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Old 06-16-2010, 09:09 PM   #3751
Special Ed_65
A.K.A. Special Ed
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Jarbidge Ride

Tlcarleton BoiseMike HBToni and I what a great overnighter and hit some Challenge spots. Thanks Tim for posting the ride. Here are some pictures of our adventure.
Our first stop was Winter Camp

Then on to Jarbidge via the Centenial trail




Nice quiet little town

This was in the post office window

Great caming spot right out of town next to the Jarbidge River

The Next morning we headed to Wickahoney Stage stop

And then we headed to Battle Creek Ranch. thats all I have, maybe the others can post their pictures here too....
A.K.A. Special Ed..... They let me ride in the back of the Short Bus
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Old 06-16-2010, 10:29 PM   #3752
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That is some funny stuff. Great pictures. I would have went with you if it was another weekend. I didn't get home from a family vacation til 10:00 Saturday night.
Explain to me again why enjoying life when I retire is more important than enjoying life now?
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Old 06-17-2010, 07:35 AM   #3753
Jason Abbott
Long time Idaho rider
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How do you rate with all those blue skies? You took great pictures of some beautiful country. Looks like a wonderful time.
Originally Posted by ruger65
Tlcarleton BoiseMike HBToni and I what a great overnighter and hit some Challenge spots. Thanks Tim for posting the ride. Here are some pictures of our adventure.
Photo ride reports: _
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Old 06-20-2010, 05:41 PM   #3754
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Hey all, saw a few of you pass through here on what I would assume your trip to the hells canyon gathering. A yellow bike (DS?) with silver paniers passed me right outside of Weiser. I would have gave you the salute but the ADV sticker was on back. Myself and a few friends went on a single track ride over sturgil and hitt mountains. Seemed like we went for ever.....3 1/2 hours for 40 miles and I was beat but not done. We flat ran out of water and had to run into Cambridge. Ran double track back home for a total of almost 9 hour ride. Nasty, rocky, steep and brushy........awesome fun. Pugi
living by the headwater of hells canyon riding my wr400 from one end to the other.
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ryanwilliamcantrell OP
Get Out and Ride!!
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Great pics Ed. Looks like you guys had a real enjoyable ride.
Ride your own ride & enjoy your ride.

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Old 06-21-2010, 08:54 AM   #3756
ryanwilliamcantrell OP
Get Out and Ride!!
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Location: Nampa, Idaho
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The ride started off with 10 guys. 2 bailed due to bad weather/threat of trees/snow, and 2 guys headed out early to head north (I'll let Sam tell that sad story), so Phil and I picked up Toni at 4pm, and headed to Emmett to pick up Mark. Thane caught us along the route to Emmett, and we picked up Clint in Smith's Ferry.

Heading towards Dry Buck with the group (minus Clint).

Looking at Squaw Butte.

Heading up Dry Buck.

The old school on Dry Buck Rd.

We continued north past Banks Grade (everyone already had the Pinehurst Challenge site) and up towards Smith's Ferry.

Wurty (Mark) was having a blast on his first 'real' long (1000 mile) multi-day ride.

After we picked up Clint in Smith's Ferry, we were having too much fun to ride the original pavement stretch, so we headed back into the hills for more dirt to Cascade Lake.

The 1st of many slides and obstacles to bypass and overcome.

Mark and I stopped to wait for the group at an intersection, and Phil pulled up with a muddied side ~ the 1st to go down on the ride in a monster mud puddle that was deceptively deep. He hit it at speed, and his bike took a right while he took a left.

We were there waiting too long (abnormally long), so we headed back to see what had happened. Apparently, Toni lost a pannier as he was riding down the road, and Thane picked it up for him, and presented it to him at the next stop. The plastic knob which holds the pannier in place had snapped, and his pannier fell right off as a result. Luckily, I had packed another ratchet, so we strapped it on tight, and went on our way.

As we approached Cascade, the clouds were getting shockingly dark ~ it was at this time that it occurred to me that Sam and Jim were probably getting slammed with rain up north.

I was attacked by sheep. Luckily, I was able to fend them off with my brute strength.

