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Old 10-24-2009, 09:12 AM   #46
Canadian - eh!
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Joined: Nov 2004
Location: somewhere in Ontario, between many Great Lakes !
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Old 10-25-2009, 02:04 AM   #47
nicomama OP
Rugged Rider
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Grand Canyon and more, Baby!

Tonight is actually Saturday and I'm in Vegas in a beautiful warm house of a dear friend and his wife. I'm a few days behind in posting the ride report, because of riding a few hours daily and exploring some of the most beautiful parts of our country and not having wifi at the campgrounds.

So, let's catch you guys up.

Monday, after getting a late start, I don't make my Sedona target, and end up pulling off the road as darkness descends, so I don't nail any critters.

End up at an intersection called Earl before hitting Salome at an rv campground called "Rambling Roads".

Set up camp quickly and typed up ride report in Word file...

Slept through a windy night after an awesome hot shower,a camping luxury.

Woke up at sunrise and got that Jetboil a boilin' and IPod a chargin'.

Then say Sianara to Ramblin' Roads and hello twisty stretch of HWY 89 towards Prescott. Can you say, "Loads of fun!"

Lunchin' in picturesque Prescott...

Fill both bellies...

So, I don't find the desire to stop and get ghosts on film in the haunted hillside town of Jerome, but I do feel the need to capture these pink flamingos with matching do's like my helmet hair...

Onward to take in the first glimpse of Sedona's amazing red rocks...

Then my jaw drops as I ride through the artistic and magical town of Sedona beautifully built amongst the red, chisled rocks.

I ride 6 miles up hwy 89A to settle into my canyon campsite #14 at Manzanita campground...

After a quick camp setup, I explore the tent-side creek...

After a night of fending off a curious skunk, I whipped up some lunch for my hike to Cathedral Rock Tuesday Morn, tuna salad with rehydrated veggies and my famous seasoning (sea salt, garlic powder and paprika)...

Then it's time to zoom off to Cathedral Rock for a nice hard hike.

But, first Chapel Road catches my eye...

If you only have time for one hike in Sedona, then Cathedral Rock is the hike for you. It's soul moving. I'll post those pics manana.

It's 2a and I have a 4 to 5 hour ride back home to LA tomorrow.
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Old 10-25-2009, 03:07 AM   #48
french horn
Just Add venture
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Location: Bundaberg Qld. Australia
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Home tomorrow ??? .. NO NO NO keep going ... !!

( all together now ) WE WANT MORE .. WE WANT MORE ....
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Old 10-25-2009, 03:39 AM   #49
ass-less chaps rule!
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Originally Posted by french horn
Home tomorrow ??? .. NO NO NO keep going ... !!

( all together now ) WE WANT MORE .. WE WANT MORE ....

im with him - keep going kid. your report has been pretty good so far, but if you go home now it will be way to short
the best way to get back on your feet, is to get off your ass!
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Old 10-25-2009, 03:48 AM   #50
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That is the most organised packing I've ever seen.

Well written too - a rarity.

Good on you.
Latest ride report: Nongs ride the Americas
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Old 10-25-2009, 10:42 AM   #51
Keep The Rubber Side Down
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Location: Edge of the Ozarks NC Arkansas
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Mount Mingus

If you follow the road through Jerome up to the top of Mingus you will get a stunning view and there is a very nice campground there. Also, Jerome has a really cool bar called the Spirit Room. Microbrew. Celebrities like rock stars are known to hang out there along with the occassional entity. Mingus is actually a long extinct volcano. You can find very interesting lava rocks laying around. Have fun and keep the rubber side down.
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Old 10-25-2009, 11:23 AM   #52
nicomama OP
Rugged Rider
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Location: Sherman Oaks, CA
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More, more, more

Don't worry guys. I have 4 more days of stories and pics that cover the rest of Sedona, North rim Grand Canyon, Kanab Utah, Zion and Vegas.

Here's anther shot from Chapel Road...

Then it's just a quick little jaunt to Cathedral Rock down a beautiful windy road dotted with architectural masterpieces that have this view from their backyard...

