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marcoue OP
Gnarly Adventurer
Joined: Jan 2008
Location: Montréal, Québec
Oddometer: 264
Day 18: Friends!


Driving around the Sunshine Coast
260 km

Short drive between Gibson and Earl’s Cove. I finally decided not to take the second ferry because I suspect that the landscape is quite similar on the other side, and my friends contacted me and confirmed that they are en route to Gibson on the ferry from Vancouver. We will meet during the afternoon and I will prepare the meal for a festive evening.

Isabelle and Sylvain are finally here!


It was a pleasant nice evening. We shared our adventures that are so different but so similar at the same time. Isabelle and Sylvain are good friends and true athletes. Last year, they cycled around Europe and this year, they will try do do the American west coast starting from the Vancouver area and Vancouver Island. They will finally do 2400 km in 27 days. When I think of the discomforts experienced during my journeys, I think about them working so hard and it puts everything in perspective … A true example of planning, performance and courage!

Shower time in the woods!


My friends appreciated my talents as a chef and especially the superb steaks cooked on the campfire … As the are used to cold food bars and salad!

Obviously, a little rain in the late evening and a wonderful night of camping. For once, weather is not so cold!
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marcoue OP
Gnarly Adventurer
Joined: Jan 2008
Location: Montréal, Québec
Oddometer: 264
Jour 19: Manning Provincial Park


09h30 Lansdale (BC) (Ferry)
17h00 Hampton Camping in Manning Provincial Park (BC)

Short walk in the rain. I had planned to go to Whistler, but this time, it’s weather that changed my plans and I ended up in the area of Hope and Manning Provincial Park where the clouds where not so present.
The rain stopped a little past noon.

I passed through the village of Hope and then through the Provincial Park towards Princeton (BC). The road is good with beautiful passages in the mountains. Traffic density is relatively high because it’s a very touristic region.

Significantly, I have to pay close attention to deers because their presence is very evident here. Came close 2 or 3 times!

Then I stop at Hampton Campgroung where I relax a bit, prepare dinner and plan my hicking expedition in the mountains tomorrow.
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marcoue OP
Gnarly Adventurer
Joined: Jan 2008
Location: Montréal, Québec
Oddometer: 264
Day 20: Skagit Valley Provincial Park


08h00 Hampton Camping (BC)
09h00 Skagit Valley Provincial Park (BC)
18h00 Vancouver (BC)

During yesterday’s drive, I stopped at Manning Provincial Park, where several hicking trails begin. I was very impressed by the presence of old trees (500 to 600 years old!).

Old trees at Skagit Provincial Park

So I went back to climb Silverdaisy Montain.

The old man can still climb!

Very beautiful wild mountain. Difficult and fairly constant climb. At the entrance of the trail, there is a small sign, similar to that found along the highway, style Adopt a highway, except that in this case, you can read:Adopt a Trail and the name was: Sev Heiberg.

At first glance, I find this a bit crazy and bizzare but while walking alone, I surprise myself thinking that above all, I find this totally unnecessary. Who would want to adopt a hiking trail to see his name appears at the start !!!???

The trek is difficult because the climb is steep, the mountain is completely deserted, which increases the chances of comming across a bear or a grizzly bear, a risk very real in western Canada. I have Bear Spray and most importantly, a small bell that makes me crazy but that allows me to make noise and therefore not surprise the animal and provoke an attack.

After 3 hours of good climbing, I take a turn thru a relatively steep transition and then bang, the scare of the day! I come face to face with an old man in the middle of the mountain!

The contact is surprising because you have to understand I walked for hours without any signs of recent human presence (no track, trail very limited in width, so no used a lot) and I am very focused not to get surprised by a bear and here I am being surprised by an 80 years man!

Even more surprising, the individual in question is cutting the grass, branches and right in the middle of the trail!

Sev Heiberg working hard!

And yes, I came across the guy who adopted the path! Sev Heiberg.

Obviously, we talked for several minutes and I discovered a man who seemed to be an extraordinary person, and who made my thoughts about the motivations to adopt such a path completely wrong! He is exactly 82 years old and he’s there in the middle of a mountain, in a difficult spot, even for me, relatively young, experienced and carrying little provision.

Living history

This meeting would give me much food for thought for my final push to the summit.

