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Old 04-14-2013, 06:42 AM   #16
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Looks like you had a great trip!

I've enjoyed the first six days of your road trip, it looks like your had a great time! I'm looking forward to the rest of the adventure.
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Old 04-14-2013, 02:37 PM   #18
straightenarrow OP
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Day 7 - Thursday, September 14th, 2012

 photo map-001_zps5742079c.jpg

Day 7 – Thursday, September 13th, 2012

It was very hard to leave Fernandino Beach and the friends I made there, but I had a good friend of mine provide me with a free 2 night stay and the Westin in Orlando plus $100 credit that he won online. I booked the room a few days in advance and was looking forward to a sleep out of the humidity. The Green Bay Packers also had a game so I planned on taking advantage of that $100 credit. This was the first day of significant rain I encountered. I saw my first dolphins on a ferry boat crossing. I also stopped in at Seaworld and met Shamu.

 photo 20120913_072204_zps1c094cad.jpg
Unzipped the tent and woke up to this view

 photo IMG_0996_zps65b9dc58.jpg
The Beach grass waving in the wind

 photo IMG_1180_zpsac09f341.jpg
Beach grass waving to the water rolling ashore

 photo IMG_1110_zps66e7f7d9.jpg
Just on the inland side of Fernandina Park

 photo IMG_1141_zpsc0f9dab7.jpg
Love ocean piers!

 photo 20120913_114340_zps385c6ae0.jpg
Go Time!

 photo 20120913_081126_zpse61ad2d3.jpg
One of the best breakfast sandwich's ever here!

 photo 20120913_103117_zps413fefbb.jpg
I get a kick out of this, at this time in Wisconsin these piles are typically leaves!

 photo 20120913_103817_zps5ebdfcdf.jpg
Dolphins in the river

 photo 20120913_110244_zpsb0557bc4.jpg
Raining on the ferry crossing...

 photo 20120913_115019_zps9a2845a8.jpg

 photo 20120913_120906_zps51e06abe.jpg
The oldest city in the USA

 photo 20120913_153103_zpsbfe3757d.jpg
The view from my hotel room... Orlando was way to manufactured and characterless for my taste... This hotel is very high class. You should've saw the valet's face when I strolled up in the old KLR and suit, shock and awe. I am pretty familiar with life on the road so it was funny to see everyone gawk at me. I've found that these upperclass people are more or less afraid of someone that doesn't conform. At that point I try to make them as uncomfortable as possible by making conversation.

 photo 20120913_173425_zpsf20bcf94.jpg
Shamu was pretty neat if you do have stop in Orlando..

I finished up the $100 dollar credit on beers and the hotel bar and then took a cab to a popular bar. These bars just aren't as inviting to outsiders as the ones I am familiar with. It was a good time but I already knew after a few hours in Orlando that this was not my place. I planned to forgo my extra night stay and hit the road the following morning.

Thanks for reading... tomorrow I make it to the Keys!

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Old 05-21-2013, 03:57 PM   #19
straightenarrow OP
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The day's start melding together in Florida...

 photo map-001_zps5742079c.jpg

Once I rid myself of the commercialized Orlando/Miami area I felt like I was back at peace with my ride. I made a few "passing through" stops on my way to the Keys, but neither getting out of Orlando or driving through Miami were memorable! Getting the the South side of Miami was a relief even if it was Friday night at the Keys highway was fairly busy. Seeing that first blue ocean water from a linear connection of concrete bridges was fascinating. I was recommended by the locals to try and find a beach side camping spot which is available first come first serve at the state park! I met some of my favorite locals of the entire trip at the bar in Islamorado, near the laundrymat I used while eating next door at the restaurant. Just a little harbor town I watched a local kid pull in a shark!

 photo 101_2805_zps800a3530.jpg
Red Flag Days on the Beach are my fave!

 photo 101_2813_zps34a98731.jpg
Miami during rush hour backup on Friday evening...

 photo 101_2814_zpsc4afb8f4.jpg
Finally out of the nonsense!

 photo 101_2833_zps54edaf95.jpg
Someone lost a boat on the Key bridges, I would've left it too...

 photo 101_2843_zps62cdbd47.jpg
Bridge after bridge!

 photo 101_2849_zps6c34c061.jpg
Magical skies of whispy white clouds!

 photo 20120914_174513_zps2bd7d064.jpg
My campsite at Long's Key right on the oceanside!

 photo 20120914_193102_zpsc759ab06.jpg
Can't beat a village with a small port, bar, laundrymat, and restaurant... but most of all the people were fantastic and we still remain "facebook" friends!

 photo 20120914_193723_zps2c3ee0f2.jpg
Harbor view from where the kid caught his shark!

 photo 20120915_070126_zps1a01c497.jpg
As I layed my head to sleep, a fantastic view from the zipper closing on my tent!