Cathedral Rock

This is a short, steep climb into the saddle points or "gaps" of Cathedral Rock. The towering side rocks keep the saddle points shaded and breezy; but the lower portion of the trail is bare red rock with total sun exposure - be careful if you're doing this in the summer.
Trailhead: From the 89A / 179 "Y" ... take 179 south 3.4 miles;
turn right on Back O' Beyond Road for 0.6 miles;
parking lot is on your left.
Length: 1.5 miles (up and back) Elevation change: 600 ft
Notes: Steep!

Here's a nice view from halfway up where many hikers try to "feel" the vortex energy...

I enjoyed some solitude and self reflection from my magic lunch perch...

Loved the beavertail cacti that lined much of the trail...

Photo ops abound...

After finishing the awe inspiring hike, I realized that I couldn't find my cable to download photos from the point and shoot Olympus Tough, so Justin at Staples helped me with a card reader. Way to save the day, Justin...

Then it was off to find my first wifi charged coffee house called Ravenheart...

That was my off day in Sedona. Add more when I get home. Wish me luck, the wind leaving Vegas today doesn't look fun.
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Old 10-25-2009, 11:40 AM   #53
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Location: NoVA... Again.
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I love this shot.

"...he wondered if a God subtle enough to invent quantum mechanics would really be intrested in having people deliver rote prayers and swing incense pots in His direction." - Jack McDevitt
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Old 10-25-2009, 12:34 PM   #54
Red or Green?
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Location: LC, NM
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Very Nice!

Fide Non Timet
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Old 10-25-2009, 03:31 PM   #55
Bug Sister
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Location: Spokane Valley, WA (the dry side of the mountains)
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Like the others I'm impressed with your organized packing. I'm always looking for better ways to pack.

Looking foward to the rest of the report but while I'm waiting I'm going to check out you website.
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Old 10-25-2009, 06:03 PM   #56
* SHAG *
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Nice report
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Old 10-25-2009, 07:01 PM   #57
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Hey girl, great ride report. Funny enough I'm doing the same trip as you except in reverse: I left Vegas this afternoon and am now almost done setting up camp in Zion. with tomorrow being the Grand Canyon then Sedona. The wind was *really* atrocious today outside Vegas, it was one of the few times I was thrilled to have such a heavy bike. I can't see your pics on my phone (my current source of 'net access) but hope to see the real thing in a few days. Drive safe home! :-)
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Old 10-25-2009, 09:28 PM   #58
Gnarly Adventurer
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With a lot of gear , the weight on top makes the ride top heavy, harder to control.
You may want to get some side racks and pack for better riding.
Interesting ride report.
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Old 10-26-2009, 12:07 AM   #59
nicomama OP
Rugged Rider
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Joined: Mar 2008
Location: Sherman Oaks, CA
Oddometer: 468
You go girl!!


I love that you're out on a solo adventure, as well! It's a nice mix of adventuresome spirit, lust for life, thrill-seeker, people/nature lover and living for today. Good for you, Mama!

Yeah, I was pummeled by the Vegas to LA wind today on my little DRZ. Glad my load was as big as it was to keep me in my lane. Got home safely rubber down. Wish you the same.

Back to my adventure:

I packed up the bike at sunrise Thursday morning and ate a Clif Bar to get an early start.

The ride from north of Sedona through Flagstaff was so picturesque with the beautiful golden, orange and red hues of a changing season.

Luckily, I bulked up with my warm rain gear over my moto gear to keep me warm this morning. The "turtle" fleece neck warmer especially did the trick in keeping me warm.

I flipped over the Vermillion Cliffs coming up the backside toward the North Rim...

Now that I'm in Navajo country, I seize the opportunity to buy some Indian treasures from Irene, the lovely Navajo woman I met selling her jewelry in one of the many roadside stands you see along the way.

I liked the idea of supporting her and her community.

Navajo stand...

Irene, the jewelry artist...

My kids are going to love the idea of this wonderful Navajo woman making their own jewelry that I bring back for them.

Finally made it to Jacob's Lake, the gateway to the North rim, and found out that all services were closed at the North rim, including the lodge.

It was still open to the public, but that meant that the North rim campground was going to be sparse. Probably not a good spot for a solo chick. We have to be smart about this.

Plus, I was already freezing my arse off, as the English would say.

Then I met Shan and his incredible harley with trailer at the Jacob's Lake gas station...

Does this man look like he can juggle?

"Juggle what you ask?"

"Anything he wants."

