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Old 11-06-2011, 07:07 AM   #1
Panda* OP
Gnarly Adventurer
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Joined: Aug 2010
Location: Russia, Moscow
Oddometer: 164

After returning from our last trip,
we suddenly have bought Honda VFR 1200 FD and decided to go to a new trip on it. We ordered a lot of necessary additional equipment for long-distance travel, including 2 times to alter the seat (from uncomfortable sport seat - made a comfortable travel seat).
Unfortunately, our order didn’t come on time, and we decided to go on a trip on our T-Max - thought it would be the last time then wetrouble Max for long-distance trip... Oh, if we knew the future! Perhaps, from all our trips, this trip was the most interesting, but also the most controversial.
We visited Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, and the famous Postojna Cave with located near Predjama Castle, the island of Krk in Croatia and the magnificent Plitvice lakes and waterfalls. The first time used the ferry - from Croatia to Italy. We visited the paddock Moto GP in Misano, were in San Marino, Siena, San Gimignano, Florence. And finally, on the way to Bologna, had an accident on the autobahn. But everything in order.
Usual way we drove through Russia, Belarus, Poland, the Czech Republic and Austria, and moved to Slovenia. The whole day was taken at rest and examination of the capital of Slovenia - Ljubljana. Very nice old center, Triple Bridge (consists of 3 bridges), bridge Dragon, Ljubljana castle, which can be reached by cable car. Ljubljana has made a very pleasant impression to us and something reminded of Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic, may be due the river, flows through the center of the town.

Early in the morning, leaving from Ljubljana, we went to Postojna Cave - Europe's largest karst cave over a length of 20 km. And here, in 187, was built first in the world cave railway. Also, the cave is the first in the world by the length of the cave spaces accessible for tourists - more than 5 km. The standard tour takes 1.5 hours, first we were taken by train deep into the cave to 2 km. And then, accompanied by a guide,we walked more than 1 km. I have to say, in the cave is forbidden to photograph,even without a flash, but only in one hall you can make photos. Of course, we secretly photographed, but the beauty and majesty of the surrounding - pictures does not reflect. And only in the Postojna Cave live unique amphibian - the European Proteus (salamander), it can be seen in a large aquarium in one of the halls of the cave.

In 9 km from Postojna Cave is located Predjama Castle, the first mention of which relates to 1274. The castle is located in the second largest cave in Slovenia and fixed in the niche of 123 meter cliff. The most famous owner of the castle was Erasmus - a knight, who went against the Austrian king. A whole year king army besieged the castle, but Erasmus only mocked the soldiers, throwing to them fresh cherries - into the castle secret underground tunnels were transported food and water from the surrounding villages. The siege of the castle could go on for a very long time, if not a betrayal of the servant. When Erasmus went to the toilet, the servant illuminated the lamp spot on the wall of the castle, where at that time was Erasmus, and the royal troops cannonball smashed the wall and killed the knight. When Erasmus went to the toilet, servant highlighted a lamp the place on the wall of the castle, where at that time was Erasmus, and the royal troops cannonball smashed the wall and killed the knight.

To be continued...

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Throttle Jockey
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Learn to ride. Ride to learn.
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Panda* OP
Gnarly Adventurer
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Joined: Aug 2010
Location: Russia, Moscow
Oddometer: 164
It's time to leave the hospitable Slovenia and continue our journey. We came to Croatia, to the port city Riekka and bought tickets for the ferry from Zadar (Croatia) to Ancona (Italy). Before the ferry remained a few days and we had a few points in the list "must visit". First, we decided to relax 1.5 days in the largest Croatian island of Krk, which connects with the mainland one of the largest bridges in the world - 1430 meters.

Town of Krk, the largest town on the island of Krk.

Road "Black snake" on the island of Krk.

Krk - good, but we must go further, to the Plitvice Lakes. These are the views from the mainland Croatia to island of Krk!

to be continued...

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Panda* OP
Gnarly Adventurer
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Joined: Aug 2010
Location: Russia, Moscow
Oddometer: 164
On the way to Plitvice Lakes, our navigator had decided not to seek the easy way and paved the way at a very winding road through the forest, about 12 km!

