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Old 07-28-2011, 01:20 AM   #151
LocuL OP
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Dakarblues: Nahh... really don´t need the clearclutchplate. Nice addition but no function.

Pauli: Takker den skal nok blive forbandet ondskabsfuld. Glæder mig til Nordkappturen når jeg kommer hjem.

Adiablolex: Well i could imagine one LC8 in a LC4 frame, but still thinking.

Mrsandman818: It has nothing to do with lazy pussys or whatever, but they simply can´t weld the stock tanks. Btw I have contactet Safaritanks and they mentioned they could make a set of the old batch. I think it will be that way. Heat the tanks inside, put clay on the parts sticking out on the engine(or anything else easymolding), mount and push the tanks against the clay, repeat untill the wished fit are reached. Then i´ll go for the local plastic-welder and weld some 3-5mm plates on the heat-deformed tanks, just to be sure there isn´t any weak spots.
KTM 950(1190) Adv-s, Soon to be Project 1190
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Old 07-28-2011, 01:26 AM   #152
LocuL OP
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ohhh...and would it be possible to mount a Scangauge or similar to the bike. Or would i be impssobe due to lack of the OBDEII connection? Is it not the OBDEII people use with the TuneEcu or the like?
The features could be interesting while travelling or at least nice gadget.
KTM 950(1190) Adv-s, Soon to be Project 1190
KTM 530 EXC-R 08
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Old 07-29-2011, 12:54 PM   #153
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Subscribed offcourse Love this
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Old 07-29-2011, 10:24 PM   #154
just Aaron, really
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Sad this is closing down, but you've made some amazing progress so we'll all be waiting for your next update.

My renewed deadline is next summer. I´ll be back in Denmark mid february.
Hmmm... you'll probably have it done just before KTM starts selling their own RC8 Adventure... next summer... RIGHT KTM? RIGHT?
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Old 12-10-2011, 02:02 PM   #155
LocuL OP
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Just came in with the plane from Afghanistan. No need to rest.

Update so far is;

1- Safaritanks are flying to me as i write this, They made the soft, old version so i could weld them.
2- Ecu, lock kit are on the way.
3- Bazzaz RC8R unit on the way,

Though i´m still thinking of getting the brakes upgraded. Could i mount the KTM / Braking 310mm front disc.
KTM part number 58609060000
Would it fit my hub mounts? I´ve got a Beringer 6 piston(complete) on my hand and thinking that this could be the deal...anyone?

Regards Denmark
KTM 950(1190) Adv-s, Soon to be Project 1190
KTM 530 EXC-R 08
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Old 12-10-2011, 05:39 PM   #156
Needs to ride!
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Originally Posted by View Post

Just came in with the plane from Afghanistan. No need to rest.

Good news on both counts!
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Old 02-08-2012, 02:37 PM   #157
LocuL OP
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YES. Home from deployment and ready for work. After the lovely reuniting with the familiy it was time for the garage.
Went this evening to have a look at the "ebays" and other good stuff bought from the internet. It all adds up and will make the project a bit closer to an ending. Not close but closer.

Teaser...the rest will be shown when i get the time to update.

more to come...
KTM 950(1190) Adv-s, Soon to be Project 1190
KTM 530 EXC-R 08
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Old 02-08-2012, 05:38 PM   #158
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Hate to ruin things, But KTM is supposed to be comming out with a Adventure pushing 130hp. But when you want more power down the road theres a "race kit" for the rc8 motor (its $14,000 USD) but its supposed to make it scoot!

Im just busting your chops, Gotta love custom builds, Built Not Bought!
-Chrome don't getcha home, but carbon fiber sure is fancy
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Old 02-09-2012, 01:09 AM   #159
LocuL OP
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yes i´ve seen the pictures. looks a bit more like a superduke something something. 130bhp. Well this should be achieveble with mine, though i´m not sure how much my air intake and custom exhaust will eat. But it should be aruond that number.

I´m home after my deployment and looking forward to get on with the bike. I have of course not been able to do anything at all, though I still had interweb sometimes. And the combination of that and a lot of research made it possible to do a lot of the “buying”. So I actually have a running bike, it’s just not assembled yet.
The progress will be covered with a bit more depth and quality. And that is both write up and photos. To start with I have a To-do-list which will not be listed in any particularly order. I´ll try to make it English.

1: Highwaydirtbar –
4 buttons, make them watertight (silicone underneath the Adv clamp), stronger (plastic tubing, until it is underneath the dash and out of harm way).

2: Emig triple –
Because of the Öhlins/Scotts rights to manufacture the bolt holes to fit their damper Emig can´t produce this. I will cut/mill some of the lower bar clamp off. This room will be approximately 10/15mm in height. Then fabricate a plate (steel,alu) with the right sizes to mount the Scotts/Öhlins damper upon.