Actually, Shan is a professional clown, who works enough solid time as a performer where it affords him the time off every now and then to go cruising on his cruiser...with a big load trailing behind him. Fun stuff.

He convinced me to travel the extra 30 miles down to Fredonia or Kanab, Utah, to be warmer at night. I thought that was a great idea!

So, off I went to find a campground in Kanab. Just my luck, Crazyhorse RV campground in Kanab boasted free internet hookup, hot showers, a view and a cemetary next door to boot. I'm in like Flynn.

Campsite at Crazyhorse...

View at Crazyhorse...

I try to set up camp quickly as I fight the wind, but at one point, I turn my back on the tent before I stake it and it blows away 5 feet. Luckily, the ground is soft and I jam the stakes in right away.

I ate inside the tent and also spilled tea in there. Oh well, life on the road. It actually was quite cozy in there as I read my book, ate my dinner and listened to the wind whip around outside.

Yeah, there were a couple of times in the night that I thought about camping next to a cemetary. Thank heavens the last sight of the cemetary I had before nightfall was of the very bright and cheery flowers on many of the headstones...

That night I dream of the Grand Canyon.
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Old 10-26-2009, 01:34 AM   #60
nicomama OP
Rugged Rider
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Joined: Mar 2008
Location: Sherman Oaks, CA
Oddometer: 468
Finally, the Grand Canyon

Staying warmer in Kanab made the extra 160 miles that day to the North rim and back worth while.

Plus, the ride through the gorgeous meadows and eerily beautiful burnt tree stands was wonderful to see twice.

Had to pay extra special attention to the sides of the roads to avoid hitting any critters. I slowed down for 4 deer, 2 squirrels and 8 wild turkey. Not all at once mind you, but, boy the site of that animal party crossing the road would have been a duzzy (sp?).

My first glimpse of the Grand Canyon...

I opt to walk out to Bright Angel Point first and get ready to be floored by my first sight of the Grand Canyon's grandeur...

There were others witnessing this beauty at the same time, and even blathering on their cell phones about other mundane things, so I wasn't able to appreciate Angel's Point in silence.

I was still able to soak up the sobering thought of 5-6 million years of time going into the formation of what laid before me, though.

To sit and feel it seems the best way to experience it instead of me trying to find the adjectives to describe the beauty and humbling experience.

Nothing does it justice besides seeing it in person...


I spent a good amount of time soaking it up and then decided to travel over to Cape Royal. I'm glad I saved that view for last...

And, of course, Jack wanted to get in on the action...

Then a quick walk to Angel's Window...

Notice the river through the window. Wow, the brilliant and vivid colors, the scope and expansiveness, the timelessness. It makes everything else pale in comparison.

What bloody economy? It really puts things in perspective. Our lifespans are just blips on the timeline.

Are we doing what we love and with passion? Or, are we just going through the motions of our daily routines.

I can really say that I'm doing what I love. And, this adventure is proving to me that I need more of them to fill my soul.

Anyone else in?

I found myself standing in a photographer's shot from a neighboring vantage point about 25' away. I told him to let me step out of his shot. But, he wanted me to stay in for scale.

We ended up exchanging cards for the photos and found that we were on similar solo adventures. He was travelling the US in search of capturing the perfect photos and accompanying stories, and with that finding what moves him.

He ended up sharing my Crazyhorse campsite with his tent and dual laptops to edit photos, and, in turn suggested we go grab a bite of "real food". Didn't have to ask me twice.

You are not going to believe what we discovered in Kanab. A top restaurant that you could have sworn was plunked right down in the middle of this small Utah town from New York city.

If you're ever in Kanab or within 50 miles go to the Rocking V Cafe...

Here's my fellow adventurer, Maxwell...

And some of the best food either of us have had in awhile. Mine is a thick juicy pork chop with an amazing wine and citrus sauce, garlic yukon mashed potatoes and brocolli...

And, sorry guys. No picture of the delectible creme brule we had for dessert.

We introduced ourselves to the owners, Victor and Vicky, from New York, who retired in the small town of Kanab to start their own retaurant. This was something they knew nothing about. But, they knew what they wanted and built a very successful restaurant with fabulous ambiance and great food.

Inspirational! Victor was very personable. We enjoyed chatting with him upstairs in his art gallery...

A night that continued from the magic of the day.
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