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Rock n roll Aki,

Originally Posted by aki View Post
Hi Temmy,

Hope to see you soon.
Jakarta - Indonesia

"Just For The Love Of The Ride"
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Day 12, Sunday 17april2011

Been almost a year since I last posted the first part of the story. Here's the second part;

Ivan's family has left for KL, Moose is itchin to ride, and I returned from Kuala Lumpur with a relaxed frame of mind, ready for the next stage of our JW Ride.
We looked over the map, and confirmed that we will skip Chiangrai for Mae Salong.

The Map

Riders' Corner, one last shot before we leave.

On the road, passing some colorful shophouses

We needed some air in the tyres. BUT, we had some problems as the pump handle cannot be aligned to the valve, so we decided to leave it for now. We must not fail to bring an adapter next time.

Back on the road

This bit under construction

The vegetation is also somewhat different.

Good surface, great view, too bad about the 39degree heat.

These curves kept us amused

And the trees did help in keeping the heat at bay.

Even then we had to stop at Fang for a drink and a short rest.

This girl wanted a shot with me and my bike. And we wanted to stay in her shop for her air-con. Fair Trade

Thaton. This river starts from Myanmar, and feeds the Mekong.

We passed by this plantation, don't know what's planted there....

The windy bit begins....

Moose leading Ivan

Great view. Nice Road. Bike between my legs. Bliss....

Stopped at this lookout point to enjoy the view.

Onwards to Mae salong.

The Phra Boromathat Chedi. Built in honour of the Late Princess Mother.

When Chairman Mao became Numero Uno in China in the early 60s, the KMT Chinese Army ran to Burma. There were involvement in the opium trade the proceeds of which were used to buy arms with the intent of attacking China later. But somehow it developed into a situation where the Thai Government gave them citizenship if the battle-hardened KMT would help them fight Thailand's own Communist insurgents. Opium production was successfully substituted with mountain produce like mushrooms and above all oolong tea, which is now Mae Salong's main product.

The Main Street of this sprawling town.

Entrance to the Chinese Matyrs Memorial Museum. A Tribute to fallen Chinese KMT soldiers.

Community Hall.

Many who escaped persecution were Chinese Muslims. We stopped here for lunch. The Chicken Rice was really good.

After lunch we rode towards Doi Tung.

We passed by this elaborate garden but did not stop.

Even the road passing through this settlement is twisty....

And it just never stops. The twists and turns, some off-camber, some decreasing radius, with variable surface quality, nothing dangerous, but will bite if careless. The view was just great all the way.

Its a beautiful little enclave. Which is why there is a Royal Palace here as well.

We rode to this lookout point.

Took some pictures of Myanmar

Across there's a neat row of stalls selling Akha Tribe handicraft.

Heading for Mae Sai, the Northernmost town in Thailand, and the gateway into Myanmar.

The Border

We made a U-Turn as we cannot enter Myanmar with our bikes. Its also not part of the game plan. We headed for Golden Triangle, where the three borders of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meet.

I was not entirely unhappy to see tarmac replaced by unpaved surface.

A quick 'Me and My Bike' picture

For newbies like us hitting 120km/h on unpaved surface is unreal.....

Golden Triangle

Laos across the Mekong, with Myanmar on the left of the picture.

Another 60kms to ride to Chiang Khong, a Thai Border Town into Laos.

We got a shock as we passed through Golden Triangle Town, Songkran was still ON. I got wet.

The last 25kms before Chiang Khong would have been very nice in daylight. Even in failing light the scenery was still spectacular although the road surface can at times be dodgy. The road follows the Mekong for some distance.
We stayed at Green Inn Hotel, clean room, good value for Bhat 500

The Route Today.

Tomorrow, Day 13, Monday 18april2011, we will ride to Nan. We will ride the 1148, the route Moose and Husref raved about when they rode on it last year.
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Day 13, Monday, 18april2011

Morning on the Mekong. Lone boatman heads to a makeshift prayer spot on the banks, probably seeking blessings for the day.