Plitvice Lakes. This is the place for whose sake we came to Croatia! 16 lakes, connected by a 92 waterfalls, a riot of colors and a lot of fish, which is forbidden to catch, unfortunately!

Early in the morning we went to Zadar to take a ferry to Italy. We do not have time to see the town, as the road from Zadar to Plitvutskih Lakes took a little longer than planned. On the ferry we sailed 6 hours, very boring, the Internet does not work, there is only one restaurant, but it only works for 1.5 hours at the beginning, so we mainly sunbathed on the upper deck or having coffee at the bar.

to be continued...

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Panda* OP
Gnarly Adventurer
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Joined: Aug 2010
Location: Russia, Moscow
Oddometer: 164
We sailed into the Italian Ancona at 6:00 pm on Friday and decided to immediately go in Tavullia - native village of Valentino Rossi. Tavullia located a few kilometers from Misano track, which takes place Moto GP of San Marino. Of course, we knew that Valentino is a national hero of Italy, but what's going on in his native village, especially on the "home" race, it's indescribable! The whole village is boiling like a huge pot, a lot of fans, all the local shops, restaurants and hotels in some way connected with the number 46 and the Vale. The atmosphere is very friendly. The Russian number of our Max caused a stir there: everybody photographed it and came up to us to give respect. We even gave an interview to television Moto GP. (although I do not know where to watch).

In Tavullia we met two very interesting guys from Moscow who helped us get two paddock pass to Moto GP. Saturday morning we spent at Misano, and in the afternoon traveled to see the San Marino. Sunday we spent most of the day on the race. What can I say, the paddock is something! Now it is not interesting to buy tickets just to the stands. I decided not to disturb photographs from Moto GP and San Marino, so the first photos it's Saturday and Sunday from Misano, and then photos from San Marino.

The Republic of San Marino.San Marino is the oldest republic in the world,and one of the smallest States.The country is surrounded by Italy and is situated on the slope of the mountain massif of Monte Titano.

to be continued...

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Panda* OP
Gnarly Adventurer
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Joined: Aug 2010
Location: Russia, Moscow
Oddometer: 164
After finishing the race in Misano, we went to Siena but decided not go by motorways, but to go by a very picturesque, "Serpentine" roads.

Siena. One of the most beautiful medieval towns in Italy. Town is divided into 17 regions - Contarde wich compete with each other. Each Contrade has it's own flag, coat of arms, the animal-protector etc. The peak of the confrontation falls on July 2 and August 16 - the time of the Palio, bareback horse race,wich involve 10 representatives Contarde, chosen by lot. Horse Racing are conducted in the central square - the Piazza del Campo, which resembles the shell because of its form, divided into 9 sectors. Very beautiful and unusual area, also there is the palace Publico with 102 meter tower del Mangia (we are very tired to climb it).

Siena Cathedral (Duomo) - a pearl of Siena! Supposedly Duomo started to build in 1226g. But after almost 100 years, townspeople conceived a new ambitious project: they began to build the biggest church in the world around almost built cathedral. Soon, because of the empty coffers, epidemics of plague and other problems the construction of a giant cathedral stopped and it was good for the original Duomo, because the inhabitants of Siena with doubled force began to decorate the old cathedral. We were amazed by the unique floor of the cathedral, which was created during 200 years and consists of 56 multi-colored marble panels.

From Siena, we drove to Florence, and stopped along the road to the "city of towers" - San Gimignano. This small town is famous for its towers, now there are only 14, and in the Middle Ages, there were 72. They were built by noble families as a symbol of riches and success: family that has a higher tower - the coolest family!

to be continued...