Until next time, thanks for following along!
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Old 05-21-2013, 04:28 PM   #20
straightenarrow OP
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Florida Time... Destination reached on the biggest motorcycle rally in Key West

I just happened to end up at my final destination unknowingly on the largest motorcycle festival in Key West history. The amount of Harley bikers there was unimaginable, and there interest in my "enduro" that drove all the way from Wisconsin was like I was telling them a fictional story complete with dinosaurs. I can hang with almost any crowd so the leathers and tattoos weren't scary in the least. I exchanged words about my KLR with a man the was really into them and he explained to me all the idiosyncracies with them. He even offered me a place to stay and a KLR to ride during October Daytona Bike Rally in a couple weeks... but I used more the my alotted vacation on this trip already unfortunately. I was able to take the obligatory "most southern point in the US" picture as well! I met a really great family that has lived on the keys for a few years, with a really nice daughter my age that showed me around. It was one of those interactions that really justify a trip of this length. The beer was cheap the music was jamming all day and late into the night. We went from country music, to rock, to beach side jams. The hours passed by fast in the heavy sunshine and hot temps. Soon all there was was moon and as the crowds thinned out. In the distance a group of Harley exhausts would all echo into the darkness as they left town on the only road. I hadn't really planned on the day happening that fast. Apparently we weren't the only ones as I saw many Harley's with grown men strewn across the seats. After a few hours of hanging around the docks we all headed north out of town just before the sun rose... heat lighting flashed in all directions. With a wave as I exited off the road to my tent it was the last I heard of those great people!

 photo 20120915_083926_zps5086aedd.jpg
Leaving Long's Key in the Morning... "watch out for snakes"

 photo 20120915_104329_zpse8eb5675.jpg
Bahia Honda State Park

 photo 20120915_105041_zps9c2756f5.jpg
The Gulf Side!

 photo 20120915_105200_zpsb1504382.jpg
Watching the fisherman

 photo 20120915_111928_zps0bb77286.jpg
The road to Key West

 photo 20120915_135840_zps8e03dc1c.jpg
I laughed at the amount of trailered in bikes...

 photo 20120915_140025_zpsf99d6863.jpg
The streets were jam packed!

 photo 20120915_135103_zpsdcbf62f9.jpg
Almost identical mileage on these twins!

 photo 20120915_142219_zps587e2a04.jpg
The rooster was thirsty as well..

 photo 20120915_144824_zps8568017b.jpg
Bikes on bikes

 photo 20120915_145924_zpsb26d6b5f.jpg
Jamming at Irish Bar

 photo 20120915_224359_zps78b85100.jpg
Sleeping it off!

 photo 20120915_134003_zps09b5b675.jpg
Destination achieved!

 photo IMG_1225_zpsea6fc758.jpg
It was a memorable day, and I finally made my destination! So many great people met! The motorcycle rally just enhanced the experience. Now the journey back!

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Old 06-18-2013, 10:47 AM   #21
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Wicked Launching North

I am gearing up for an west coast/Alaska trip in ten days from now June 28, 2013 so I wanted to finish my Key West Ride Report from last September 2012 before I left! It is picture heavy but that is my style anyhow! Hope you enjoy the final days of my Key West Run from Wisconsin!

The last couple days of my trip involved heading back north at a faster pace. I wish I had some more time to explore the south but work was calling!

 photo map-001_zps5742079c.jpg

GATORS in the glades!
 photo 101_2907_zps2ac0cd85.jpg
 photo 101_2889_zps845bd2cc.jpg

Airboat Rides had to happen!
 photo 101_2902_zps42374236.jpg
 photo 101_2895_zps512b1a9e.jpg
 photo 101_2894_zps36fc45a9.jpg

Giant Grasshoppers getting their groove on in the glades...
 photo 101_2899_zps71cd528c.jpg

The everglades are very unique, with unique folks
 photo 20120916_142430_zpsb4d88145.jpg
 photo 20120916_142437_zps3f5a58bb.jpg
 photo 20120916_143517_zps7c6307b8.jpg