Even though I HATE stopping early, I could see that it was pouring rain in McCall (our original destination ~ well... actually Burgdorf, north of McCall), so we decided to camp on Lake Cascade to save ourselves the hassle of getting rained on and needlessly getting our gear soaking wet the 1st day of the trip. Never the less, we'd covered 120 miles of dirt that 1st evening.

The next morning was cool (35ish), and the lake was very pretty. Our campground host says it's the fullest its ever been right now, due to the rain and flooding.

Thane was apparently very excited to get back on the road ~ this is my favorite Thane shot to date.

We gassed up in McCall, while Toni ran to NAPA to get himself a set of ratchets to use on his panniers (both sides), to prevent a failure of the other side as well.

Then we set a course north via Eastside Rd (since Warren Wagon is closed) to our 1st challenge site ~ the town of Warren.

Yet another washout on the Warren Wagon Rd.

The weather report said the snow level would be around 7,000 ft, but it ended up being 6,400 ft (we reached it several times). It had clearly snowed quite a bit last night as it was raining in the valley.

We had to run a stretch of pavement up to where the Warren turn off is.

My Warren challenge pic.

We then headed north, past Burgdorf, to French Creek.

The views looking down in the Salmon River valley were outstanding.

Thane and I were enjoying ourselves far too much on French Creek to get a pic, so maybe Phil will contribute a pic of French Creek ~ I took one... at the bottom... as I was trying to catch my breath.

French Creek was running hard from all the precipitation.

We headed down the Salmon, across the bridge, to get into Riggins for gas.

We gassed-up in Riggins, ate a quick lunch, then headed back up the Salmon to go up Allison Creek.

The view from Allison Creek, looking back in the Salmon River canyon is even more impressive than the French Creek side view.

As we were enjoying the view, it occured to me that Thane was abnormally late to the party (he's usually right on the tail of the guy in front of him). So I went a few miles back, and found him 75% through his tire change ~ that was a FAST tire change. He'd picked up a massive staple in the road.

At the top of Allison Creek, we headed in to the old mining town of Florence for our next Challenge pic.

The road was barely passable ~ and we could see Sam and Jim's tracks from the day before.

Luckily, they had forged through the snow, and someone had cut most of the trees out.

Thane ambitiously tried to forge his own tracks, and dumped his bike as a result. He was still smiling ear to ear as he picked up his 690.

Challenge pic in the cemetery.

We then headed to Hungry Ridge, which was a green as a place can be.

Though we were near Elk City, we didn't go in, because the ride in Aug will dump us into it after running the McGruder.

The rain the night before made for the best traction I've ever had on dirt. It literally felt as through we were on pavement, it was so good.

We caught a few miles of pavement into Grangeville for fuel and dinner at the Taco Time.

Because it was still early, and we wanted to primitive camp, the group elected to continue on a ways down the road towards Lewiston (via Cottonwood).

We found and EXCELLENT spot that I'd always wanted to camp at, and called it a night. 280 miles on the day, about 250 of that being dirt.

The spot was excellent, and we were the only ones for miles and miles. The reservoir provided us with water for our filters and were we happy to have a table to eat at, and a fire to get warm near.

It got nippy that night ~ about 27ish from what I could tell (my Camelbak was frozen, and my water sitting out in my cup was frozen). The steam off the reservoir was very pretty.

Apparently, Wurty lost his Balaclava just before the trip ~ his solution? Steal a set of his wife's panty hoes.

Do NOT let his man near your children.

The view dropping into Lewiston.

Jim and Sam spent the night in Hell's Gate. We got here at 9:36am, and the lady at the front desk said they left at 9:30am. We figured we'd catch them along the ridge somewhere.

We gassed-up in Lewiston, crossed over into Washington, and dropped south.

The always-enjoyable Horsetheif Rd.

The view from the top is always excellent.

The wildflowers are out in full bloom.

That ride along Cold Springs is one of my favorite.

Thane and I found some 2 track that I'd like to re-visit someday.

Had to get the obligatory Challenge pic at the Buckhorn Lookout (an amazing place, if you've not seen it... get there...).

The Zumwalt was as beautiful as ever.

We set up camp where the group was meeting, and had our tents up by 4pm.

