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Old 04-04-2013, 01:20 PM   #16
bobfab OP
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Awesome! Jyust saw your build as well, good work!

Shoot me a PM and we can talk about the spare exhausts i have. Id love to get rid of a couple of em!
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Old 04-11-2013, 01:07 AM   #17
Scoot'in on......
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2009 Tomos Nitro 150
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Old 04-15-2013, 02:26 PM   #18
bobfab OP
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Joined: May 2009
Location: Westminster CO
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Okey Dokey! The project is back on...

New rear motor mount:

- We got the new motor mount on (Though it appears there are some differences in foot peg mounts between the two models). A couple washers and a bigger bolt solved the problem
- We also put on a new center stand (too short)
- Finished the heatshield on the exhaust
- Took sprocket measurements (See below)
- Removed the gas tank and started to size the new fuel lines

(Insert photos here... pending)

So here are my findings with the sprockets:

What are my options with the drivetrain:
1. Stay 428 chain and get new CS sprocket (ala or )
2. Go 420 chain and find rear sprocket that fits the above dimensions on the hub. I cant seem to find any rear sprockets that satisfy that condition other than a stock CT90 one.

Ideally i would like to go with option #2, my 420 chain is in great shape. I would also like to go with an off the shelf sprocket for future parts availability. Can i get some input here!?!? thanks guys!
CRF250L | KTM200SX

bobfab screwed with this post 04-15-2013 at 02:47 PM
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Old 04-15-2013, 02:50 PM   #19
not sleeping
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Originally Posted by bobfab View Post
1. Stay 428 chain and get new CS sprocket (ala )
I have one of those. It didn't fit my CS. You're welcome to it.
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Old 04-15-2013, 03:16 PM   #20
bobfab OP
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Joined: May 2009
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PM incoming
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Old 07-01-2014, 08:50 AM   #21
bobfab OP
Beastly Adventurer
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Joined: May 2009
Location: Westminster CO
Oddometer: 1,500
a couple of xposts to bring this thread up to speed.

Time for an update, things are finally slowing down this week...

So the fuel line situation is a mess. The stock 1970 carb has a built in valve or petcock, so there is no fuel isolation between the tank and the carb. This design is inconvenient for a number of reasons so i have taken the liberty to install a totally servicable fuel system. the stock tank is rusty as sin. Having done very labor intense tank restorations before, i decided to forgo all that noise and just run an inline filter. I hope it will stay clean and if not meh time for a new 1.99$ filter. Since the On and reserve supply taps were plumbed separately to the carb, i also got a brass tee to tie them together.

First stop for the fuel system was McGuckins, they had a ton of variety of fuel line so i picked up a couple feet:

Next i installed it all in the mechanical chase:

all plumbed up

I still need to install an isolation valve prior to filling up the tank. Getting there.

In other news the new sprocket was a direct fit however i lost the stock 428 chain. I think it was thrown away... time to order more parts.

Got the gas valve and new chain.

These cheap ebay volar chains seem to be working well considering the DID's and other brands are over double the cost!

In this case i bought the black link chain with the clip masterlink should i need to change the length...

This thing could be fueled and rolling on its own power by the next update!!

Got her rolling and running this weekend, some updates to follow...

In the meantime i found this picture of the my old CT90 (actually CT200) project that i parted out


Been tired of looking at this thing and found a little time between hangovers this past weekend.

First thing first, the new engine was in the chassis and the wiring was totally rigged up and not really functional enough. So i ziptied it up in place, tightened the new chain and went for a test ride.... didnt make it all but 200 yards before it had a catastrophic failure. The CT90 has a really funky rear axle design and the wheel loosened over about 100 yards, causing the wheel to spin freely and totally chunk up all of the cush drive rubbers... locking the wheel and sending me nearly flying off!!