The lifeline of Indo-China, river traffic gradually wakes up.

Moose had a surprise in store when we met him for breakfast. Turns out that he has some urgent matters he needs to attend to in KL, and has to head home from Nan. Now there are only two JWs remaining. And both of us have never been to Laos before.
Guess the adventure starts now.........

Checking out from the hotel.

We were delighted to find dirt stretches on our way to Chiang Kham.

Passing Chiang Kham we were held up by this funeral procession, probably for an important person as the event seems elaborate.

The 1148 starts from here, a one street village as common as any other.

The curves starts soon enough

The surface smooth but grippy, the corners seems well planned, and traffic non-existant.

Scenery is great as well

The road climbs up a range of hills ( too low to be called mountain ) then straddles the many peaks. As we ride we can enjoy the view on both sides of the road.

Picture time; Ivan

Picture Time; Me

Some local kids turned up so Ivan got some candies out and gave them.

Back to business of enjoying the road

We had a good time on the 130km stretch. All too soon we arrived at Nan.

We stayed at this Baht 450 Hotel, the Grand Mansion. There were better hotels but we were a little tired to search.

For dinner we got these two mototaxis to take us to a nearby restaurant.

After dinner we took our bikes out and checked out the town. Nightlife here is centered on these two clubs, Channel X and the Fifth.

We had some drinks at the cafe joint next to the clubs. There we met the owner of the Fifth Club, a friendly young chap. Sadee was his name, and he was very friendly, has a few off road bikes, and goes off-roading in Laos frequently. Later his sister joined us with her British husband. Turns out they are from a prominent family in Nan.

We stayed till midnight, then returned to rest before heading out on Part 3 of our ride; Day 14, Tuesday, 19april2011 we go into Laos.
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Day 15, Wednesday, 20april2011
Today we go into Laos. Today is a little suspenseful as neither of us have ridden into Laos, but both aware of the horror stories at the border. Besides, we are going in an entry point that's less known. Most use Chiang Khong.
There's also the issue of fuel. We do not know where the pumps are. We are also unsure of the quality of roads near the border.

So we left Nan a little anxiously.

We rode by this strange looking but standardised buildings. We have seen it elsewhere. Maybe its for grain storage...

We expected poor roads, but it turned out some of the sections are surprisingly nice.

Somewhere near the border I saw this Temple thingy so I rode up for a picture.

We continued onwards to the border.

After another 20kms we stopped at this Guardpost. The GPS showed the road we are to follow is ahead, but the soldiers told us to take the gravel road instead.

Thankfully it was dry.

Ivan on his GSA

A hut out of nowhere. Probably a lay bye.

The road to the Border post at Chaloem Prakiat is made up of broken tarmac strewn with pebbles. There were also steep inclines so there was no time for photos.

The Border Post.

While we were awaiting paperwork processing, we saw two trucks laden with hardwood. Smuggling perhaps?

We did not know it then but we require a Certificate of Conveyance issued by the Thais to enter Laos. Our first attempt to enter Laos was denied so we had to turn back to get the Cert.


We left Thailand after about one hour of CIQ Process. It was surprisingly simple, and we only tipped one officer there Bhat100 for the filling up of two forms. We rode past the Thai Gates, onto the patch of 500metres of no-man's land, switching over to the other side of the road as the Laos CIQ Complex to appear.

We parked just before the Lao Guardpost, the young soldier there insisting we recognise his importance by telling us in detail how our bikes should be parked. He hints that not listening to him may result in denial of entry. I nodded respectfully.

As we approach the Lao Complex, these containers/offices are spotted parked by the side of the road. They offer local vehicle insurance services.

We bought one each.

This is the Customs and Immigration Building of Laos. It took us 20 minutes to clear the Laos side.

As we were ready to go I noticed fluid seeping out of Ivan's bikes, around the rear axle. As we were entering Laos, this little leak caused us some concern, but since it did not look serious, we rode anyway.

