. The gravel farm crossings have nice little berms running off the tracks. Jo Jo can fly!

Yea a KLR flies like a bird and lands like a piano.

As I wait out the storm, my plan for stage II of my trip develops and then redevelops. The first leg from Virginia was under 350 miles. The next portion will be long and epic.

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kinda slow
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Originally Posted by Reddog* View Post
Just what knybanjo put in his day trippin thread.
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KillerSmileIHazIt !!
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Life is what you make of it~If it don't fit make alterations
Check it from time to time as I'm always adding to it..
My Rides and life on the Farm
Just because the road is rocky doesn't mean your spirits should get rocky, too.{Crazy Cora}
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AteamNM OP
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Day 10
October 31, 2012

Cast Away the Ropes, Time to Roll

Wednesday - I skipped days due to rain and cold in Kentucky.

So Sandy ripped through West Virginia dumping snow at Snow Shoe Ski Resort. I was just there a week ago.

After a very extended visit with my Mom, it was time to go and run south from the storm. Breakfast the old school meal – total comfort food and made by my Mom, the best food evaaaar.

This picture breaks my heart. My Mother is so worried about this ride. She did not know I purchased the motorcycle until I arrived at home.

I leave with bad weather in a SW to NE line that I know I will have to ride through. I get to Grayson Lake area when I stop to add on the rain gear. My ass is going to get kicked. Temperature is mid 30’s. I got to get south.

This was a common site as a kid. Mail Pouch would paint your whole barn for a little advertisement. As a kid I preferred Days Work tobacco.

Grayson Lake

My hope was to travel the eastern Kentucky coal fields but the weather was cold and as I approached Jackson from West Liberty, the precipitation was sleet and some snow. This was the first time on my ride I asked myself what the hell an I doing? The area was beautiful in this wet and foggy day. Scattered remote little towns that don’t take to well to outsiders. The coal miners and farmers that grow up here and stay here and die here are unique and strong individuals. They live in towns with names like Hazard, Rowdy, Hell for Certain, Comfort. I will come back here again some day and ride with my old college roommate.

I stopped to warm my hands. Jo Jo is helping me out as best she can. So standing there with the heater going I decided it was time for a road side piss. As I am whizzing I turn and feel the exhaust on my crotch. Oh my goodness that feels so good. This was becoming a most epic piss. The warm between my legs was so nice. And I am nearly done I open my eyes and look down. I suppose with every positive there is a negative? My right pant leg is now covered with urine due to the warm and pleasing exhaust.

Oh well, as my Mom says I’m wear and wash. I think it was worth it, I was cold and still a ways from the Tennessee border and warmer weather. In the meantime, my plans for a nice night camping are diminishing with every bone chilling mile. I made into Summerset Kentucky and lay it down for the night. I noticed that Jo Jo was getting hot while stopped. As I got going the temperature would go back to normal. I made my first “Talk Me Off the Ledge Call” to NMTrailBoss. Curtis recommended that I check the coolant levels, check for the fan running after idling a while and also make sure the fan was spinning. Yes, of course, come on Ateam think clearly.

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master of disaster....
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hard to think clearly with piss running down yer leg........
I'm not a Gynecologist... But I'll have a Look...
2007 Suzuki WeeStrom/2006 KTM450EXC/2001 Honda XR650L/2001 Sherco 290

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AteamNM OP
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Day 11
Thursday - November 1, 2012

The next day was dry and the systems check determined that the fan is not working. So I made a few calls and found a local and former Kawasaki dealer, now a Honda dealer in Summerset Kentucky. I stopped in and advised of my problem. The dealer told me they knew nothing about Kawasaki’s and it could be a week before they could get the parts. Huh? Really? They did find me a Kawasaki dealer in Huntsville Tennessee who said they would be happy to help me diagnose the problem.

What an address right? I live on the border of Tennessee and Kentucky, first house on the right.

The local Honda dealer can work on side by sides though. So my first gremlin has struck. Okay, no problem I hope as I roll south to Huntsville. The folks at Thompson’s Yamaha (2915 Barker Hwy, Huntsville, TN 423-663-2222) were very accommodating.

Problem identified, a blown fuse. The charge was $30 bucks and I was happy to get this little issue sorted out. Many thanks to the Thompson crew.

Okay,time for a mindlessness video. At a 1000 miles from no where, this song comes to ring so true later.

