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Old 04-05-2010, 10:50 AM   #196
Gnarly Adventurer
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This thread really needs some pictures. This is just something visual to keep the tread going. After 13 pages of reading my eyes are starting to cross.
I've enjoyed what I've read so far, lets keep it going.

These are bikes I've owned and modded at home. They all need some performance mods to really enjoy. At the very least a re-jet.

I'll start with the DRZsm, the "Batbike" as my wife liked to call it.
Mods: Yoshimura exhaust,3x3 mod, Re-jet and K&N filter.

The KLX250s "Frogger".
Mods: HMF pipe,re-jet,K&N filter, -1 tooth counter sprocket,de-smog.

And last but not least the WR250x. She's new to me and has not been named as of yet. Picked her yesterday.
Mods: Power commander III, Yosh pipe,K&N filter.
I just picked up the WR so I can't compare it to the DR and KLX yet.
After I get some time in the saddle I'll throw in my 2 cents on all 3.
I have a dit bike for dirt riding so my experience will be based on street performance and comfort.
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Old 07-20-2010, 01:50 PM   #197
What bike wants, it gets
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I want to bump up this thread with the hope that we can get some more updates and impressions from those who have switched to the WRR. Any regrets or limitations? Does the bike do all you need it to?

2012 R1200GS "RALLYE"
2010 WR250R
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Old 07-20-2010, 02:18 PM   #198
Beastly Adventurer
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Does it do all I need it to?

It gets me to work every day.

It'll do singletrack -

And it'll do a 3,300+ mile asphalt trip in one week ending with an iron butt -

I honestly can't think of anything else I could ask it to do
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Old 07-21-2010, 12:16 AM   #199
packin' heat
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Adding to the WR250R lovefest. This bike does 90 percent of what I need it to. That other 10 percent would see me getting a 150-250cc 2-stroke on one end of the spectrum and an old's cool r80gs on the other to add to the stable.
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Old 10-19-2010, 02:08 PM   #200
Man of Mystery
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interesting discussion --thanks guys!
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Old 10-19-2010, 03:44 PM   #201
Gimpy Adventurer
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I've become a bit a of a broken record on my recommendation
of the 351cc kit on a KLX. It was quite wimpy as a 250.
With the big bore and a pipe it has so much mid range no
need to go over 6,000 rpm. I just pulls great. I did leave the
13 tooth counter shaft on. Sitting next to the DRZ400 I almost
always take the KLX.
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Old 10-19-2010, 04:38 PM   #202
Candyass Camper
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I'll second a modded KLX. The WR250R and KLX250S are both really great bikes...but...both need some help in the power department IMO, and both need a suspension tweak. I could live with either bike.

The WR responds well to a pipe, an airbox mod, and a computer tweaker like a Power Commander or such. The KLX responds well to a pipe, airbox mod, and Dynojet jetting kit. The offsetting price between the two and the cost of a Power Commander, allows you to install a big bore kit on the KLX to really wake it up without sacrificing reliability to any real degree.

Both of these bikes need suspension help, but both have a good foundation to start with. With a revalve like a Race Tech Gold valve or other quality aftermarket shim and piston mod and with the right springs to match these bikes, they have suspension performance approaching an actual off road race bike.

I have an '06 KLX250 with a 300 cylinder and a full Race Tech suspension revalve. Except for noticing a bit more weight compared to a true off road race model, the bike is relatively amazing for a true dual purpose bike. Moab, Colorado, etc., this bike is capable of doing it all, albeit at a slightly lower pace than a full-on race bike.
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Old 10-19-2010, 05:50 PM   #203
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Thumb Klx 250

I can't speak about the WR and I am sure it is a very good mount.

I did all the standard mods to the KLX and just recently had Dave at redo the whole bike f/r with Ohlins internals.

This thing is really balanced now and rides great and tracks sweet. Stock it is a POS but adequate for easy riding.

Just got back from a week in Utah and it worked perfectly.

NOW it is a "keeper" and could use a pumper carb and a bore kit. To me, there is no comparison between this and my DRZ.
2008 KTM250-XCFW
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eyedragaknee screwed with this post 12-07-2010 at 07:29 PM
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Old 10-22-2010, 07:38 AM   #204
Orange blood
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Originally Posted by eyedragaknee
I can't speak about the WR and I am sure it is a very good mount.

I did all the standard mods to the KLX and just recently had Dave at redo the whole bike f/r with Ohlins internals.

This thing is really balanced now and rides great and tracks sweet. Stock it is a POS but adequate for easy riding.

Just got back from a week in Utah and it worked perfectly.

