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Old 02-05-2007, 02:59 PM   #16
Gnarly Adventurer
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Location: Peterson Mountain, NEW JERSEY
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Bug....Wow...What can i say? Godspeed with your recovery. Waiting for the rest of the story when your able. Good luck!!!
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Old 02-05-2007, 03:03 PM   #17
Gnarly Adventurer
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BTW, Was your get off the one that was televised on the V/S channel last night? Either way, hope you heal ok and get you're health and strength back.

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Old 02-05-2007, 03:09 PM   #18
Mr. Magoo
Joined: Oct 2006
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Wow! Man, I hope it gets beter for you. Thanks for the perspective. I just want to survive the one day Sandblast Rally coming up and have some high speed fun, but shit happens fast don't it. Be well.
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Old 02-05-2007, 03:38 PM   #19
Sit there, turn that
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A day in the life of a Dakar rider.

Heal well and remount that horse

I became friends with someone just because they rode motorcycles from no-place to no-where.
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Old 02-05-2007, 03:50 PM   #20
Studly Adventurer
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We were following you in the racing forum, good to hear what happened first had. Keep it coming
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Old 02-05-2007, 04:17 PM   #21
bugfnnuts OP
Somewhat Regrouped
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Heck, I haven't even gotten to the really bad parts yet.

Don't kow if the Spanish rider was a cop or not. Bugwife prolly wouldn't be too happy if I hit on her though. I am asking the organizers how I can contact her to say thank you.

I'll be home in a bit and work on the next installment.

"Dakar must be a race for few people, Dakar is a dream, the dream of the Rose Lake, if everybody finish it, the dream is over" Fabrizio Meoni

A challenge for those who go. A dream for those who stay behind. " Thierry Sabine
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Old 02-05-2007, 04:20 PM   #22
Beastly Adventurer
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I'm very glad that its not a major injury now get on with the story and stop leaving us hanging
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04 GSA Written off by a pickup.
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Well it was a car this time #L/tib & fib in the same place as the previous F wit crushed it
Ducati making mechanics out of riders for 50 years
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Old 02-05-2007, 06:41 PM   #23
bugfnnuts OP
Somewhat Regrouped
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Location: Not the F'ing Canary Islands
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So you think the first part was bad

Ok, the docs have deduced that I have dislocated my left hip. The top of which is stuck up into the area of my lower back. Yeah, ouch. I have suffered a concussion. They arenít sure about internal injuries but the middle of the desert isnít the place to probe further.

I have been plied with very good drugs and am now laying in the back of an airplane headed for the Canary Islands. The doc is sitting back against the rear bulkhead of the airplane keeping a close eye on me. They have put in an IV catheter and I am receiving fluids. Best of all when I start to hurt the doc hits me with the good stuff.

I donít remember landing in Las Palmas but woke up in the ambulance. At the time I thought it was the worst ambulance ride ever. I have never been to the Canary Islands but the ride over the roads to the hospital hurt like hell and I was on some serious controlled substances. That son of a bitch had no suspension whatsoever.

We get to the hospital and they wheel me around a bit. Iím parked in a hallway while the doc and the head nurse talk a bit. Thereís quite a bit of talking, head shaking and consternation. I was a little fuzzy but knew something wasnít right. Apparently the head nurse was put off by having to lock up all my stuff which the doc wanted signed for. The guys had pulled the Iritrack, GPS, Sentinel and balise off of the bike and put them in a bag with my helmet (you should see it, ugh) boots, gloves and miscellaneous other stuff. There was also my passport and several thousand dollars in dollars, euros and Dinars. She seemed very concerned and couldnít understand why I was traveling with so much dosh. The doc explained the race and that you never know what might come up. They counted it all up and had a paper for me to sign. Like I was in any condition to be signing
any kind of legal document.

Now that brings up another story. It was day 4. Day 4 was a bad day. It is the day Elmer was killed. I was very upset and sat in the dunes for awhile. I decided I would ride to the next check point and quit. When I got there Robby Allen talked me into at least finishing the stage. There was a dune section left and it was all torn up by the earlier bikes and cars. I decided to head off to the left into unmolested territory. I would come back to the right from time to time to make sure I was paralleling the course. I came up to the top of a dune and a native (I donít know if they are Bedouins or not) was standing there. Heís wearing a blue robe and white turban. He speaks great French and we have a pretty good conversation.