Time to find a camp site. Hay Field Camping I spent a little time riding around looking for a stealth camping spot, especially since this was Halloween. There was a mobile home for sale and it was covered in ivy (kudzu?). I rode the perimeter of the last of the season freshly cut hay field and found a spot that would be very difficult to see me from the highway as well as homes nearby.

Every night camping I took a walk, this night no different and as a bonus, on Halloween. I decided that I would walk the perimeter of the hay filed, vast and maybe 2 miles around. I had pre-ridden the course earlier on Jo Jo so I knew where the outlying homes were located. So I am in the middle of acres of cut fields and it is dark. Halloween night, 11:00 PM maybe and I vaguely hear the sound of a drone, not a plane, a droning noise with vibration. I’m looking for the noise in the air and then see a helicopter. It is very quiet and it traversing my position maybe 5 miles out. I watch and amazed about the stealthyness and the damn thing turns immediately and comes right at me dropping down in elevation. This is surreal to say the least. As it approached I felt vulnerable as it passed over head, still quiet and fast. Okay time to return to base camp and listen to the critters in the thickets behind my camp.

Park Jo Jo behind the tent, away from the highway. .

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Team Dead End
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2 wheels X 6 ways
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AteamNM OP
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Day 12
Friday - November 2, 2012

Good view to wake up to.


This is the view of my camping area from the road. Maybe 200 yards away.

On my way to visit my friends and client in Murfreesboro TN. Civil War country now.

Tennessee sunsets

Day 13

Saturday - November 3, 2012

I say goodbye to my Tennessee La Familia who fed me and gave me shelter. There has been a lot of life happen in this garage.

Just too cute.

My brothers.

Southward journey continues.

I sometimes see a trail, I sometimes follow.

Alabama. I met a guy riding a bicycle and pulling a trailer. I stopped at a little C store and I saw him off in the corner, away from the main area. Same kind of spot I typically parked in. I went over and sat down, shook his hand an introduced myself. We chatted a while, then I went in the store and bought him a pack of cigarettes. I came back out and did a short interview. I am proud to present to you, Mr. Billy Jo Edwards.

Did I say I like sunsets? From my tent in Alabama.

Tomorrow I see Mississippi.

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Gnarly Adventurer
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Great ride report. Loving it.
Quote from imate Oldtriumphguy "inside every old person, there's a young person thinkin "What the Hell just happened"
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AteamNM OP
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Originally Posted by Backcountryboy View Post
Great ride report. Loving it.
Thank you, I'm not very good at this. I realize I am not very good at ADV riding and other such things but you got to start somewhere right?
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AteamNM OP
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Day 14
Sunday - November 4, 2012
Alabama tent back yard view.


Heading west finally out of Alabama and soon to be in Mississippi. Then I smell something very good.

This was a treat.

Closed for the season? I wish there were more drive inís left.

On into Mississippi, great day of riding and found another state park.

I had my lap top out and sitting at a picnic table, enjoying the camping and heard a noise. Sounded like a heavy truck crossing a bridge. Then I heard it again, sounded more like steel hitting steel. Oh crap, that is thunder and I donít see any stars. I scramble my stuff into the tent, put the laptop in the shoe and sort out dry bags. Then the storm came with a vengeance. I was on the phone with Ray and he could hear the thunder. This time I took the tarp and wrapped my self and bag inside and between it so that I could stay dry as the old tent was leaking from the ceiling in several spots. After the first wave of storms I had to get out of the tent and I dawned my rain gear and took a walk, It was very dark and I saw the ranger coming. He asked me if I was okay since I was in a tent and all. He also advised me to seek shelter the next time in the laundry house. I asked me if there were tornado warnings and he said no, but those 100 foot tall pins trees fall all the time. Uh OK, thanks for that advice, I hope no trees fall on me tonight. I survived another night of down pours and woke up to much better weather.

Day 15
Monday - November 5, 2012
Today I got my ass kicked riding across the Mississippi River into Arkansas with steady rain.

I love maps. My map pouch gets personal later.
Not always sunny.

Custom GPS water proof device

This set the mood for the day, another abandoned factory.

Saw these two guys standing inside a garage and turned around to chat and verify my heading. As I left they told me to keep my powder dry. Ha ha.

Second effort at left side boot repair in West Helena Arkansas. I wore my trials boots. They were nearly wore out when I shipped them to Virginia. The problem with the left side boot is that riding trials the left foot is always covering the rear brake. As such, your foot stays in one place and wears quicker than the right side boot. Stopped at a hardware and bought Shoe Goo. 5 star rating for this stuff. They gave me a plastic bag which I taped over my boot. I could feel the water spray coming inside the bottom of the boot.

