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Old 04-16-2013, 03:37 PM   #31
ocean minded
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Location: San Diego, DM12. KK6RWM
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Originally Posted by birdie_xx View Post
From the video above, the strap in the C3 Pro has been moved forward.

Huh. I wonder if it would work for me now. Great. Just when I'm happy with the Neotec I'm going to have to look at one of these and it will probably be awesome.
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Old 04-25-2013, 05:04 PM   #32
Adventurer Wannabe
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C-3, 2nd try

Had a C-3 for about a year, couldn't get past the forehead pressure issues. Tried my best to make it work; tried all of the suggestions - no go... Ended up selling it.

Had the oortunity to try the C-3 pro today, in the presence of the Schuberth rep. Road about 45 mins with the "demo" helmet. Still had lots of pressure and the "redesign" made little difference. According to the rep, the liner has changed, but the underlining structure of the helmet has not. Still aimed at the round vs. oval head.

Bottom line, for me, just doesn't fit well. Schuberth rep indicated that there will be a modular helmet out in a few years with a redesigned fit - more oval. For now back to the Shoei.
2009 1200 GSA
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Old 04-25-2013, 06:03 PM   #33
Road Trip Fool
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..I have a VERY long oval head.

The Arai Signet-Q is the only helmet in the world that truly fits my head.

I tried on a C3 and it hurt my forehead, left the "Mark of Schuberth" and the strap choked my Adam's apple.

I just tried on a C3Pro at the MotoGP in Austin over the weekend.

It fit much better, still tight on the forehead, but it felt like it would be alright in time. I wore it for about ten minutes.

The new chin strap was MUCH better. No Adam's apple choking.

So, it appears to me that they have fixed the issues.

I do not own either, I have only tried them on in a shop.

1997 Ducati Monster 750

2004 Honda RC51

2011 Suzuki GSX1250FA replaced my '04 Wee 2-14
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Old 05-10-2013, 03:34 PM   #34
Gnarly Adventurer
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Location: UK (Upper Kuba)
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Jest got my white C3 Pro (EU not DOT) delivered. DHL also brought it yesterday but they wanted a signature. Very fine service from - only 5 days! And ~$100 less than domestic.

Feels betta than a C3 I tried on, reel tite & lite. Hopefully it'll agree with my noggin afta a long ride, which'll be awhile - my Conc is undergoing PM.
Maritimes NYWACA Over the Pond
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Old 05-11-2013, 09:54 AM   #35
Every ride is an ADV
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My local BMW shop had an open house today and the Schuberth truck was there. She measured me, and I tried the helmet on, it felt great. They had a sale price of $50 off so I bought one for me and one for my wife.
Getting old is not for Sissy's!
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Old 05-11-2013, 10:30 AM   #36
Joined: May 2013
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I have one and really rate it, I have fitted the SRC system which works really well, the FM radio is a great improvement over the standard C3 due to the integrated AE in the helmet.
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Old 05-21-2013, 08:07 AM   #37
No more snow!!
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Location: St Albert. Alberta Canada. IBA Member 50093
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Here is my 2cents worth. I purchased new C3Pro for my fly n ride that just happened this weekend.

I went from a medium shoei quest M helmet to M C3 Pro. The helmet fitted perfectly and I gave it a serious workout.

I rode 3 10+ hour days without any discomfort with helmet at all. No hotspots, and I wear glasses, again without any issues.

The helmet is super light and very very quiet. Venting is great, with plenty of airflow across head.

2nd day of riding was 10 hours of solid heavy rain and helmet performed very well.

Other than price, I can find no flaws at this time and this should prove to be a very good helmet for a long time.
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Old 05-21-2013, 08:49 AM   #38
Aye Chihuahua
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Joined: Feb 2007
Location: Southern OR coast
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C3-Pro vs Shoei J-Cruise?

I wore a C3 medium for several years and oddly enough never had fitment issues. Back when I bought it I had to go through Designer Helmets in the UK as Schuberth wasn't available in the US. Recently I ordered a C3-Pro from RevZilla in medium but had to exchange it for a large because of the tight forehead squeeze. Before doing so I installed a set of the large size pads but of course they don't do anything for gord size, thought I'd try it anyway. The large size is better all around and I've decided to keep it for really nasty weather riding but in the mean time....

