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Old 11-04-2011, 08:26 AM   #16
crestedbutte-rtw OP
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Location: RTW
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Last few hours and im braaaaping south

All I own is what I have on my bike. I am making my way to say goodbye to friends tonight and then I head toward LA say goodbye to Bro and Nephew. I will be crossing the border at Tecate around 7am on Monday.
Lets ride... Next two years here I come!!!!!
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Old 11-04-2011, 12:22 PM   #17
Encouraging Entropy
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Proud to have ridden all 50 US States. IBA #48773.
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You are following my proposed route until Eastern Russia! I will back-track from Magadan and then South to Malaysia and into Australia! I will surely be fallowing this RR. Ironically, I am from Colorado too! Not that "Denver/Boulder" Colorado, but the real Colorado like you......If you can call CB "Real"

Good luck!
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Old 11-05-2011, 06:49 AM   #19
Dan Keyhoety
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Don't be afraid your life will end, be afraid that it will never start.

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crestedbutte-rtw OP
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Location: RTW
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Day 1!!!!!

Last night a group of very close friends and family met in Blackhawk for a going away party. To say the least we did not sleep much, I got around 4hrs of shut eye. I got a late start with lots of good byes. Ran into some gnarly weather, snow, hail, rain all coming down sideways, the wind was blowing me around a little. My new Gore-tex riding gear worked AWESOME!!!!! Thank you KLIM and SUNSPORTS for the rad gear. Although I found out my old riding boots was shot, after riding with soaken wet frozen feet I swung into a moto shop picked up a pair of waterproof Gaerne boots and a few other parts. I grabbed a quick bite of dinner and rode into the dark trying to kill off a hundred or so miles of straight Utah highway. As I crossed into Utah there was just an incredible feeling of that everything was right and was well worth selling everything and leaving everything behind to ride into the unknown.
I have cold so I grabbed a cheap hotel room for the night hot shower and bed. I will wake up early tomorrow and bust a move straight through to LA to see my bro and nephew for the night. The adventure of a lifetime has started and I cannot stop laughing!

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Old 11-05-2011, 09:10 PM   #21
Gnarly Adventurer
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Good luck sounds like a hell of a trip. Will Be following your report.
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Old 11-12-2011, 02:01 PM   #22
crestedbutte-rtw OP
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Joined: Aug 2011
Location: RTW
Oddometer: 353
Pics to come!!! but here it is so far

Day 2-
Woke up at 6:15am got out of Green River by 7am. As I was climbing up my first summit I was freezing, couldn’t feel my neck or hands. Had to stop to grab my face mask and get some feelings back in hands. Luckly I did stop I had my back pack fall off and was hanging from the bike. Sun came out and was nice and warm until I hit 30miles outside of Saint George and it became ot get grey and cold as shit. Right as I hit snow I stopped at a Rest Area and grab all my clothes and layered up. I felt like the Mechielen Man but was v ery warm. Everyone looked at me crazy as I passed them on the highway. I was making good time I started to get very tired ( I cannot drink Coffee anymore.). I was out of it and needed to stop I went to pull off highway and flew down the VERY SHORT OFF RAMP, my feet were on the highway bar so no gears or brakes. Finally relized it and got my feet down hit the brakes dropped gear too late, So I hit the gas and shot through the stop sign and back up the on ramp. I stopped on the side for a quick rest and then back on the road.
I made it to Las Vegas and stopped at Ceasar but it sucked so kept going down the road. I headed down the road about 15 miles found a hotel / casino stopped to see how much but was too much stayed for 5 minutes and won 80 bucks off roulette. Free hotel room for the night. I jumped on the bike kicked forward off of the center stand, although I dint relizer that the kickstand was down. So the bike came down onto the kick stand which kicked me to the right, foot sleep and slowly over 30 seconds the bike went down with me fighting it all the way. Luckly a guy saw this and came over and helped me lift the heavy bike bnack up.. I got a hotel another 10 miles down the way right on the border of California and Nevada. I played a few games and some slots ended up going down 80 bucks, then one last bet brought me back to even including free room. Went to be by 9pm exausted.

Day 3-
I slept in a little, went out to the bike to try and figure out if I needed to change the jets. After a little while of messing with it and taking to jason while he looked up a bunch of stuff online for me we decided that the guy I bought it from never chagned it from sea level so I left it. I went right from there and headed full thottle down the 15 toward LA. I came flying up on traffic all red lights over a hill had my feet on the highway bars and had no time to hit the brakes luckly nobody was in the next two lanes and I was able to swing past all ofhte traffic and hit the brakes. I got to Dales around 4:30 he got home a little past 5 we changed and headed to pick up Tate. We headed out to dinner to watch the Bears vs. Eagles while Tate did homework and named all of the QBs for each team.