3: Damper ”stick” –
I will make a mount to be welded straight on to the frame. As low profile as possible.

4: Dash/garmin/key/ignition mount –
The dash/screen area will be made up from new. Either alu or plastic. I will use the complete area because I surely use this for the garmin, new (bigger RC8) dash and ignition. The plan, if any, is to make it straight forward to manage the area underneath (ecu, electric components for HID, etc). There will be made room for other gizmos in the future (tyrepal, Voltmeter, etc).

5: Extra light –
Led 44, light bar?????? No really ideas, but some of these low draw super efficient LEDs. If I could get the light bar to mount under the standard front light, it could be an option.

6: Safari tanks –
This is a one of the bigger showstopper though it´s probably manageable. As Safari tanks make their tanks now it is not possible to weld in them (heat). Because the original tanks absolutely can´t be welded I was pretty much stuck with this problem. I contacted Safari tanks and they said they could make a single pair of the old (swelling/deforming) batch. This will make it possible to bend the areas were the RC8R sticks out. Especially the area with the oil cooler is tough. Plus some other lesser critical areas.
Another problem occurred while mounting this engine. I lost the lower mounts for the tanks. I have not had the chance to look into this yet. The engine has some mounts in it but I will not be mounting “crash” protection to my engine. I am thinking of an L shaped piece of steel bar between the tanks. This will make the tanks “ok” sturdy for lesser impacts. If I then mount the touratech bashplate it will have plenty of frame sturdiness. Especially the critical front impact weakspot with the L shaped brace. This bike will of course not see the KTM 530 assignments. This will be for highspeed gravel stone chips and the tip-over sturdiness.

7: Brakesetup –
I have always wanted a better brake setup, especially a single radial setup. I have been looking at the SM and Duke R setup. But my eyes were burned by how nice the Radial Magura setup is. 4 pot, super light weight and trick. I will admit it is quite expensive, but I have got a super start by buying the 4 pot caliper for nothing on ebay(107 euro wow). Just waiting for the right time for the lever setup. Though i´m not sure if it will 13 or 16mm piston. I think the 16 will be great for the heavier bike. I still have to research a bit on that. The bottom will of course not fit the new radial shoe, but it will be one of those “have to” buys. Then there is the distance to the wheel…well the Super Enduro with the dual radial setup can, I can to.

8: Shorai –
All the gizmos will take some amount of electricity and I think the Shorai will be a good choice. It will fit under the seat where there is short distance to the RC8R wire connection. The battery size is how big I can get it.

9: Under seat tray–
Room for tools, etc.

10: Exhaust –
The start of it will be build on the existing RC8R exhaust were I still have the lambdas. The rest will be magic. Though it will be drawn low and close, to the bike as possible. I think it is GPR which have made a beauty of a rally setup. Mine will be heading the same way. Single, right side setup. The exhaust can, will be an experiment with a KTM 450 SXS can. This makes it perfect with 2inch setup all the way.

11: Cooler setup –
As I use the LC8 cooler (2.0l) with the RC8R engine I am a bit short on cooling. Approximately 0.5l This is a little experimental and I will thoroughly test the engine in every given situations. It wasn´t cheap;-) The new RC8R dash gives me opportunities to keep an eye on each cylinders water temperature. If it fails I will not break the bank to go for a used RC8R radiator. Or try the dual fan setup. I can´t remember but there should be a fault if the cylinders gets uneven cooling or too little.

12: Gearing –
On the standard LC8 the 16 tooth really lives up the engine and makes it possible to “crawl” in difficult terrain. That is not why I choose it to this project. The new engine is placed a bit further back and makes the 17 tooth cut in the swingarm. So 16 it will be. My thought when I bought the engine was that how in the hell do I get this to ride somewhat at tolerable speed. I used the to help me here. The Primary gearing is 40:76 and the secondary is 17:37. I think 16:42 would be doable for my use. But only driving will make this possible to determine because of this engines, different tourqe/HP curve. Boy I am looking to this part quite a bit.
KTM 950(1190) Adv-s, Soon to be Project 1190
KTM 530 EXC-R 08

LocuL screwed with this post 02-09-2012 at 02:24 AM
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Old 02-09-2012, 02:49 AM   #160
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Good to have You back Michael

Now get that monster rolling, i ´ll tell You about my new purchase later ..

She´s a sweet one Your daughter, go get that shotgun

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Old 02-09-2012, 10:01 AM   #161
SS in Vzla.
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Old 02-15-2012, 03:30 PM   #162
LocuL OP
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Got the chance for a real all day in the garage. That meant i could get moving again. The day started with cleaning up after my mess. I have bought several pieces while gone. I like to work in clear space as it makes it all a bit easyer. I feel comfy that way. Its all about preparation to make the rest funny.

