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calan818 OP
The CarMexican
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Location: Manitoba, Canada (6 months of snow)
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Manitoba to Newfoundland

With an unexpected break in work, my wife and I decided we would take advantage of the situation and take a trip back to her home province of Newfoundland. We were not selling everything and going to live on our bikes, so we had to limit it to three weeks. We bought an enclosed trailer earlier this year for a trip exactly like this. We have already ridden motorcycles to the West Coast, and had decided that the long days riding over the prairies are done, hence the trailer. We figured 3 days of driving East with the Jeep and trailer would bring us to the good stuff, so early Saturday morning we headed south for the USA. We decided that going south around the Lake Superior would be the way for us, as we had just ridden around the North Shore to Wawa On earlier in May. Off we went with lots of extras as we would have access to the trailer up to New Brunswick.

Lots of driving, but stopped to do some fishing in Ashland Wisconsin.

Camped for 3 nights as the weather was ideal and we wanted to make use of our outdoor gear. We have an awesome tent from Canadian Tire, the Instant Tent by Coleman. They have that commercial out now where they have the tent set up in a car wash to show the dryness of the tent. The tent goes from bag to set up in less than 2 minutes! Best tent we have ever owned!

We had heard that Montreal was a challenge to drive through. With our GPS and maps, we navigated without too much trouble through all the different roads and ramps. The number of highways and roads are staggering! Here we are going through the tunnel under the St. Lawrence river (at least thats what we think it was). Pretty crazy when you think about it!

We were stopping at my wife's co-workers house and spending the night in Bathhurst new Brunswick, they were very gracious and had us over for a lobster dinner, and kept us for the night. Here we have the bikes loaded up and ready to roll after 3 days in the Jeep. First destination ended up being PEI since we were so close to Confederation Bridge. It is quite an accomplishment to build a 12 kilometer long bridge over the ocean, and I am sure the residents of PEI are thrilled that they can "get off" the island. I really enjoyed PEI, and can see the attraction of the place, beyond the Ann of Green Gables tourist traps.

After crossing the bridge, I looked back over my accomplishments and saved the ride on my Go Pro, kind of makes me look like Buzz LightYear ready for a blast off to outer space!

Hopewell Rocks was really interesting and we enjoyed watching the tides come in and take over the beaches. Here I am before the full extent of the 30 foot tides chased me up the stairs. We got there later in the day and it was a fun place to spend a couple of hours. We had already set up a camp 15 minutes down the road, so stayed late, and headed back to the campground to get some dinner.

At least when you go late for dinner, you don't have to fight the crowds. We were very well fed and had excellent service with a very attentive waitress!

After another night of camping we were ready for a hotel. Off to Bridgewater NS for a night at the Best Western! Riding to Lunenberg and Mahone Bay was a treat. An afternoon at Mahone Bay was spent looking to keep cool from the 34 degree celcius heat. Loved all the old houses and the shops.

Next stop was the famous Peggy's Cove and watched the waves crashing in for over an hour. So relaxing....

Trust me it was not easy getting a picture of the Lighthouse without a dozen people in front of big structure.

My wife gets me to do some goofy things for the sake of an interesting picture. She will get me to jump up and take my picture while in mid air. We have done this numerous times, and she decided that Peggy's Cove was a good place to try this little exercise again. Turned out pretty dang good don't you think?

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Location: Manitoba....for now.
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Great pics so far Carl. Sounds like a nice trip.
"The jump"....the things Deb gets you to do!
Mor pics please.
On two wheels....That's my Happy Place!
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Dang, looks like an NBA vertical jump.
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calan818 OP
The CarMexican
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Joined: Apr 2007
Location: Manitoba, Canada (6 months of snow)
Oddometer: 1,307
More riding

After I got tired jumping up in the air we pushed on to Halifax. The weather was still perfect and we we prepared ourselves for riding into Downtown Halifax. We used up some of our airmiles on this trip for hotel stays, and this time saw us booked at the Delta in Halifax. Swanky address, but not very good for motorcycles! The Hotel was fine, but parking was a disaster. We had to park in a parkade 2 blocks away from the hotel, and it cost us $20 to not have access to our bikes. We just covered them up and left them until the next morning, as we were planning on just walking around Halifax Harbour in the evening. Lots of people watching, boat gazing, and a nice relaxing dinner on the outdoor patio.