We rolled into Laos at 1400hrs, glad to be on the GS with its plush ride on roads made of broken tarmac. After 4kms we arrived at a junction, which unfortunately has a signboard written in Lao. Our GPS was blank, and roads appears near Oudom Xai, 130km away. But I know from Phil that there is a road that goes from Hongsa to Luang Prabang, but its mostly dirt. We decided to turn left instead and head for Pak Beng, 40 kms away. Although there was no map in the GPS, we felt secure riding the nicely paved road when we saw the milestones.

The nice road gave way to still nice unsurfaced road after 20kms.

The slash and burn activities were very obvious. We rode through two or three sections that were flaming and one was big enough to warrant a picture.

The road came to an abrupt end at the banks of the 'Mighty' Mekong, which does not look very mighty for some reason. I walked down the sandy ramp to the ferry and got a deal to bring us across for USD12.

Ivan rides his GSA down to the ferry.

Happy moment crossing the Mekong.

The crossing took all of 15 minutes.

After climbing a steep incline we were delighted to be greeted with this deserted road, probably laid less than 3 months ago. We still have no GPS road guidance although we had the Mekong showing on our right. The milestone kept saying Pak Beng so we kinda know we were heading the right direction. We also know that we need to sleep at Pak Beng as we were unsure how long it would take to get to the next big town of Oudom Xai.

This went on for miles........

And to no surprise, as always around here, good roads gives no indication of what lies ahead.

Gravel Time.

After about 3 kms on gravel i noticed the right side of the road edge is fenced for about 1 KM. Standing up I caught a glimpse of what looked like an exclusive resort set on the banks of the Mekong. We saw a small gate, just enough to let the GS go in with little room to spare.
We found out that this is the LuangSay Resort, a high end exotic resort set on the banks of the Mekong, with most of the guests coming in by the resort's own boat that sails from Luang Prabang to Vientiane. I went in looked at the rooms and told Ivan " We stay here tonight ".
USD75 a night, a princely sum in Laos. We got a welcome drink. We got porters to take our things to the rooms.

We felt like Ewan and Charlie.

Our stuff being taken to the room.

My home for the night with Ivan's next door.

Mekong from my room.

Dinner was set by candlelight.

Part of the Resort, lit up agains the jungle.

Its been such a long time since I last slept in a mosqito net.

We covered about 160kms on our first day into Laos. So far things were okay but we still remained concerned the rear axle was still seeping oil. The difference between Thailand and Laos is significant. Poor Infrastructure, poorer people. But the people seems happy and eversmiling and ready to help.
We look forward to Day 16 Tomorrow, when we will ride to Luang Prabang, a UN Heritage Town.

End Day 15, Wednesday, 20april2011
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Day 16, Thursday, 21april2011

I woke up to a dull morning, with no sunshine and an overcast sky.
Breakfast was great. We met Mary, an English pensioner. She was travelling alone, touring Laos. She arrived by boat from Chiang Khong and will be taking a Van to Luang Prabang. She will eventually end up in Sydney where her two Grandaughters will be waiting.

I walked down to the banks of the Mighty Mekong. I expected more as the river was not extraordinarily wide. I assume this river to be very deep as its reputed to move large volumes of water.

Probably the best mode of transportation for this family.

As we prepared to leave, the Hotel boat heads for Luang Prabang, a 6 hour journey.

Leaving Luang Say Resort.

Just 10 kms from our luxury resort we rode through very rural Laos.
Plenty of fertiliser on the road. The air is heavy with the smell of cow dung. Its ok with me because I grew up in the kampong.

This must be the hous of a well to do villager; nice reddish zinc roof.

We spotted many kids returnng from school. All were very friendly, cheering and waving us on.

We played Santa Claus passing the kids menthos candies for them to chew on.

These are good children. Well behaved with lots of dignity, they lined up and take the sweets politely, never asking for more.

