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Old 01-02-2011, 01:07 PM   #121
Beastly Adventurer
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Originally Posted by Bermshot View Post
Not sure if I got the PM, had a few customer contacts this last month. Sales have only been So-So, across the board I think most scooters sales have been poor this last year. Had hoped for better from this model but we have not done much if any promotions for it.
The claims have been mostly from the 1st batch with some poor electrical connections the most of it. Had 3 oil leaks, 2 traced to the starter O-ring, 1 @ the head gasket.
Had some claims(5) on the EFI, mostly when they had sat for a month or more and found the fuel injector is contaminated by water in the fuel, thanks to the ethanol's tendicy to bond with it. Have rust spots on the cone so looking at the injector material but the supplier says they sell this injector in markets with 22% ethanol. May have to recommend an additive if they are not being used regularly. Also found some of the claims on the EFI actually was a tight valve when the customers failed to follow the service schedule and inspect and/or adjust them.
Have a guy in SoCal that is not happy with the dealer and us over a speedo issue the dealer can not fix yet and the mechanic refuses to spend anymore time to check thing out for us;(.
No other failures major or minor. Hope that is an honest enough reply.
Well, you should be commended for your honesty.

Jon in Keaau, Hi. USA
2008 SYM HD200 (wife's ride)
2009 Kymco People 150 and coming soon, another dual sport mc
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Old 09-16-2011, 06:34 PM   #122
Once you hack...
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Is it true? Has hammerhead stopped producing these already?
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Old 09-16-2011, 06:58 PM   #123
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Already? This thing was a joke from the beginning.

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Old 08-13-2012, 08:23 AM   #124
captain crunch
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Mandello, Do you have any clue what a colossal, exclusionary prick you come off as? The attitude that whatever portion of a "scene" that isn't cool enough to meet your high coolness standards of being really super-cool is a massive turn-off to many (read:all) new people who may be excited to check out something new. My interests are pretty wide and varied: Vintage drums & guitars, old hearses, muscle cars, motorcycles that aren't Harleys, Japanese turbo performance cars, cooking, really nice knives, drinking, loud music, not so loud music, woodworking, silly internet garbage... the list is long and my wife is patient. All of these "scenes", and every other "scene" are united by the fact that, at their core, there is a swirling little nucleus of hate-fuelled neckbeards who really want nothing more than to be the one guy in all the world who can truly appreciate what they feel to be the "true" representation of the hobby. What qualifies as "real". "Real" Death Metal. "Real" model trains. "Real" high-end collector sneakers. They ruin everything, for everyone. Without new blood, a "scene" will die. Simple fact. If everyone was cool enough to be cool like you and live in Cool City, capital of Cool Island, then all scooters/all things that exist that don't meet your standards would be thrown into the sun, and the scooter community would be functionally dead. Perhaps these new Chinese scooters are not of the highest quality. They are certainly inexpensive. This was also true of Vespas, Lambrettas, early Jap bikes, Datsun 240Z's, vintage Minis, Mopeds, Sprees, small dirtbikes.. Zillions of things. And they can all be a blast for zillions of Newbs. Fun and cheap is what draws new people to a hobby. It's also what causes the greatest gnashing of Hateful Neckbeard teeth, and great cries of how "NOW THE SCENE IS ROOOOOOOOOOOUUUUIIIINED!!!!!". These guys, given free rein, ruin the "scene", no matter what "scene" it might be. Newbs run screaming from Neckbeards. Newbs who might have gone on to buy bigger bikes, cooler bikes, or larger model train sets, or epically rare 78rpm blues records, or whatever. Haters ruin "scenes". Don't be a hater. Welcome new people, and new products that might draw in these new people. They are what keeps you alive. Eventually, just maybe, someday they could be cool enough to join you on Cool Island. To everyone who reads this (and this is one of the top responses on Google when you search "Hammerhead La Vita", a used scooter my wife the Newb is pretty interested in, as opposed to the same money for an utter Vespa basket case that needs another 2 grand to run), buy something new and fun, if you can afford to. Check out the forums and the community, because whatever it is there are a ton of great people willing to help. Ignore the nasty snipes from Neckbeard Haters - you, ultimately, are the most important members of the "scene", not them. And Mandello, I hope you enjoy scaring people away from the hobby you claim to love. Keep it classy there on Cool Island.
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Old 02-15-2013, 12:26 PM   #125
Parts is Parts
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Puma brought this back to life, without the fuel injection and crazy high price. It comes with one year parts and labor for less than $2000. It's called a Valentine. I've been thinking about ordering one.
Discount OEM, replacement and performance parts for vespa, honda, bmw, yamaha, suzuki, genuine, kymco, piaggio, aprilia, SYM, tgb, tomos and other scooters at
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