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Old 03-29-2013, 09:39 PM   #211
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I observed a ticket being handed out this evening. The LEO was driving an older, unmarked, mini-van That is just plain unfair.
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Old 03-30-2013, 12:38 AM   #212
Ricky Chuck
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After reading through this I thought I needed to stand up for our Oklahoma LEOs, lol. I've actually never been hassled by one while on my bike, although my friend and I did get a light flash from the other side once, amazing how chopping the throttle will reduce speed, lol.

Living in OKC area, and I had decided to buy my current bike from Dean Jones at Sandia BMW in Albuquerque, so intended to go get it and pull it back. Well, my car decided to act funny so I just rented an Explorer that had a receiver so I could pull the small MC trailer. My son and I loaded it up and left our small town west of OKC, and hadn't been on the road more than five minutes, rolling about 3-4 over among a lot of rush hour commuters when I saw that an OHP had materialized behind me and was lighting me up. My son, not yet 16 at the time, had eyes like saucers and I was muttering what the...4 over?? He came up and looked us over while being pleasant and then noncommittal when I answered his question about why I was being pulled over by saying respectfully "Apparently for going 3-4 over?" Asked me back to his car, in the meantime my son's eyes were now also bugging out and I think he was calling his mom even as I got out to follow the rather large and muscular fellow back to his Charger. We got in the car and he said "Mr....what's your name?" I give it to him while he is squinting at the insurance card and license..."We aren't too harsh here, but we would like folk from Georgia (Georgia tag on SUV) to drive the speed limit, especially at rush hour...wait a minute...this says you live in Yukon???" I explained how my car had punked out and we were on the way to Alb. to bring back a MC, and he could call Officer S... H... if he needed references, the Explorer had more pep than my VW diesel and I hadn't really driven it but a few miles so far, and...(insert tap dancing routine here)" He just shook his head and gave the stuff back to me and said "Just go on, keep it around the limit, ok...and I wouldn't be bragging about knowing S..." and he started laughing, so did I, and then my son had to call his mom back and correct his fervent opinion that I had been arrested and taken back to the cruiser, and I had gotten lippy with the Trooper
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Old 03-30-2013, 10:27 AM   #213
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So, if you were from Georgia, he would have written you up?

If so, that's a crock. Ian, Iowa

ianbh screwed with this post 03-31-2013 at 05:38 AM
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Old 03-30-2013, 05:16 PM   #214
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Not my ticket

Thursday night I had to drop some clothes off for my son at swim practice so that he could spend the night with a friend. It was nice (first time in a while) so I hopped on the Bonnie.
There is a traffic light for the entrance to a corporate facility very near the high school where he was swimming. This light only cycles red, yellow, green from 6 to 9 in the morning and 3 to 6 in the afternoon; the rest of the time it's blinking.
Since it was after 7 in the evening I was surprised to see this light red. As I approached, the lone car waiting at the light took off. After I stopped and ended up waiting an extraordinarily long time without the light going green, I realized it was malfunctioning and proceeded through.
I pulled in the parking lot, drove to the end closest to the school, waved at a couple of moms having a chat by their car and stopped the bike next to a pedestrian gap in the fence separating the lot from the drive way in front of the pool entrance. As I got off, I noticed the mom who would be taking my son home parked next to the door, so I got back on the bike (figured I just pull through the gap and hand her the clothes).
Before I hit start, an old guy in a Grand Marquis pulls up and stops with his driver side door next to me (he came way too fast and way too close). In a voice that reminded me of one the Lollipop Kids he starts bitching at me about ignoring red lights and dropped at least one F bomb. I considered responding but decided against it, hit start and pulled through the gap and parked by the previously mentioned mom, gave her the clothes and decided to watch a few minutes of practice. When I came out, there was a cop car pulled up behind the old nut bag and a cop standing at his window. When I walk out, the old guy starts shouting (screeching might be a better description) at me. "Get over here, tell him you ran that light."
The cop looked at me for about 2 seconds and turned back to the old leprechaun, so I pulled on my bucket, started up and pulled away.
When I picked my son up on Friday, I found out from the mom that the cop wrote the guy a ticket for running a red light and the guy pitched a fit. I'm guessing the guy saw me run the light and without waiting around long enough to see that the light was malfunctioning, in righteous indignation drove through the light to chase me down and serve up some justice. I'm also guessing the cop was likewise unaware of the malfunction and saw the guy run the light.
If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate.
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Old 04-01-2013, 08:46 AM   #215
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Originally Posted by ianbh View Post
So, if you were from Georgia, he would have written you up?

If so, that's a crock. Ian, Iowa
I am driving in a small NH town on a back road in my F150 pickup following a 7 series BMW with Connecticut plates going about 10 MPH over the speed limit. Local LEO coming the other way lights up and pulls a u turn. I stop behind the BMW. The LEO walks past my truck on the way to the BMW and says " take off, have a nice day".
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Old 04-01-2013, 10:01 AM   #216
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Originally Posted by shakeybone View Post
I am driving in a small NH town on a back road in my F150 pickup following a 7 series BMW with Connecticut plates going about 10 MPH over the speed limit. Local LEO coming the other way lights up and pulls a u turn. I stop behind the BMW. The LEO walks past my truck on the way to the BMW and says " take off, have a nice day".
Yeah, and next year he'll take his vacation in Vermont. I make sure to have a local running interference for me whenever possible.

But the best line I ever heard when someone got stopped for speeding - while many others sped by - was when the LEO said "When you go fishing, do you catch all the fish?"
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Old 04-03-2013, 09:43 PM   #217
doc moses
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Eastbound US 36, just east of I-71, Sunbury Ohio, last spring. 35mph zone, heavy traffic going 45-50, I am concerned with a tailgater, deputy dog stopped on the right berm is getting back in the cruiser. Then I see red and blue lights, cutting back and forth across traffic, settles in behind me, I pull over, wait with my hands on the bars, point to my helmet and say "ear plugs" when deputy dog walks up. Deputy dog is a huge Latino woman, very full of anger, and trying to imitate a Drill Instructor. Claims I was doing 48 in a 35. Demands license and insurance cards, she is barking about speed limits and my speed, and I notice three guys in a used car lot about 20 yards to our right... and they are imitating the deputy. Witnesses were a good thing right then, clowns were not. She turns hard right and barks at them, which encourages them. She repeat barks the 48 in a 35 message at me, and I calmly ask her to see her dash cam, and informed her that she was not in her car when I went by. She barked more, I think she was trying to assert authority, and I was being calm and hoping to piss her off more than a ticket would piss me off. And the clowns... kept on stoking the fire... She walks back to her car, gets in, and I shouted at the clowns to stick around in case she decides to whale on me with her club or sap or whatever. They laugh. I told the clowns she was scaring me and they laughed. I think... they were drinking...Deputy with DI delusions comes back from car, throws my license and card a me, and tells me to move out. The clowns are now encouraging her to kick my ass, and laughing, and she does a right face and starts walking tough-guy (tough -gal) style towards them. They take off in the three different directions. I did not stick around to see what happened next.
Sometimes the only mark we make in life is in our shorts.
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