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Old 01-12-2014, 11:01 AM   #1
guglemonster OP
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permanent fuel filter below the fuel cap for KTM BMW Japs

Cap Fuel Filters
Here we go
Sorry for the delay, had a hell of a work to do in order to translate all the posts I made for others biker groups and forums, and today I was playing with highly contaminated petrol just to check how good my filters are :)
We are not a company, jut boy and GF working on our passion to get the little Extra for petrol and trips J
At present, we make fuel filter to be mounted under or in the fuel cap for
ADV 950/990, ADV 1190 (only 20/30 microns), SMR/SMT 990(only 20/30 microns), SD 990,
Fgs800 (only 20/30 microns)
GS 1200 (only 20/30 microns) testing the other families is ongoing

All our filters (except acquastop design), our meaning me and my girlfriend are producing them either at home or in the garage, are multi layer based, ranging from 20/30 microns high speed flow to 0 microns high filtration and 0 microns acquastop (permanent and complete water separation and non-spilling design)
The idea is to reply the 3d filtering system used in the latest filter cartridges and filter aggregates in order to trap the finest particles not only through direct filtering ( mono layer design) but also while the petrol has to flow around fibers and different layer having the particles removed from the petrol and trapped between the fibers and labyrinths, allowing also a better fuel flow than through a simple membrane since the filtering surface is multiplied by the 3d design,
Also the clogged area (mono layer paper impregnated filter) will not be a problem anymore since the petrol can flow in the 3d design, this meaning that the filter will be easier to clean even after being heavily loaded by contaminants.
All our filters can be washed and reused without limits, the acquastop membrane series can only be rinsed with petrol and IE cleaning liquids and will have a limited lifespan accordingly to the level and quantity of highly contaminated fuel you will filter with, but we talk anyway of tens of thousands of km anyway.
All filters are big and will take a lot of abuse, both mechanical and chemical.
Accordingly to the shape of the tank some system cannot apply due to slow fuel flow while refueling, for example ADV 1190, SMR, BMW GS 800
A plus to this design is that from now on nothing can fall inside the tank even while leaving the cap open for some work on the bike
The high flow speed have the same refueling speed like with no filter but filter capacity is better than KTM pre-pump KTM filter (40microns approx.) and BMW pump strainer (60 microns approx.)
The 0 micron are by 20% slower but filtration capacity is 0 microns being far more efficient than for example the mini paper filter at KTM Pump, approx between 5 and 10 microns like all modern IE fuel system requires.
The design and shape changes slightly accordingly to the tank cap
For KTM ADV 950/990 is fairly simple
This is the result after a simply drilling job at tank cap below the key, so that you can lock the cap with the filter in position and for filter cleaning you only have to remove the 3 screw and lift all of it off the tank

To achieve this, the steps are quite easy

Dismantle the fuel cap, there are only 3 real screws, separate the aluminum lock from the plastic black ones and clean the gasket with Vaseline or silicon oil (silicon is bad if you still have the cat, it will destroy it, so use very little on a cloth)

Now you are ready to apply a second hole to the cap, bore 2mm, just replicate the one you have but not were there’s the engaging tooth of the lock, you can make 3 if you want, 120 degree apart, but it’s an overkill J

Pull the filter on topo of the cap like a sock, tighten the inox wire already saw in the filter

Just pierce with others small inox wire pices the filter were the holes are, make a small ring around the lower part of the cap and simply affix the filter J easy no??
Make sure the inox wire is facing downwards, to better re-enter in the tight fit of the tank lip.

Now the filter is fixed for good to the tank cap that can be mounted back into the tank itself

I use the handle of a hammer or a long piece of petro hoose to orient the filter properly and not to damage anything
Make sure the gasket is properly mounted and not leaving any space or the inox wire got between the gasket and the tank or cap


Full of petrol

To understand position and mounting is easy
Get on the bike, right tank, orient the filter toward the back of the bike and against the right internal side of the tank
Left tank, filter as always facing backwards, but the position is between the internal right side of the tank and the descending overfill pipe present in the tank it self
The filter has usually one (0 microns) or two (20-30microns) sawn, they have to run parallel to the center line of the bike in order to obtain the most space and the better efficiency against foam build-up at refueling.
I was thinking how I could present our small project here since I’m not well known (some people do mount my system both cap and fuel pump filters, like Alpheus, Masso75{just cap filter, he bought the rest but has no time to mount heehh} and others)mso I played a bit in the garage with highly contaminated petrol derived from the cleaning and tank service of three bikes using fuel injection cleaning solvent (whynn’s is my favorite) 150ml in 3 liters of petrol instead of the regular 40/60ltr.

