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Old 09-03-2014, 05:59 PM   #1
concours OP
WFO for 41 years
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Joined: Dec 2008
Location: Kensington, NH USA
Oddometer: 5,188
Rice-o-rama 9-7-14 Spencer, MA

Bigger and better!!
Too much is just barely enough.....
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Old 09-03-2014, 07:26 PM   #2
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I am hoping to stop in the ROR on my way up to finish the last part of the Deerfield dirt road loop Sunday. ROR is always a great time!
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Old 09-03-2014, 07:32 PM   #3
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Thanks for posting this. Almost missed it. This will be #4 for me.
06 XR650L
78 CB750F
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Old 09-04-2014, 04:16 PM   #4
fahr mit mir
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Location: Probbydense, RI
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Been on my calendar for months...camping at Wells State Park and then heading up to the new location...bigger every year.

If you love vintage Japanese, don't miss this event.

The Widowmaker

Honda Horedom

It's remarkable I don't own one of these bikes. Sucka for the paint scheme. But would a Yammy play nice with all the Hondas?

Founding Member, OPB [Other People's Bikes]
Scoot Commute: Getting to and from work on 10 inch wheels
FLy & RIde: Florida to Rhode Island on a Husky TE610
New England to New Scotland

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Old 09-06-2014, 05:28 PM   #5
concours OP
WFO for 41 years
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Joined: Dec 2008
Location: Kensington, NH USA
Oddometer: 5,188
Weather is forecast to be ACES! 70's and dry!!! Come on out!
Too much is just barely enough.....
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Old 09-07-2014, 05:28 AM   #6
Gnarly Adventurer
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i b there
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Old 09-07-2014, 05:19 PM   #7
fahr mit mir
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Joined: Dec 2008
Location: Probbydense, RI
Oddometer: 1,285
2014 Rice-o-Rama pics (yes, there are pictures from the actual show...look harder)

Heading out to work Friday morning, packed up for camping -- bringing an Italian Swede to the pahrtee

What greeted me in the pahrking lot when getting ready to roll Friday afternoon

Camping at Wells State Park, just down the road in Sturbridge, MA...gaaah, the horror of a bad campsite

One of the rangers was asking me if the ladies' room was in bad shape 'cos they've had complaints. I looked at him and replied, "There are flush toilets and hot water coming out of the taps. This place rates so above most of the camping I do, those complainers should just stay in Bahstin."

Switched out for the Suzuki DR350, aka DR Little

Saturday I did a bunch of mapping (thank you JIMPACO) to ride as many dotted lines that I could.

Found me some Belted Galloways! Everyone knows I'm a sucka for Belties.
Neighbor pulled over to ask if we were having troubles, how nice is that? We ain't in Probbydense no more!

Look at the baby!

This being ADV, after all, had to find some dirt, even if it was mild.

This being the Rice-o-Rama thread, I guarantee that's a Japanese bike

Transalp not getting stuck

So bloody fast, TA is a blurrrrrr

I gotta move out of da sidee...I need more of this.

Yah, no more tarmac

I love that, even in crowded New England, there's room for this kind of stuff. How many kids have lost their virginity here?

Yes, I wanted to ride the Husky 'cos that thing is a super-fun beast. But I will admit, I really love the DR. It certainly won't surprise you, but its billy goat like properties always put a grin on my face. And it qualifies as a Japanese bike for the thread.


I've said it a million times, my favorite kind of riding. Yes, I like the challenge of rocks, mud and water-crossings, but for just calm bee-bopping around, grass growing in the middle of a dirt road cannot be beat.

Transalp action

Damn gate

Bridge courtesy of the Big Dig -- easily crossable with removal of side cases

Trying to look badass

I'm an MSF instructor, and I want to use this pic to demonstrate freakin' clutch need to put your feet down if you know how to use your freakin' clutch!

Getting 'round the Jersey barrier

What the bridge is going over, yuck. Serving up EEE on a daily basis.

Another gate. I just didn't get. I've ridden this road a bunch of times and it's never been gated. Is there some rare orchid growing?!

Love this!

I really like this pic. cheesebot on the Transalp, looking as badass as he can considering he's a librarian.

Damn kids, can't just have a ruin. Gotta spray paint it all up! How many condoms are in that tunnel?

Stopped at St. Joseph's Abbey, just north of Spencer on the slab on the way back to Wells. Thanks to Rhode trip for telling me that they brew their own ale.