A little later, I meet a man in his thirties with a young girl. They are also working at the maintenance of the trail. After a brief exchange, they tell me that they are with Mr. Heiberg to help. And they want to popularize this path because it’s not very well known in this region. We return to meet Mr. Heiberg because they want me to take photos with him. I accept of course, being more than happy to take the shot.

Upon my return, Mr. Heiberg is cutting fallen trees across the trail. With a hand saw!

Of course, I offered to finish the job. ¾ of it is already done. Whew, I had to work hard to finish sawing the tree. Imagine, he had cut the trunk in 2 places already. I realized then that I was dealing with someone uspecial.

In the evening, I will search the internet to discover that this man was one of the greatest explorers and mountaineers in western Canada and was the first to climb several peaks in British Columbia. I knew that this was not an ordinary man!

Speaking of the evenings, just after the adventure in the mountains, I went to Hope to find a small motel because I didn’t really want to camp (need a shower and a warm night!). Finally, I decided to contact a friend in Vancouver, Cameron, with whom I spend the evening out for a few drinks and who also offered me a room in his house.

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marcoue OP
Gnarly Adventurer
Joined: Jan 2008
Location: Montréal, Québec
Oddometer: 264
Day 21 à 26 – Vancouver

Day 21: 2008-07-29

Vancouver (BC)

Rainy day in Vancouver. However, I decided to go walking in the city because my room at the Fairmont will only be ready at 16:00. Quiet evening. Tomorrow my girlfriend arrives by plane so I must get up early to go and pick her up at the airport!

Day 22: 2008-07-30

Vancouver (BC)

I get up early to go to Vancouver International Airport. Nadine awaits me with her small backpack. Poor her, it must be so difficult for a girl to travel with so little thinks!

Except that, despite all my efforts, I have to resolve to ship back to Montreal all my camping equipment because it’s simply impossible to keep everything with the storage strategy adopted earlier in the trip (everything is secure on the bike ) and the limited room. In fact, the only solution was to buy a duffel bag from North Face and attach it firmly on top of the top box, a solution that I will adopt at the end of journey, reluctantly however.

Once Downtown, Nadine didn’t know where we were going to sleep because I told her not to have high expectations for the hotel because everything is very expensive here and that I had found a very average motel at 100 $. Because we were parked near the Fairmont (not too close thought) I take her inside for a quick look and showed her the magnificent building. I make a few comment as how it would be nice to sleep here. Obviously, I am entitled to her usual small comment on my “wise” choice of hotels!

So I enter the hotel but she doesn’t fallow me in right away because she thinks that I’m making a silly joke. I tell her to come in so we can see inside the property. What a surprise it was for her to see me call the elevator! And even more to see me take out a card and open the door! It was a good time! I am sure she appreciated the surprise!

We took advantage of the beautiful day to tour the city like good tourists!

Grandville Island

Days 23 et 24 : 2008-07-31 to 2008-08-01


The following days will be spent as tourists in Vancouver. The weather was quite grey, but when we took advantage of the city.

Stanlay Park

Nice spot to eat and drink!

I also leave the bike at BMW Motorrad for my 20 000km service. I’m advised to change tires because they are very worn. What a surprise to learn that the tires, which I normally pay $ 150 in Montreal, are sord $ 300 here! So, tires, taxes, installation = around $ 1000. No thank you. I know the bike is a expensive hobby, although for me it’s not really a hobby because it’s my only means of transportation but there are limits to being ripped off, especially when you know very well that the dealer will make a totally unacceptable profit.

In addition, the cost of maintenance is $ 500, for basically, a change oil, adjust valves and some checks.

I must admit that I consider the maintenance costs imposed by BMW are totally exaggerated. If had to do it again, I would have done everything in Montreal when I got back, while doing the oil change myself.

I must also say that I don’t only point BMW of Vancouver because beleive me, a visit to Moto International (the BMW dealer in Montreal) usually leads you to a company that lacks follow-up but has obvious desire of earnings and profits, and charges a lot for it’s work.

My decision to keep my tires will be one that ultimately was correct but still caused me a lot of worries. The grooves of the rear tire is almost non-existent and for front tire, I note the presence of small bumps all around. Ok on dry days, but it always rains here! It worries me a bit.

Another problem. We had to go to Whistler but a serious landslide resulted in the closing the Sea to Sky highway for several days so we had to change our plans (and our reservations). We decided to redo the Sunshine Coast and then to go to Vancouver Island to visit Tofino and Victoria.

Day 25: 2008-08-02

Vancouver (BC) – Gibson (BC)

Back on the ferry!

