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Old 09-13-2012, 02:10 PM   #676
Littering and.......
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Originally Posted by wipfel View Post
Got mine about 6 months ago, and it gets better every time I ride it!

Nice, love my do you like that seat????
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Old 09-13-2012, 11:30 PM   #677
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New C14?

Hey guys, new to this forum, but far from new to bikes.

I'm 47, been riding since about 3rd grade (street and offroad)... the last few years I've been struggling to find a bike that does what I want it to do on the street. I'm having a hard time giving up sport bikes, my current bike being an '08 GSX-R750. Over the past few years I've owned several 1000cc supersports, a 600cc supersport, an FZ1 2nd gen, a V-Max, and a B-King.

The FZ1's and really the B-King were attempts to get supersport performance in a more comfortable package. Both were close in many ways, but not enough to make me keep them, so I went back to the GSX-R.

Now after owning it 6mo, I feel the tide turning, and I'm not feeling like I want a bike this radical anymore. My rides consist of going out at lunch for an hour, a few hours in the evening, or occasional rides with a local (mature) sport riders's group. All fun, but to be honest, I'm ready for more.

I want something I can take on a trip, maybe nearby at first, then farther as I get good at it. I want something my wife can ride with me on occasion, but still has enough performance to be fun for a sport-bike rider.

After a lot of thinking and researching, I keep coming back to the C14. I went to my local dealer to demo one, and he tried to talk me into a Gold Wing, saying I should just KEEP the Gixxer for me, and get a Wing for touring. Probably and awesome idea, but with the economy, my wife out of work now for 4 years off/on, just doesn't seem feasible right now.

I'm not sure my first foray into touring should be jumping from a GSX-R to a Gold Wing, lol. I will admit, the '12 he let me demo was incredible, like nothing I'd ever ridden, but man, it's like a 2-wheel car. I almost popped for one, but after a few days, decided that's too much for now, and getting ride of ALL sporting pretense might really disappoint me, since I can't keep both bikes for now.

SO, I think I'm going to pop for a new C14. I've been looking now for a week, taking offers, negotiating, and have 4-5 I'm interested in. Given the deals on new ones right now, currently thinking about going new, as the savings for a used one just aren't enough to justify the unknown history, miles and wear, warranty going away, etc...

I tried the Costco deal with one local dealer, but it wasn't as spectacular as I've read on some places. Basically it is $13914 for the bike, but they can't charge any delivery, assembly, other fees like that, just TT&L. That's with the $1k rebate, so really the price is $14.9k...not great. I've seen better, so maybe the Costco deal varies by location, or has gone up.

So, I told him forget it, and make me the best offer possible, and did that with several other dealers. My favorite dealer, the one I've bought 3 bikes from already, who let me test ride it, has the best local offer so far.

When we talked about it on the phone today after I'd decided on the C14, he said, "Well, the invoice on the Concours is $13,814 (which matches the number I'd already found), and we can give you $6500 for yours..." ($1500 over KBB trade value, just under KBB retail)... "only other fee is $79 for title and license, then Texas taxes. No other fees at all."

So I said what's the catch, you sell for invoice, and give me a good trade...what about the $1k rebate, where's that involved? He said the owner keeps that, that is his profit.

SO, not knowing the profit they will make on my Gixxer, $1k profit to them, which I've seen some beat, but to be honest, I can live with invoice in the new bike, and $1500 over trade value for mine, that's a good deal IMO. Another volume discount dealer in Houston offered the bike at $12,900 (obviously with the rebate involved), but had all the excessive assembly fees, freight charges, blah blah that made it about the same price as the local on OTD. It's a no-brainer to buy local. I'm also going to de-mod my bike before selling, so I can clear $1k or more selling the pipe, PC5, etc.

So hopefully over the next few days, I'll have a new '12 to join you guys.

As for the bike itself, I really loved it. Here are my observations, after owning like 10 bikes over the past few years.