My haul from the Abbey...Holy Water poured by Brother Kevin and a St. Christopher medal. I have a St. Christopher medal that was given to me by Fr. Nic, one of priests where I work (I work at a religiously-affiliated college, yet I am not), that he got in Rome for me 'cos he worries about me be-bopping around on a motorbike, and I cannot find it since my Florida fly & ride. I was kinda seriously freaking out a bit, so now I feel a bit protected.

The ale is not available from the Abbey. You have to ride into town and get it from the packie across from the firehouse on Route 9. That's what Brother Kevin told me.

BTW, I'm not really a beer drinker, but the ale was really good. No carbonation, nice finish, not overwhelming, definite caramel flavors. Yum. And two was more than enough. What a shitty way to end a good day of riding.


the show!

Best bike of the day (for me)
an AJS, holy shit, you NEVER see these.

Whaaaaa? The only other DR350 I saw all day, how is that even possible?!

I LIKED this bike.

Old skool LC4

Really? You bring an original Ambo and you leave your hoodie on it, blocking the sheer beauty. Gaaaaah. All my junkie boys, when I lived in New York, rode Ambos. I cannot see one without thinking "China Cat".

mmmmmmmmmmmmMOTO GUZZI

Don't see Rickmans every day, do ya? Love the look, so hawt.

Freakin' awesome homemade rollchart...if I don't know you, I really should.

Ural with sidecar...I do think I know you?

Pic came out crummy, but BSA...I really need a Brit bike. It's ridiculous I don't have one. Do you hear me?! I need to experience shifting on the wrong side, and a bike that drips more oil than the Husky

This qualifies as a POSSE OF CT90s. My Dominican localz would go bonkers for these!

I still don't know how I feel about a vintage Suzuki (fromthe Honda Dream era). I've always considered myself a Honda wHore, yet the Suzi is my primary dirt ride. I don't know, maybe it's time I took a long look in the mirror and recognized I'm a Suzuki Shiv?
Founding Member, OPB [Other People's Bikes]
Scoot Commute: Getting to and from work on 10 inch wheels
FLy & RIde: Florida to Rhode Island on a Husky TE610
New England to New Scotland

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Old 09-07-2014, 06:29 PM   #8
fahr mit mir
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Joined: Dec 2008
Location: Probbydense, RI
Oddometer: 1,285

How many widowmakers could I ogle today? I just want to ride one, and then I'll want one. I cannot get it out my head that a 750 2-smoker is not the bestest motorbike evah.

Show bikes ... these are the dirt class.

My issue with these bikes, and there were about 4 of them, is that they're so bloody pristine, they're not ridden. They are AMAZINGLY beautiful, but please, please, let me take one out and beat the shit out of it.

So this is the color I would get of the Kawi 750 triple. Look at that exhaust. And it's GREEN, as it should be. I do think I'd have a hoot & a half of a ride taking one of these out. Anyone?

Pure beauty -- have you ever seen more beautiful gauges?

I don't know, should I be hunting down an old Suzi?

Ok, I think it's ridiculous that's there's a non-Japanese class. But, that said, I also think that Bimota make the MOST BEAUTIFUL bikes in the whole entire world. Aliens will come here, walk into a museum, and decide the same. There's nothing more beautiful than a Bimota.

Just LOOK at this?! Gaaaaaaah.

Have always loved this version of the Ducati logo. The future is calling, and it'd like its logo back.

Isn't this what the show is all about?

This is why I'm not really a show girl. Why is this so clean?

I've always been a sucka for the Interceptors. Man, Honda had their shit together in 80's. What the hell happened to them?! Will you PLEASE make a beautiful 300 lb ADV bike for the US mahrket? Do you hear me...300 pounds.

I know nothing of such bikes, but I appreciate all the matchy matchy on this SuZi.

I think I found the Suzi model that I could live with...TC250. The ad copy? Ready for it?

"A real man's motorcycle." Something about that irks me to my core and wants to prove, yeah, and a chick in pink can ride the frick outta this thing, so go F yerselves, stupid ad men. And then I'll blink my eyes and hand you back the key, not mentioning any of the rocks.

This bike is on my list. I think I'd have A LOT of fun on this bike in West Virginia.

I could not get over the condition of this bike. Definitely hasn't seen Broad Street in Providence.

Back outside...Honda CB350
I have THREE of these...and why am I on the Suzi?

VJMC really involved in their own conversation...kinda weird. Oh, btw, here's a Suzuki!

What? Velocette? Gawd, the details. A real artist designed this thing.

