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Old 01-27-2010, 06:31 PM   #46
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Great ride report and photos.
Thanks for the sharing.
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Old 01-27-2010, 08:53 PM   #47
GoneAgain OP
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So, a week or so after getting home, the conversations started up again with Phil about the 'next' ride..

He was heading up to Mildura over Christmas to visit the in-laws, and was keen to head off from there for a few days over New Years Eve....

I suggested the Overland Corner hotel for NYE, then heading up towards the Flinders and the Gammons, and the planning started around that, but after a few days of thinking, i decided that would be just too hot up that way and perhaps the Eyre Peninsula would be a better bet... would still be hot, but at least there would be a sea breeze and some water to cool off in...

I also had a mate who was heading over to Western Australia to camp for 3 weeks with some family/friends, he though i should pop over there too...

Anyway, the planning started (including a 'pubs on the Eyre peninsula' thread here on ADV) and we formulated a plan

Then, work 'extended' their mandatory shutdown over xmas and new year to 3 weeks! (not sure if that was good or bad...meant i could go for a longer ride...but meant i wouldnt get paid for 3 weeks.......)

anyway, time was getting close, i had to squeeze in a trip to Melbourne for christmas, so i booked some way overprice plane tickets.

the plan was now set..

I'd fly to Melbourne on the 24th for Cristmas with Mum,
Phil would spend christmas in Mildura with his family/extended family (they'd fly, he would ride)..
Phil would head for Adelaide on the 27th,
I'd fly back to Adelaide on the 27th, get on my bike and ride ot towards Mannun and meet Phil mid afternoon,
We'd ride to my place in Adelaide, i'd pack, we'd have some beers, an early night and head for the Eyre peninsula the next morning... we had about a week there and we'd probably split at Streaky Bay or Ceduna and i'd continue over to Western Australia and Phil would head back to Melbourne..

that was of course until Phil called the next day and pulled out of the whole ride (except coming down to Adelaide for the night, but then heading straight back to Melbourne.....)

geez i hate disapointment...

didnt really feel like spending NYE in a pub by myself..

so i dwelt on that for a few days, and then caught up with my mate who was heading for WA... told him the whole sorry tale..

his brilliant suggestion... "why dont you just gun it to WA and spend NYE with us..?"

'fair point' i thought..

figuring i was now in for a bigger ride, i knew my back tyre wouldnt get me there and back, but i didnt want to change her out just yet.. i looked at the time, had an hour till my regular tyre place shut...

jumped in the car, hooned in, yay, they had a Karoo-T 150/90/17 in stock.. paid 'em, brough it around to my mates place, tied to to the roof of his 4x4 and 2 days later it was on its way to WA...

3 days later i was in Melbourne,

6 days later i'd landed back in Adelaide, taxi'd home, jumped on bike and headed out to meet Phil at Birdwood.. We spent the arvo dirt roading around Mt Crawford and the Adelaide hills, finally getting back to mine about 7pm...

straight onto the Coopers Pale Ale (hell, it had been a hot day! )

got packed, ordered pizza, drank more beer, stayed up way tooo late (read: 5am )

then crashed out...

got woken by Phil just after 7am... 2 hours sleep and a hangover...not the best start to a road trip..

anyway, packed up, and headed out my driveway at 9am...

got to the end of my street, Phil turned left, i turned right....

i was Gone, Again...


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Old 01-28-2010, 02:44 AM   #48
Journey not Destination
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Originally Posted by GoneAgain
...i was Gone, Again....

Great ride! (Bike looks good with the black bags.)

The Adventure Continues
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Old 02-01-2010, 04:07 PM   #49
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Shit :)
Makes me seriously consider moving to Australia for a while
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Old 02-02-2010, 08:27 PM   #50
GoneAgain OP
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Location: Bendigonia, Vic.
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Bike looks good with the black bags
yeah, i recon they are the best 'looking' bags for this bike (functionally i cant fault them either
think i have Chitown to thank for getting me onto the Jesse's..

Shit :)
Makes me seriously consider moving to Australia for a while
yeah, i think we might be pretty lucky over here to have a bit of 'everything' (except long dreary snowed in winters where we cant ride!)