I gathered the peices of the rubber from the street and parked the bike for a month or two. Eventually i put the rear wheel back together and tightened it accordingly. I then decided to tackle the wiring. I strung it all out decided what the critical circuits and plugs were and went to work. My primary focus was getting the running gear wired and complete. The second priority was testing and wiring the E-start.

The engine wiring mostly cleaned up and connected:

Testing the E-start:

Then i ran into some problems. The charging circuits appeared to be working fine. Installed the regulator/rectifier, battery and starter solenoid no problem. I tried to E-start the bike and click click click... nothing. From there i tested the battery, solenoid, jumped the starter, etc. The solenoid checked out but still wouldnt start her. I then proceeded to disassemble the whole starter motor, clean the contacts, inspected the brushes; but despite all that the damn thing just wouldnt turn when voltage was applied. I was bummed, the whole purpose of this engine swap was a couple more ponies and E-start; and now my starter motor was pronounced dead. They are a measly 40$ on ebay for a new one but i was still pissed. I decided to call it quits and do some test riding:

Experimenting with a spare DRZ light i had....

The official maiden voyage more than just down the street:

Success or so i thought. Parked her in the garage and overnight it managed to drain out the full tank of gas onto the shop floor :(

Turns out the mcguckin gas lines and the zip ties just are not getting the seal i would like. Got the knives out again and replaced the zipties with hose clamps...

Enlarged the fuel line access holes to accommodate the clamps:

She Lives again, Kitty's maiden voyage:

I took it on its first trip to the store last night only to run out of gas a mile or so from home. Had to push it back again. Filled it up; dumped gas on the floor AGAIN. The fuel lines have been sliced from my enlarged access holes and frankly this SUPER COOL NEON hose is shit. The hose clamps have cut through the hose, it keeps compressing on itself; just not working out.

Got all the retro accessories on the steed including the luggage rack, fender, headlight, super rare oem Buddy seat, brush guard / skidplate

Next installment... doing the fuel lines AGAIN!!! I am going with the most robust high pressure hose and clamps i can find.

after this fuel line is sorted, plans include getting the lights to work, wiring in an ignition switch, neutral light and kill switch, getting a new starter.

It is super fun and stupid to ride. Top speed so far has been 45mph on slight downhill, maxed out.

So my sweet neon hoses burst despite being rated for low pressure gas. I replaced all of the lines tied to the gas tank... again. and gave them new clamps... again.

I have been test riding it all around the hood trying to rack up the miles. Occasionally it wil sputter big time which is typically caused by a fuel blockage. What can i say the tank is original and quite rusty. I have blown out the filter and replaced it a couple times now. When the fuel delivery is on, she runs great.

This weekend is the maiden trip with her in the woods of Wyoming / Pearl CO

one of these things is not like the other

Welp she got a flogging this weekend. We all took a turn on the old bitch and she came back for more. The conditions were pretty decent this weekend up in Routt Forrest / Medicine Bow, albeit super cold. It had snowed quite a bit the night before but by noon the snow had mostly melted and left a nice tacky CO mud. It quickly overwhelmed the tires on the second day of melting, packing it with mud. The bike ran real good, started everytime and facilitated Kitty & Rachel to learn how to ride. Observations on the first real trip:
- The rotary transmission is kinda funky and a pain to get it into neutral.
- The suspension is dated and works poorly, the whole thing feels like it is rattling apart over any obstruction in the road. The front fork creaks crazy.
- The front tire is dryrotted bad and going to explode at any moment.
- It started first kick hot and third kick ICE cold
- Rachel dropped it once and cracked our sweet vintage chrome mirror
- The rear wheel hub is seperating again ala the 9/18 post
- The Exhaust heatshield has tried to fall off twice. Nothing a shoestring and zip tie couldnt stop.

All in all i couldnt help but be pretty happy resurrecting this ancient bike. Given the mileage and state of disaster it was in when i got it. It did AMAZING (tu)

From this:

to this:

and a moment of moto zen:
CRF250L | KTM200SX
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