After a good sleep we left downtown Halifax on sunday morning, so it was no traffic to deal with. Today we wanted to make it to the Cabot Trail for the night, find a place and have the next day for riding around the trail. We had decided to stop at Baddeck for two nights of camping. We were prepared to get a serviced camp site for $46 as we needed to keep our electronics charged. Then the park manager mentioned they had an "unserviced cabin" for $59, and it was perfect! As we were standing outside the office, we met a Cape Breton couple who were staying at another cabin, and they invited us over for a fire and a few drinks. We spent a nice evening visiting and enjoying the stories of the East Coast!

Here is a picture of our base camp for the next days ride on the Trail.

The next day started sunny and warm with little wind, a perfect day to the do the Cabot Trail loop. We started our morning with our usual Tim's breakfast and coffee. Tim Horton's sure knows how to space their coffee shops at precise distances along each highway, just as I am craving a coffee, the Red and Yellow sign appears around the next corner. Here are a couple of pics from the Cabot Trail.

Lots of bikes on the Cabot today, one being a rider from Texas on this GSA 1200 who had traveled from Texas to Newfoundland, Cabot Trail, and was on his way to Alaska, down to California, and then prep his bike for South America! Not just a ride at that point, that is a lifestyle! I have to say this about the Cabot, we were slightly disappointed with it. From the pictures we had seen, and the write up we had read from travel information, we were expecting that more of the road would be coastal and winding. There were many miles of highway through the bush and far from the water. I think we have been spoiled from too many Mountain rides in the Rockies and just having done the Road to the Sun 3 weeks earlier with my buddy Mark, I was spoiled. Don't get me wrong, still a wonderful ride! Here is a picture of the nice part of the Trail that has been famously photographed.

Next Morning, Ferry crossing to Newfoundland!

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calan818 OP
The CarMexican
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Joined: Apr 2007
Location: Manitoba, Canada (6 months of snow)
Oddometer: 1,307
Newfoundland leg of our East Coast Trip!

Tuesday morning we left the cabin for the Ferry. The campground we stayed at was called Bras D'or Lake. I had asked the women at the campground office how to pronounce it, she tugs on her bra strap and says, just like the Bra! On our way to the Ferry, we past another area called "Big Bras D'or" and it had a fast food place called "Lick a Chick", these East Coaster's are a riot!

I was happy for nice weather for the Ferry, as we did have to wait outside for almost an hour so we could board. All the bikes are parked together, so you get a chance to chat with other riders as you wait for your turn to get onboard. I was wondering about the Ferry, as I have never been on before with a motorcycle, it all worked out very well.

Here we are waiting for our turn to get on the Ferry.

A bit of scrambling goes on as bikers race around grabbing for straps that are tossed in milk crates along the wall of the Ferry. I noticed riders were attaching 4 straps per bike so we did the same. The bikes who got on last were down to two straps per bike, but the crossing was calm and all the bikes stayed up right.

Now it was time to relax for the 6 hour crossing on the Ferry as we headed to Port aux Basques NL.

The nice weather slowly changed to cloud, fog and drizzle by the time we got to the Rock. We were not worried as we were staying in the Port with my wife's Aunt and Uncle, whose house stands about 20 feet from the edge of the Ocean! That big Ferry cuts it pretty close to the rocks as it enters the harbour.

This is our relative's back yard right on the Ocean. We stayed two nights there, with the sounds of the waves rolling onto the shore. Our bedroom window was literally 30 feet from the waters edge, very cool sounds to go to sleep with.

The next two days were spent visiting numerous relatives, lots of food and good fun. We were not riding for the these two days, which was just fine as the weather was not so great. The Port is often shrouded in fog as it is right at the SoutWest Corner of the Island and it often gets the fog from the east. We spent the second evening at a community area right on the harbour with kiosks selling local food, gifts and an outdoor stage with some excellent Newfie music! There were some bikers from Ontario that were first time visitors to the Rock, and they were gushing about how much fun they were having. This was the kind of Newfoundland night that people come for!