The contamination is really heavy, debris, fine particles, solved contaminants and dark in colour.
At first I tryed the mono layer design so popular nowadays using a 30 micron monolayer mesh (100microns-30 microns -100 microns in order to make it stronger, my design)

Filtered less than half the liter, not even dirty, petrol was the one on the surface not the one at the bottom.

Same petrol just filtered was passed through a 20/30 micron multilayer (100 microns-high density 3d mesh sandwich-100 microns for strength), just after the same amount of petro the filter already shows traces of contaminants trapped in the mesh

To go on with the experiment, all was passed again in the 0 micron (old shape/design) and again the difference is .

The petrol is a light shade less dark, but the high content of solvent and solved carbon contaminants make the petro like ink
The rest of the 3 liters were first filterd with the 20/30 micron and than through a 0 micron acquastop membrane .. and again the difference is amazing
At the end of the 3 liters.
20-30 micron filter

Turned the filter inside-out to check the contamination

0 micron acquastop filter

All the macro pieces would have being stopped by a single layer filter (25 o 50 micron) too, but as for the rest ..... no way jose

After this, i flushed the canister to get rid of all dirt at the bottom and this is the result using only the 0 micron acquastop filter (acerbis cap safari tank design..)

My design for such caps is very simple, almost pure, but we do not have the money to buy rings like the big boys out there J
After that, passed the petrol through 4 strata of paper

It makes you proud J
In case of the std 20/30 microns or 0 micron NON acquastop, a special extreme ride membrane can be added in the cap itself, it will stay below the cap, will stop anything and also water permanently, can be removed without dismounting anything and emptied from water or high contamination

Unfortunately it slows down the refueling, but is simply unbeatable in case of the worst petrol you may find in Africa, USSR or similar countries.

As for the prices.. don’t know how much it costs to ship from Italy to the rest of the world, paypall is the only way to make sure the money gets and the merchandise arrives J
ADV 950/990
20/30 MICRONS 30euros the pair
0 microns 40euros the pair
Safari tank Acerbis Cap 40e the pair, both acquastop version or std version
Just acquastop membrane 15 euros each

ADV 1190 20/30 micron no foam new design 25e (under testing 0 micron no foam design)
SMR 990 20/30 micron no foam design 25e
F GS 800 20/30 micron no foam new design 25e
F GS 1200 20/30 micron no foam new design 25e (under testing 0 micron no foam design)
Yamaha, Suzuki, other Japanese bikes
Depending on the shape of the fuel cap (example FJ) 20/30 micron no foam new design 25e

If you have any questions write to me, I’ll try my best to answer your doubts


Hope you were not too much bored by my enthusiasm and paranoia fixing attitude


guglemonster screwed with this post 01-12-2014 at 11:47 AM
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Old 01-16-2014, 10:59 AM   #2
Joined: Dec 2011
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I have the same kit of Guglemonster (for tank and for fule pump)and I am very satisfied,my bike works very well,better than original, and the fuel pump is really protected by dirty.
I think that it is the final solution for safeguard fuel pump.
Bye bye original ktm filter kit......
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Old 01-16-2014, 11:21 AM   #3
So much to ponder
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Fantastic idea
Originally Posted by DR. Rock
once you leave the pavement, it's like entering a parallel universe... a wormhole in both space and time... sometimes you won't believe you're still in the United States, or in this century.
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guglemonster OP
Joined: Aug 2007
Oddometer: 42
Originally Posted by Masso75 View Post
I have the same kit of Guglemonster (for tank and for fule pump)and I am very satisfied,my bike works very well,better than original, and the fuel pump is really protected by dirty.
I think that it is the final solution for safeguard fuel pump.
Bye bye original ktm filter kit......

Hi, thanxs mate,

it makes one proud :)

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Old 01-22-2014, 12:35 PM   #5
guglemonster OP
Joined: Aug 2007
Oddometer: 42
14.000km, normal petrol, the ne on the right are the 20/30 microns the one on the left is the 0 microns for ie :)

any more doubts :)

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Old 01-23-2014, 12:52 PM   #6
Mod Squad
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you have email.
ADV decals, patches & flag? Here
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Old 01-24-2014, 09:20 AM   #7
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[img] [/ img]

High-quality materials! Really a great job! the installation was quick and easy and now I can stay calm because I definitely stretched very life of the filters at the fuel pump.
Accomplishments to the couple guglatech for accuracy in achieving the filters!

I recommend them to everyone!
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Gnarly Adventurer
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email sent
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Formerly H20Pumper
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Email sent about WR250R with Safari tank.
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