Phil and I were there to ride... so we pulled everything off our bikes, and gassed up. We headed north to Hat Point with Thane, Jim and Toni.

We were heading down Cow Camp? Rd, having a blast riding the 2 track. I hit a creek at speed and though "Man, that'll make a great pic"... so I waited for Phil and got a pic of him before telling Phil, "Hey, I'm going to hit that at speed, and you get a pic of it..." Phil would later refer to this as a "Here... hold my beer, and watch this..." moment...

So I came flying down the hill at hit the water at speed, and Phil captured a great shot.

However, I failed to see Phil's bike parked in my line, and was going too quick to cut an inside line. The end result was me bailing up the side of the hill on my tank of a bike. It didn't go well.

Here's a pic of Phil helping me dig out my turn signal from the dirt. I had a Ricky Bobby moment where I thought to myself "I'm upside down... this is not good". I managed to flip over the handlebars, roll down the hill, and land on my feet.

The tank guards did their job, and there was no damage to the bike other than my signal popping off (which pops back on), and scratching my paint, which I'll repaint at my next oil change.

We shook our heads at my stupidity, and caught up to Thane, Jim and Toni who were waiting for us at the highway.

We headed through Imnaha and up to Hat Point.

The views onto the Imnaha River were very nice.

There were lots of nice turn offs to get some amazing pics.

This is one of my favorite pics of the rides.

This was an AMAZING campground near Hat Point. It over looked the Seven Devils, with the Snake River down below. Thane and I were commenting that if we'd have known about this spot, we'd have stayed here tonight. It was the best camp spot I've ever seen, I think.

The view from standing on the picnic table.

The view from Hat Point Lookout was outstanding. It rivaled Twin Peaks Lookout for pure impressiveness.

We headed back down into Imnaha for our Challenge pic.

We headed back to camp to enjoy the company of others, eat and sleep.

The next day, a few of us decided to go exploring, with the usual RWC waiver of "We don't know where we're going, when we'll be back, how we'll get there, where there'll be gas, etc, etc".

We headed into the hills and tried some two track that eventually dead-ended into private property. There was, however, a fun water crossing for Phil to hammer.

The Abbotts shocked us all with their 2-up riding throughout the day.


We headed up on the ridge and rode along what I assumed was FS 62.

We headed up a Jeep Trail that was to run along the ridge then connect back to FS62. It was a VERY entertaining road.

When we tried to go to a higher elevation, we hit snow at 6200 ft.

Of course, I forgot my saw on this ride, so we hit trees (Murphy's Law).

This was a great Jeep Trail.

But... we hit snow yet again.

Thane needed a confidence booster after his last snow-face-plant, so he charged through the snow bank while I stayed back and took pics from my overweight bike.

We flipped around, and tried another route.

But, this one dead-ended, despite what the map said (map said it went through). It dead - ended at an OHV trail head (ATV trail). Jim looked at his GPS (topo) and said that it looked like it connected to the trail we needed in 3-5 miles. So... we agreed we'd try the OHV trail and see how it went.

Jason man-handled the 1200 through the nasties, while Jessica walked next to him (it got really nasty in a few sections). We were all quite impressed the 1200 made it through upright.

We were trying to go up in elevation, but hit snow and head to turn around.

We had success heading downhill.

The trail was plenty wide, but was full of roots and rocks ~ very entertaining, but quite a workout for Jason.

Everyone made it through the two track with a smile, despite the sweat rolling down our faces. I was shocked at how well the 950 handled the difficult to track, and even more shocked at how well Jason navigated the 1200 through it.

We found the FS rd that was going to take us into the valley.

We crossed over Indian Creek.

The view of the Valley was outstanding.

One could see for many miles. La Grande could be seen in the far west.

The group went into La Grande for lunch and gas. The majority of the group elected to head back on the highway. Phil, Thane and I were not quite done exploring, and headed north into the hills.

We took a number of unfamiliar roads, including Five Dollar Ridge, and Troy Rd.

We enjoyed ourselves, and put another 120 miles of dirt on the day after lunch, for a total of about 250 for the day.

The rain was rolling in, so we headed home just in time not to get dumped on.

