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Old 05-05-2011, 07:59 AM   #5371
RaY YreKa
I Am the Mayor
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Originally Posted by Rob Dirt View Post
700 miles & smooooth as glass.

And an F800S! Pretty rare in the States, I think BMW only sold about 300.
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Old 05-05-2011, 08:05 AM   #5372
Studly Adventurer
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Got a Kaoko on my Girlie & Uly - not cheap - but have worked flawlessly. Have Vista (I like the simplicity of it) on my KLR - but could never get it to work smoothly. Perhaps my doing & not thre unit.
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Originally Posted by kurtphyre View Post
Does anybody know of any differences between the silver and graphite framed Tigers' other than frame colour?

I read somewhere that the graphite framed Tiger has a bolted-on rear peg vs. a welded-on rear peg on the silver framed Tiger. I also read the graphite ones don't have a brass bleed screw for the cooling system...but the silver ones do.

The only difference is the brass bleed screw -- and not even all silver-framed Tigers have those.

However, I too have heard that Triumph will be transitioning to bolted-on pillion footpegs eventually. But the current graphite-framed bikes have the welded-on pegs.

'11 Triumph Tiger 800 XC / '03 Honda XR650L / '01 Triumph Bonneville cafe

My ride reports: Missile silos, Labrador, twisties, and more

Bennington Triumph Bash, May 30-June 1, 2014
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Rob Dirt
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Originally Posted by ray_rev View Post
And an F800S! Pretty rare in the States, I think BMW only sold about 300.
After he rode an XC, he said "that's the best motorcycle I've ever ridden". Quite a statement coming from a loyal BMW rider since the 1970s.
Heart of Dixie
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Old 05-05-2011, 08:57 AM   #5375
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Been lurking for a long while, but this is one of my first posts.

Have had my Tiger now for two weeks and with 1200 miles on the clock its been run in and had its first service.
All I can say is that its everything I thought it would be and more. comfortable, plenty of power, handles well (even with the 21' front) and has done well on all the dirt roads I have thrown at it.
I think the two of us are going to be together for a long time

Pic taken in Noth Georgia on a RAT group ride.
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Old 05-05-2011, 09:45 AM   #5376
Every ride is an ADV
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Originally Posted by Porky View Post
3/5/11 - $500 deposit made (Venom Yellow w/ABS)

5/4/11 - Arrived in Denver

I was just going to post this.

Ordered 4/26/11
Arrived TODAY
Getting old is not for Sissy's!
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Old 05-05-2011, 10:01 AM   #5377
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Originally Posted by Daytonacharlie View Post
Where did you read all this???
I read this over at the Triumph RAT forums. I, by the way, prefer the look of the silver frame over the graphite frame.

What's the benefit of bolted-on rear pegs?

kurtphyre screwed with this post 05-05-2011 at 10:27 AM
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Old 05-05-2011, 11:04 AM   #5378
Adv Grifter
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Originally Posted by andoulli View Post
Ok, I have been wondering about other things too. I did about 250 miles yesterday on my T800 along with a friend on his 2004 V-Strom. We did a switch for a while because he is interested in the new Triumph. I have to say the Strom is still a very competent bike. I like it's factory seat better, suspension is less busy, with the clutch fix, the motor is plenty satisfying. I would say the handling is a little more sluggish, of course the styling now is dated, and it lacks a trip computer. He was complementary about my motorcycle, but I doubt he will be selling his Suzuki any time soon. When I came home I checked the current prices for both bikes, and once you factor out all the 99.99999 bullshit the T800 is $200 more than the Strom. I think one big factor in favor of the Triumph for me is that the motor is not restricted. I had a Strom for two years and the motor just had no punch in 5th and 6th gear. I know that there is a fix for that, just like the clutch, and people remove the secondary butterflies too, but that is not me. I really prefer it be right from the factory.
Interesting comparison.
Note that the 5th and 6th gear restriction on the DL1000 really only limits top speed ... So in 5th and 6th it revs only to about 8000 rpm, instead of the 9000 red line.

The bike still accelerates HARD ... all the way up to 125 mph. At that point you will notice it won't pull redline. Not a big deal ... I rode the Hell out of my Vstroms (two) and never wanted for power ... and only riding in the wide open spaces of Nevada did I ever notice the electronic limiters in 5th and 6th. Just not an issue for me. I remember drag racing a few BMW GS's and leaving them so far behind I couldn't even see them in my mirrors.

I would allow your Tiger's suspension to break in a bit. My guess is once it does, it should be BETTER than the Vstrom. Both my Vstroms had the stock suspension redone ... makes a world of difference. The Vstrom seat is hard to beat. Never spent any time on the new Tiger so can't compare.

Based on my very short test rides ... to me where the Tiger is out front is it's overall feel and feedback. I felt very connected to the Tiger, not so much on my Vstroms. Stability is better on the Tigers too and a general "tightness" overall that the Vstrom does not have. And smoothness? Not even close: Tiger wins.

The DL1000 has more low end torque of course but the Tiger is a more entertaining motor, IMHO. Love that Triple!