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Old 02-02-2010, 09:16 PM   #51
GoneAgain OP
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Location: Bendigonia, Vic.
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Cool2 onwards!

so yeah, Phil turned left and headed towards Hahndorf (for a wake up coffee ), and i turned right..... i was just heading west.....

the plan was just to get some miles down in the first couple of days..

2 hours sleep and a hangover wasn't ideal, first stop was the nearest servo to fuel up the bike (and fill myself up with coke )..

then out onto the highway... next stop about 45 mins later at Port Wakefield bakery for a Pie and more Coke...

next stop, Port Germain... figured i should take at least one photo on this trip..

so here is a pic of the old lighthouse thingie at Port Germain

There is also a pretty damn long jetty there too...

I couldnt be assed walking all the way out it, and since the tide was out, i figured there was an easier way :

I then remembered that the idea behind today was to get miles behind me... back onto the highway it was...

another hour on, dying of thist and in need of more sugar, the signs for "Red Hill Roadhouse" started to appear... cool, time for a quick drink stop...

turning in, in the middle of nowhere, i notice the only car in the place... and notice a big guy leaning against the front talking to a girl... Thinking to myself...gee that looks like Paulie, he gives the girl an elbow in the side and starts pointing to me... bloody hell... 200km from home, in the middle of 'nowhere' and i run into my next door neighbour... thats just too odd..

so a Gatoraide, a Coke, a few home-made chocolate goodies they were carrying and half an hour later i remember i'm suposed to be moving.. i packup, bid them farewell and am GoneAgain

I'm feelin a bit purkier now so, just have a quick detour into Port Augusta

and keep on going...

The countryside really starts to open up..

and i can tell that i'm now starting to get to 'nowhere'

i become happy in the realisation that i will actually get some miles down today afterall..

Ever since i could read maps, i wanted to go to "Iron Knob" not sure why?

Anyway today was to be my lucky day... i detoured into the township... and was really bloody disapointed... dont think i was expecting much, but it didnt even live up to that expectation...

the roadhouse there did however have the coldest cans of drink i'd had in a longtime (and since it was a freakin hot outback summer day, i had 2 of the overpriced buggers!

back out onto the highway, next stop was at some 'flamin big galah!'

what is it with Australia and 'big' stuff? (or does it happen 'everywhere'..? )

decision time... eenie meenie minie moe..

right it is..

now i was heading across the Eyre Peninsula and was surprised to see the land turn back into grazing/cropping land..

The highway followed a pipeline, and a found a 'leak' at one point and decided that was as good a place as any for a mid arvo cool-down

you could always tell when you where getting near to another little town, as a grain silo would appear on the horizon...

every town had one..

and they all looked the same

so i hammered on, into the setting sun, and was happy when the signs started suggesting Ceduna was reachable today...

I was faily buggered by time i got there at 8pm, so i checked into the caravan park next to the pub, paid for a patch of gravel, quickly pitched my tent, walked out onto the Esplanade just in time to see the sun disapear,


and then head straight into the pub for a feed (what, no fishermans basket/fresh fish in the pub of a fishing town? wtf? ) Chicken schnitty it was to be..

An 'ok' shnitty and a couple of beers and i was ready for bed. it had been a long day, 11 hours on the road and around 920kms...

I walked back past the jetty

hot shower, ear plugs in (since i was camped next to a Ute with "lock up your daughters' and 'rum pigs' stickers on it...

and straight off to the land of nod....


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Old 02-02-2010, 09:37 PM   #52
Gnarly Adventurer
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Bloody sensational RR..
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Old 02-03-2010, 08:22 PM   #53
GoneAgain OP
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Location: Bendigonia, Vic.
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next morning i woke up and discovered the Ute has gone...didnt hear a thing... must have been civilised bogans

The guy on the AT was still here..
(never saw or met him, looks like he's from uN-Zed)

so back on the road earlyish, had a bit of a look around Ceduna... nice place, and not really what i was expecting...dunno what i was expecting but i got more than that

was too early for breakie so hit the road...
decided Penong would probably do for breakfast..

rocked into the general store at Penong for a coffee and some breaky..oh and a fair old chat to the owner

so re-caffinated it was back out on Good Ol' Highway One..
seemed like today would be a long day too

the farmland soon gave way to saltbush,

and there wasnt much traffic either... which meant the kilometers flew past pretty quickly

i't wasnt long before it was 'official'...i'd hit the Nullarbor...

the day was young, but heating up... and i'd pull into each roadhouse regardless of if i needed fuel or not..just to stretch the legs, have a drink etc...

stood around at this pump for a while wondering why the damn thing wouldnt work...till someone pointed to the sign on top..