It rained steadily through the night, and we woke up to stead rain in the morning. The original plan included nearly 200 miles of dirt getting home, but due to the excessive rain, flash flood warnings and the general lack of desire to ride in rain on dirt for 6-8 hours, we elected to hit the interstate home.

Everyone had a great, safe ride. We covered 1138 miles without any mechanical issues (minus Thane's flat). I'm already looking forward to next year's ride.
Ride your own ride & enjoy your ride.

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Emmett ,Id
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Hands down BEST TIME I EVER HAD on a Motorcycle
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Set Adrift
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In Case

those who do not wonder out here's my cross thread post:

WOW, what a great turnout, Ladybug you have found a jewel (via Debueller) in the Wallowa Valley with Brian and Margaret.

My little trip started out Wednesday heading up to McCall with JimE another rider from Boise. I had intended to ride up in Ryan's group but Jim wanted to leave early to find some Challenge points (he's doing through the IAMC club) and well since I'm hum...well... retired sorta, I elected to tag along. The day started out good but buy the time we were on the Warran Wagon Road things turned to COLD started to darken somewhat with the drizzle turning to snow, you know the big ole fluffy ones that stick to your goggles requiring frequent wiping, I descended French Creek with no view as the fog/clouds were laying low, didn't matter as the traction was fabulous

I kept thinking IT is JUNE 18th right Anyway hit the bottom and took a short nap till Jim arrived, lucky I took the nap.

Headed up Allyson Creek and it didn't take long for the temperature to drop and back into the clouds in search of Florence (only the Cemetery remains)

Well the best laid plans... All I had was a small pack saw that was not able to cut some of the bigger deadfall so Jim and I made a ramp over some trees bypassed some and cut smaller ones then came the numerous snow banks so forgive me for the lack of pictures as I was too busy huffing and puffing and hurting from my slipping on the wet logs not to mention the leg split I performed walking my bike over a log bridge.

Anyway we made it to Florence NO pictures but Jim may have some.

We finished and headed to 331 and by the time we hit it visibility was 10 to 15 feet and copious amounts of snow falling. We reached Grangeville about 8:45 ish soaked cold and hungry so Jim offered to splurge on a cheap motel (relatively speaking) so bought dinner had a hot shower and that's all.

Thursday: We headed out and no sooner did we hit Kooskia and it started to rain, I think it was a Seattle express that settle in on us for the rest of the day (No Matter where we went) Headed to Lolo a shot between the rain.

I dropped my bike right in the middle of the road trying to turn around inclined on the downward side wheel up hill. I could not pick that thing up so I told my self if I can't get this thing picked up I better sell it, so I tried again huffing, cursing, yelling, I managed to get the wheels to touch the ground (stopped sliding) then I walk it up with numerous breaks until up right, threw down the kickstand and I sat down for a minute myself 20 to 25 minutes to up right that dang thing.... friggin 990 is HEAVY narcoleptic mode.

OK, more rain went to Dent Bridge in the cold rain, no pictures, as I didn't care anymore, I am now wet and cold so no pictures but Jim has some, he's a great guy as I vented metaphors and adjectives from a great distance, of course, so off we go in the rain to the Hanging tree, did I mention it was POURING! ASIDE: You know the difference in a Hawaiian Monsoonal and a PNW is Hawaii's a warm rain man.

I took one picture cause I was under a tree.

Off to Lewiston and it was relatively warm and DRY, so we set up camp got some dogs and waited for Ryan and crew to arrive, about 9PM I figured they holed up in them there hills someplace.

Newxt morning we rolled out and headed up Joseph Creek to Cold Springs what a change... beautiful and sunny, now I remember why I came on this ride.

Jim soaking it in

Looks like the bears are awake

Great day indeed

Ryan and troop caught up with us a Buckhorn No pictures until Enterprise as well humm the troop travels at brisk speeds that require two hands.

Mark on his Panzer Mk2 re-fueler

Saturday I took off with Katy and Alan on their ride and it was well planned out, I again took no pictures as I sorta became one with Moya the 990 and went into numerous "Starbusts" on two track jeep trails I had a good Saturday THank KATY AND ALAN.

the Saturday crew.