Weird huh?

This is 50 miles out in the middle of nowhere, this is where nowhere goes to get away from it all, in the middle of an erg. He calls his son over and we talk about the best way to go. They point around to the left where I had been riding. We talk a bit more about sand, camels and all sorts of helpful desert type stuff. Then they ask for money!! They point out that they live out here and they donít work. They have helped me and when they helped Robby Gordon he payed them.

Thatís right. Iím getting shook down in the middle of this erg in the definition of the middle of nowhere. They donít put that in the brochure.

Evaluating the situation, I looked at them, the area, and the relative income level to be had sand farming. I figure 10 euros is probably a pretty decent wage for a few helpful tips. I mean its not like I called Triple M and they came out just to help me. They were already there for Christ sake. But no, they SCOFFED, yes scoffed at my 10 euros. Thatís like 13 bucks just to point and give a few lessons on Camel prints. It's not like the place was jamming with incredible employment opportunites. I gave them 15 and rode off. You thought you wouldnít need money here, you would be wrong. You just never know what might come up.

But I digress.

Back at the hospital they wheel me into a room kind of like a waiting room but not really. Imagine a relatively large room with 3 double doors. They just kind of roll you in there with a couple of other people in beds and leave. Youíre just kind of rolled in there all willy nilly and left with no chart or name or wrist band. I mean you could be mistaken for anybody. Soon a lady comes out of one the sets of double doors and wheels me into the x ray suite. Bugwife is a doc so I know a bit about x ray equipment. These kids have a pretty nice set up.

There follows a bit of mis communication while the nice Spanish speaking ladies try to convince me to slide off of the bed onto the x ray table. There is no way in hell Iím scooting anywhere. Hit me with some more morphine and I might fly over there but no way this kid is shuffling, scooting or anything else. They decide to gang up on me. They get a couple more people and lift me up in the sheet and move me over. Holy shit that hurt. The films are shot and Iím rolled out into a hallway to wait. I seem to have stayed fairly well entertained. I canít remember how but it really didnít seem like a big deal to be watching the ceiling.

The Dakar doc and the hospital doc come and wheel me into surgery.

Good news is they donít have to cut me and it doesnít look like anything major is broken.

Bad news is they have to put me really out to put it back in place. I ask about being put out and the doc says. And I quote "If we donít put you out youíll die from the pain". Ok, my vote is to be knocked clean out. Donít spare the ccís. Make sure I donít feel shit.

I wake up to be told that everything is pretty much back where it started the day but in a different time zone.

It is only down hill from here.

"Dakar must be a race for few people, Dakar is a dream, the dream of the Rose Lake, if everybody finish it, the dream is over" Fabrizio Meoni

A challenge for those who go. A dream for those who stay behind. " Thierry Sabine
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Old 02-05-2007, 06:57 PM   #24
Mr. Magoo
Joined: Oct 2006
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Old 02-05-2007, 07:22 PM   #25
Mike Butt
Agent Provocateur
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Holy crap!!!!

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Old 02-05-2007, 08:06 PM   #26
Bent But Not Broken
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my skin is crawling. But for some reason I can not look away from this accident as it unfolds.

Great telling of this tale.
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Since you only live once, why not live every day as if it were your last!
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Old 02-05-2007, 08:14 PM   #27
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I don't know if you are great rider or not (I think you probably are). But I do know you are a great storyteller.
God. Family. Motorcycles. Guns. Music. Books. Dogs. Beer. Baseball. Work. That about covers it.

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Old 02-05-2007, 08:35 PM   #28
idea man
Plate Spinner
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glad you survived

More please
"You know sir, there is a fine line between Badass and Dumbass." Medical Records Lady
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Old 02-05-2007, 08:38 PM   #29
richard cabesa
The Mayor
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I'm hooked, keep it coming.

Glad you survived to tell the story. You do it well
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Old 02-05-2007, 08:48 PM   #30
matey peeps
Bead Buddy
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