Back on the road. We count onlt a handful of cars when we rode in this road.

Plenty of agriculture

We reached Oudom Xai by midday, and with the sky threatening to rain, we wanted to have lunch wnerever we can. But neither of us remembered to get some Lao money so buying food from a rural roadside stall became impossible. We spotted this big Chinese Restaurant and decided to try our luck there. Luckily the owner, who is a Chinese from Kunming was happy enough to accomodate us. He even took Ivan to look for a moneychanger.

After a quick lunch we moved on.

We got onto Highway 3, the main artery that connects Vientiane to Boten, the bordertown that is the entry point into China. On the map the road looks like a Main Highway, but it looked so rural both of us were having doubts we were on the right road, despite the GPS saying so.

The road was not too bad, although the surface would kill any bike other than a DP. Bumpy with sharp stones alternating with broken tarmac, we were also fearful of ny sharp stones that may tear our tyre apart.

We passed through many one street towns.

Then tarmac disappeared altogether and brown earth covered the road surface. With rainclouds threatening a downpour, i felt indescribable fear, morbid with worry in case the rain comes and the smooth road becomes a river of mud.

After riding for an hour covering just 30kms, we stopped at this RnR looking for a drink and a toilet. We got our drink, but found no toilet. We do not just want to go to the side of the road out of respect for the locals. So while holding our bladders, some rich locals passed by in a Toyota Land Cruiser ( rare in Laos ) and stopped like we did. They too were looking to go, but being locals, they just walked to the open space and pee'd. I promptly joined them.
Pigs were everywhere. They seem more macho and more hairy than the ones I've seen back home, looking almost like a Wild Boar with no tusk.

This pig walked away in disgust after finding out this bike was a BMW, not a HOG.

After 30 minutes we headed to Pak Mong, crossroads to Luang Prabang to the South West, and the Vietnam Border to the South East.

At Pak Mong we stopped for a break and I found this in my tyre. Luckily a tyre shop was nearby, and I pushed my bike there in anticipation of a flat when I pulled the nail out. Luckily it was just the thread and not the tyre carcass.

The remaining 110kms to Luang Prabang is just about the best roads Laos has to offer. We made good progress and stopped twice to take pictures of the Nam Oui River, a tributary of the Mekong.

We reached Luang Prabang at 5pm, and went straight to a riverside cafe for a drink before we look for a place to stay in.

We found this nice Resthouse at USD26 per night. Nice clean rooms, albeit a little small. They allowed bike parking in the courtyard so that's a plus point. Also means unloading the bike is just ten steps away.

Dinner was at this quaint restaurant serving genuine Lao food.

On our first day in Laos we covered 330kms. We started at 0800 and arrived 9 hours later. I observed no more than 30-40 cars on the road throughout the whole journey from Pak Bent to Pak Mong. Laos was also instantly a few degrees cooler than Thailand, although the elevation and latitude were the same.

Tomorrow will be our 17th day. We will resume riding after one day rest at Luang Prabang. Time to give the riding suits a good wash.

End Day 16, Thursday, 21april2011
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great writings and photos.

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Jobless Wanderers continue here;
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deaninkl OP
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Nik, hats off mate. Great report, pictures, and most of all a great adventure.
"don't wait for your boat to come in... swim out and meet the bloody thing"
Barry Sheene
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Felda Besuit Ride

Felda Besuit Ride

With Ramadhan approaching, this will probably be the last ride in a month. As usual I planned the route to include some offroad portion but this time with the aim of having lunch at Ma-Ni, a new restaurant just outside Tanjung Malim. Built and run by a fellow biker, I anticipate the place to be nice, and it really is.