My Ride South of the Border
Riding Nevada's Pony Express Trail May 2013

To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.
Aldous Huxley
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Those are great reports and amazing pictures Ryan and Sam! I had the time of my life on this trip! It was incredible! The people, the riding, and all of the beautiful scenery made this ride like no other

I only took a few more pictures as I saw everyone else taking so many, but I will be posting those soon.

SpecialEd I will also post the Jarbidge pictures soon to come.
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Here are the pictures I shot during our Jarbidge ride. I am making this a quick post as Ruger65 already summed up the ride well

Looking over Bruneau Canyon

Tim, Ed, and Mike

At Winter Camp!

The friendly pack-rat resident of Winter Camp

Mike getting off his KLR

Getting my Jarbidge Challenge shot and checking out the small town.

My bike accidentally tipped over after filling up in Jarbidge, to my luck during this debacle a bolt fell from the bike- one of the three engine bolts as we discovered after 5 minutes of looking. No nut to be found! It truly was a lucky incident as one of the friendly Jarbidge residents was able to find me a fitting nut! Was I thankful and happy! Out in the desert this could have been a more adventurous story.

Mike and Tim at the Wickahoney Stage Stop

One of the many Antilopes on this trip

And Tim rolling home through the Owyhee Desert.

The ride was amazing, thank you Tim, Ed, and Mike for a great time!
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Thumb Hell's Canyon Ride

Here are the few pictures I shot on Ryan's amazing Ride to Hell's Canyon. I was way too busy having the time of my life This ride was incredible!

Lets do it again!

Quick challenge pose in Warren. Our presence was likely the highlight of the day for the few Warren residents we never saw.

Wurty riding in style with his Ipod and cigar strapped to his handlebar, Ryan doing you know what in the back. I am very proud of having captured this classic rider's moment!

Don't forget the beautiful scenery in the back. This was on our way up to Florence Cemetery.

Thane had a flat, and as Ryan stated, Thane changed his tubes at lighting speed (I didn't even see it).

Our group at the Florence Cemetery

I was posing for the challenge shot as DIRTY the WURTY quickly exclaimed I should show my chest. His persuasion worked and I did as he said- not thinking of the surrounding gravestones. I am sorry to anyone who may find this offensive, disrespectful, etc., I was clearly not thinking at the moment. Nevertheless this comes to show what a great time we had - a chest showing time that is

Camping with the group was fun every night and morning; the spot next to the lake South of Lewiston was especially scenic.

The riding was fantastic.

(I took the same shot as Ryan without knowing it.)

Phil and Jim checking the scene.

And what a scene that was overlooking the Hell's Canyon Wilderness

One of my favorite shots of Ryan.

Well what can I say. GQ also wanted in on these IAMC Challenge pictures so I had to pose for them at the Buckhorn Lookout.

Clint and Mark enjoying the great view.

Dusty and hungry Phil, Jim, Thane and I stopped at this brewery called Terminal Gravity after Saturday's ride. Excited for a Bacon Cheeseburger which did not exist at this location, I had to order a Buffalo Burger (on ciabatta bread ) with a custom added slice of cheese ($1.00) and 2 strips of bacon ($1.50) totaling $11.50. My wallet growled while the stomach said thank you Toni . Thane said, "serious face now".

This was one fun ride!!!

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Set Adrift
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wakeie wakeie anyone still in Boise........... probably all out riding or working.
My Ride South of the Border
Riding Nevada's Pony Express Trail May 2013

To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.
Aldous Huxley
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Beast Rider
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Lighted plate?

Anybody know for sure if Idaho requires a lighted plate?
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ID XR600
Gnarly Adventurer
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Idaho Statutes

I don't find a requirement for that, but it may be in there. I did find head lamp, tail light with brake light, mirror, and horn.
"Endeavor to persevere."
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Beast Rider
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Originally Posted by ID XR600
I don't find a requirement for that, but it may be in there. I did find head lamp, tail light with brake light, mirror, and horn.

Thanks for the great link! I couldnt find anything either so i guess maybe i should re-phrase my question. Has anybody who doesnt have a lighted plate been hassled by the 5-0? I know i have seen plenty riding around.
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