It's a lot bigger than my GSX-R, and heavier, but once moving the weight seems to fall away, similar to how it did with the B-King. The bike felt TALL, despite the same listed seat height as my GSX-R. It felt 3" taller, I could barely tip-toe with my short 30" inseam. The bike (new '12 demo I rode) did have more engine vibrations than I expected under acceleration. With only 40 miles on it, not sure if this would improve or no. Not as much as my Gixxer, but noticeable at certain RPM's. In high gear though, it felt very smooth on the highway, and seemed to not want to go under 80. It felt like it was loafing at 80.

I was surprised how slow the bike felt to me. The reviews I've read pegged it as very fast, one saying it feels like "it's being pushed by the hand of God", but to me it felt slower than the average 600 supersport. My somewhat modded-out 750 would KILL it, I mean BAD. My 750 feels faster at 6k before it comes onto the powerband than this thing did at max output. I can't really describe how slow it felt compared to my 750, like jumping on a scooter. Realize my bike probably puts ~ 135-140 hp down, and weighs 420 fully fueled, so that's the difference. It feels in the same league with a couple 1000cc supersports I've owned.

That's not really a bad deal, I probably don't NEED supersport power, but I likely will want to do some mods like pulling the flies, PC5, etc. to hopefully wake it up a bit. If I had to say the one thing that disappointed me most it was the lack of power. (on both examples I demoed)

Otherwise, I loved the bike. The power came on smooth, the bike handled great, and I was utterly amazed at the braking power, right up there with my Gixxer. The linked brakes felt ODD, as I'm used to separately modulating front/rear for years, so I'll have to get used to that. I thought the analog gauges looked a big old-school, but the LCD was nice. Fit and finish wasn't as nice as my Hondas, but about on even keel with my Suzukis.

So assuming I get it, first thing I'll need to do is get the lower seat and/or a link so I can at least touch the ground. I usually don't like lowering a bike, but I have no choice, as tall as it is, if I want to take the wife on the back safely. Next would be a better seat, backrest, etc. I've already read this full thread, so learned a lot here and some other forums, and look forward to more help and questions in the future. This forum really looks awesome (a friend led me here), so can't wait to interact with you guys, seems like a truly awesome forum.

Wish me luck!
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Old 09-14-2012, 02:43 AM   #678
Leicester England
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Originally Posted by ZBoomer View Post
Wish me luck!

Welcome along ... and good luck!

Eagles may soar, but Weasels don't get sucked into jet engines....
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Old 09-14-2012, 04:28 AM   #679
2whl Addict
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Originally Posted by ZBoomer View Post
Hey guys, new to this forum, but far from new to bikes.

Wish me luck!
The C14 is fast ... but not compared to your previous 'hot rod' bikes that are for fast only.
For a bike that has saddlebags and a touring size plastic body and fuel tank it is a rocket ship.

I think you are trying to compare a Mustang Cobra to a Taurus SHO.

When i first got mine, i could not touch both feet ... now i can after the sag set into the suspension.
Always looking for a place to ride !
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Old 09-14-2012, 05:30 AM   #680
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Congrats ZBoomer. The C14 is an excellent choice. But since you are coming from the supersport side of riding and I understand you have been on Jap bikes all the time, however did you try a demo ride on the Ducati Multi Strada 1200. I am sure it is less weight and the power should not disappoint you!
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Old 09-16-2012, 10:57 AM   #681
Leicester England
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A nice afternoon ride

First little trip out with SWMBO on the back....

50 miles up the M1 to CMC bikes at Clay Cross... browse the bikes and kit, and have a toasted tea cake and a cup of tea

Then the back way into Matlock... heaving as usual, but discovered I could get the helmets in the panniers ... bonus number one

A good luck around in Matlock Bath, followed by mini fish and chips. Spotted this cool bike there

Then back home using Via Gellia ( stupid name for a good road ) and visiting Carsington Water

The new screen.... Calsci Large...what a difference from the stock one ..... it transformed the bike

The Mrs said ' it feels like I'm just sitting and being wafted along, its so comfortable '

So I think I made the right choice with the GTR

Eagles may soar, but Weasels don't get sucked into jet engines....
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Old 09-18-2012, 09:57 PM   #682
The Gobbler
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Not quite as clean as she used to be...