NOW it is a "keeper" and could use a pumper carb and a bore kit. To me, there is no comparison between this and my DRZ.

Nice looking bike. What wheelset are you running in the pic?
"Most motorcycle problems are caused by the nut that connects the handlebars to the saddle."
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Old 11-04-2010, 09:39 AM   #205
Joe Dirt
Gnarly Adventurer
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Originally Posted by Joe Dirt
I picked up a new-to-me 2008 WR250R about 10 days ago to replace my aging 2001 DRZ400S. Since I had both bikes for a weekend a buddy and I took them on a little road trip to compare the two. Here's my take:

The WR is about 20% better at everything than the DRZ. Not that you necessarily need something 20% better.

We took the bikes about 55 miles to Uwharrie National Forest for about 20 miles of trail riding and then back home. The DRZ is geared like the E-model (14/47) and the WR is running a +4 rear sprocket. At cruising speed this equated to a 6 mph difference with indicated on the DRZ and a 13 mph difference with indicated on the WR. But while the WR appears to be geared lower the 6th gear really negated the difference. Both bikes cruised comfortably at 60 mph (gps speed) and had plenty of power to pass.

On the trail the WR feels more responsive with the throttle. I think the combination of slightly less weight and EFI instant throttle account for the difference. But while the DRZ likes the throttle applied to steer the rear end the WR handles the trail with a balanced chasis that gets it done with an almost telepathic precision. Neither bikes encountered mud, sand, rocks, climbs or descents that they couldn't handle.

The WR feels smaller. I can't quantify it with a reasonable metric but it feels light and nimble where the DRZ feels solid and plodding. The EFI feels abrupt at first and takes some getting used to. But quick acceleration is no problem which makes small washout jumps a blast. The WR has a more comfortable seat but my butt still got sore on the way home. The suspension and chasis make the WR seem on par with dirt bikes of the last 10 years while the DRZ seems more like a 90's bike. And really, that's the difference. The WR strikes me as raising the bar on dualsport bikes this decade the way the DRZ did the previous decade.

Do you need 20% more? Since I've got it I'll take it! But do you need it? The results show that both of us traveled the same route and both had a ball. My buddy bought my DRZ after the ride. He liked it that much! So I'm not sure the difference between the two and the goal of having fun is really that great at all.
A couple thousand more miles down the road and I think I had it right on first impression. One thing I'll add is that when I was in Idaho this summer I really enjoyed having perfect throttle response every time in every situation. This was a big frustration of mine the previous summer in Colorado with a DRZ400S. This year I was able to put my American Supercamp skills to work and I attribute the comfort to do so with having a consistently responding bike the entire week. I think I'm done with carbs forever.
2007 KTM 990 Adventure
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Old 11-25-2010, 11:22 AM   #206
Joined: Nov 2010
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After all the debate, I'd like to see what bike was purchased. Maybe I missed that post?

Either way, I'd vote for the DRZ of the three. I think the extra torque of the 400 adds much to the fun factor, though none of these bikes are what you would call "fast" as far as motorcycles go. Not only that, if he was to ride two up with his wife, the extra torque will be even more appreciated. Also, the heavier bike is going to get blown around slightly less on the highway, and as far as FI goes, there's ups and downs. The FI is nice, but can be pricey if you need a problem diagnosed at times, more expensive parts such sensors and fuel pumps to tear up, when a carb is usually fixed with a cleaning, and tuned with a jet kit. But FI is much nicer on cold starts and can compensate for some altitude and temperature changes. Either way, the WRR and DRZ are both killer bikes if you ask me, and he'll like either one.
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Old 05-06-2011, 07:11 AM   #207
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You owe me a new key board as I spit coffee on mine laughing at this.

[QUOTE=montesa_vr;9032137]While Krabill and MarkJenn suit up for their death match, let's look at some numbers from the October issue of Motorcyclist. They had a Suzuki DRZ400-SM (the supermoto version) and a WRR in the same issue. Not a perfect comparison, but at least they had both engines on the same dyno and both bikes on the same scale.

bike --- hp --- torque ---weight ----- qtr-mile
DR --- 32.5 --- 23.9 --- 335 lbs --- 14.30 @ 87.81
WR --- 23.5 ---14.4 --- 301 lbs --- 15.51 @ 80.88

This is so funny
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Old 07-03-2011, 08:46 PM   #208
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I picked the KLX250S

I wanted the WR: too tall. Then I looked at the DRZ: too tall. KLX250: just right!

