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Old 05-25-2014, 06:53 PM   #1
Chopper Jockey
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Joined: May 2011
Location: Wet coast of Washington
Oddometer: 158
Talking Its time for my CTFR ride!

I've been doing this ride for almost 8 years, have missed a few due to various reasons but everyone knows how that works. Last year was the first year I posted a ride report on ADV it seemed to go over well so I'll do another.

A little background on the ride, first off, I am a chopper guy, second, I like to ride, I have pounded the miles on my chops, I have really screwed the pooch on them and I've hit the middle ground on them during these rides. The ride is the CTFR ride or as my sig line says "Choppers, They're For Ridin'", it is to clear my haywire mind from the winter blues, get away and get ready for the summer fun and long hours at work. It was on this ride that I met the late Macadam Drifter who encouraged me to join and become active here, so along with the original intent I have added a memorial and to pay respect to a very honorable man, Mike K or Macadam Drifter.

So lets get this started!

This year would be a little different, one of my best friends and riding buddy who has wanted to go for years got things set and he was in too! I was stoked, he was stoked as it would be his first road trip, he has ridden most of his life, commuting, day and overnight trips but never a multi day road trip. We had close to 400 texts, several phone calls and one meet up for dinner to get a plan, discus need and unneeded gear. We made a tentative route, nothing is locked in stone, I always pick a direction and go till I want to stop.

Monday morning we met at our usual meeting place, have some breakfast and a laugh, discussed routes, gear(again) and then we rolled.
Our meet up was delayed by almost an hour, seems someone forgot to buy my tabs and I had to make a side trip to the DMV first thing in the morning.

Here's my trusty bike the Pack Mule, usually referred to as the mule by most who know us.

Jimmi showed up shortly after I did with his Molotov bike, they earn their names in the chopper world , yes he is also riding a chop and they both sport state of the art, high tech leading link front ends!

After a biscuit and some BS we take off east, we both live on the wet side of Washington state, the main goals- Warm, dry and laughs!

At our first gas stop we run into a friend of ours heading to work, we offer to call his boss at work while he packs his stuff so he can go, he declines and says something about responsibilities.

We arrange to meet up with another friend for lunch, he was doing business in the area we were riding through and offered to buy lunch, you never turn down free lunch.

We had lunch and headed over the pass into the dry, warm air of the east side, the desert. After a gas stop and discussion on what way were were going from there we head east and into more desert terrain.

Dry SAND!!

I had a slight injury getting this pic, something to do with getting off the ground in a hurry to beat the timer, pants and certain equipment being in the wrong place and a PINCH, he still thinks it's funny, I tried to stay composed for the shot

From the Yakima valley we rode to Mabton and turned south into the Horse heaven hills. Along the way we stopped a few times to look at the landscape, he hasn't spent much time in this part of the state and was in awe of the beauty.

This is where we met a fellow that we will call Wayne, because that's his name, he stopped to BS and talk because he could tell we weren't from around here. He was a cool guy and offered up some info and we have very few rules but one is never turn down a

We checked out a camp site and headed into Goldendale for some dinner, we rode back to camp in the dark, on the way I plowed through a huge pot hole, 3 feet long and 4"-6" deep in spots, it threw me up, bike in the air, me holding on trying to catch my breath from the slam. I had my kidney belt on and it helped. It put a hop in my front wheel, knocked out my low beam and tail light died a day later.

We had a great first day and logged 330 miles, mostly county and secondary roads with about 5 miles of freeway!

Day 2 coming up....
choppers, they're for ridin'

CTFR ride reports
-- 2013

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Chopper Jockey
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Joined: May 2011
Location: Wet coast of Washington
Oddometer: 158
Day two..

Our camp site for the night was great. We were up around 6 got things sorted, repacked our gear. We had a laugh as I told him by day 2 or 3 you end up with things sorted and packed with ease and then you go home.

Our camp site for the first night.

After some laughs, getting hassled by a wild turkey for stinking up his camp we headed into Goldendale for coffee, breakfast and a headlight.

While we were at the coffee stand the local Napa delivery truck pulled through, I got the info on where the store was and we headed there after coffee, things were starting off great!