Day 4-
I woke up and said goodbye to Tate and Dale at 5am, laid around for about 45 minutes getting my stuff ready. I ran around Santa Monica getting cash, gas, oil, and a few other nicnacs. I took the 10, to the 405, to the 5, passing through San Diego and stopping at a target about 2o miles before Tecate/ border. I was so nervouse and exciting getting to the border, so so scared but at the same time so ready for this. I came to the border they were checking all of the cars before me and then just waved me through. I stopped and asked where I could get permits and tourist visa. Was told I either had to go to Tiajuana or to Mexicalli. I remembered reading something online saying I could import my bike in La Paz at the ferruy and so I hoped I could do everything there.
I pinned it over to Ensinada which was pretty staright forward lots and lots of stop signs… sixty to zeero real qucik every 500 metters.. I pulled into Ensenada at around 1:30 lucky I stopped at an Information booth and asked where Money exhange was. Luckly I did because she asked if I had received my travel visa and had my Passport stamped. I told her I had not, she said I lucked out I could get it done right up the road, last place to do it in Baja, (that could have been a eal headache).
I went got my passport stamoped and a visa as well as found out that I could import bike in LA PLAZ at ferry. I headed out around 2:30 rode hard and found out why everyone says that mexico is a pretty crazy place to drive one the road. Nobody cares if it’s a passing dotted, single solid, double solid line, or a blind turn . They just pass everyone , lots and lots of close calls crazy fast and risky driving. I was told never to ride at night, I passed though Tomas and kept it pinned even though I saw that sun was driopping quick. I came across about 10 miles of construction where they were working on the road so they had made a dirt, rockyy, muddy, and narrow road where we all bounced down it while passing cars.
I pulled into town and a cop flipped around and followed me till he turned back around looking for someone speeding. I was hoping to camp but couldn’t find a place. I stopped at grocery store garabbed tuna, musatard, nread, and one beer.I headed out of town looking for camiping but it was getting dark very quick.;I turned around and saw a motel gated. I pulled in and the owner was a younger dirtbiker who spoke english. He told me had 20 dollar rooms, I asked him about camoing he said I could through a tent up in his driveway. Before I could say he then offered a 10 dollar beat up room with two beds and hot shower. Took it right away I need a goodnight sleep pretty beat up from riding staight the past 3 days. I will get on my way as soon as I wake to make good head way tomorrow and will be at todo santos for the wedding Thursday afternoon,.
Day 5-
Today I woke up well rested and very centereed and happy. I got on the bike and started making great time I road for about 2 hrs and found a great little bus that was selling Huervo and steak with fresh Totillos. I had breakfast and got gas, and head up intot he mountains. I was flying up this mountain about 9 mile saway from town took a nice big right hadn turn straightened the bike up and then all hell broke loose… Well actually just the back broke free started sliding all over as if I was on ice… Got it under control and slowed down looked down and had my first of many FLATS…back tire!! I had never changed one solo so I was very happy that my dear friend Tree had sat down a did a tutorial with me about a week ago with an old rim and tire.
I pushed the bike across the road to a flatish dirt patch off of the highway 1. I kicked the bike onto the center stand and threw my bags on the handle bars thus bringing ht eback tire off of the ground. I had to kick my wrench to break the bolt free then was able to slip the axle off. The Disc brake setup came of easily then I roled the tire forward and was ablke to roll the chain off. I place the tire on the ground and got to work with the tire irons, when I got the tube out there wasn’t small hole to patch up.. it had blown a hole biger then a poolball out, I had ran over a huge staple that was still in the tire. All said and done it took me over an hour to get a new tube on and get it back on the bike. Hardest part was getting the tire off the rim and raplacing the Disc setup back on. I then put air back in but figured out that I had bought the wrong size CO2 but was able to put small cardboard at the bottom to make it fit. Although after I got about 20psi the pump broke. So I started to put the luggage back on, as I was getting ready a BMW GS1200 past me heading South. At this point I had gained a lot of knowledge of my bike but had lost about 2hrs total of riding time.
I was making good headway when I came upon a sign saying no servcices 240k I had already road 80 miles so I didn’t think I would make it with out more gas or having to use my back up. So I saw a man selling gas by the jugs, I got 4 liters and was on my way. I passed a tire place saw there was other bikers so stopped to see if they had tubes, they did not. I was asked by one of the bikers who was on a nice Ducati if I had a correct wrench for his axtle he too had a flat, I did not.
I kept going nowhere to stop[, that’s when I relized I was not going to make it before dark, started to get a little worried. I pulled into town about 5 minutes till dark I passed a gast station in looking for hotel. Found it and it was closed, the next one was another 40k up the way. I luckily saw that BMW again and waved him down. He was looking for a hotel too, we decided to ride together through the dark and find a place to sleep. About 5k out of town I ran out of gas (bonehead move) was too worried about finding a place to stay. I put my reserve gas in the tank from my rack and headed on my way with my new friend. Got to the next town grabbed gas and tried to find a hotel but they were all $70 plus bucks. We headed out of town to the next town Guerrero Negro. We finally found a place for 30bucks so we split it and got our gear off the bikes and went and had dinner. I know it is bad to ride at not in Mexico but sometimes you have no choice.. Due to flat tire I was put in a bind.