A nice day for a change!

Day 26: 2008-08-03

Gibson (BC) – Comox (BC, via Powell River)

Cool! Motorbikes are always the first in line!

Old sister!

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marcoue OP
Gnarly Adventurer
Joined: Jan 2008
Location: Montréal, Québec
Oddometer: 264
Day 27: Pacific Rim Highway


Comox (BC) – Tofino (BC)

The route between Comox and Tofino was great but very slow because, again, RV’s are all over the place. Some portions are very winding and hilly therefore these famous turtles (I have fun to call them turtles because this analogy is perfect: slow and with their house on their back!) drive at 30 or 40 km / h in slower portions. The part near the Kennedy Lake is particularly difficult with narrow passages and steep climbs. Even if the motorcycle allows me a little more fun and agility, I often have to wait behind long lines of cars that are themselves, stuck behind these famous tourist vehicles.

Cathedral Provincial Park

It was very special an partucular to enter the Pacific Rim National Park because in a few minutes, we went from 30 to 15 degrees Celcius with clouds of mist ocean. It should be noted that this park is along the sea in one of the further west point in Canada and the waves are enormous. This is one of the only places to surf in Canada. And signs for evacuation in case of tsunami are frequents.

Special see this in Canada!

Yes, yes, in Canada!

Several people warned me not to come to Tofino without reservations but we were fortunate to find a small motel room in a dull but clean and quiet part of the village. We were able to park and walk a bit before dinner on a terrace at Shelter ( on the main street.

Superb terrasse at Shelter, Tofino BC.

After a few beers!!!
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marcoue OP
Gnarly Adventurer
Joined: Jan 2008
Location: Montréal, Québec
Oddometer: 264
Day 28 and 29 – Victoria

Jour 28: 2008-08-05

Tofino (BC) to Victoria (BC)


Day 29: 2008-08-06

Victoria (BC)

Victoria was possibly one of the nice surprises of the trip because of its charm, its architecture, its vineyards, its Harbor and especially because the downtown bustles with activity without being too noisy or busy.

However, it’s not a city that likess motocycle because I was lucky enough to get a ticket for parking at the end of a street, in front of a car, as I do anywhere else in the world without problems, probably because precisely, it causes no problem …

We spent two beautiful days in as real tourists roaming the streets and taking pictures! Pleasant break no?

Empress Fairmount, Victoria
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marcoue OP
Gnarly Adventurer
Joined: Jan 2008
Location: Montréal, Québec
Oddometer: 264
Day 30 – Sea to Sky highway


Victoria (BC) – Whistler (BC)

Sea to Sky Highway! What a beautiful road! Especially when wheather is 35 degrees and you’re stopped for 30 minutes at a time in a traffic! Give you a chance to admire the steep rock walls!

This route is certainly what most distinguishes a trip from Europe and Canada. First, we must face facts, the road offers tortuous passages and breathtaking scenery. But it’s also clear that some passages are not non-hazardous for driving, but because the road is completely at the mercy of rock falls. In Europe, clearly, tunnels would have been built in many spots between Vancouver and Whistler. Last week, this road was closed for nearly 7 days because of a major landslides that blocked the both lanes on this 2-way highway and destroyed the railway path. The scene was impressive and is certainly the most dangerous of the entire road.

Because Vancouver will host the Winter Olympic Games in 2010, the road is in full construction and near Squamish, we were totally stopped for more than 30 minutes. I was waiting in line, like a good Canadien driver, until a superb BMW 650GS Dakar flyes by me on the right side of the road, in gravel. Hello?! I realize that I too, have a motorbike, so I go after him! Obviously, with a much larger machine and especially with luggage and a passenger, it is a difficult task but I endup catching the guy a few km down the blocked road!

At least 30 minutes saved! Fun fun fun!

The Lions Gate Bridge

Nice road!
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marcoue OP
Gnarly Adventurer
Joined: Jan 2008
Location: Montréal, Québec
Oddometer: 264
Day 31, 32 et 33: Whistler

2008-08-08 to 2008-08-10

Whistler (BC)

Whistler climb

Summer time!


Whistler Village is very dynamic and young. Lots of action, bikes, mountains, rivers. competitions… It looks a bit like Mont Tremblant in Quebec, but a lot larger and less typical, less charming. There are several boutiques, which is obviously cool with Nadine and I quickly lose her to her new passion!