The RV point was Sg Buluh RnR about 16km from KL City Center. We met there for breakfast and with a full tank of fuel, we headed to Bt Beruntung to enter the offroad section which cuts across a secondary forest. This track is good as its not muddy, the surface being sandy. From there we exit at Sg Tengi Dam, joining tarmac after 25km offroading. Then we ride on to Seri Keledang, Gunung Besuit then loop back to Selim River before another portion of 12km of broken tarmac. After lunch at Ma-Ni we headed home. Most of the off-tarmac section cuts through Oil Palm estates that surrounds the Northern part of KL.

When I got to the RV Point, Sg Buloh RnR, Cee Kay, Mel and Bin were already there. The bikes started trickling in and by 0730 we were ready to go. There were three riders new to the group for today, Chen on a GS, Victor on a Pegaso Trail and Bin on a Tiger. The light stratus overhanging the morning holds promise of good weather.

We left with 13 bikes.


Kev swapped his GSA with Lamb's MTS2.

A short 40km ride on the PLUS Hiway

Chen on his one day old GS. I met him at Wunderlich Shop and got him to join the ride. Told him there's a ride with offroad bits and he looked doubtful.
But I told him even girls on GS do the route, so he came.

The Bt Beruntung Exit

Heading to the broken tarmac route

ABS OFF, Traction Control to 70% spin.

The quiet morning was suddenly breached by the sound of rumbling boxer twins, although the MTS2's Termis was the loudest....Big dust trai rising through the trees,

This is Markus



Ang KP


Justine, with Eddy watching out for her

Eddy Tan is one the Group's more accomplished and responsible riders, always unselfishly looking out for others.

Victor's first ride with the group

Sunny and Bin on their GSA and Tiger

Bin Chin on his Tiger. First time joining the group.

Chen just collected his first GS yesterday. He rode a Z1000 previously. Firts group ride - offroad.

Cee Kay

Eddy Tan looking out for Justine.

The trail goes underneath the PLUS Highway exiting through the tunnel into a road that leads to Sg Tengi Dam.

Passing Hutan Simpanan Bukit Tarik


Sg Tengi Lake perimeter road.

We stopped at this stall near Kg Sg Tengi

After TT, we rode along the Felda road passing Kg Soeharto

Kg Seri Keledang. Kevin acting as marker for the rest

Crossing the bridge into Felda Gedangsa.

Fooling around with Lamb's Ducati

Estates are Private Property, and permission must be sought for entry.

Heading for Gunung Besuit

Then Markus started the ball rolling by flying past me

Eddy followed

Sunny Puan started to play

Mel promptly joined in

This bridge separates Felda Gedangsa and Felda Besuit.

This straight as an arrow dirt track got the boys into a frenzy as speeds up to 100km/h can be had

Entering Felda Besuit 1

We passed through this fairly steep loose gravel section. Heart in the mouth when you have a 300kg RM120k bike under you.

Justine was all stressed up here but she did well to ride through unassisted.

Must be a brotherhood syndrome when these two wears their Alam Flora jackets.

We reached tarmac after 1 hour in dirt

TT stop

After leaving Felda Besuit 2 we rode along this deserted tarmac road to Selim River for about 30km.

Fuel stop at Selim River

Another 20km before we passed through this security check to get to another dirt section.

Lamb on his MTS2 leading the GS

Justine brought her own 'Sanitary' Team, two janitors in Alam Flora.

After one more short stop we reached our Lunch RV at Ma-Ni. Sean called saying that he rode all the way from KL to meet us there.

Ma-Ni is a restaurant built and run by a friend of mine, Mahussin, an avid Harley rider who rides a Street Glide and a Crossbone. He also has a custom bike. We wanna get a GS under his butt at some stage. Ma-Ni is built in front of his house, and has a small stream running through it. Beautifully and tastefully done, we see it as a place for stops on our future rides around the area.

As we were having lunch, the Spyder group arrived for lunch.

They came complete with Police Escort and Marshalls.

Lunch over, its time for tok kok.

Tok Kok finishes, and its time to go

Another good ride. Less than 300km, with a total of 13 riders. Sean came later.