As we were leaving the downtown area, the Ferry was just sailing out the harbour back to Nova Scotia. With the fog shrouding the the ship, it was an ominous sight!

The next destination was to visit the in-laws just outside of Cornerbrook in a small community called Pasadena. Our 200 km ride at 8 am was foggy the entire way, and by the end of it, our eyes were getting kind of buggy! Again, the next two days were spent with family visits, kitchen parties, lots of food, and of course plenty of drinking, my eyes stayed foggy and buggy for most of this part of the trip. The bikes stayed parked for two nights of rain and fog, so again, we did not miss out on any nice riding weather. The highlight of this trip was visiting King's Point and going Cod Fishing with my wife's uncle. He took us out along with my Father in Law and we caught about a dozen Cod. The weather was calm, so it was a real relaxing time on the Ocean. Cod fishing is a big part of a Newfie's way of life. Lots of people who live close to the Ocean catch them and stock the freezer for the winter. We caught them in the Morning, and ate them shortly after, fresh as can be!

Here is a picture of my Father in Law, Pat with a nice size Cod!

And the fish as he is prepared for the next step...

That evening was spent back in Pasadena and we took out Pat's quad for a ride up into the Mountains behind his house in Pasadena. I had never ridden a Quad any distance before, so I was looking forward to this. We took an hour long ride on the trails and I learned that a quad can go through damn near anything! The mud and water that would have given me a challenge on my KLR was effortless on this thing. Many Newfie's have quads that they use for moose hunting and getting firewood. I understand why most everyone owns one of this cool machines now!

The next morning saw us back on the bikes for a trip across the Island to St John's. The transcanada highway pretty much cuts through the middle and northern side of the island on a direct route to the East Coast. It is not a very exciting ride as you won't see much but trees and hills. The highways branching off to the various outport communities are routes to the coast, and straight back to the TCH. Again, it was pretty awful weather with Fog and rain, so there was very little stopping for pictures. An hour outside of St John's we hit some huge cross winds and it whipped up mist from the little lakes and ponds as it hammered us with wind and now foggy mist. Brian made the comment from a friend on another post that only in Newfoundland would you find 80 kph fog blowing across the highway...and we saw it first hand!!

We were booked in for a couple of nights at the Delta right off George Street in St. John's so we were happy to get off the road and enjoy the hospitality that is offered by some more friends we were meeting up with. Deb's childhood friend she had not seen in 30 years was thrilled to see her again, and treated us to a night out of fun and food...again foggy minds ruled the night. Her husband is from Bulgarian background and we had dinner at a resturant owned by a friend of his called "The Black Sea" enjoying the combination of Newfoundland and Bulgaria...what a night...not sure how to explain this picture...

The next day we enjoyed the downtown flavor of St John's. I love harbour cities!

Typical St. John's Street. The colors of the housing downtown is a sight to see.

More expressive colors from St. John's

Not sure if you noticed, but the above pictures have sunlight in them! It was the first nice day after 5 days on the island. The picture below is of me holding a "Newfoundland Ugly Stick". Pounding the boot on the floor with the beer caps clashing sounds surprising like a drum beat and symbols! A staple of Newfoundland Kitsch. If only I had space on the bike, this beauty would be home with me now!

The next morning we went to Signal Hill and Quidi Vidi Cove next to the Brewery where the famous Quidi Vidi Beer is made, using melted Ice Berg chunks. The cove has a very East Coast feel to it.

My ode to Signal Hill and the nector of Tim Horton's:

A look down at the harbour of St. John's from atop of Signal hill:

Quidi Vidi Cove.