We decide to spend 3 nights here as we still have the chance to stay at the Fairmont Chateau for a good price.

A day will be devoted to the ascent of Mount Whistler, peaking at over 2100 meters but the climb only is more than 8 hours! I recommend this path to any hiking enthusiasts because the views are totally spectacular. Glaciers, lakes, animals. Obviously, the top is decorated by the ski resort and especially by Asian tourists that flood the top, which tackes a bit away from the charm, but this mountain is one of the most beautiful places during this Adventure! And the bonus is quite nice: a superb free gondola that brings bring you down for free! It’s rare that I allow myself this luxury because I do this sport to keep in shape, but such an expedition would probably take 2 days and this allows to do this trek a beautiful day. The pain in my feet and legs are not reduced however, believe me! Nadine and I had serious problems to walk for the rest of the day!

The other 2 days will be more relaxed because the weather was rather rainy and grey.

Cheakamus Lake, impressive!


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marcoue OP
Gnarly Adventurer
Joined: Jan 2008
Location: Montréal, Québec
Oddometer: 264
Day 34: Kelowna


Whistler (BC) – Kelowna

A beautiful discovery: the road leading north to Kelowna, through a half-loop formed by the provincial highway 99 to Cache Creek and then the 97C again but still as impressive. The first part especially, is very wild and we passed by countless Indian reservations, mountain passes, lakes and rivers. Wild animals are everywhere (bears, deer, moose). Maximum concentration is important!

These beautiful little animals are not the most cautious on the road!
We spend the afternoon in the vineyards and the evening enjoying a nice bottle of wine and a gourmet meal at beautiful Quail’s Gate vineyard. Surrounded by vineyards and mountains colored with nice sunset orange, red and purple, Lake Okanagan is so romantic. The evening was memorable.

Okanagan Valey





Quail's Gate Vineyard
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marcoue OP
Gnarly Adventurer
Joined: Jan 2008
Location: Montréal, Québec
Oddometer: 264
Day 35: Jasper


Kelowna (BC) – Jasper (AB)

I must admit that Kelowna was a little bit of a disappointment. The vineyards are beautiful but the town itself has nothing really exciting. I guess we should have left the city center to discover the wealth of Okanagan Lake and its surroundings but the time was already beginning to lack and I wanted to get to the Icefields Parkway and enjoy the national parks (Jasper, Louise, Banff ).

We leave relatively early to go to Lake Louise. The road is winding but very busy with tourists and therefore travel time is relatively high.

Once at Lake Louise, we go to the Tourist Office and are greeted by a super nice lady from Montreal! In fact, several employees of the national parks are Quebecers because they must speak both languages (English and French). Several hiking trails are available no hotel rooms! At least none under $ 200 per night!

I decide to take out my Lonely Planet book and try to book right away in Jasper because it seems that hotels in this city are always at full as well. 2 or 3 calls and hop, found a place for $ 88 in the center of the village!

Then we relax and drive the Icefields Parkway!


This road is probably one of the most beautiful in the world (for viewing images, go to days 36)!

It is difficult not to do 2 km without taking 10 photos! I gotta find all sorts of strategies to take good pictures while driving! I know, not very wise but impossible to resist! High mountains, glaciers, rivers and especially the blue lakes that parade in front of us without stopping! Impressive.

Bonus: perfect weather!
Eaux du Columbia Icefield

Columbia Icefield

Jasper village

We arrive in Jasper late in the afternoon, we settle into our small hotel room (clean and well decorated anyway) and we walk through the village that is, after all, nice, very touristy but not too busy, at least, streets are not too crowded. It’s possible to contemplate the mountains of the street and above all, from our beautiful table on a terrace of a small restaurant. It’s too nice of a night to be inside after all!
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marcoue OP
Gnarly Adventurer
Joined: Jan 2008
Location: Montréal, Québec
Oddometer: 264
Day 36: Banff


Jasper (AB) – Banff (AB)

Who said going back is usually long and boring. Here, it’s certainly not the case!

We take the road to Banff and must again go through the national park ($ 19.60 fee at the entrance), but we take our time and the prospects for new landscapes are impressive, and we are “forced” to make several tourist stops and take some memorable shots!

Icefield Glacier






Nice spot for lunch!

We stop for lunch in a small picnic area in front of the majestic Columbia Ice Field. I was here in 1984. Incredible to see the transformation of places and especially the withdrawal of the impressive glacier. The melting is so fast that it fell back several hundred meters since my last visit. It’s much smoother now and there are fewer deep cracks as well.