(it was also my most expensive fuel of the trip (so far )

I'd also pull off the road and head down to the cliffs for a look every now and then..

i didnt stop at every 'view', as i figured i'd probably have to come back this way and would do them then... while i was still (kinda ) fresh i prefered to just rack up some miles..


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Old 02-03-2010, 08:50 PM   #54
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Absolutely brilliant ride report.

Very envious of the fact you can just pick up and go for a ride - anywhere you want. Good on ya.

Cant wait for the next installment of "Gone Again" man.
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Old 02-03-2010, 09:20 PM   #55
GoneAgain OP
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the coast was amazingly rocky... and after riding about 500km that day, i decided it was time for a 'break'

from one lookout, i could see a bit of beach 'way down there'.. also found a rough old track that headed off from the lookout...

figured i'd take a "quick" look down there to mix up the day a bit...........

that rocky old track, soon disapeared

i wondered how the hell i'd get back up, but it didnt stop me from pushing on..

i made it to the bottom...

had a real quick lunch, as i was thinkin it might take a while to get back up

so the climb began..

the 'nearly bald' back tyre didnt make life too easy.....

a fair bit of dust and i'd got up the first bit of hill..


it got a bit easier for the next bit..

but then i hit another steep part and ended up bellied out with the bash plate sitting on a nice big rock and the back tyre stuck in between 2 other rocks...all on a bloody steep dusty hill... no pics of that one, had my hands full just keepin the bike upright..

eventually got up though, took a hell of a lot of sweat and maybe 2 hours all up for this 'short detour'...

so it was back out onto the highway and off...

next stop, the border........


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Old 02-03-2010, 10:44 PM   #56
GoneAgain OP
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Location: Bendigonia, Vic.
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so quarantine was just a formallity (yeah, like i'm carrying fresh fruit and vegetables )

i couldnt have learnt my lesson earlier about 'detours' too well, as i soon found myself scooting of down another dirt track to the coast, soon i was winding thru sand dunes and then popped up over a big(ish) one to this!

bloody hell, where'd that come from..! i rode a few km's down the beach,

it was too hot, and this place was too nice... and the water looked fantastic

let me rephrase that.. the water "was" fantastic

so after cooling off, i marked this place on my GPS incase i came back this way..

kindof a repeat of the last pic, but i like it so there:

it was time to wack the boots back on and get a wriggle on...still wanted a few more km's down today...

so into Eucla for a fuel up,

then back out onto the hot old highway again..

did i mention it was HOT out here?

not quite sure why i was riding across Australia at the hottest time of the year (effecticely wrapped in black plastic !) and 42 degrees at 6:30 at

anyway, the next few hours consisted of me riding lots, stopping at each roadhouse and drinking 1.5 litres of water at each...and then a gatorade chaser just to quench my thirst....

i was getting pretty tired as it had been a long sweaty day...

i got to the roadhouse at Cocklebiddy and decided that was far enough...

but it was freakin hot still, so i thought i'd backtrack about 20km and then duck down a dirt track to the coast (about 50km) where hopefully it would be a bit cooler...

so the dirt road turned to deep rutted sand after about 15km...

and darkness arived..

i thought to myself....'35km of this'..?

i nearly said 'bugger it' a few times and contemplated setting up there on the side of the track, but some signs allong the way 'kinda' indicated i shouldnt be there so on i pressed..

there was a building down there (bird obsevatory me thinks) which had people staying in it.. i gunned it past in the darkness, then hit the dunes and new i was close.....

i finally poped out on the beach...scooted about 2km down it then swung up to the top of the beach, parked the bike and cracked open a beer that id picked up in cocklebiddy..

