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Old 11-12-2012, 01:10 PM   #31
Sophmore ADV Rider
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OK, more info on the project (yes, it's still a project, not a bike yet...)

Front ABS and Speed sensor are not functional... noisytoys was correct. Not sure about the disk, can anyone provide more info on that?

Front brake clearance was not quite perfect, the spokes were scraping paint off the caliper. Ground about .5mm off of the back of the caliper after talking to Woody's and a local bike mechanic. Basically took the paint off, and it clears now.

On the sprockets I matched the XChallenge stock settings, I didn't want to go too low to start with, until I get a feel for it.

Still thinking about fender solutions, I would like some way to hold the brake line so it isn't swinging around, it used to be attached to the front fender, but with the USD forks it's not easy to find a good mounting spot.

The handling is very twitchy, the narrow front with the XMoto's already unstable handling makes it a very nervous bike at any speed, a steering damper may be needed. I am also fighting with the wiring on the turn signals for the fender eliminator, they keep shorting and the resistors aren't working... I'm getting frustrated with this project now.

On that note, anyone want to make an offer? If someone has the time, money, and expertise to work on the wiring, fabricate a fender solution, fix the speedo disk issue, and put a damper on it, it will be an awesome bike... that person just isn't me.
Devin E.
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Old 11-13-2012, 11:27 AM   #32
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You are not that far off yourself!

Brake line; you need to fit the challenge (lower) fork protectors (or fitting KTM`s) there`s a line keeper on them.
(or go with the low 21inch wheel-frontfender from a F800GS, or similar.

ErikRS can draw and cut a custom ABS rotor for your rear disc-bolt pattern.

As for the twitchie part, I`m no expert by far, but fitting a bigger front wheel to the Moto fork should make it even slower reacting than an Xchallenge, because of the longer .... ( Nachlauf in German, the front axle is placed a few mm futher back in the Xmoto Fork compaired to the Xch or Xco )

So my assumption is that the harder rear spring/ damper of the Moto is making life harder when offroad.

What is your saddle height when seated on it?, (Xchallenge riders of similar weight could supplie you with theirs, problem is that the Xchallenge is pushed up by the air spring, when unseated,)

(My Moto is much harder sprung than my already beefed up rear end of my Xco)

So lower it asmap, and turn down the pré tension to lower and soften the rear, and the front fork needs to be at its longest, so all the way through the clamps.
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Old 11-13-2012, 02:25 PM   #33
Mr F
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ErikRS can definitely get you an abs ring made. I had woody's make me a set of wheels for my xmoto, and Erik got me taken care of on the ABS ring.

Speedo functionality fully restored :)

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Old 01-26-2015, 04:48 AM   #34
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Hey just wanna kick this up if there is ever somebody wanting to do the same thing as me, since this topic is like the only source of info on it:

I had these spoked wheels made by Woody's, 21/19 sizes. I only went through 'Zach' for communication. The cost was about 2100 inc 250 shipping to europe. I paid some fat import taxes on top of that even...

All in all I was not too impressed with the service:

  • One of the spacers for the rear wheel had the wrong inner diameter, like 1-2mm too small (axle wouldn't fit through). Thank god I had a friend who just rebuilt his lathe, so we could fix that. I needed them on the bike the next weekend for a gravel tour I had booked!
  • The spacers for the front brake disc (to bring them further away from the spokes were too low. I was ensured I could use my Xmoto caliper, but with the standard setup they sent me the spokes scraped against the caliper badly. I had to add some extra spacers, but not as much as i wanted because the bolts they sent me were pretty short too.
  • The (KTM acc. to Zach) brake disc on the front is a smaller diameter or something, so the brake pads wear unevenly, making it less than ideal to switch back to stock wheels at times. One of the pads has like the lower half recessed/worn out much more than the other one.
All in all I'm not that impressed for the money I paid. Zach promised replacements spacers and all, but I never got anything and grew tired of nagging about it.
I'd recommend considering xChallenge wheels and swapping to an xChallenge caliper, sacrificing some braking power but avoiding a lot of the hassle i had. I can't say for sure but supposedly that's all it would take to fit on an Xmoto.
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Old 02-24-2015, 08:04 AM   #35
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What ktm wheels?

Originally Posted by LukasM View Post
I would drop the idea of X-Ch wheels, they are just expensive, hard to find used and not even strong.

Get a KTM wheel with a 300mm brake disc (or 320 if that's what you have on there now) and then two custom spacers. The disc will probably need some spacers to be used with that wide caliper as well. How far are your fork tubes spaced apart?
Hey everyone, appreciate that this thread is a little old but, just bought a xcountry (in pieces) without wheels and discs. Can't wait to get this beast back together.

I'm looking to go a 21/18 front and back and not up for spending big on allegedly not very good XC wheels.

There's mention of using KTM wheels with spacers... Any particular wheels??

If you build it, they will come!

XR650R With just about everything!
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