Day 6-
Got a lttle bit of a late start due to waiting for a moto shop to open so I could get a new tube, finally did (expensive!!!) I road hard all day holding at about 80-85mph unfourtantly I have one deadline for the next two years and that’s to be in Todo Santos on Friday for a wedding. I road for about 9.5hrs stopping for gas, lunch, and a quick stretch/ Pics. I passed through Cludad Insurgants around 4:10pm Kept going watching the sun dropping, once I made it to Cludad Consitucion at 4:40pm I had a choice to make. Do I sleep there or keep heading south and hope what I read about hotel at Santa Rita. I chose the wrong one, I kept going and to my dismay no hotel there or in the next couple of towns. I had 90k to make it and it was getting to be dusk. 30 minutes into the ride it was dark I jumped behind two cars and follow them the rest of the way to La Paz. I made it with out any problems other than swearing at myself for pushing it and getting caught in the dark again this time my fault no excuses. I got into town went to first hotle… full!! Second they had room but was kind of expense, after a little haggling I got him down to enough I could afford with free secure parking and internet. Nice cheap tacoa nd beer place around the corner. I will wake up early tomorrow and make my way to Todo Santos for the wedding.. haha pushing it close buit if all goes well I will be with great friends and beaches tomorrow.

Day 7-
I woke up around 6:30 rady for action packed my bike , got a car moved so I could squezee out. I jumped across the street to the gas station. I got 80 pesos of gas and had my money all together, wen tot pay with a 200 and he turned around hten back around with a 20 in his hands. Saying I hadn’t gave him enough have a sleep I gave him more and when I left I relize he had just scammed me I had given him a 2100 …well played scammed me for 16 bucks…I took me 2.5 hours to get to Todo Santos for the wedding from Laz Paz, took over 1.5 hrs to stop getting loss and get on the right road and hten less then an hour to get here.. I finally made it didn’t know where to go but knew Mary and Allisons friend owned a surf camp so I stopped talked with him checked my email and found out everything I needed to know. Pulled up right before 11 and hung rand into all of my friends with beer and tequilla heading for the beach. Quickly threw my gear in Dans place and met them at the beach for beerfast. Hung out on the beach till 2 eating tacos and drinking beers. We got ready and headed to the surf Colonel for the wedding. Beautiful wedding
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crestedbutte-rtw OP
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Chilling for the past few days now on the move

For the past few days Day8-11 I was relaxing with friends at the wedding and on the beach, I left them this morning Day 12. I headed back to La Plaz to Ferry over to mainland tomorrow.
I was heading into La plaz from Todo Santos, about 10k from town on the highway. All of a sudden I hear Fletch! Hey Fletch! I look to my right and there is Bret a friend from seattle who I met down here on his dirtbikes. We pulled over he was on his way to get his wife who flew in. His buddy who he had drove down with him dirtbiking down had broken his ribs and had to fly home. He was able to give me a quart of oil for my bike for free which was awesome of him. Then we went on our ways. Thanks dude!!!!
Not letting me upload pictures?!!??? why??
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crestedbutte-rtw OP
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Pics on webpage

Check out website.. pics on there of BAJA
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Originally Posted by crestedbutte-rtw View Post
Check out website.. pics on there of BAJA

no pics....

just paypal gas fund....hope your ride goes well.

good luck
I love these goofy bikes and their "let's go make coffee some place stupid, instead of, a stupid place to buy coffee" mentalities.
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I know it's ages until you get to Europe or specially north Europe but if you come this way you're very welcome in Stockholm! Amazing trip, good luck!

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Awesome trip so far ride on my friend!
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crestedbutte-rtw OP
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My fault my friends now pics are up

Originally Posted by FatherX View Post
no pics....

just paypal gas fund....hope your ride goes well.

good luck
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I love the idea and will definitely follow your journey!

Ride safe!
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Butler Maps
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so did you score some riding gear?
stop in and say hi when coming through puerto vallarta!
you can't miss checking out's a way cool beach town.

i'm sure you figured it out but, you get the mainland bike permit at the ferry in la paz.

when coming down 15 take the san blas road and then follow the coast south.
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