I bought a Shoei J-Cruise in medium and it's great! The size fits me [you?] and I think the overall fit and finish is easily on a par with the Schuberth. Usually I like to wear an open-face lid during warm weather and especially on my annual long distance tours - 10K-15K miles*. In years past I hauled the C3 along with an Arai SC/Z open-face which I wore nearly the whole time; hard rain storms being the province of the C3. This year will be different, the J-Cruise design leads me to feel confident it will be much better in gnarly weather so the C3-Pro stays home. Maybe forever? Not....but the Shoei is sure one helluva nice lid.


*Bikes used for touring, past & present: Ninja 650R with windshield, Aprilia Pegaso 650 w/hack, Vulcan Classic 900, Goldwing 1800, for 2013 Honda NT700V.
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Old 03-12-2014, 01:54 PM   #39
Joined: Sep 2013
Oddometer: 24
Question for the C3 pro owners!

Is it possible to ride with the helmet open? (not only the visor).
Up to which speed is it possible?

I am used to do that with my C2, and want to keep that "feature".
With my C2 I have to close it at around 50mph.
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Old 06-16-2014, 12:21 PM   #40
Gnarly Adventurer
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Location: London , UK
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Originally Posted by Zynth View Post
Question for the C3 pro owners!

Is it possible to ride with the helmet open? (not only the visor).
Up to which speed is it possible?

I am used to do that with my C2, and want to keep that "feature".
With my C2 I have to close it at around 50mph.
I have a c3 pro on the motorway at 75mph I open it to see how it's deal with it not even moves very good no problems with that. I have a bmw k1600gt se

However I have got different problems.

I bought for me and my wife c3 pro & c3 woman pro, our old helmets are shoe xr1100.

The helmet is not quiter then xr1100 I don't know what they are banging about I have earplugs and could hear the whistle from the wind.

No buffeting , a lot of air in it when needed.

The helmets hurts the head so bad I am really struggling to understand what exactly does that. The dealer say it will hurt first then it will wear off but it has been 1 month of everyday riding still my ears are killing me and my wife's had got a bruise on her head. So I am very sad about all this don't know what to do. I have got a k1600gt with OEM screen we are not having fun. The helmet is almost louder then the xr1100, but in a way the voice is more bass.

I am afraid I am going to sell them because I can't give them back now it has been a month . They are still very tight. Fore head is not hurts just the sides I am regretting to spend 1000 on a helmet. I normally change every 4 years :(

I should have bought a Arai or shoei

So people be very carefull when you buying schubert it's not for everyone. And definitely not quite.
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Old 06-17-2014, 07:05 PM   #41
Pickup man
Gnarly Adventurer
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Location: People's Socialist Republic of Ontario, Toronto
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Tancakar, I think its safe to say that you don't have the right size, and or your head shape just isnt right for this helmet. I ve never experienced the schuberth tattoo or the adams apple choke hold with C3 pro. The aerodynamics are amazing at any speed. Airflow is amazing and its by far the lighest quietest Ive ever had. Today I removed the chin flap to let more air in because the weather is getting hot now and that works well too. Im thinking of getting the SRC system now to compliment my experience. Great job Schuberth!
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Old 01-09-2015, 02:17 PM   #42
Walter Mitty Stunt Double
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Location: Butte County, California USA
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C3 Pro 6 Month Review - Pinloc vs. Clarity?

I've been using my C3Pro for a good six months now, in weather ranging from blazing to snowing and raining, and find it has good points as well as some not so good points.

- It is much lighter than the C2 it replaced. I really appreciate that during a long ride.

- Both the visor and chin bar have much better detents than the C2, and they will stay in place much more securely.

- I have something of a long oval head,, and had to use a teaspoon and pressure to make more room on both the C2 and C3P. The cheek pads in the C3P are much more comfortable as they don't push my cheeks into my teeth.

- I'm still not used to the new ratcheting chin strap. On the C2 I adjusted the strap to fit and never had to fool with it again, just clip the buckle and ride. With the C3P I have to adjust it every time. I do like the velcro closure on the chin strap padding on the C3P. It keeps the pad in place much better than the C2 ever did, but I need to be careful to keep the velcro from contacting my skin.

- The central chin bar release button is much handier on the C3P, but I miss the pop up locking indicators from the C2. I use really good earplugs and I can't hear the C3P chin bar latches engage. To Schuberth's credit, the C3P latches easier than the C2.

- The sun shade is a wash between the two helmets. The C3P version is larger top to bottom, but the actuating lever moves opposite the direction of the visor and is counter intuitive. Neither are easy to remove which makes cleaning something of a chore.