Wandering Naples I got a laugh out of this bait shop
 photo 20120916_194444_zps9f721916.jpg

Naples, FL Beach
 photo 20120916_155748_zps75bc7f55.jpg

Koreshan State Park, Naples, FL.. weird place... it was started as a cult religion and they apparently liked palms. The place looks like a jungle! Another nice Florida Park although
 photo 20120917_081218_zpsaba692c7.jpg

A mix of pines and Palms
 photo 20120917_081301_zps50c8acc5.jpg
 photo 20120917_081307_zpscf7c491e.jpg
 photo 20120917_073144_zpsfbc0fb8c.jpg

Koreshan Camp
 photo 20120916_183631_zpsda8d2705.jpg
A little breakfast at Koreshan
 photo 20120917_071407_zps593845c1.jpg

I liked this sign in Fort Meyers, FL. I stopped in town for an oil change against my better judgment. By the time the oil was changed and I bought a pair of gloves I spent over a hundred dollars. Crazy! What's the best way to change oil on the road?
 photo 20120917_085126_zps32eb62bd.jpg

NW Florida off of the Gulf
 photo 20120917_172537_zps285fd2be.jpg
 photo 20120917_172652_zpse48c5937.jpg

These are fun in the rain
 photo 20120917_174158_zpse2b995f8.jpg

Just South of Tallahassee I pulled up the radar as I was ending the day and it looked like a big stormy night ahead so I pulled into the local hotel... good decision as it was still pouring rain in the morn!
 photo 20120918_072847_zpsf0531572.jpg

Just before Panama City after the rain cleared in the morning.
 photo 20120918_092703_zps16f4dcf0.jpg
 photo 20120918_124642_zps56bda430.jpg
 photo 20120918_092910_zps6dc7fa05.jpg

There sure are some pretty beaches in the gulf... this was my last ocean view in Destin, Fl... the sand in the community was so bright here you almost need sunglasses daily!
 photo 20120918_124533_zps5197734d.jpg
 photo 20120918_124519_zps0b23d519.jpg

Rounding the elevated highways around New Orleans, note the Aircraft flying overhead!
 photo 20120918_171828_zpseb5a1c51.jpg

Missouri's Tallest Point - Taum Sauk Mountain
 photo 20120919_145033_zps3deaca37.jpg

Love the crazies in these crop dusters in the Iowa!
 photo 20120919_113713_zps3c2827b7.jpg

Almost Home to Wisco and duck hunting opener!
 photo 20120919_091331_zpsd585a48c.jpg

Fall in Wisconsin - Absolutely Love IT!
 photo 20120920_124039_zpsc6f6da43.jpg

It's All Over :( !
 photo 20120920_151550_zpsf9c4aa5a.jpg
 photo 20120920_151539_zps5e58833f.jpg

Within 10 minutes of getting home I had my canoe loaded up and I was headed out bowhunting for Whitetails... I put the KLR in the garage and didn't touch it again for 4 months until one winter day I got bored and drove it out on the lakes while the ice fisherman shook there heads at me :)

 photo 20120920_155434_zps397ede1a.jpg

Thanks for tagging along... For my Alaska trip I am considering updating as I go when access permits! Have to love those live reports. What they lack in content, they excel in enthusiasm! And that is what it's all about! Anyone bored for 3 1/2 weeks starting June 28th... lets go!

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Old 07-15-2013, 06:24 PM   #22
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WISCO to Key West

Great job on the RR. Lots of envy here. Looks like you had a great time. What was the result of the cop stop?
Getting older & slower, but the passion still exists.
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Old 07-17-2013, 12:22 AM   #23
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Originally Posted by biosci View Post
Great job on the RR. Lots of envy here. Looks like you had a great time. What was the result of the cop stop?
A long lecture and then he just drove away without saying a word! Haha thanks for the kind words here :)

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Old 07-18-2013, 04:11 AM   #24
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Boy I would love to do Alaska but cant till next year.
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Old 07-18-2013, 04:31 AM   #25
One day at a time!
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Great country....

Great RR....thanks for the time involved in doing it.

Stay safe,

Gary "Oldone"

Grampa’s Lake Superior Ride
Grampa’s National Monument Ride
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Old 07-19-2013, 10:53 PM   #26
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The only thing you need for an Alaska run is more time, allot more time...I'm running it already.

Here's a link to my live Alaska west coast rr

On a hope and a prayer to "The Great Land"

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