You don't even want to know what the Gobbler is...

Current bike:
2007 KTM 990 Adventure

Past bikes:
2 97 VFR's,
2001 ZX9R,
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Old 09-22-2012, 09:57 PM   #683
Living the Adventure
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First Welcome. This is a good community with a lot of great riders. If you havent already check out the ride reports i would recommend doing so there are some great write-up on there.

I hate to state the obvious but the C-14 is not a 600, 750 or even a 1k super-sport, thats not it's purpose. I absolutly agree compared to the bikes you are coming from this may feel slow. However for this segment it is significatly faster then the competition. I think that it takes a shift in thinking moving from sportbikes to sport-touring. I also have owned several GSXR-1k & R1's and moving to a Sport-Tourier was a change. But all you have to do is take a 1k mile weekend to see the huge benifit that a sport-touring offers IMO.

If you make the switch to the sport touring world it is an enjoyable way to enjoy to wheels
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Old 09-23-2012, 10:15 PM   #684
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Hey guys, thanks for the welcome!

Well, I knew I'd take some grief for my comment that it "felt slow..." Well, I have more to report on that, but first, let me say.. I picked up my new '12 (gloss black) last Wednesday!

I have a lot to say about it after putting about 300 miles on it so far, but overall, I freaking LOVE the C14 so far. It's basically pretty much all I was looking for, and all I hoped it would be - far more capable of doing some distance than my sportbikes were, but sporty enough to be a LOT of fun in it's own right.

So let me get that speed thing out of the way...the bike I bought feels faster than the demo I rode, which is the exact same model. I can only assume a few things - the weather is a bit cooler, and probably because it's MY bike I feel a lot more comfortable really opening it up, and I've put enough miles on it to feel a lot more connected to it. Now riding the bike day to day the word "slow" never comes up in my mind at all. In fact, I'm not wondering if even want to do any power mods on it at all, which I *always* do to my bikes - pipe, PC5, etc. I really love the way the bike sounds stock, but man I hate having that CANNON on the side, geez. I'd love an aftermarket pipe just for looks and save a few lbs, but don't really want it much louder at all. Right now the stock sound just sounds so "sophisticated" and powerful, for lack of a better term, and I like it.

No, it's not as fast as my GSX-R was, but it's still FAST, and the way it's fast I just love, it's that total loafing kind of fast, like it just gains speed so easily, and without drama, If I had to describe the bike, the best way I would is just that description, total lack of drama in everything it does. 90mph feels like 60, and even in the twisties, it just handles great for it's size, and never feels crazy.

I was amazed when I got home after my first ride that I had actually used all but about 1/4" of the rear tire - to get chicken strips that small on the sportbike, it felt like you were riding fairly aggressively, like 80%, so you started really feeling like you were approaching the edge. On my C14, it felt like I was riding 50% to leave only 1/4" strips. I'm not sure this is a good thing at all. I have to re-adjust my internal perception, because the bike is so smooth, so stable, you don't realize you are that near the edge. I don't want low-side the thing thinking I'm at 75%, when I actually hit 100%.

Anyway, I just love the loafing nature of the bike. Also, I've owned multiple examples of all the Japanese brands, but this is my first Kawi, and I'm happy to report it seems on-part with the other brands I've owned, and even a notch above the Suzuki I traded for it. Maybe not quite Honda fit and finish, but it's very good, no complaints at all. The gearbox shifts as good and smooth as any bike I've owned, the shaft drive is super smooth, the switch gear all works great.

