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Old 02-23-2010, 08:07 PM   #76
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Joined: Aug 2008
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It is good...

I'm lovin' this RR, great pics and report. The fact that you're camping out makes it that much more gooder...that's right...I said "gooder". Looking forward to more!
Magdalen Islands with 2 XT225s
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Old 02-24-2010, 01:12 AM   #77
ADVrider junkie :)
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This ride report is COOL !!!!!!
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Old 03-02-2010, 03:46 AM   #78
GoneAgain OP
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Location: Bendigonia, Vic.
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so from 'Peaceful Bay', it was off into the Walpole National Park..

big tree country...

after windin around the forrest for a while, it was time for a walk.. Valley of the Giants style...

lotsa big trees out here..

pretty cool walkway too... although it tended to flex n bounce a fair bit...


and some more trees...

and one last gratuitous tree shot....

ok, one more... this one with me in it....

anyway, enough walkin...time to get back on the bike..

nice end of the world this...

real quiet, 'sept for the growl of the 800, and the really cool sound of the leaves flickin up as i ride thru...

couldnt believe how many kangaroo paws grow out here, heaps of them...

guess they are called 'wild' flowers....

still hadnt made it to Walpole....

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Old 03-03-2010, 07:51 AM   #79
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Ya Treehugging nomad. Get on with it before you disappear again. I hope you're not going to mention any of the local rides we've done. Excellent read so far, mate. Sorry to see you were forced to drink VB. No South Australian should have to suffer like that on tour.
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Old 03-04-2010, 12:32 AM   #80
GoneAgain OP
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Location: Bendigonia, Vic.
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Sorry to see you were forced to drink VB
yeah, it was a choice between VB and XXXX

and XXXX, welll thats just

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Old 03-04-2010, 12:58 AM   #81
GoneAgain OP
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Location: Bendigonia, Vic.
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so was scooting around the forrest near Walpole, and decide "here" wasnt a good place to camp

got outta there pretty quickly, tracks started getting rougher, and started winding downhill...

till i got to this..

walked across the rocks... view from half way over..

view from other side..

so back across i climb, jump on the bike, and splutter on thru the first real creek/river crossing of this trip...

didnt end up being that deep.. bit higher that the top of the front sprocket..

up a fairly steep hill on the other side...

to this

so , no way thru on the left, and right was a reasonable drop down and a couple of trees in the way too..

back was the river and back up the other side,.. and well, it was just 'back'.. didnt like that idea much...

so around the left side it was to be...

of course bike was a bit long to do the sharp turn required, and panniers didnt help..

and neither did the ground giving way amd the back wheel sliding abut a foot down the hill in a little landslide..

anyway, half hour or so, lots o swearing and sweat, finally got her thru...

hey whatta ya know... that thing was called a 'gate'.....

hot, hungry and thursty it was off into Walpole...

service in the bakery was shithouse....

went down the lake for lunch..

nice spot..

but kinda glad i didnt get here the night before....

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Old 03-04-2010, 05:55 PM   #82
Studly Adventurer
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Location: So. Jersey
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Sweet Rr

One helluva RR there GA, giving Docking Pilot a run for the money on these 2. What's 40 in our degrees(F)? You may be a bit off your rocker, but who ain't. Some way cool shots, outstanding color in the Duke of Orleans Bay, un b freakin lievably blue. Lucky man you are, being able to do trips like that as you please. Stay safe, and don't let that 800 take too many naps when you're trying your damdest to make tracks!
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Old 03-05-2010, 03:04 AM   #83
Beastly Adventurer
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Originally Posted by slowpoke69
What's 40 in our degrees(F)?
104 F
CBF1000 & PCX150
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Old 03-06-2010, 05:21 PM   #84
GoneAgain OP
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Location: Bendigonia, Vic.
Oddometer: 1,597
so finished lunch then back of into the forest....

some kooky stuff in them there forests...


real kookie....

so enough of the kookiness, time to get lost (kinda)


kinda funny, i was riding around here for a while, and acording to gps i was on a 'reasonable' road..

but the damn thing just kept turning to crap etc...

