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Old 01-08-2012, 01:35 PM   #46
Studly Adventurer
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I added the couple of missing videos into the Day-4 post above:

A 8min x3 speed video of the 24min ride from Paris dam to Cascade dam:

A 10min video at original speed of the last part of the track going into Cascade dam, and a quick look at the dam at the end:

Also: Just discovered the down side of posting lots of photos... My Photo-Bucket account has been hammered with 50,000 image views, it's approaching the 10gig monthly bandwidth limit now.... Looks like I'll have to pay the $25 and upgrade to a pro account... (too much of a hassle to move the pics elsewhere)

Fun fun

Thanks for the comments and encouragement everyone
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Old 01-09-2012, 02:37 AM   #47
Studly Adventurer
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Location: Down-under Down-under
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Day 5

Riding: 9:20am - 8:15pm


Campsite: Just out of Corinna on a side track.

Route: Waratah - Corinna - Western Explorer - Temma - Arthur River - Marrawah - Woolnorth - Smithton - Edith Creek - Western Explorer - Corinna

After the long day yesterday I slept in a bit today, got up around 7:30am... The weather was nice again and I felt ready for another long days riding...

The plan was to head up the Western Explorer and work the rest out from there, I didn't really know what the Western Explorer was like or how long it would take...

Headed into Warratah and filled up the bike and 5L can, it seemed the next fuel stop would be Smithton which was beyond the range of the standard tank....

Made my way down through Savage River on a nice twisty sealed road, then the road turned to white silica? gravel not far passed there.... The silica gravel was a slippery as hell so I stopped to let the tyres down a bit, they were still up high from the servo stop in Longford yesterday... The tyres and wheels were stinking hot from the run down the twisty tar, the rear was up at 32, and front about 28, no wonder I was sliding around :P ... Let them both down to low 20's which made a huge difference, it was still fairly skittish though...

Stopped at the intersection at the bottom of the Western Explorer for some pics and a breather:

50km/h for 53km? nah, I don't think so... (double or nothing!!)

Looks like a pile of mutated spew:

I hung around here for a while and didn't see any other vehicles so I figured there wouldn't be much traffic on the road... How wrong could I be...

Headed up the Western Explorer, it wasn't much fun to start with, lots of loose white silica gravel, I was skipping around quite a bit and felt like a total noob... It wasn't long before I started passing mainland 4x4's towing caravans going the other way, most were going flat out and kicking up huge clouds of white dust, you could see them coming from a fair distance away which gave me a chance to slow down, put my visor down, and pull my open jacket closed before they belted passed and left me blinded in their cloud of dust... I don't think any caught me unaware thankfully... I was still wearing the rag bandanna I started wearing for sun protection on day 3, that saved me breathing in too much dust...

It wasn't long before I started to get the hang of the road and my speed picked up and I felt fairly competent again, the road base seemed to have more rock in it now which helped... Leaning forward and out of the corners and letting the Dominator slide a bit helped also... The constantly changing scenery and good tunes on the iPhone made it a pleasant cruise...

Maybe 1/4 of the way up the road I went through a wisp of dust on the top of a crest, I thought I was catching up to another car, went over the crest and down around a bend and suddenly there was 2 heavily loaded DR's in front of me in a dip in the road, they appeared out of nowhere and gave me a bit of a shock... They appeared to be having a hard time of it, skittering around on the loose gravel, their bikes appeared to have pretty stiff suspension... I thought to myself "they need 20yo soft and slogged out limo style suspension like the Dominator has" lol....

I wasn't too interested in sitting in their dust so I gave a couple of toots on the horn and cruised passed...

The rest of the 75km trip was fairly uneventful other than a QLD/NT registered 4x4 with caravan taking up the whole road and not slowing down at all, luckily I saw him coming and slowed down to a crawl.... As he approached he was barely 3 feet from the guide posts on my side of the road so I took to the rain gutter and went around the guide posts rather than run the risk of getting clipped by his caravan which was flailing all over the place.... CRAZY....

By time I arrived at the top end of the road I was suffering from the heat again so I found a tree to stop under and sat down for some lunch... coffee, rice crackers, and tuna... The Dr's cruised passed about 30 mins later, I was going to grab some pics but they snuck up on me and I wasn't quick enough...