15.5 hours and just on 1000km today.... i was knackered

discovered the 'beak' has a dual purpose

i quickly setup tent, not bothering with the fly....i'd put more than money on it that it wouldnt rain tonight....

i didnt really want to eat, but 'common sense' prevailed and i figured i should put somethin back in after all i'd taken out today... a quick chilli was in order

another beer and i was out...this had been 2 looong days!

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Old 02-04-2010, 10:08 PM   #57
GoneAgain OP
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so after such a long second day, i was really surprised to be awake at 5 in the morning.....

took some photos, topped up the ocean and killed a dozen or so March Flies and headed back to bed..


didnt sleep for too long, then was up again for the day... packed up my gear, 'unparked' the bike and brought her down onto the firmer sand... found a reasonable use for a VB can..

i think my next 'bike project' will be to weld a bigger foot onto the stand

it was still early but it was already heating up... i knew my ride was gonna take me inland for most of the day, so took the oportunity for one last quick dip in the ocean..

then it was back on the bike for a quick squirt up the beach before hitting the sand again and 'sneaking' past the caretakers place

being 'fresh' helped with the sand, was reasonably confident and got through the dunes without a drop, but then of course on a sharp bermed out right hander, right outside the caretakers place, down she goes!

bloody hell, i leap up and try to pick her up as quick as i can and bugger off before someone comes out, but of course, being on a burmed out bend, she was closer to upside down than right way up, and standing on the 'down hill' side meant i wasnt tall enough to get her sinking/sliding in the sand didnt help...

no choice but to grab her by the ass and drag her around 90 degrees and then get her up...and off again... had about 20 more km's of sand to get thru..

but it was a hell of a lot easier first thing in the morning (and in daylight )

got thru and was happy to see the packed track back up the escarpment

really quite surprising how far up it climbed given how flat it generally is out here..


another 15 or 20 km saw me back at the highway (yes, its 36 degrees at 8 in the morning )

back along the highway to Cocklebiddy to fuel up both me and the bike

then back out onto the highway for another long (straight) hot day.. (yep, 40 degrees at 9:18am )

the road was straight, but i didnt really notice it while riding...

i did however notice the wind... (can you tell it was coming from left to right )

so the 'straight' behind me, i hit Belladonnia for a lunch/fluid break...

Then it was time to 'cut the corner' and hit the dirt south...

The Belladonnia road... 300km 'short-cut'

(i didnt take a photo of the "road closed" sign )

the first 70 km was hard and rocky, with the odd bulldust hole..

and the odd gate to pass thru....

then the road turned sand...wide but sandy.... and bloody windy... had to stop every now and then when the wind really picked up as you just couldnt even see the road in front of you (didnt get the camera out in those cases, as i didnt want to get any more dirt/dust in my camera )

the sand seemed unusually difficult and i was skating around a fair bit...every now and then i'd even ride in the gutter, i passed a track off to the right, and shortly after i figured i better stop and check the GPS. I was meeting some friends down on the coast, and they had said that if i came down this road to stay to the right or i'd end up in Isralite bay and it would add 'days' to my trip (and New Years Eve was tomorrow so i wanted to hit the coast/camp tonight...) so i'm rooting around with the GPS to check i'm where i should be, 150km from the start, 150km from the end, havent seen a car etc since hitting the dirt, and i hear "geez, we'll probably scare the shit outa the poor bugga".......


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Old 02-05-2010, 01:00 AM   #58
Gnarly Adventurer
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Excellent RR.
Can't wait for Easter where ever we end up riding....
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Old 02-05-2010, 03:19 AM   #59
GoneAgain OP
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welcome aboard Phil..... 'bout time you stopped lurkin..

glad i got your ADV cherry!


yeah Easter...... hmmmmm... cant wait to be 'gone again'.... where-ever it is...

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Old 02-07-2010, 07:14 PM   #60
SauS TaR-TaR
Go BaBy Go...
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I Really Like This Thread, Great Report & Photos... YEEEAAAHHH...!

Regards From Me; Jefry-South Sumatra, Indonesia.

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