I hate to bring up negatives, but all bikes have areas to improve for a given rider, and the following stuff is bugging me:

Kickstand. They put the little prong you push on right near the end of the stand, so it's BEHIND the peg - so extremely hard for me to kick down. I have to look down every time to make sure I find it, hit the peg as I push the stand down, etc. Totally lame design compared to my GSX-R kickstand which had a prong in front of the peg, you could kick the stand down in your sleep.

Idle control. I can't believe a bike in '12 still has a manual idle speed control? Every other bike I've owned lately, even 600's have ECM IAC valves (ECM controls the idle RPM depending on engine temp, etc.) Not a huge deal, but kinda lame in this day and age.

On/Off EFI fueling is pretty ON/OFF, lol. I had an FZ1 which is well known for it's poor on/off EFI, and I think the C14 is significantly worse, especially in low gears. Combined with quite a bit of engine braking, it's pretty difficult to go to 0% throttle and back on without a significant jerk. I wonder if Ivan makes an FCE for these things? It's not a deal breaker, but noticeable after the butter on/off of my recent sport bikes with dual injectors per throttle body.

The bike is freaking TALL. The seat height is listed almost same as my GSX-R, but feels 3" taller. I'm not that tall, 30" inseam, and to get both feet down in boots I can barely touch toes. I have to slide off to one side to put a foot down. Not a huge deal alone, but really makes me nervous with wife on back.

Proximity key? Who came up with this fix for a question never asked? lol... I'm figuring it out, but too much complexity for nothing. Give me a couple regular keys ANYDAY.

Linked ABS can't be disabled. Even on sport mode, there is WAY too aggressive linking. I've been riding bikes for my entire life, and it's second nature to me to use front or back brake independently, depending on speed, situation, etc. For example, without even thinking when I approach a stop, I normally use mostly front brake until I slow to a certain speed, then I transition to rear brake slowly, because I find it more stable as you come to a stop to get off the front brake.

Well, if you TOUCH the rear brake at all with the front brake squeezed all, it just GRABS the front brake along with your rear brake, and you feel the front lever move down. Driving me nuts. I've started pretty much ignoring the back brake totally, which is probably a bad habit if I get on another bike without linked ABS. I think this is the biggest flaw on the bike, and it's too bad, because the brakes are incredibly powerful for a bike this big.

Clutch - very progressive and nice, but the spring pressure is way high. If sitting in traffic, it kills my hand holding it in, even all four fingers. Feels 2x what my GSX-R spring pressure was.

Seat. Better than my sport bike, but nothing to write home about. Still find myself stand up on the pegs to rest my butt after more than 30 minutes in the saddle. Will be researching seats, for sure.

Locking storage cubby. The way this locks sucks. The bike has to be ON, and going slow or stopped, which means I can't open it while sitting there getting ready without turning on the bike, blah blah. Small thing, but bugs me.

Windshield - is OK all the way down, sucks any place else, and buffets me. I think I need a short windscreen for summer, and find a huge one for winter?

That's a long list, and some is nit picking, but in actuality the bike is so good, the negatives stand out and are noticeable. Some will get better as I get more seat time, and I adjust more - I'm coming from a 420lb (wet) bike that was like 1/2 the size, so some adjustment is needed.

Some stuff I love - how the saddlebags come off so easily, and the bike looks almost like a sport bike without them, awesome. Love, love the way the thing handles and rides for a bike it's size. Once you get moving the weight falls off, and it feels 150lbs lighter. It's a marvelous engine - you do feel a few vibes as the RPM rises, but basically super smooth on the highway, and the power is so smooth and predictable. Shifts smooth, clutch feels great when shifting. Brakes are totally awesome, aside from my aforementioned problems with the linking. I'm very impressed with the handling of the bike - mine feels totally neutral in the corners with no tendency to stand up at all, like I'd read in some online reviews. Maybe they upgraded the tires or something, but my bike falls into a corner perfectly, and holds it's like like it's on rails, no pressure needed at all on the bars, and I find I can change course tighter or looser at will mid corner. It's just damn marvelous for a 600+ lb bike to be honest. I've felt the bars feel a bit loose under hard acceleration, so wouldn't mind a damper, but not sure it's really necessary on a bike with this geometry.