It’s an impressive an unique spot.

Nice colors!

We continue on towards Banff. Arrival at around 17.00. No problem, we had booked the day before! Although some hotels have rooms available, I strongly suggest making reservations in this type of tourist towns because usually a late arrival would mean higher prices for the last rooms.

The city is very lively! But animated in a, let’s say, touristic way! It’s obvious that this place is a bubble of tourists hungry for entertainment. Asians, Germans, Spaniards, Italians, and yes, many Quebecers are crammed on the sidewalks and the few terraces available.

We decide to do a small outdoor dining picnic in a riverside park because we want to save a few dollars, but mostly because we want to enjoy the nice weather! First, we must find a park. Done in minutes, beautiful large park by the river. It was a little more complicated to find food. Slightly more complicated thant anticipated so we decide to go for Sushi… After 45 long minutes waiting at the bar, we get the so so food and a $45 bill! I guess we’ll save money tomorrow! We quickly want to start the feast because we are starving. But with a good regional bottle of wine! We must find the Liquor Store. Not too complicated against.

After, we immediately go back to the park and find a nice picnic table overlooking the river with high hopes of relaxing and most importantly, with the firm intention to make the most of this near-last night!

Little oversight, after all this research, we had no idea that some creatures were also looking for a feast and most importantly, that this feast was goinf to be two poor Quebec tourists!

As we sit near the river, opening the bottle of wine, and appreciatin our sushi, we are invaded by mosquitoes also in a search of a nice and easy meal! Despite my efforts, it’s simply impossible to stay in place and after 5 minutes, the two beaten tourists have to accept defeat and leave for a place with a little more hospitability!



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marcoue OP
Gnarly Adventurer
Joined: Jan 2008
Location: Montréal, Québec
Oddometer: 264
Day 37: Hicking Day


Banff (AB)

Hicking Day.

Following the advice of an employee at Banff National Park, we decide to climb the park’s most difficult mountain calles the Cory Pass. Once again, temperature is perfect. Sun, heat and no wind!

The ascent is very steep from the start, but the rewards are glorious once you get to Cory Pass, a few hours later. Superb high mountain conditions. We are literally surrounded by vertical rocky peaks over 3000 meters!

Cory Pass

North side of Cory Pass

Unlimited water but patience required!

The day ends with a peaceful visit to the Fairmont Château and a good and well-deserved cold beer (ok, maybe a few) on a terrace!

The Fairmont Banff Springs hotel
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marcoue OP
Gnarly Adventurer
Joined: Jan 2008
Location: Montréal, Québec
Oddometer: 264
Day 38 -39: Calgary

Banff (AB) – Calgary (AB)

Only 120 km separate Calgary and Banff, which seems so little now! We make a short hop in Canmore (AB), a small village on the outskirts of Banff National Park and then rush to the great city of Calgary.

Highway towards Calgary

It’s very nice outside but very hot. Again, heat is often more difficult to combat then cold and today was no exception. I even take off my jacket to relieve me of this terrible heat which is rather rare in my case because I still have a little fear of my skin becoming acquainted with asphalt.

We get to Nigel's place, a friend of mine who is nice enough to take us in for the night, then head downtown for a long walk

Downtown Cargary

We meet Anne-Marie, a longtime friend with whom I did my high school. We had not seen each others for over 25 years! But in a few minutes, we were at ease like the good old days. We go together at Melrose, resto-bar on 17th Avenue. What a culture shock! The big pick-ups are popular here!

One very old friend!!! Well... Not old but.. You know!

Nigel will join us a bit later on for a nice night with great souvenirs and jokes!

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marcoue OP
Gnarly Adventurer
Joined: Jan 2008
Location: Montréal, Québec
Oddometer: 264
Day 40: The Return


05h30 Calgary
22h30 Grand Rapids (MN)
1645 km

Going Home.

Because my lucky girlfriend is returning home by plane at 06:00 AM, I have decided to leave early and try to cover the distance between Calgary and Montreal in 2 days. This will obviously, not be easy. It’s a race against the clock and 3700 km to cover!

I still have to plan this part of the trip. It’s imperative that weather is good because my tires are literally dead! Then I must make a few detours to try to shorten the road. My GPS, by default, makes me go through the States, but near Chicago (IL)with a return point to Canada in Sarnia, Ontario, but in assessing the mileage and time indicated, I doubt you can do in 2 days.