Packed up and made my way west towards Arthur River... The DR's had stopped at the Arthur River/Temma intersection so I pulled up to say Hi, I was a bit shocked to see it was a couple of good looking girls, they appeared to be well set up with all good gear impressive! ... Had a quick look at their bikes while they were busy taking photos, it seemed like I was interrupting a "moment", so I nicked off and headed down to Temma for a look...

Then north to Sarah Anne Rocks for a flying visit, then on to Arthur River, The Edge of the World:

I thought there was a New Years day celebration going on or something:

But after looking at the pics it seems they were all spectators for a 4x4 retrieval, lol, I bet he had a headache!

Continued north to check out West Point, that was a nice spot with quite a few surfers out catching waves:

Then onto Marrawah, I read somewhere fuel wasn't available here anymore, but it was so I fill up... Marrawah was only 214km from Warratah with a few little detours, so I didn't need to use my spare 5L....

Headed west to check out Ann Bay:

Then back through Marrawah and up the gravel roads to Woolnorth, that was quite a long run just to see a few wind turbines from a distance... oh well...

Then onto Smithton where I topped the fuel up again and headed back south towards the Western Explorer... I originally intended to poke around the forests up here but there was no time to spare, I was going to head home tomorrow before the weather cracks up the next day, so the further south I could get tonight the better...

The drive south from Smithton on the tar was sorta entertaining.... I was cut off by a small white hatchback not far out of Smithton, my first thought was, "I bet they're drunk"... I gave them plenty of room and stayed well back, they were all over the road, cigs flying out the windows, at one stage they came within millimeters of running into a milk tanker that was turning into a farm, I was thinking, "are they going to slow down" nope, at the last second they slammed on the brakes and screeched to a stop in a cloud of tyre smoke... I bet the truck driver was clenching his butt cheeks waiting for them to hit!...

I really didn't want to see them plow off the road so I slowed right down so I couldn't see them anymore... I think it was at the Arthur River bridge I passed them, they were parked at the picnic area leaning on the car drinking from tall champaign type glasses... Silly girls...

The road was a mix of tar and white dirt/gravel now, a couple of the dirt sections gave me a shock, they were like 6" deep talcum powder, riding into the sun they appeared to be normal white gravel, but they were deep fine white dust, my legs and the bike were covered in it...

Back at the top of the Western Explorer:

No, my boots aren't on the wrong feet

It was 6:40pm when I set off back down the Western Explorer, I had no hope of catching the Pieman River barge at Corinna by 7pm so there was no need to rush... Being so late I figured there wouldn't be any traffic on the road so I took extra care and tried to keep my speed down to around 80kmh, it wouldn't be much fun to spend a night injured on the side of the road out here...

A 10 min video of a few bits of the Western Explorer to show what it's like:

And another 10min section if you're really bored:

As expected, I didn't see any cars on the road, just one campervan parked, and I thoroughly enjoyed the 75km ride without having to deal with crazy drivers and their clouds of dust...

3 cheers for good roads and good music

I rode down to Corinna for a quick look so I knew where I had to go in the morning, then headed out to look for a camp spot, just at the 60km sign at the edge of Corinna there was a track which lead into a concrete area with some old mining or logging machinery, there was a few piles of dumped garden waste and scrap wood laying about, but I found a nice camp spot over the back where I set up camp...

Dinner was canned stew, instant mashed potato, and tortillas again...

Metho cooker warming up"

I was determined to make todays report a little less long winded.... Doesn't look like it happened...


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Steamy Moose
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Love the report / pics so far mate, seemed like a great trip around Tassie!
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Day 6


Riding 7:30am - 9:30pm


Route: Corinna - Reece Dam - Granville Harbour - Trial Harbour - Zeehan - Ocean Beach - Strahan - Queenstown - 14 mile - Florentine - Styx - Hobart

Woke at 5am after a good nights sleep, I wasn't sure if I was going to head home today or camp down the Mt McCall track near Queenstown... The plan was to check the weather reports later in the day then decide...