I am Honda


Gaaaaaaaaaaaah, Maico!

SCOOTAH! Honda CH80 ... um, the 80's would like their design back. Believe it or not, this is a 2001! I've got an 80's version that I'm planning on studding for really bad weather this wintah.


Um, yeeeeeeah...Tomos!

A huddle of Hondas?

Beta! times 2! Last time I checked, they're not Japanese, LOL.

Ack, THE JUICE! Honda CH50

Suzuki's answer to the Honda Cub ... FZ50

Old Skool Kawi

What is this from? SQUARE headlights?!


I get that this Cub is a really nice, and it's won awards. But $2,200?! Really? Gaaah, you've got to be kidding me.

Baby Honda

Never a fan of the blue

The dude selling these bikes was very entertaining. I saw the dirt bikes from across the way, and thought, "what is up with those exhausts?" to which I enquired. And he said, "yeah, they're not stock" as he discussed cost. I said, "you know, I pay next to nothing for my bikes...when credit cards come due in February, I slither in for the kill." He nodded knowingly

A Kawi 500 2-smokah would do

Parhking at the end of the day...dude next next door on the Honda CB750

at Charlie's Diner in Spencer, getting me a BLT. It's a genuine Worcester car, complete with mahrble.

To all the folks I bumped in to at the meet, HOWDY! And ndavis, thanks for the note. Made my day, and sorry to have missed you. I want to hear all about NC.

Every year I say, the show isn't much, the vendors aren't much, I won't go next year. Yet I keep going. I don't know...I feel like it's getting too big, but the show was really mediocre. I didn't see one CB750 that made me cream my pants. Where are the sandcasts? And what happened to the scootah class? Bring it back, and we'll bring our stupid little bikes. I was SO DISAPPOINTED in the small bike class...I feel like one of my shitted-up CT90s coulda won.

But you know what? I got to camp, I got to ride some nice roads and a bit of trail, and I bumped into a bunch of folks who at the show who are awesome.
Founding Member, OPB [Other People's Bikes]
Scoot Commute: Getting to and from work on 10 inch wheels
FLy & RIde: Florida to Rhode Island on a Husky TE610
New England to New Scotland

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Old 09-07-2014, 07:27 PM   #9
Gnarly Adventurer
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Location: Milford, NH
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Seemed like a lot of nice bikes..... and a lot of crap- Not much in the middle.
Buddy I was with said "In 5-10 years you'll be able to pick an H1 cheap as they seem to be THE bike to restore and there will be too many of them"
Must have seen 25 of them- love some of the 70's colors.
I picked up (and just looked at) that dual light square headlight- had a Dakar look to and I liked it... but not for $100 which may have been fair.... don't know.
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Old 09-07-2014, 08:30 PM   #10
Stan Dalone
Gotta get somma dat
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. Yes, he won the trophy for best rat-rice. .

My ride report from 8 months and 18000 miles on an old C-10
(soon to be updated)

Wish I was a headlight.
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Old 09-07-2014, 08:39 PM   #11
Beastly Adventurer
Joined: Jun 2003
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Thanks for the report lilolita.

BTW, if you want to experience riding a Mach IV from a power pov-- just take out a couple year old GSX-R600 or similar with a disconnected spark plug. For the total experience, install very glazed brake pads and and saw through the frame in the shock area, after installing the stiffest springs available. Just like taking a time machine to 1975
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Old 09-08-2014, 06:44 AM   #12
Undercover Poe
Gnarly Adventurer
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Thanks for posting this, I love this event and there are some great bikes! You even got a picture of my two Hondas from last year in the begining of the thread (yellow and orange) - sorry I missed Rice O Rama this won't happen again!!
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Old 09-08-2014, 12:24 PM   #13
Gnarly Adventurer
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Good report lilolita,
I saw you two ride by my house (couple towns west of Spencer) Saturday afternoon, I didn't know it was an inmate until now. I also have a picture of a buddy riding his Vstrom over the "big dig" bridge from when we crossed it a few months ago, plenty of room once we took the side cases off.

There is some really nice stuff at the show, I got there late so I'm sure there were better bikes and parts earlier in the day, there is a lot of junk there also, I really don't know why some people bother to truck some of it out to the show.
You can't fix stupid......but you can vote them out of office
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Old 09-11-2014, 09:13 AM   #14
Beastly Adventurer
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Thanks for sharing! I couldn't make it this year.
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Old Yesterday, 06:05 AM   #15
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Thanks for sharing, I wish this show was in my area.
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