Americana lives on in the great USofA!

Found a room in Pine Bluff. My plans were to continue west into Dallas to visit and ride with Ray on his DR650. However a text from my client changed my plans. Tomorrow I head northwest toward Fayetteville Arkansas.

Tomorrow, you get to meet Leon.

The world needs more Leon's.
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AteamNM OP
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Day 16
Tuesday - November 7, 2012
Route 7 The Ozarks! Just an amazing ride here

Lets go and visit the Ozarks of Arkansas. From Pine Bluff NW up to Fayetteville was epic times 100; a total; huba huba day. Home of the Razorbacks and
what a college backyard to play in. I did a little class 4 canoeing on the Cossatot Wild & Scenic River many years ago and remember how beautiful and remote that
river was. Of course the Buffalo float trip is also a ritual for college kids, really just spectacular riding 2 lane all day. Over 250 miles riding today and also a small petroleum issue I will talk about later.

The Village of Hot Springs. Very historic and some old money here back in the day.

Stop and rest often. Find a secluded spot, out of site out of mind thing and chill out.

Water and maybe a little dancing in the trees.

While chillaxin’ I spotted this partial license plate. When in Rome right? The Razorback matches Jo Jo pretty well.

Hell yea, this was the typical view all day.

How about one more video? This is part of Alabama as well as Route 7 in the Arkansas Ozarks.

I look out at this vista and I think what a church. A religious view, really a cathedral.

Wow Jo Jo, you got a fat ass but your still pretty.

End of the day, always rewarding to be out at dark thirty and ride into this.

At this point I decided to push on into Springdale Arkansas, @30 miles away. My second gremlin strike is waiting just around the corner. Jo Jo finds her way to a Hindu Hilton in a unique way.

Oh I almost forgot about the gas issue. So I leave the Village of Hot Springs and the traffic on Tuesday morning with about a half a tank of gas. I stop at a road cut to check out some killer geology.

So after a bit of geo speculating, I decided to ride around on the berms and Jo Jo wanted to get some air and ride a bit O’ trials. I motor on west on Highway 7 and realize my map pouch is MIA! FFFKKK! I turn around and backtrack which I despise to do and go back to the geo quarry. I ride around, I look. Wilson! Wilson where are you? Then I look down between my head light housing and the light and there it is. Wilson, your back. So I added a micro bungee cord across the head light supports and Wilson is now secure.

I know, this is getting a bit weird right? My clear map pouch is has a name like my bike. What should I call my nephews water bottle?
So I’m back re riding Highway 7 and motor on through the Village of Hot Springs and from there on it’s just twisty visual Nirvana. iPod music is playing Moody Blues, Collective Soul and David Grey. I’m just Jonesin’ along, a rubber neck on a ball bearing socket. A happy idiot. Then I start thinking about my mileage. How far to the next gas station? Lets see, I have ridden about 190 miles on a tank. Do I turn around and go back to Hot Springs? No and hell no. It can’t be that far to the next gas station right? Then a few miles later I hear that sputtering sound, it sent a feeling through my body, that oh shit feeling. Reach down quickly and hit the reserve. I know I got maybe 45 miles or more on reserve but I hate riding like this with no spare fuel. There just has to be a gas station somewhere along Highway 7. Look at the map, sure, maybe? So as the twisty miles roll on, I’m no longer enjoying the scenery. I’m worried about gas. How far is it to the next town? Every corner or a break in the trees has me thinking the next turn. Nothing, just trees and trees. Does this road and these blasted trees go on forever? Well if I run out of gas, I will make a sign and stand on the side of the road. Surely someone will have some gas. Not the first time I have begged for gas on this trip. So I’m about 40 miles now since reserve. Really, is this how the election day ride is gonna go?

Then I spot this.

Happy happy happy. The dispenser was very old, double the price on the meter. 5.3 gallons, I still had .6 gallons left. Wow I was so happy to walk in that old place and pay for gas. Now at 200 miles I get gas, I hate that feeling. I asked the lady how far to the next gas station? She says about 40 miles. She also said that she closed the store earlier to go vote. I’m thinking I’m so lucky. Later around 7 PM that night I would realize that I was not that lucky.

But then I would have never met Leon.

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Gnarly Adventurer
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Found yah, nice report. I know JoJo so enjoying watching the diminishing tire tread. Looking forward to more.....

2001 BMW K1200RS
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