A picture of our bikes by the Brewery:

The next day was bringing a close to our Newfoundland Trip as we prepared to meet the Ferry from Argentia Bay just 60 km's from St. John's. I was looking forward to this ferry as it was a 16 hour overnight ride back to Nova Scotia. We had booked a berth as we needed to sleep for the big ride back to our Jeep and Trailer in New Brunswick. The Ferry crossing overnight had a bit of weather and winds to it, as we could feel the Ferry going up and down all night long. At about 2 am the Ferry started to sound it's horn every 20 or 30 minutes which was a bit unnerving, but hey, I have no control at this point as to what is going to happen! I assumed we were back in fog and in a shipping lane so the big boat had to make some noise!

Here is a shot of our very accomodating accomodations:

A little sad to be leaving Newfoundland, we had an awesome time on The Rock!

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calan818 OP
The CarMexican
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The ride Home

After riding the Ferry all night, we docked in Nova Scotia at about 9 am and prepared to ride back to our Jeep in New Brunswick. It was a straight shot and we got the bikes loaded up and back on the road by about 7pm. We put on another 100 km's and then picked a last camping spot for the trip. The remaining few days would be spent in Hotels as we would be putting in some long hours to get back all the way home to Manitoba.

We decided to spend a night in Quebec and visit the Old city of Quebec which we had both heard was well worth the time...It sure was! I was again amazed at how old Eastern Canada is compared to the Prairies, and we spent the afternoon and evening wandering around old Quebec. The old buildings, many with bright colors were magnificant to look at.

More old buildings and a very relaxed atmosphere with the clip clop of the horse drawn carts on the cobblestone roads.

We stopped inside an old church, very ornate, but the intriguing part to me was the ship suspended from the ceiling. The vessel must have been 10 feet long, and beautifully crafted. Quite a sight to see as it was dangling over the pews of the church.

We stopped for an Italian pasta dinner with the windows open right to the street, enjoying our food as we people watched out the window.

Everywhere we went in Quebec people would speak to us in French, but as soon as we said Hello, they would switch to English, or find someone to speak English to us, but the marjority of people were bi-lingual. I was very impressed with that, and realized how difficult it would be for only French Speaking people to come to Western Canada as I know we don't make much of an effort to relate to the French speaking poplulation of our country.

I felt so bad about this, that I decided to try and bridge the gap somewhat by adopting more of a "French nature" about myself. Since a huge number of people smoked in Quebec, I thought it would be an effort on my part to blend in a little bit more.

Well my ADV friends, that pretty much covers the high points of our East Coast Trip. We really had a great time and are very happy that this summer turned out the way it did so we could have a little time off together. I hope you enjoyed reading a few stories about our travels and the pictures that we were able to come back home with.

Thanks for taking the time to read our little report, and be sure to close the door on your way out.

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Life-long learner
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Great ride report &Great pics I’ll

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Ontario Vstrommer
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#27 colourful house

Been there, taken the same picture just a couple of weeks ago. I had an amazing trip and wrote a bit of a journal ...
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Great RR!

Dig the pic of that high tech looking catamaran! I'd stumbled across a pic of it on the 'net yesterday (had no idea it was in Halifax!) and did some research on it myself... Amazing vessel.

My vote for best shot... the Timmies cup in front of the rock at St Johns (mmmm coffee).

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Great report! Thanks!!!
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Excellent pictures and narrative Carl! Sounds like a great trip.
Looking forward to getting to the rock someday.
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Dream'n of a Dream
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Looks like you and Deb had a good time Carl. Welcome back to Toba.

May have to take the time to ride out to your place and let you show me how Captain Morgan is really consumed over a fire and tall talls of your eastern trip..
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Fast and Far
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I like the "jump" photo
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Yep, Calan818 has perfected his jumps over the years for sure or is it his wife and her picture taking abilities?! Hahahaha!

We truly had a wonderful trip and recommend to all motorcyclists to put it on their bucket list!
Ride your own ride.
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Originally Posted by strommergirl View Post
Yep, Calan818 has perfected his jumps over the years for sure or is it his wife and her picture taking abilities?! Hahahaha!

We truly had a wonderful trip and recommend to all motorcyclists to put it on their bucket list!
My apologies for not reading this before, but as you know, I am still on the road myself - and I finally hooked up with Brian....

Great ride report, Carl, and great pix, Deb....So glad you two were able to kick up your heels fora deserve it!!
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