Roll Call:

2. Mel GS
3. Sunny Puan
4. Eddy Tan GSA
5. Cee Kay GS
6. Kevin GSA
7. Justine 650GS
8. Ang KP GS
9. Chen GS
10. Markus
11 Lamb MTS2
12. Bin Chin Tiger
13. Victor Pegaso
14. Sean F800GS
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Felda Kemasul Ride

I have always wanted to explore Central Peninsula south of the ECE. A quick look at the map indicates quite a number of rural and estate roads that leads to the area of Tasik Bera and Chini, but doing both will mean riding 550km, too much for a day round trip.

So I decided to plan the following Route;

BHP - Karak - Kg Chemomoi - Felda Kemasul - Bera - Mentakab - Karak - Home. 340km.

Six bikes turned up including Faudzi Din on his Harley VRod. Aquila will be on her Tiger 800 joining for her first offroad ride. The list looks like this;
2. Mel R1200GS
3. SP Lee R1200GS
4. Cee Kay R1200GS
5. Aquila Tiger800
6. Faudzi Din Harley VRod.

Ready to leave BHP Gombak RV Point

A quick stop at Karak town for breakfast.

The rural roads leading to Kg Chemomoi

After the turn-off that leads to Felda Kemasul the roads look even more interesting

We rode through a Forest reserve

Then we passed through this huge Plantation undergoing replanting

This portion is littered with potholes and cow dung, ready to catch the unwary

We hit this roadblock and i gently asked permission to pass through. Estates are essentially private property, and access is limited.

Just 1km into the estate the road changes

Clearly these guys cannot wait. Mel shot off

Followed by Cee Kay

SP Lee

Even Aquila was eager

Faudzi Din followed, eager not to be left behind by a girl

After about 7km we came to a junction. We stopped here;

Group Foto

We continued on, passing Rubber Trees and Oil Palms

Passing the almost deserted Kemasul settlement

The road became more dusty towards Bera

Although the urge to go faster and enjoy some sliding was irresistible, it was a good thing we prefer sedate as there will always be the odd vehicle on the single lane road.

More estate pix

We got to Bera soon enough, and was surprised to find this fast food joint there,

We left after an hour

We followed Pahang River, the longest river in Peninsula Malaysia until we cam to a turnoff that is the short cut to Mentakab. We were pleasantly surprised by the road

We passed by a huge but orderly Chinese cemetary

We stopped at Genting Sempah for lunch before heading home.

Another good short day ride on roads not commonly used by Superbikers.

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Always nice to read and see pics of your ride reports. There are just so many beautiful roads just around KL area that not many Sg bikers know of. Look at those sexy curvy roads...
Perfect Strangers.
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wow nice Ride report,,
Indonesian Automotive Blogger
Prides CJ # 250 Phone: 0856 9458 1000
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SE Asia adventure tours
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Originally Posted by tigersyndicate View Post
wow nice Ride report,,
+ 1 Thanks for sharing!!
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Awesome RR.
Those who intend to visit Malaysia particularly Sarawak state, or Borneo in general.
Feel free to visit my blog
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Riding to Borneo Serawak Kalimantan Sabah

Salam dari Singapore semua..
Saya ingin pertolongan dari riders riders di Sabah/Serawak
Saya dalam process untuk ride di Borneo tahun depan.
Saya akan tiba bersama motor dari Kuching, Malaysia. Mahu ride ke Pontianak- balikpapan. Dari balikpapan akan ke Nunukan utk menaiki boat ke Tawau,Sabah, Malaysia. Terus ride pulang ke Kuching, Malaysia
Adakah saya perlu Carnet utk motor saya?
Apakah dokument yang saya perlu ada?
Ada nombor atau email yang boleh membantu saya utk saya masuk ke Kalimantan?
Boat dari Nunukan ke Tawau boleh angkat motor saya?
Saya berterima kasih atas pertolongan pertolongan riders Malaysia.
email saya di atau PM saya..
Terima kasih..
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