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Old 03-25-2008, 06:47 AM   #616
Old Way
Joined: Jul 2006
Location: SoCal
Oddometer: 62
An old Corvair's engine fell out in front of me, the rear roll pan slowed it down so I could avoid it. One mourning I put on my helmet and there was a sleeping opussum in it!
If you can't take a joke, you shouldn't be one.
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Old 03-26-2008, 10:56 AM   #617
AKTroy's Avatar
Joined: Feb 2006
Location: Eagle River, AK / Port Saint Lucie FL.
Oddometer: 2,230
LOOKOUT Drive Shaft!

Perfect spring day in Alaska. Got on the Strom and headed for Girdwood. New Tourmaster heated jacket rocks! Light traffic. Toast a SV 650 that thought he was going to run up on me wave and cruise by. Not!

Get down along Turnagain (and again) Arm, sun shining, getting a feel for the new suspension on the front end in the pot holes left from the winter. Nice. Maybe a different weight oil and the front end dive will be gone.

Following behind a pick-up thats following a truck with a snow machine trailer behind it.
Im actually a descent distance behind the truck, thankfully, when I see him make an evasive swerve. Looking for a rock in the road I dont see the drive shaft, yes DRIVE SHAFT, four feet in the air coming right at me. I move left, then right, it bounces off the road and is determined to take me out anticipating my every move. Then BAM!

Thank the man above it not a direct hit.

Take the first shot to the side of my front tire. Inch and a half size gash to the sidewall, instant flat. Under the bike it goes and takes out my bash plate then kicks off the side of my rear tire. I cant believe Im not putting my gear to the test skidding down the road!

Ive never had an instant flat before but I can tell ya that the TKC's wont go squirrelly on ya. Slight wobble as I stopped although I was mindful not to grab to much brake. Got to the side of the road and just sat there for a moment with a death grip on the bars. Dismount and start to access the damage.

The pick up that was in front of me has made a u turn and is now pulling up in the other lane. "Sir you are one lucky son of a bitch". "I thought for sure I was about to see someone die in my rear view mirror". He sees that Im alright and have Tractor Rider (thanks Harry) on the phone and drives back to clear the projectile from the road.

Harry gets a hold of HOH and they dispatch a truck. 50 minutes later its loaded up and were on our way back to Anchor Town.

Barb hooks me up with new rubber and first thing tomorrow Gail will drop me off and I'll see if the rim has survived. Ive seen worse but wont know till it on a balance machine.

Sure was a nice day for a ride!
Team Pterodactyl, Hooligan Division. R.I.P Harry
Mythical Riders, boy are they movin'. Thru dust, rocks & mud..............they're FUKENGRUVEN!
As I look back through the decades, theres a thought that prevails. We are born without a road map and a choice of many trails...........
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Old 03-29-2008, 03:13 PM   #618
Triumph Boy
Harp's Avatar
Joined: Aug 2006
Location: Winston Salem NC
Oddometer: 37
Eek Hawk

Today while cruising the back roads of NC in the foothills, something catches my eye on my right side. I look over to see a hawk flying helmet high the same speed (30ish) about 4 feet away. It seemed like 5 minutes although it was about 20 seconds that he just flew along side. Trying to look in front of me so as to not hit something else, he all of a sudden flies right in front of my windscreen and scared the shit out of me. Managed to keep it upright. I thought his wing brushed my windscreen he was that close. That will get your heart pumping.
I'd rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy.
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Old 03-30-2008, 02:28 PM   #619
Joined: Nov 2006
Oddometer: 75

Originally Posted by Harp
Today while cruising the back roads of NC in the foothills, something catches my eye on my right side. I look over to see a hawk flying helmet high the same speed (30ish) about 4 feet away. It seemed like 5 minutes although it was about 20 seconds that he just flew along side. Trying to look in front of me so as to not hit something else, he all of a sudden flies right in front of my windscreen and scared the shit out of me. Managed to keep it upright. I thought his wing brushed my windscreen he was that close. That will get your heart pumping.
same thing happened to me last year - they only weigh a few pounds but at 60 that'll take you're head off!

Otherwise I've had the same with a cat (used one of his 9 lives on that one) and a rabbit. The cat was just sitting there - coming out of a small village in the Alpes - black and white thing - all the sudden the cat just jumps into my lane to cross, sees me coming and pulls a 90 right turn to out-run me - one top of that I was on my brother in laws bike -locked up the back for about 20 meters , and just saw myself flattening this cat with the front - and then having to explain to the owners... Luckily the cat bailed to the right and made it but I almost followed it into the ditch and manged to off the brake and get it back in line...