wasnt untill i was standin on the pegs and happened to look over to the right that i realised the road i was 'suposed' to be on was about 5 metres to my right, just thru some thick tea tree bushes...!

anyway, the day was movin on, i was thinkin i stayed in Orleans Bay too long and had to get a scoot on.. but was also thinkin i was really just goin non stop for days and it wasnt really a 'holiday'... was fun but, wasnt really havin enough time to explore (except this morning)...

it was was it was...onward...

some damn cool tracks out here!

and some more creeks!



the middle..

there was a family camped just up out of the river on the right... they heard the 800 and mosseyed out to watch.. .. round of aplause as i came up... stopped for a chat.. brilliant camp spot too.. (and nice to see a bloke go campin with his wife and 2 girls.. great he can still do that without any 'sons'..)

anyway, another 10km of this joy took me to the highway..

cross the South Western Highway and head in towards Broke Harbour, then east onto Chesapeake rd..

about 200 km's of this..

over bridges like this..

road got rougher at the west end..

down into The De' Somethingkindafrenchsoundingbutimnotgonnatryspelli t National Park..

and more rivers..

then onwards to Pemberton for the night..

Checked into the YHA..

then hit the pub for a mixed grill and a couple of pints...

(it was livelier than the pic shows, cos i took that pick the next mornin on my way out.. )

after dinner it was back to the hostel with a 6 pack and a long 'social' night with a bird from the UK.......


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Old 03-18-2010, 05:01 AM   #85
GoneAgain OP
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Joined: Jul 2009
Location: Bendigonia, Vic.
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next day was up early and off to the "Gloucester Tree"..

time for an early morning tree climb..

there is a lookout platform up the top...about 60 metres up..

view out from the top....

made it back down safely, thinkin that more than enough exercise for one day.....
back on the bike for a while...

although i did get a bit more exercise a bit later on when i went for a walk over this...

which was going over this...

then off again and on to Cape Leeuwin...pretty much the South Western most point of Australia..

this is about as close to the lighthouse as you can get without paying 15 bucks....

bugger that...thats what 'zoom' is for..

was about to jump back on the bike and start heading north but ended up having a fair old chat to a leather clad bloke on a road bike...who suggested i head up Caves Road to Prevelly, recond there was a good cafe there and always lots of good 'scenery'

I had already planned on Caves rd, so this just confirmed it....

nice high speed road with long sweeping curves.... blew the dust out....

oh and lots of big trees....

got to Prevelly, but it was by now pretty windy, lunch was in order so i hit the cafe that was recomended earlier in the day for lunch and a bit of planning... and check out the scenery..

(oh and gorgonzala in a burger is a great idea!)

after lunch i poped down to the beach for a look.....


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Old 03-25-2010, 03:50 AM   #86
GoneAgain OP
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Location: Bendigonia, Vic.
Oddometer: 1,597
so on from Prevelly, i ducked into Margaret River...home of the 'over the top winery', no photos of the town as the place was chocablock with people and after nearly getting taken out twice trying to get fuel, i just wanted out of there as quick as i could....

continued up the coast to Dunsborough, and being hot n sweaty, decided a late arvo swim was in order... rode a
little out of town towards the lighthouse and found a nice spot....

lots of people there, but no wind for a change as the headland sheltered it...

was just packin bike up to leave when i hear a 'hello stranger'... kinda glance up to see who is talkin to who....and theres the chick from Pemberton , she said she had a feeling she'd see me again on the bus this morning... anyway after another half hour chat her lift was going so she gave me her number incase i was changed my mind about heading for Bunbury tonight and stayed in Dunsborough instead...

so off she went...

next thing i hear... 'hey nice bike'.... look up to see 2 girls in bikinis

sat on the grass and chatted for another hour.... (turns out one of the girls was from Darwin and knew a few of my mates from up there...) so anyway, the day was getting away, and after getting offered a place to stay in Fremantle next week after she gets back form this trip, i headed off (after getting the front wheel off the ground to avoid being taken out in the carpark by some over excited grey nomads in an urvan)

headed out to the lighthouse...