I'm new to dirt coming off crotch rockets and an FJR1300 sport/tour. I'm sick about your cousin; I split traffic from San Bernardino to Norwalk, SBdoo to San Fernando, and other environs in the LA basin and splitting traffic was the only way to do it. Dumbasses on the asphalt are why I'm selling the FJR and going onto dirt. I trailer my ride close to the trail head too here in N.Calif. With the DualSport, no worries about USFS stickers and etc. (check your aftermarket pipe...). It's not like you don't still have to watch your back, but it's riding, and it's safer. I got one of those 4WD trail books and off we go.

I still asphalt to work (18mi round-trip) but stay the heck off the interstate. I'm so much happier off the crotch rocket and out of traffic, it's like motorcycling is supposed to be. I actually enjoy the ride instead of giving thanks to God I made it home.

Anyway! The KLX250 needs power and I'll kit it when the warranty expires, but it's not that bad right now. Already did Stainless brake lines (which really help), bought a Corbin seat (great seat, lousy fit, terrible customer service), will do tank (when IMS makes one), suspension, pipe, Bill Blue's 351 and his carb. April of next year when the warranty expires. Friend has his 351 kit on an '09 KLX and it is really a different bike! My KLX sez it's doing 59mph at 6,000rpm and seems like it'll do 70 but the pegs have a slight buzz at 59, and I suspect it doesn't get better with speed. Tires could be to blame too. But I'm really happy with the bike, what dirt I've ridden, the bike hasn't bit me back with my noob mistakes. It's a sure-footed little donkey but can get going too. I don't think it needs a 351 kit - but it sure would help on the asphalt.

Since I'm inseam-challenged, this is the best way to go for me. But I really really really wanted that WR! The KLX is my second non-Yamaha. I used to have a BMW R1100RS.
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Old 07-04-2011, 05:23 AM   #209
Never Tap-Out
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I just found this thread and couldn't put it it all in one sitting. ITS HILARIOUS!!

Krabill appears to be rather biased. And he is, because he is dead right.

I had a KLX and WRR in my garage together for nearly 3 years, plus others to compare. Have ridden my friends DRZ400 numerous times in every condition. He constantly wants to swap bikes so he can ride my WRR.....hint, hint.

I'm often waiting for the DRZ at the next turn (on the Highway) because he cannot keep up. Seriously, its embarrassing for him on group rides. Maybe its how he has it geared (for dirt)....I donno. And, we've dragged raced them many times.....I stay with him on my WRR until pulling away from him in 5th and 6th gear. My little WRR reaches 90mph consistently, while he tops out on his 400 at about 80mph. His DRZ vibrates so horribly at 75mph you can't stand to keep it there very long....its like a buzz saw. If only Suzuki had put a 6th gear in that motor.

Like most bikes, the WRR has some flaws, and it benefits from refinements. Stock suspension can be greatly improved with some mods, to put it on par with a KTM EXC. She comes out of the box suffocating to pass stringent emissions standards. So, she's a lot happier when you open up both ends to let her breathe. Add a fuel programmer, etc.

The spec's on paper don't do this little girl justice. They don't tell you what incredible road manners she has. How comfortable she is. How nimble. The WRR has surprised all of us who own them. She's one of the most fun bikes I've ever owned for going ANYWHERE. That's the key thing. There are lots of things that go "somewhere" better. But this little jewel goes anywhere and everywhere with grace & style.

To be, or not to be....that is the question. Its ability over power, in this case.


p.s. My WRR blows away my KLX in every category...except low-end torque. The KLX is a slow speed, billy goat on the trail. If you like plunking along slowly, it wonderful. But that's it. Kind of like a toy compared to my WRR. And I like the KLX.
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Old 07-04-2011, 09:14 AM   #210
***** dweller
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Krabill appears to be rather biased. And he is, because he is dead right.
sounds like you are as well
I've had both the WRR and the DRZ. The DRZ blows away the WRR in the power department. theres something seriously wrong with your mate's DRZ if it tops out at 80MPH.
The WRR is smoother, but i couldnt stand the lack of power personally. the WRR just has no punch out of corners on the dirt roads, but it is fun in single track.

I dont have a car to trailer my bike to the tracks so i need some grunt on the highway to get there, and gravel roads to be abit of fun. The WRR is a snore on that stuff. Twist the gas on the DRZ and you feel acceleration. Do the same on the WRR and its a linear build up of acceleration that feels like a scooter

BTW this is with a DRZ400E, since noone buys the S here in Au.

I might own a WRR again in the future when they come down in price, they are really fun in the tight stuff. But for cross country stuff i'd have to point to the DRZ
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