In hindsight - if it's small enough to run over without hurting yourself, just do it - because trying to save some animal while taking physical risk to yourself is nice and all, but pretty stooopeeed (as the french say...)
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Old 04-01-2008, 02:10 PM   #620
Rapid Dog
bikes, booze, broads...
Rapid Dog's Avatar
Joined: Oct 2003
Location: Strangel Living West of Hell, SoCal
Oddometer: 9,661
Eek watchout fer twucks!

...well heck, I was 200' behind a flatbed 18 wheeler (unloaded) coming into Salinas when the wind flipped up one of the 7/8" plywood bedboards...I ducked in time for it not to cut my fruikkin' head off...
I looked in my rearview just in time to see it waste the font end of a Caddie behind me...the old couple that was driving must have just wet their Dependz...
'91 R100GSPD Derelict Deux , '81 R100RS Rattlecandy Red/'06 950 ADV Orangeboom/91 R100GSPD Derelict etc.

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Old 04-02-2008, 07:40 AM   #621
Joined: Dec 2006
Location: Central Mass. USA.
Oddometer: 74
Was riding in the rural roads not long ago and I hit a bat in mid flight. Hurt too. We both lived, a Vanson jacket is like body armor sometimes.
Charles Gregory Greenman - Nov 25 1947 - July 23 2007
My Summer Plans In Picture Form
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Old 04-02-2008, 04:48 PM   #622
Gnarly Adventurer
sparkyphotog's Avatar
Joined: Sep 2006
Location: Houston
Oddometer: 333
Turkey Vulture...

I spent the weekend in the Hill Country riding with my wife and a friend of ours. Awesome weekend, but I came back with some damage to my bike. It's nothing I can't fix. But this post is useless without picks, so here is what happens when you hit one of these... 55 mph.

the blood on the windscreen...

I came around a corner on 1631 near Fredericksburg and there were 6 or 7 buzzards feasting on a deer carcass. They all flew off to the left as I approached. I was doing about 60 and started slowing down, but when they flew off away from the road, I started accelerating again. About that time, one of them veered back across the road. There was nothing I could do but duck. He hit the headlight, bounced up and glanced off my helmet. I check my mirror and saw him laying flat in the road, with Mollie and Gary swerving around him. There was no shoulder on that section of road, so I rode about a mile on to find a place to pull over and check the damage - sorry, but I didn't get any pics of the bird carnage.

Damage report: bent bracket on the Touratech headlight guard; turn signal dislodged, but still working - all it needs is to be reattached; and a screw popped out and dislodged the headlight guard visor. No damage to the helmet.

I'm just glad the bike took the impact and not my body - that would have hurt!

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."
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Old 04-02-2008, 05:48 PM   #623
the darth peach
eats crackers in bed
the darth peach's Avatar
Joined: Nov 2006
Location: N.California
Oddometer: 11,400
The wall and then Larry's car at SF BMW. I was picking my bike up from service with my friend chuck (who thankfuly was there) and they had parked it right in front (perpendicular) of a wall on the centerstand with about an inch to spare in front.
Not really thinking about it I got on, rocked it forward, bumped the wall, lost balance and dropped the bike to the right, which landed on the left front corner of my dear friends' car. Nothing happened to the car, but snapped my right mirror off at the base and scuffed the end of the bar and hand guards(nothing new there :) )
Chuck and the last tech there for the day (wish I could remember his name because he was awesome) tried for a half an hour to get the broken screw out of the hole so we could screw something in, but no sucess and it was now dark and we were hungry....... so kind of a baja kit rule. I've got 1 mirror on the left, head light, brake light and plate. Good to go. Ghetto but good! Off we went through the streets of SF on the prowl for food!!

Larry never knew this....he might have had a heart attack if he saw it because it looked like there was going to be damage to the car.
My Bad! UMMMM soooooo Renzo if you're reading this, sorrrry!! But come on, you know me..........I don't go out seeking banana peels, they seek me!! hahaha
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Old 04-03-2008, 06:20 PM   #624
Rat race Dreamer
Footprint's Avatar
Joined: Dec 2007
Location: Bettendorf, Iowa
Oddometer: 2,887
sad but funny

Driving behind a bunch of trailered harleys on way up to Blue Ridge Parkway and passed a harley dropped on the lane next to me... did not have to avoid the bike but did have to keep in my lane laughing so hard.
2007 KTM 990 ADV
2008 URAL Patrol

"If you sit around waiting for death to take you, you will miss life. Die living life to the fullest, don't live dying!" -patient
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Old 04-13-2008, 10:41 PM   #625
Beastly Adventurer
GP640's Avatar
Joined: Sep 2006
Location: NW AB
Oddometer: 3,447
So I did hit a critter yesterday. Not that I was trying to avoid it, on the contrary, I fully intended to end its life as effectively as possible.
Gravel range road, 80km/h, one Richardson's Ground Squirrel met by first a boot then a rear tire. Flat done.