The back alley where you find most vagrants Ok this was parking at the Napa store. I have a theory about building choppers, one is they are meant to be ridden and should be built solid and with parts that can be replaced or fixed on the road if needed. My headlight is a standard 5 3/4" headlight that can be found at most parts houses, the new one cost me about $10. A few minutes to swap it out and we were off to breakfast!

We headed down the street to a coffee shop/cafe that I have stopped at for a few years, $4.95 special of biscuit, 2 eggs and coffee, PERFECT! We sat outside and visited the locals and relaxing.
We visited with the gal that has a shop next door to the cafe and she took our pic.

Jimmi is an entertainer along with his day job, he has fronted several Punk bands through the years along with working with other well known artist and bands. In this pic I'm not positive what the hell was going on, but I think he was dancing and showing off to the locals. The gal on the sidewalk stopped to chat and took the pic above.

After breakfast we headed south towards the river and Oregon. We stopped at this place to get some pics, look at the volcanoes, 4 of the west coast volcanoes can be seen from here.

Mt Adams peeking over the seat of the Molotov.

After that is was a few miles to the Stonehenge Memorial. This is where I met Macadam Drifter in 2011.

There were other people there taking pics, we told them we would move the bikes to clear up their photos, both asked us to leave them because the like them in the pics and offered to take our pic.

A view of the river from there, things are starting to green up.

We stopped at the local gas pumps but no luck. We crossed the river and got gas at Biggs Junction then headed south east.
No gas today boys!

We rolled into Oregon and through some great land, I took this route last year, he hadn't been this way before so we stopped several times to check out the views and tell lies. Our first town stop was in Condon where we took a pic of the theater, Jimmi's bride is active in theater preservation and restoration so pics are a must. Spiderman II was playing, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The gal with the shop next door came out the visit then we went into her shop and bought a few things... Are you seeing a pattern yet, we were really in a kick back mode and enjoying the ride.

From there we headed east, we stopped again, several times, its just great country and there are plenty of views to check out. We finally decided to head to Heppner Or to get some dinner and sort out the plan for the rest of the day as it was getting to be late afternoon.
We hit a bar that has good food and looked at the maps over dinner. There was a campground just outside of town so we picked up some supplies and headed there for an early evening. The camp had hot showers and the cost was $6 per tent, camp host coundn't believe we didn't have tents so she only charged us for one tent, SCORE! Had a great evening.

I always try to plan this ride around the moon, this year it was perfect.

We had a great day, met and visited with some great people. It was very kicked back and fun.

With a few side trips we logged a very kicked back 150 miles.
choppers, they're for ridin'

CTFR ride reports
-- 2013
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Chopper Jockey
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Joined: May 2011
Location: Wet coast of Washington
Oddometer: 158
Day 3

We had a plan for day three, BREAKFAST! I had done some homework before we left and decided that we would head to Ukiah Oregon for breakfast one of the days, today was the day.

No tents, less to pack and it makes for better pics.
Jimmi looks like a bum in the park .... it comes natural.

We were packed up pretty early and headed through the mountains towards Ukiah, it was chilli and they had gotten snow up high the week before but talking to the locals we knew the road was open and clear.

I hadn't been this way before so we were both in full discovery mode, it was great riding, great scenery!

This was one of the many high mountain meadows we rode through, beautiful country!

The riding was great, we met 3 or 4 other vehicles and 2 bicycles in the 46 miles to Ukiah.

As we started down out of the higher mountains we started getting into more open prairie type terrain and the wild flowers were everywhere, the smell filled your helmet and I finally had to stop!

Jimmi claimed it was him that smelled so good but I am pretty sure the shower didn't help and it was these that I was smelling.

There were thousands of acres of them!

We were both getting hungry so we headed down the hill to the Thicket cafe in Ukiah. We weren't the first to make it there, its worth the ride.

Breakfast was worth the 500 mile ride!

Looking east from the cafe.

From Ukiah we headed north up hwy 395, it was great riding. We didn't make as many stops this afternoon as the day before, both of us had four days and they were going away fast so we started heading towards home after breakfast.

North bound on 395.

I think I know that guy back there..