First of all, I had prepped a very nice basket with nutrition for a whole day of work.

Before Søren left for work he had started the wood-eater. A real treat.

Setting it all up, connecting to the Advrider, ebay ready...all set

I had bought a set motard for the project and it was really nice to have a closer look at this set.

And the rear.

To my great disappointment i discovered that a lot of the spokes were loose. AND some was complete OFF.

I have mailed the seller and try to get some info and solution for this. Though i have braced for economic impact on this. I have a few wheelsets and could maybe take the hub from the original 18" rear to make this, though i´m not sure. Maybe i should contact woody and have a cushed hub made up for this. I´m in no hurry, just sad to experience this.

Onwards stripping the bike.

Søren got home and helped me out. Søren is of GREAT help in this. He actually understand electrics, which are my nemesis. I´m more "grab a hammer" kind a guy.

Meals were taken. Ohh and that is my other super assistant Svane(Swan). Good mechanic. Who understands engines, which i don´t... This is bad, i can feel it.

Sørens wife had made this snowman and it was very beautyful. Though my dog loved it to...sorry

Loyal dog(almost) and my absolut Eco-car. Not exactly blueline like richer people do, but with 655.000km on the clock its a charm.

One of the problems i encountered with the new tanks, was on the left side the oilfiller stick would stick out and touch. I adjusted it with my adjusting tool(new to dremel, but love it).

Here it is mounted where i had hoped it would be out of harms way. But no. It turnes to much and there is only 0.5cm between the plastic filler neck and the manifold. hmmmmmm

Of course it would have been to easy if it worked. Next try will be cut and heat it together. Or if any have some suggestions, please speak up. By the way, the rectifier(is it called that?) will be mounted in the old oildipstick mounting hole.

95% of todays job would be clearing out the wiring and preparing it. One of the things to find out was how and which wiring needs to get lenghtened(can you say that?). And sadly, yes. One of the biggys. The dash are in need of this, that will be first on my list next time its project day.

Doh that is a lot of wiring. I´m looking foreward to be ahead of this wiring-challenge. Søren and Svane is really great at this. Without them it would be catastrophic.

Thats all for today.

Rana is her name. Not clever but loyal.
KTM 950(1190) Adv-s, Soon to be Project 1190
KTM 530 EXC-R 08
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Old 02-15-2012, 08:24 PM   #163
Mmmm....Orange Kool-aid
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You probably will want a cush hub. Without those rubber pieces the next part of the bike to take the strain will be the transmission.

I asked my buddy who's been a KTM dealer for decades and he said that when I bought my motard to to make sure it had a cush hub for that very reason.
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Old 02-16-2012, 01:31 AM   #164
LocuL OP
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Yep that is also my thoughts for this.
KTM 950(1190) Adv-s, Soon to be Project 1190
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Old 02-16-2012, 01:56 AM   #165
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Great to see this project has started up again (and that you made it through a Afg tour ok).

A few observations/questions:
1) You will need a bigger radiator than the ADV one. The RC8 runs very hot in slow traffic and that's with proper airflow through the fairings, a bigger radiator and 0.5L more coolant. Twin fans would also be a good idea.

2) I agree with Katoom that you'll need a cush hub for the motard wheel. As an alternative that uses stock KTM parts, try to find a set of Super Duke wheels. The Super Duke wheels need some front brake adapters from CJRacer, but the setup will be great.

3) Will the SXS muffler will flow enough to handle the RC8's exhaust output? At full throttle you'll have ~150hp worth of exhaust flow going through a muffler that was designed to handle less than 60hp. I'd run with two mufflers if you can find the room. Plus the RC8 is noisy enough with a stock muffler (~100db), with the smaller SXS muffler it'll be much louder. Lucky the RC8 has a nice sound.

4) For the dipstick/oil filler tube problem, could you remove the filler tube and run without a dipstick? It looks like you could machine up a blanking plate that was clamped by the two bolts that hold the filler tube onto the oil tank. No dipstick might be a problem but you also remove the known RC8 issue of the filler tube leaking (KTM issued new parts to stop the leak). I reckon you could run without a dipstick, the RC8's dry sump means you can under or overfill a bit and it's not such a huge deal as with wet sump engine.

5) The gearing will be a fun thing to set up. The LC8 has more torque down low than the RC8, so lower gearing will help, but the bigger 18in tyre will increase your slow crawl speed. I reckon 16-42 should be pretty good for fast gravel work. You also have an extra 1000rpm to play with thanks to the RC8's higher rev limit.

Keep up the hard work and good luck with the challenges. I'm looking forward to your next update.
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