Packed up and headed into Corinna at 7:30, I was thinking the barge operated from 7am, but it was actually 9am... So I had 90 mins to wander around and take some pics:

I jumped on the first barge at 9am and started heading south, there was a campervan in front of me that didn't want to let me pass so I explored a side track for a while, then headed around to Reece Dam for a look:

Then out to Granville Harbour on the gravel road...I was considering taking the Climes Track through to Trial Harbour so went for a look down there:

Being solo, and a bit nervous about getting stranded, I decided not to take the Climes Track, I don't have to do EVERYTHING this trip... At least I know where it is for next time, I think I'd rather do it without the low side cases, and with a Spot tracker...

Headed back out of Granville, down the sealed Heemskirk Rd and into Trial Harbour:

Then down to Zeehan for a look at Spray Tunnel, I was surprised to see it's all been tidied up with boarded walkways and such, they must be trying to suck the tourists into town (even though there's no signs about the tunnel anywhere)...

I was hesitant to take the bike through the tunnel, but figured the local Gov would know it's an attraction for people like us, and if they didn't want us to go through they would have signs up and chains between the posts to prevent access... I was confident no one was around so went for it, I took care not to do any damage to their walkways or chew up the gravel and such...

Posted before in the first post of the thread:

It was fun, and something different... I would have preferred it in it's old rustic state though...

Then into zeehan for fuel, food, and a breather under a shady tree... It was 34C today so I was really suffering in the Dririder Alpine jacket... I'm stupid enough to do a summer trip in a non-vented jacket, but I'm not stupid enough to take it off and go without protection...

Headed for Ocean beach at Strahan with a quick detour into the Henty Dunes carpark, I wasn't game to take to the soft sandy dunes...

Ocean Beach:

I was quiet nervous about heading down onto the beach, I've never really had a big bike on sand before, + it was stinking hot... Figured if worse came to worse I'd end up carrying the panniers and pushing/motoring the bike back up..

It turned out to be very easy sand, a little shallow soft stuff on the access track, then I stuck to the moist sand on the beach and had no issues at all...

I had a great time blasting along the beach, the cool ocean air was refreshing, I was surprised to see a couple of dozen dead sperm? whales, you don't see that everyday! ... Headed about 10km down around the heads at Hells gates, then back up the beach passed the access track for a few more km...

I ended up doing about 30km on the beach, I would have done more if I had time I kept my speed down to around 60 to 80kmh most the time with only a small 100kmh squirt, things go wrong too fast at 100, didn't want to temp fate... I had to wait a while to get off the beach, a gray nomad decided to tow his caravan down onto the beach and had some trouble getting back out...

A 10 min video of the access onto the beach, riding around the decomposing whales and such, and back off the beach:

I was amazed what a tourist center Strahan is now compared to what it was not that long ago, I had no interest in stopping there... Headed for Queenstown, the heat was knocking me around so I was stopping frequently for water, to wet my face rag, and to pour water around inside my jacket and through the vents in my pants, that all helped cool me a bit...

It was around 4pm when I stopped at Queenstown to refuel... It was real windy and showers were forecast for tomorrow so I decided to head home... I didn't fancy riding the west coast road in the wet on well worn knobbies...

Cruised down to Derwent Bridge and refueled again, it's been a lot of years since I've been on this road, it was good fun, it would have been better if it wasn't so hot :p

I was sick of the tar so I took the Fourteen Mile Rd to bypass Tarraleah, then turned off at Wayatinah to ride the 100km of gravel haul roads through the Florentine and Styx to Karanja near Bushy Park... Damn I love that run...
(BTW: Derwent Bridge to New Norfolk is 140km on the tar, 160km on the dirt/gravel via the above route)

Stopped near Plenty for some quick 60th birthday celebrations:

The bike went great for the whole trip, I didn't have to lay a spanner on it once, it went through 1L of oil though...

Arrived home at 9:30pm, what a trip ! ...

I skipped over lots of places I wanted to see on the west coast, I'll head back up there for a few days in the near future for a good look around... Mt McCall, Montezuma Falls, poke around the old mines, and take a million and one photos of all the interesting stuff up that way... I'll do another trip up the North East also eventually...

It's been interesting reliving the trip while writing about it, I remembered a lot of details I had totally forgotten about due to being so rushed when I was on the road...

Thanks to everyone that's read all my crap...