We have ridden together for years and we usually trade off the lead every so often, on this trip with gear we would look over each others bikes as we rolled up the road.

Jimmi in the lead..

We headed north through Pendleton Or into Walla Walla and headed west about about 20 miles north of Walla Walla. Needing to get a few more miles than the day before we did a lot less sight seeing, there was plenty to see without stopping so it was still great!

We Stopped somewhere west of the Tri Cities on hwy 24 to have a smoke break, BS and take in the view. We decided that we would grab a motel this night and take it easy.

Smoke break on 24

We rolled into Naches and grabbed a motel, conveniently it was right across the street from a bar and the gal who owns the motel has the cafe next door so breakfast starts at 9 am.

A little step up from the blue tarp and poncho accommodations that we had been enjoying the last few nights.

We did an easy 300 miles this day, it was a great day but then I have had very few bad days on the road!
choppers, they're for ridin'

CTFR ride reports
-- 2013
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Old 05-25-2014, 09:01 PM   #4
Chopper Jockey
DJ1's Avatar
Joined: May 2011
Location: Wet coast of Washington
Oddometer: 158
The last day..

Heading home always sucks for me, if it weren't for my wonderful wife I would probably be a bike bum riding and working along the way. We took our time packing up, neither of us wanted to go home but we all know the story.

Breakfast next door. I like breakfast!

After breakfast and some BS we headed towards the pass, stopping at a campground to check it out for future trips.

Then we were up the pass, it was cool compared to the warm air we had been enjoying the last few days. Maybe its because there was ice still on the lakes up there.

We dropped off the pass and into warm and muggy west side of the state. We stopped for gas in Packwood and after being hassled by an elderly lady about the ice cream in my beard we decided to head west. Both of us were trying to remember any out of the way route to make the trip longer but we finally ended up at the official end of the CTFR ride. It's at a mutual friends shop. He knew we had been on the road and was looking forward to our visit.

Sean snapped our pic and after a half hour we parted company, Jimmi heading north and I headed west to the coast. It was one of the best road trips I have taken, Jimmi and I are like brothers ... no we are brothers and taking this trip was the best thing we have done together. He has a totally different outlook on road trips and we are planning another as soon as we can both get away.

Thanks for a great four days!

We did just over 225 miles for the last day.

The only issues we had were related to me plowing into the bomb crater the first night and me having ice cream in my beard.

My front wheel was roached from the crater, making a .060" bend in the rim in about 6" length of it, it was swapped out for another I had in my stash and the Mule and I are ready to go again.
choppers, they're for ridin'

CTFR ride reports
-- 2013

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Old 05-25-2014, 11:24 PM   #5
Studly Adventurer
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Location: The Tron, New Zealand
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They are cool. proper choppers, not the crap you see nowdays.
05 DR650 - 86 BMW R80 with Velorex Chair - '67 Ducati 250 Mark 3 Narrow Case - 94 Beta Techno 250 Free GPS tracks for New Zealand & more - NZ sidecar forums
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Edmond Dantès
The Kanto Pain
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Joined: Jul 2009
Location: Château d'If
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So cool to see a ride report on these type of bikes instead of on the modern bikes with an overkill of gizmology.

I loved the way you could buy a new front light for your bike for $10.

Thanks for posting.
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Old 05-26-2014, 07:13 AM   #7
M.M.S. Tommy
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Joined: May 2009
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Thanks for the great RR..
Love those choppers!
(Multiple Motorcycle Syndrome)
TAT 2009 all of it and then some.
TET 2012 and then some
TWVT 2012
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Old 05-26-2014, 07:21 AM   #8
Gnarly Adventurer
Joined: Jan 2012
Location: USA, until eternity, than on to Heaven!
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Chopper project ?

I recently acquired an original Triumph Triton. This bike has some seriously extended forks on it, real retro early 70's stuff. I've always thought I'd like to build an interesting and wild chopper. I kinda think I might have my basic platform with this bike.

So,here is my question for you. Where should I look for chopper build items. The Triumph stuff, I can handle, but the proper bars, seats, tank, etc. I could use some input on where to acquire those things.

I appreciate any input. Thanks.
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