However, if I change the route to pass through Sault Ste Marie (ON), between Lake Superior and Michigan, I save more than 300 km and 3 hours of driving, so I can do 2 days of 18 hours driving and 1700 km each.

I think I might be able to meet the challenge.

Fortunately, it seems that all this part of America is under a ridge of high pressure and little or no precipitation is expected.

The morning is perfect and the crossing of the Alberta plains is as a spectacle, as the orange sun and warm sun arises!

Sunrise in the plains of Alberta

I am going as quickly as possible through Saskatchewan to enter the USA in North Dakota. Obviously, I get searched by U.S. Customs. What stupidity.

Long roads of Salskatchewan

The heat quickly becomes overwhelming and I’m suffering from severe cramps in the stomach. Driving becomes a real test and I have to stop often to take breaks lying on the ground to relieve my abdomen. This will last all day and I have to stop to 22:30 in Grand Rapids (MN), while my goal was Duluth (MN), 150 km away. I was just no able to endure the pain anymore. I’m frequently screaming because of the pain in my helmet.

Fortunately, today’s driving is easy. Major roads or highways, little traffic, few curves or intersections.

Also, the lighting of my BMW is not strong enough to drive comfortably at night. I resolved to continuously follow a vehicle but the speed is relatively low and this will make it difficult to reach Montreal as planned in 2 days.
My bike is equipped with the original OEM lighting system, but I am not at ease because the beam does not cover enough distance and width. As I am in an area where the risk of collisions with animals seems high, I need again, to drive slowly. I will nedd to find a solution for this for future treks.
I quickly found a small motel for $ 45 (the big difference between traveling in the USA and Canada !!!), I fill up the machine and turn in.

I fall asleep in second, wich is perfect because the alarm is set for 05:00 tomorrow morning!
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marcoue OP
Gnarly Adventurer
Joined: Jan 2008
Location: Montréal, Québec
Oddometer: 264
Day 41: The Last Strech


05h00 Grand Rapids (MN)
00h15 Montréal
1810 km

The last day of a long trip!

Motivation : 110%
Physical shape: 110%
Weather : Perfect
BMW : tired tires but ready for action
Result: Quick departure for Montreal awaits quietly but comfortably to 1800 km away!

Quickly, the move from rural to city and several turns and road changes reduce the rate and above all, force me to, unlike yesterday, perform on the bike. Overruns are frequents, good reading of curves is essencial and above all, I must pay attentin to my GPS which also seems excited by this last day of travel!

I arrive in Canada (Sault Ste Marie, Ontario) late morning after having been searched by customs … Yes, Americans of course! Yes, I searched getting out of the USA. What a great stupidity. Last year, I had to change countries 15 times in Europe with no stops at border crossings. But it’s true, on a bike, it’s easier to carry a weapon of mass destruction or simply I may have been hiding bin Laden in my topbox!

The entry in Canada takes 10 seconds.

Happy to take on my last lap (1000 km still!) I let myself go a little bit on roads without traffic. Unfortunately, traffic is very dense and quite slow because of road work. I even stopped 30 minutes before Sudbury.

ZZZ ZZZ, wasted time en the Transcanada Highway.
In the evening, the rain makes its appearance just at the right time, you know, when it’s getting dark and when I enter deep forest areas!

The distance between Petawawa and Montreal was not easy because of my apprehension of the rain, driven by my tires that are in poor condition and most importantly, the visibility is almost zero.

A few bugs made the trip with me!

I arrive around midnigh in Montreal where I’m delayed by the eternal road closures. It begins with the 40 (Trans Canada Highway) that is closed completely when entering the island. But I am not a tourist here, I decided to bypass all of this (hey I know my city!) and take Highway 20! I’m a quick dude! And my cozy bed (and girlfriend) is waiting for me!

Obviously, the large and majestic Ministry of Transport, in its capacity for planning and management, has also closed 20, the only alternative route!

After several detours, infractions and some well-motivated bad words, I find myself in front of my house, safe and sound but, slowly realizing that the journey is over.

To my surprise, I’m having problems leaving the bike and I must take a few minutes to think and reflect on this Adventure that just ended. With a bit of courage, I managed to cut the contact and put a final end to this wonderful adventure in across western Canada.

Total distance: 18975 km (GPS)
Milage on the bike : 28750 km
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