I really, REALLY love the bike; I can take care of some of my complaints, and learn to work around the others - no bike is perfect.

Already trying to figure out what I need to make our first trip and beyond. Touring of any kind is new to me, so I think probably a better seat, maybe lower pegs (wife) or highway pegs, cruise control, GPS, some kind of bluetooth headsets, top case, backrest, etc. I took my wife for an hour-ride last night on the all-stock setup, and it's not even close to enough to go much distance and live to tell about it. I'm sure she was cursing me under her breath for not getting a Gold Wing, so I have to make some effort to get her a bit more comfortable back there, else all I've bought will be a bigger sport bike to ride alone!

Anyway, appreciate all the info I found on this site already, and there is so much more to gain, so off I go to learn!
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Power: pull the secondary butterflies and open up the bottom end. The bike is downright anemic at low RPM with the flies in. --free mod

Tires: when you ditch the awful stock tires change the rear to a 190/55/17. You'll run out of lean angle before tire. Something like the PR3's will also make steering so much easier. The stock tires are that bad.

Exhaust: I don't like loud either. I went with the Leo Vince to drop about 13 pounds. With he quiet insert in the pipe it's the same dB as stock, but a lower tone. The can itself is also about 200 cooler as well. The stock cannon was burning my wife's feet. The Leo Vince you can rest your hand on with no issue.

IBA #33260

cablebandit screwed with this post 10-12-2012 at 05:49 AM
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Rider of something
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Originally Posted by cablebandit View Post
Power: pull the secondary butterflies and open up the bottem end. The bike is downright anemic at low RPM with the flies in. --free mod
Guhl reflash!!!

Not free but accomplishes the same thing and you get full control of your traction control.
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Originally Posted by Egodriver71 View Post
Guhl reflash!!!

Not free but accomplishes the same thing and you get full control of your traction control.
Not free. The flies are never fully open. Traction control works just fine without the flies. Easily returned to stock.
IBA #33260
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Space Available
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Holy's almost like you read my mind.

I just picked up a 2012 Black two Friday's ago. This past weekend was 1st time I was able to get some serious miles in. I put down about 450 to help break her in, I basically connected all my local canyon runs so I can see what it can do. And I feel the same with everything you stated....both pros and cons.

I do want to add that the stock tires are not very good. While it sticks to the ground like it should, but doesn't hold lines very well in corners and doesn't inspire alot of confidence. I think the tires are going to wear fast on me....with less than 600 miles on the bike, I already noticed some of the tire meat being pushed out. I will say I did push the bike quite a bit this past weekend....but not where near the limits. I'm guessing the wieght of the bike has alot to do with it. I'm looking into a new set already. I'll try to burn though the stockers as fast as I can and never look back.

I come from superbike and Hayabusa background myself, and initially, this bike was also not considered "fast" for me. Way fast-enough though. Much faster than my GS....but overall speed is not what I bought it for.

I think the folks who are making statements like "being pushed by the hand of God" are not coming from performance bikes background, I would guess more from the cruiser or other sport touring models....and if that is all you know, than yes, this bike will definitely knock your socks off.

Regardless, at the end of the day, this is a nice touring bike for me...and it fits the bill quite well. At the price point, there is nothing that matches the features and performance like the Concours 14. This is my first Kawi product. Ridden many, mostly performance bikes at the track but never owned one.

Out of the Big-Red-4....Kawi is definitely doing the most progressive and impressive work with their new model offerings. I'm hoping their new Kawi 300 will help put a injection back into local club racing....cause it desperately needs it.
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Getting cold . . .

Does anyone have gerbing gear? I need to put a plug on my c14 . . .just wondering where it's easy to route a plug to.
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I run heated gear on mine. My heat-troller knobs are mounted on either side of the grip heater controller. The plugs just come out from under the seat on the left side.
IBA #33260
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