- The visor mount system on the C3P is much easier to use than that on the C2. No separate buttons on the outside of the helmet, just an easy to depress latch and off it comes. That makes for a smoother surface on the outside of the helmet, and partly explains why the C3P is quieter than the C2.

- The visors themselves are about 50% more expensive than those for the C2. That's hard to explain because the same visor fits more helmets in the current Schuberth lineup and economies of scale should result in a lower cost to produce.

- Noise wise, due to an old neck injury I'm always behind some kind of fairing. As a result my head is almost always in something of a turbulent zone of air flow, and consequently the C3P isn't all that quiet. Opening the chin vent makes it noticeably louder, as does using the urban/vented setting on the visor. I don't hear any whistling, just more roar, but about the same amount as the C2.

- The C3P does flow a lot of air, more than the C2. Opening the top vent lets cooling air flow over my head and down the back as well, much better than the old C2. On a cold morning, it's very obvious that the vent is open. But as with the sun visor, the direction for open and close is counter intuitive. With the chin vent open there's enough wind that my eyes dry out, but with the chin vent closed there's not enough fresh air to breath comfortably. Cracking the visor gives more air at the cost of more noise, but that's where I usually use it in cooler weather, and in hot summer all the vents stay open and I just turn up the music to compensate.

- My biggest beef with the C3P is that the visor fogs, even in dry weather, even with the curtain removed from the bottom of the helmet. Unless the Pinloc inner visor is in place. When I test rode the C3P, the demo model had the Pinloc in place, and it significantly distorted my vision. As a result I've been resisting putting the Pinloc in my helmet. Without the Pinloc, my breath will fig the visor even with the visor cracked in the urban position on cool mornings because behind my fairings I'm not getting a lot of air flow. The fogging gets dangerously worse in the rain, as the inside of the visor is difficult to reach with a gloved finger to wipe it off, and water streaks down the inside of the visor if I crack it open for more ventilation. The C2 visors were coated with a very good permanent anti-fog layer that rendered the water vapor transparent. It was still there and did distort vision slightly, but it didn't outright block the view as happens with the C3P. If the same coating was available for the C3P visors, the expensive Pinloc visor wouldn't be needed.

- Price. The C3P is the most expensive helmet I've ever purchased, and this one came from (excellent service, fast shipping, no customs duty) so I saved about a hundred bux. That was $200 more than I had to give for the C2 back in '05. Is the C3P two hundred bux better? In most ways, yes. It's lighter, slices through the air better, vents better, and is smaller on my head so I think it looks better. It's somewhat early days to tell for sure, but the visor and chin bar detents are more positive and I hope that leads to longer life. I had the C2 rebuilt twice, both times by Schuberth at no cost, but neither effort improved the chin bar's ability to stay open. That issue is clearly fixed on the C3P. But for long oval heads like mine, the fit still isn't what it needs to be, the Pinloc insert is inferior to the anti-fog coating Shuberth had already developed for the C2, and after six months the C3P chin strap is still a PITA.

- Would I buy another C3 Pro? The truth is, I really, really liked my C2, but at eight years of age it was time for a new one, and with the floppy chin bar I couldn't really use it safely anymore. If I could have found a shop that offered Shoei or Ari test rides, I could well have ended up with something other than the C3P, but since I didn't I'll never know. I have no major regrets with the C3P, but given it to do over again I'd have tried a little harder to get demos of other brands before making the purchase. Good as the C3P is, there is significant room for improvement, and I look forward to seeing what's new in another five or so years.
Whatever It Takes...
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Old 01-09-2015, 03:25 PM   #43
Anatomically Correct
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my favorite lid of all time was my C2. I wore out two of em.

The C3 just didn't fit me. I wasn't too disappointed, because changes to my professional life meant I really couldn't afford em.

I've watch the release of the Pro model with interest, and, it does fit me.

And, happily, I could afford one gain.

But I'll pass . . . improving the fit and charging more just seems a bit, I dunno, used car lot like to me.

Clearly -- it's their business, and they are free to run it to suit themselves . . . .I wish them lots of success.

But I'll stick with my Nolan that does 80% as well at less than 50% of the price.
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Old 01-09-2015, 03:36 PM   #44
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Really disappointed to see how poorly a helmet as expensive as this one is did at the Sharp lab. The criteria for testing isn't perfect but for the testing that was done it didn't fair very well at all. Include all the bells and whistles you want but in the end I wear it to protect my noggin.
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