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Old 05-05-2011, 11:05 AM   #5379
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Originally Posted by kurtphyre View Post
What's the benefit of bolted-on rear pegs?
Easier/cheaper to repair after crashes, I would guess. Also, removable if you never carry a passenger.

- Mark
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Old 05-05-2011, 12:25 PM   #5380
Risk Taker
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Orange XC ABS

Ordered 2-15ish-11 in Denver
Delivered today!!!!!!! the guy that is bringing it to me in Boise. I'll have it tomorrow after work!! It'll be the first time I see one in person and it'll be mine!!
2011 Triumph 800 XC
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1994 Kawasaki KLX 650R

THE BACKCOUNTRY PURSUIT- Boise, Idaho's consignment specialist for ADV gear!
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The Jerk
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Quick question: If you rotate the handlebar clamps from the stock position, does that move the handlebar farther from the rider or closer to the rider? The owner's manual doesn't really say.
2000 Kawasaki W650
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Old 05-05-2011, 04:18 PM   #5382
Every ride is an ADV
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Originally Posted by The Jerk View Post
Quick question: If you rotate the handlebar clamps from the stock position, does that move the handlebar farther from the rider or closer to the rider? The owner's manual doesn't really say.
Just look at the risers. If the bars are forward of the center then rotating them will move the bars back. I'm not sure how they come or if they are installed at the factory.
Getting old is not for Sissy's!
'14 R1200GSW
'12 NC700X/D
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Old 05-05-2011, 04:22 PM   #5383
AK Oldman
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I rode an XC today. The write up below is taken from an email I sent to some of my friends today after I got back home. These are my impressions and my opinions. They might not agree with your impressions or opinions, so be it. Quick background, I have been riding for over 45 years. In that time I have owned approx 30 bikes. I'd say 75 to 80% have been dirt or dual purpose bikes. For the past 10 years The 3 bike sI have had have all been street bikes, an 85 Honda V-65 Magna, 2003 Yamaha Warrior and an 09 Goldwing.

I did about 30 minutes on an 800XC, following a droid from the shop and another test rider.

The XC is TALL for my 28 inch inseam. I had them put the seat in the low position. That dropped the seat height to something like 32.?? I could touch the ground with my toes. But wait, they just happened to have the factory low gel seat. That dropped it to just over 31 inches. Oh boy, I could get the ball of my foot down! I was thinking that would be a bit too tall with the taller CoG I'd have with loaded panniers and a top box. But I can get, or make cuz there is nothing to them, lowering plates for the rear shock mount. That will drop it another inch or so plus whatever the weight of my gear would do. I still wouldn't be able to get my whole foot down but it would be better.

The seat is comfortable, at least for a 30 minute ride, and even though it doesn't look like it, you can move forward or back just a bit to vary your position. With the low seat the pegs are a bit too close to be comfortable for my old knees. The stock pegs have rubber inserts that can be removed. That leaves a serrated metal surface so your foot will have a better grip for off road use. That also drops the peg height by about 1/2 inch. Also, you can get aftermarket pegs with a lower mounting height in addition to the removable rubber inserts. I should be able to keep my knees happy.

The bars are a hair too far forward for my now not so flexible back. After a while I could feel some pressure right at the top of the vertebrae that were fused. Off set risers are available and if they don't do enough there are aftermarket bars also. Standing, the bars weren't quite as high as I would have liked them to be. That will change, probably by enough to keep me happy, once I get the lower foot pegs. If you have ever ridden a motorcycle the buttons/switches will be right where you expect them to be. Sorry there my BMW riding friend, Triumph did it right, there is only one turn signal switch and it is on the left side where it is supposed to be!

The gauge cluster is easy to see and easy to read even in direct sun light. Since I was not buying today I asked them not to bother going through the whole thing with me. I just wanted to ride. It has a big, analog looking tach and a large digital speedo. There are also bar graph type gas and coolant temp gauges. It has as many idiot lights as most cars these days. I didn't see it, but I know there is also a trip computer in there somewhere. I saw the buttons you use to activate it but didn't have them go over it with me. The horn is typical bike sounding but surprisingly loud. I was impressed. The headlights are, according to those who have ridden one at night, one of the best units they have ever seen on a bike.

Engine redline is 10,000. I was on a new bike, not yet broken in, so they told me to keep it below 5,000. I don't think there was even one time when I went over 8,000. I know I was bad, but someone has to break it in properly for them. From a dead stop the first thing I noticed was the lack of torque. It just doesn't have any by the standards I am used to. I had to rev it a bit and kinda slip the clutch to get going. It didn't take long for me to figure out the correct launch rpm. Once the thing is moving it is another story entirely. It has a 6 speed transmission. I guess that's just cuz most bikes do these days and Triumph must have figured people wouldn't like the bike if it only had a 3 speed. However, for road use that's pretty much all it needs. OK, for all out riding it needs all 6 but if you were taking it easy you could get by with just 3. First, third and sixth should do it. This goes against what I said earlier about no low end torque, but it pulled very smoothly in 4th gear from 1800 rpm! The Goldwing 6 cylinder is the smoothest bike engine I have ever seen. azsxS2`sz` triple is running a very strong second. There is a slight buzz or hum or something you can feel or maybe it's just sense. Whatever, it is there, it never gets any stronger than just a slight hint, and is really kinda neat. One thing that is a bit annoying is the whine you hear from this engine. It is kinda high pitched, not all that loud, but always there. I'm told it is a characteristic of the engine. OK, it's not obnoxious so I can live with it. The exhaust note is kinda whimpy until you get up close to 4,000 rpm. Then it take on a nice deep tone, almost a growl. I really liked it.