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Panda* OP
Gnarly Adventurer
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Joined: Aug 2010
Location: Russia, Moscow
Oddometer: 164
Florence. City - museum, do not even know what to write, it is necessary to look with your own eyes!

to be continued...
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Panda* OP
Gnarly Adventurer
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Joined: Aug 2010
Location: Russia, Moscow
Oddometer: 164
The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence- this grandiose cathedral church is a 4-largest church in the world, and the dome of the cathedral, designed by genius architect Filippo Brunelleschi, is the symbol of Florence.During the construction, a hole for cathedral dome was made a very large and the technology of that time did not allow to cut off the dome. Only 40 years later, Filippo Brunelleschi proposed to build the dome without scaffolds which stand on the ground. He invented the double-layered dome, and put the bricks so that each successive row of bricks provided for the balance of the previous row. During the construction of octagonal dome with a diameter of 42 meters, Brunelleschi invented many new engineering solutions and invent new tools, and Leonardo da Vinci, with the help of specially designed machines - installed in the lantern of the dome a huge gold-plated brass ball. Between the two walls of the dome, along the narrow aisles and high stairs you can climb onto the roof of the cathedral, with stunning views of Florence. Only I warn you, if you have a tendency to claustrophobia, the passing between the two walls of the dome is contraindicated to you!

Here we got to the very unpleasant! On the road from Florence to Bologna, we had an accident, we do not used the fact that because of the heavy workload of our Max the braking distance became longer, and as a result - we entered in the back of Ford c-max. Most horrible moment was when lying on the asphalt, I saw in the 20 cm from my head a passing truck wheels!
As a result, I only had a bruise on the leg, Robert bruised both hands, and in the evening he strongly swollen one hand (the next day the other hand is swollen), we bought the cream from bruises and bandaged hands. We not addressed for medical attention because as thought it was just heavy injury, and it soon healed. Our Max damages were more serious: minus both headlights, windshield, left turn signal, front part of the plastic and other trifles. Plus, when braking - "pecked" handlebar.

Somehow we got to Bologna,asked a local taxi driver,where the Moto service. He spoke about the moto service on the Via Saffi. And on the next street were many motorcycle shops, in one of which we bought some spare parts. Thanks to Suzanne on Triumph for their participation and assistance in finding parts. Many thanks to Mirco and his boys from Buscaroli cento-assistenza on Via Saffi 65/ B, which is almost 2 days restored our Max. They even put in our Yamaha, headlights from a Honda (we were not able to buy new ones from T-Max, it was necessary to order and wait a few days).

While our Max repaired, we decided to look at Bologna,as originally planned!

Leaving a Friday evening from Bologna, we drove about 200 kms and spent the night in the agro-hotel near Udine. In the morning we found auto service center and persuaded the mechanic to cut the windscreen - new Givi was so huge that it was impossible to drive.

Three days road to home and 2700 kms. The whole first day I was driving (like all previous ones after the accident), tried to keep the speed not more than 120 km/ h, because we were afraid that Max has any hidden defects after the accident.So only got to drive 560 km. - Very tired. The second and third day, we have changed with my husband, his hand was not so strongly hurt and the swelling was not that big. In Moscow, a week after our return, the hand continued to hurt, and we did an X-ray photograph: a broken arm and crack. So now strongly smear various ointments. We took our Max to service - our fighting horse need to put in perfect condition, he deserves it!
But even with all this, impressions of the trip the most positive.

Total run 6480 kms. 17 days.

All photos here:

P.S. I do not know where to insert these two pics in the report,... ..
The famous Goulash soup in a bread pot.In the cafe at a petrol station in Poland.


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marty hill
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Wonderful, thank you! Sorry about the crash.
ride till you can't.
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Gnarly Adventurer
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Beautiful pictures, thanks for posting, I like the T-max
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Studly Adventurer
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Super awesome report and photos. Thank you for sharing a bit of history within your report Panda. Great job!
I'd rather live, than live forever...
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Crazy Canuck
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Great photos and report

Thanks for sharing.
"Experience alone is not the great teacher; Experience has to be multiplied by intelligence to yield sustained progress." Phil Schilling
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Old 11-07-2011, 04:27 AM   #13
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I live in the area, and I visited majority of places. But I obviously overlooked some things.
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Canadian living in exile
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great pictures!!!!
I loved the story about the knight & the castle.
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Glad to hear you both are OK . The Pictures are great again. Enjoy the new ride once u get the new seat.
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