by now it was closed

was about to leave when 2 irish lasses rock up and ask if its still open... nope... after another half hour of chatting (and another offer of 'hey come down to margaret river with us, we have ahouse there, we'll show you around etc ) it was time to try and get out of here...

quick poke around Dunsborough...

a bit of dwelling on where to go (ride, or, um...stay here )

anyway, i needed to be in Perth for my 10k service monday morning, and wanted to get the bike in on Saturday so i didnt have to worry about it over the weekend in Perth.. today was friday....

it was getting i headed...

had a blown headlight, so only made it as far as Bussleton (about 40km)

had a look around to try find somewhere to stay..

not much luck..

nice jetty but....

anyway, found the dodgiest backpackers, and paid way too much for way too little...

contemplated riding the 40km back to Dunsborough..... but didnt...

next day was an early start so i could get to Perth (250km), find accomodation for the weekend and then drop off bike before 11:30am.....

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Old 03-25-2010, 06:31 PM   #87
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how did that tent go in the heat? it looks perfect for motorcycle touring but ive read that its a little warm. nice bike too by the way.
"One must die sometime and to die with ones boots on is very noble" - Carl Stearns Clancy, first RTW motorcycle, 1912-13

Australia to Iceland on a DR650
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Old 03-26-2010, 12:08 AM   #88
GoneAgain OP
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Originally Posted by blackcap
how did that tent go in the heat? it looks perfect for motorcycle touring but ive read that its a little warm. nice bike too by the way.
the Tent (MSR Fury) i've had for nearly 8 years.... its seen a lot

regarding the heat, sure, the rear vent is a little small, but the front (of the tent) can be left fully open (with just the 'flywire door' shut, but leave the 'vestuble' door open a bit at the top (it has 2 zips on all doors, so you can open whichever part you like for air) in the daytime it would get toasty in there, but hey...if its a nice sunny day you should be out riding!

and at night....well, no tent is you down....

so, um, i like 'er...compact n light, enough room inside for me, helmet, jacket etc, and enough room in vestible for dirty boots etc..... and being a '4-season' number, she's pretty much bomb proof

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Old 03-26-2010, 12:08 AM   #89
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Thumb Great RR

Very good RR great photos. woulda been very hot
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Old 03-27-2010, 02:46 AM   #90
GoneAgain OP
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Location: Bendigonia, Vic.
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so rode the 250km into Perth early saturday morning...

headed down to Cottlesloe beach to find some accomodation for Saturday and Sunday night...

backpackers booked out for the next 4 weeks...

pub booked out

motel booked out

12 storey hotel booked out

hmmm... not looking good down here....

rode around a bit, and ended up getting a bed at a backpackers down in Fremantle with secure parking round the back..

for some reason i didnt originally want to stay in 'Freo',,, but it turned out to be a great place to be...

for some reason i have no photos of Perth..

spent 2 days wandering around Freo and the odd ride around...

even washed my riding gear

(it was a bit 'fragrant' after 12 odd days on the road in 40 plus degree heat...)

Monday morning was pack and arrange gear so i could drop off bike about 8am for its 10k service (even though i was upto 12,500kms ) and be in 'civies' to walk around town all day, then hopefully have bike ready about 2pm, change into ridin gear, and start the long haul east again...

got to the dealer, had a bit of a chat with the end result being them asking "if i wanted to wait for it?"

"how long will it be?" i enquire..

'hour n a half, maybe 2 hours..'

'sure, i'll wait' i grin... should get the miles down i wanted to today...

drank coffee, plotted a bit of a route and had a look at some bikes..

that g450x if a nice lookin bit of kit.... but the chain is on the wrong side

anyway, i was having a read, when i hear the familiar sound of the F800... but, uh, no, that doesnt sound quite like mine...

sure enough, a 'new' orange one...

a little while later..

i hear the familiar sound of the F800...

yep, that sounds like mine..

i stand up but no, that a shiney yellow one...

about to sit down again when i recognize my panniers...

bloody hell thats clean!!

anyway, the paperwork gets done, i get changed into my riding gear...and


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