The brakes were really good. There is no doubt in my mind they will get the job done from any speed with any load on the bike. The feel of both the front hand lever and rear foot lever were really good. I felt at home with them both right from the start. I had no trouble at all applying the exact amount of stopping force I wanted regardless of the situation. The new Multistrada has the best brakes I have ever seen on a bike in terms of my ability to control what they were doing. The brakes on this Triumph are their equal. Those folks on the other side of the pond know how to build bike brakes!

The ride was really good for such a light bike, 473 pounds wet. It is light and very flickable out on the road and makes low speed maneuvers, like in parking lots, very easy. At one point we did a U-turn on a narrow street, nothing to it, much easier than either my Warrior or the Goldwing. We didn't do any real high speed cornering but we did have a rather spirited ride through one stretch of almost twisties. Turn in required no thought, it holds a line very well and that triple really brings a smile to your face powering out the other side. I couldn't believe there was a 21 inch front tire leading the way. I'm thinking if you put some 17 inchers on the road version you would have a good start on a Supermoto.

This bike does not have a fairing, just a wide tank, a radiator and a mini wind screen. I got wind noise around the helmet but only very minor buffeting. My shoulders were beat to death though and to a much lessor degree, my chest. A wider screen is in order. The thing that really surprised me though was the lack of wind on my legs. It was almost comparable to the Goldwing. I guess the radiator cover shoves the air out around the legs. I was not expecting that but it sure was nice!

Triumph has a real winner here. If it proves to be reliable, and there is no reason to think it won't, I believe the BMW 800 will be in serious trouble. Take one for a test ride, you will be impressed, I know I was.

However, I won't be getting one. NOt the XC that is. The brakes are not linked front to back. I am used to the linked brakes on the Goldwing. I very rarely used the rear brake. When we first started out I was doing fine with just the front brake. At one of the stops I had to hit them a bit harder than usual and noticed the front end go down a bit. I wanted to investigate that so I grabbed a handful at about 40 or 45mph. Jack did his first stoppie on a motorcycle! It was like there was no resistance up front. I tried again, same speed, but this time also used the rear brake. Much much better this time. The rear end stayed on the ground and I had a very controlled stop. In an emergency I could see this old man going over the handle bars. I used to do that on purpose on my 10 speed bicycle but that was from a much lower speed and about 100 years ago. I'm just not comfortable with the front end dive on this XC. It soaks up bumps really well and I'll bet it's great off road but it's not for me. Also, I always wiggle the handlebars on a bike to see what it will do. The XC felt like a tank slapper was just a split second away! It was not a good feeling. It needs a steering stabilizer. The road version is said to have stiffer front suspension, less dive when braking. I'll have to see about the need for a stabilizer.

And now, the best for last. (And you thought I was done) I have owned approx 30 bikes. God only knows how many I have ridden over the years. I don't have a clue, but it has been a bunch. Let's pick the best transmission I have ever seen. I don't recall what bike it was on but I know what a bike transmission feels like. On a scale of 1-10 I would have to say the best I have seen would probably be around an 8. Let's face it, bike transmissions are nothing to get excited about. Until now that is. Maybe the bikes I have ridden have all had transmission problems. I doubt that though. I've been on too many for that to be true. So, on that scale of 1 to 10 I have to put this Tiger transmission at an easy 11 or 12. I did not know it was possible for a bike to have such a smooth transmission. Who knows, maybe it's just this particular bike I rode today. I sure hope not. Shifting with out the clutch I could not feel it go into gear with my left foot. Not even a little clunk, nothing. Clutchless downshifts were not quite as good but still very close. When I used the clutch it was unbelievably smooth. Triumph could make a fortune cloning this thing and selling it to the other brands. This transmission is head and shoulders above all others!

The shop is supposed to have a road version in a couple of weeks. I am really looking forward to that ride!
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The Jerk
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Originally Posted by gkgeiger View Post
Just look at the risers. If the bars are forward of the center then rotating them will move the bars back. I'm not sure how they come or if they are installed at the factory.
Yeah I was being lazy.

I went down and looked; it appears that the factory setting has the bars nearer the rider and if you flip the risers it will put the bars farther from the rider.
2000 Kawasaki W650
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Gnarly Adventurer
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AK Oldman, excellent review. Thank you very much. Money down last November, expected arrival, May 10, White XC ABS. (Fidget, fidget..) Going down to look at the new demo Saturday. Ken
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