All comments, suggestions, and questions will be welcomed :)

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what a great first trip! thanks for taking the time to post it, it has given me even more incentive to get off my procrastinating ass!

Look forward to many more RR's from the 'domiantorrrrrr'. (said with an arnie accent)

'08 DR650 (bushpig), '04 Zx10r (green meanie)
You don’t stop riding because you’re getting old, but you get old when you stop riding.

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Mark or Jack
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Awesome trip and I really enjoyed reading all about it and seeing your pics.

I have just been informed that my brother Lost Doug wants to check out the Western Explorer and surrounds so we may be using your report as a bit of a guide soon.

my website
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Originally Posted by backtodirt View Post

what a great first trip! thanks for taking the time to post it, it has given me even more incentive to get off my procrastinating ass!

Look forward to many more RR's from the 'domiantorrrrrr'. (said with an arnie accent)

Stay tuned ... "Dominating Australia - a lap of the top paddock" ... might not be too far away

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I enjoyed that thanks, just one question is that a whale skull on the beach above your tunnel video ?
Good pics,just another reason to see Tassie.
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Old 01-10-2012, 05:23 AM   #54
we can rebuild him.
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Great stuff, nice to see the other side of the world.

I had a Dominator for 5 years in the nineties, great bikes.
Brrmmmmmmmmm Brmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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Thanks for the comments :)

Yep, the bones are whale bones.... There was a couple of dozen dead whales on Ocean Beach also but I didn't stop for photos, they can be seen on the Ocean Beach video though....

I have a few panoramic photos that need to be fixed up, I'll post them at a later date....

and I'll try to edit up a decent entertaining video at some stage.... The long videos I've posted have been more for reference material, to give people an idea of what to expect if they head to these areas... They're probably pretty boring to most people

I'm a bit shocked by the 65,000 image views on my photobucket account, lol.... It certainly shows how popular ADVrider is!

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Excellent report Flickit, some great Photos too, I'd love to get down there and explore.

As they say, So many roads, So little time.
2010 Yamaha TDM900

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Great report!

Hey, great report -- it's been inspiring! I totally need to get my dominator a "little" more sorted and check out those roads. I'm pretty keen to check out the west coast, maybe head from Launceston, through the lakes, down to west coast, then back up north to Launy.

Have you worked out how many km's you can get out of the reserve tank? I usually get ~220km on the main tank before having to switch over. I think I need to strap my 4L bottle to the back and test it out one day.
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Old 01-10-2012, 05:07 PM   #58
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A few other details:

Fuel economy over the 2300km trip ended up at 15.6km/L (38.8mpg)....
(A bit worse than the usual economy due to the added load, normal = 16.5 to 19km/L )...

I used 140L of fuel, a mix of regular and premium, total fuel cost was $211... (around 10 cents per KM)

I didn't keep good track of the other expenses, water, odd lunches, and such, but that would total well under $100...

I set off on new tyres, day 4 I had the pressure too low which seemed to take a fair bit of life off them... The last 2 days, 860km, the pressures were 20psi (cold) front and rear, probably a little low for the long twisty tar runs coming home, but they felt good and didn't seem to suffer from it...

This is how the D606's looked after he trip:

Originally Posted by humphrey View Post
Have you worked out how many km's you can get out of the reserve tank? I usually get ~220km on the main tank before having to switch over. I think I need to strap my 4L bottle to the back and test it out one day.
The tank is 16L total, 13L + 3L reserve... I could have done my trip without carrying extra fuel, I didn't hit reserve once, but it's no fun running low and stressing... On a couple of my day trips I nearly ran out, it ruins a good trip, one time I filled up with dead on 16L, I wasn't far off having to push it....

With your 220km too reserve, you should get an extra 50km on reserve... Best to carry extra though, at least you can explore other side tracks without worrying about running out...

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Old 01-14-2012, 02:50 PM   #59
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The switchback road?

Hi Flickit,

What's the name of that switchback road in your photos and whre is it? I guess it's somewhere around Queenstown?

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Originally Posted by spacekadet View Post
Hi Flickit,

What's the name of that switchback road in your photos and whre is it? I guess it's somewhere around Queenstown?

It's Jacobs Ladder which leads up to Ben Lomond... NE Tas.,_Tasmania

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