On a similar topic, I've nearly been hit by a dessicated and flattened example of the same critter after a truck clipped it on a windy day. Flying road pizza.
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Old 04-14-2008, 09:50 AM   #626
Mainedr's Avatar
Joined: Aug 2007
Location: Southern Aroostook County, Maine
Oddometer: 234
Turkey Vulture

While cruising a country road at about 70mph, I saw a dead raccoon in the lane ahead...plenty of time to avoid it. Just as I approached the dead coon, a large turkey vulture suddenly swooped down to inspect his dinner. We were on a direct course for collision. Too late for me to really swerve without taking a chance on going off the road. I ducked and braced for the collision. The last thing I saw was a startled turkey vulture back-peddaling in the air. He gained enough loft for me to drive under him. Turkey vultures weigh about 30 pounds. A friend later likened the narrowly-avoided crash to having someone toss you a frozen turkey at 70 mph...
'96 DR650
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Old 04-15-2008, 03:34 PM   #627
Bear went over Mountain
crosscountry's Avatar
Joined: Jan 2005
Location: At the corner of flat and mountains
Oddometer: 2,474
Once while riding behind a cattle truck/trailer on my cruiser (no windshield) I
got a little close anticipating a passing lane. Well that was a mistake. The back door on the trailer wasn't hitched properly, and a big cow hoof covered in #1 and #2 slipped out through the crack in the bottom.

My full face helmet protected my face from the mess, but the rest of me was covered in shit NEVER do that again
My travel Blog, about living and riding, and living to ride.

I went for the thrill of adventure and the desire to explore - Charlie Duke
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Old 04-15-2008, 07:25 PM   #628
2007 KTM 950 SMR
PIP's Avatar
Joined: Sep 2006
Location: Pittsburgh Pennsylvania dreaming about Colorado
Oddometer: 50
Seagull in the head right above my visor at 60 ish in Florida on the way to bike Week. Enough to snap my head back and make me just about POO my pants.

Here in Pennsylvania- I hit a deer at 55 at night. IT WAS ALREADY DEAD. Thank God..
I was not paying attention for a second or two because I noticed cars ahead in the right lane swerving quickly. I then realized someone ahead hit a deer and it ended up in my lane at the last second. Reaction took over and I stood up on my pegs and hit (some part of it) it square. The bike jumped over it and somehow (By the grace of God) I stayed on the bike and it stayed rubber side down. I pulled over ASAP at the next well lit gas station to see the damage. My bottom fairing cracked with a wad of blood, guts and deer hair drug over the bottom. Still don't know how I kept it upright.

In WVa. First ride of the 05 season (March), after a week in hospital following a track injury (Sept 04) and surgery to put my right shoulder all back together, I hit a foot long peice of angle Iron. It kicked up and smacked me perfectly on the tip of my big toe, split the sole of my SIDI boots just under my big toe. Broke the tip and jammed the nail back into my toe. That hurt as bad as my shoulder injury and surgery. The nail still looks funny.

That's it.....
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Old 04-15-2008, 08:17 PM   #629
Scars&Bars's Avatar
Joined: Nov 2007
Location: E side of Nebraska
Oddometer: 40
An oncoming black late 60's delta 88 with no lights on at about midnight when I was in the passing lane next to the car I was passing. I barely had time to get the brakes on the airhead, and fit behind the car I was trying to pass. Never did tell the wife or kids about that one. I can still see the chrome grill on that thing clearly in my mind every time I think about passing at night!
Those whom God wishes to show true favour
He sends out into the great wide world. - Joseph von Eichendorff
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Old 04-16-2008, 11:20 AM   #630
Terlingua's Avatar
Joined: Oct 2005
Location: Port lavaca Texas
Oddometer: 246
Wicked fire and steel

I was on SPID in Corpus Christi Tx heading west and seen an old ford truck on fire and silding sideing down the road on the other side of a divder. I remember thanking I'm glad there is some thing betwine us. Thin I seen the axil and tire that was on fire to going ape shit all over the palce and the next thing I know it is over the divder come at me! With no real place to go I just headed to were I was hope it wasn't. And I was right, but not by much.

A nother time a mustang convertible full of high school girls with their head up there ass's. Started come over in my line with me box in I blow the horn and rev the motor but their still coming. Just about the time I'm all most on on the curb I leen over in the car and holler at them! All the time ready to let go of the bike climb in her little lap. Couse the next thing I was looking at was phone pole. And she looked a lot softer thin that pole .
Just a nother day in paradise!
94 FXR'1 custom HD
08 KTM 690 E
09 KTM 450 XC W-plated
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