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Old 03-15-2012, 12:42 AM   #31
Gnarly Adventurer
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Location: The Mediterranean As It Once Was
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just perfect , except your feet...
crowbar...helps more than words
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X challenge

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Old 03-15-2012, 11:51 AM   #32
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Great pics, nice report!

Bravo fantje!
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Old 03-16-2012, 02:28 AM   #33
Gnarly Adventurer
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REST DAY for Some / BUT not for me

Now this is a chance for me to help with a report.
Like mentioned:
Other Slovenian guys took a rest day (day off) when I continued with Italian friends more deeper into Sahara.
Team: massimo, roberto, mateo, peter

Our plan and goal was to reach a point in GPS coordinates which was so called "Camp EDY".

First the fuel we need for all day riding dunes.

15 minutes ride very fast tempo offroad pistas with tracks South from Ksar G.
Here we enter big dunes:

FIRST to reach was El Mida:

Here we go baby:

The mighty Italians:
Max, cocco, Mateininio

Out from bigger Dunes and Straight to El MIDA:

Hi speed Trax:

Look behind this valley. Even more bigger Dunes. There we go...
Jesus my adrenalin is pumpin'

But first EL MIDA. Peak Rock in the middle of desert:

When we reached EL Mida we pumped the bikes up the hill - of course we wanted to reach the hill, the view...

It was very hard to reach the top. The sand was soft and the bike was heavy.
Cocco, MAx and Mateo already managed.
I tried and tried:

Took it personally. Used all my technical knowledge I have.

And finally made it.
JESUS DOPE. Look at that view.

Just peace and beauty from EL Mida.

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Old 03-16-2012, 03:32 AM   #34
Gnarly Adventurer
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Location: Ljubljana
Oddometer: 232
El mida - camp edy

I found a picture from my last 5th attempt to reach top of El Mida:

OK we cont.
We all knew that we can not spend much time on El Mida.
Camp Edy was much deeper into Sahara.
Direction was almost straight line South-West from El MIDA.

We were lucky that day. Sand was perfect except some passages. So the tempo was high.
I mean really high :)

We didnt know how long the sand will stay perfect.

Here we go

Like mentioned we entered bigger dunes:

Again my adrenalin is pumping.
But I was in the zone and Italians too.
No talking at all between us:
We just rode those dunes and continued fast.

We found some lonely but lovely friends in the middle of nowhere.

Protection / Home / Peace / Love / Vulnerability

Strength / Psychological Stress / Survival / Vulnerability / Planing ahead / Exhaustion


The Mighty Dunes:

Yes we were everywhere we could imagine.

Except at our supposed GPS Point "Camp Edy"
We followed the point and when we reached it there was nothing.
No camp eddy.
No camels.

Time to look my GPS:
Our location was:
12km from AIN OUDETTE!
yes Ain Oudette.
can you be more specific.

OK. we were 12km South EAST from Ain Oudette.

Red allarm. No camp Edy, No extra watter / No time to relax, No food, No gasoline...
Quick meeting/chat in between.
OK. Direction: STRAIGHT EAST LINE from our point (so called Camp Edy) through all biger Dunes to first possible pista and to KSAR.
Time: 15:30

We share what we got left:
Energy drink (i usualy never take), sweets, watter.
And we go. Catching last moments of Sun Lights and hoping to come out from bigger Dunes before 6:30 when Sun goes down.

Way to go: (all over biger Dunes possible and without possibility to bypass them because of Straight EAST direction we took)

OK Guys. From here on.
There was NO TIME for talk, photoshoot. So not many picture from now on.

There was only one goal to come out before Sunlight.
Energy was getting low. Adrenalin was pumping.
I started to count rounds how many times more will I be able to pick my bike up when i fall and even more: how many times will I be able to dig my bike out.
At the lowest point of energy I said to myself: Ok, Peter, 2 or 3 more digs and pick-ups of Africa and than its over for me. I will have to stop and rest for 1h.
But there was no time. We had to continue.
I took opportunity and rest when Massimo was trying to start his XRHonda by foot after fall down. I guess his fuel lines couldn't get fuel immediately, interesting to say, don't get me wrong but I was always happy he had a fall down. Than I knew I had 8 minutes to rest while he tries to start his engine again.

Shade of me and my Africa in Africa. She was home. Happy
She was working perfectly... Nothing to add here.
She was getting me out

Going Down.

There was lots of silence in our Group. No nervous or panic attacks. I admired that and enjoyed. Then I knew that was reald adventure and we are on a test.
We drove, just drove and try to get out.

We did it. Out of Dunes. Sunlight down.

From that point:
55km more North Straight Line to Ksar Guilan. But we knew we are safe now. Sandy and rocky pistas.

We reached Ksar safely. I did 69km with reserve on fuel (can not imagine how but you can imagine i spared nad drove slowly). In the dark we were stopped by Military security point. We talked through and went home.
By this time I said to myself I have experienced everything i wanted.

Camp EDY I love you even if you don't exist and never did

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Old 03-16-2012, 04:21 AM   #35
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Really nice pics and a gripping finish to your day in the dunes, good stuff!
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Old 03-16-2012, 08:22 AM   #36
In rust we trust....
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Awesome ride...!
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Old 03-17-2012, 08:20 AM   #37
Andreas RD07a
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Your Camp Edy ride seemed to be the perfect challenge, requiring a ride what started out as joyride, to turn into rather competition style >>> Ride and stay alive - I like that.

So 69 Km on approx. 20 Liters of fuel? That would equal something like 28L/100Km. Wow.

How were the daytime temperatures and how did AT's (and other bikes) cooling system perform?

When I ride my AT in deep sand my fan is mostly ON and coolant temperature gauge climbs close to red. I have to be careful to maintain some speed in the sand in order for the fan to stay off (Despite 8-10 Degree Celsius outside temperature). I'm thinking about installing larger radiators with more coolant/cooling capacity.
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Old 03-18-2012, 02:33 PM   #38
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Many points for completing the travel.

Svaka čast dečki.

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Old 03-19-2012, 05:18 AM   #39
Gnarly Adventurer
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Originally Posted by A-Wind View Post
So 69 Km on approx. 20 Liters of fuel? That would equal something like 28L/100Km. Wow.
How were the daytime temperatures and how did AT's (and other bikes) cooling system perform?
No, with reserve 5L i did last 69km from the point we got out of dunes to Ksar Gilan - driving mostly pistas with sand and rock. I drove very slowly.

Day time temperatures were perfect! Not hot at all. Around 15-20 Celsius.
My cooling system worked perfect. Fan was switching on repeatedly when driving in soft dunes for hours. But nothing serious. Other bikes Teneres and KLR had fan on almost all time or like me when driving in same conditions.
I never thought about putting bigger radiators on.

Over all: AT was working great. I abused her without any mercy. Over 5000rmp almost all the time in dunes without hesitation.
But she didn't disappoint in any aspect. Was reliable as always.

I had an oil leak from my left fork form the start i have put down my bike from the trailer. It was a pain in the ass because oil was leaking very strong. I dont know why this happened on my forks WP50, I have changed hidr. oil before the trip. Maybe I somehow twisted the oil seal.
I was thinking what to do and first day in Tunis i managed to squeeze plastic toothpick from my Swiss knife between upper chrom part of a fork leg and oil seal. It stopped leaking immediately after.

The suspension was on the real test here. For 10h riding all day without mercy over all rocks, jumps, gravel roads, highs speed sandy bumps... I was happy once again with my susp modification.

Air filter was a test. I went with OEM paper from Honda. I think a foam with oil over the filter would be even better. Not to bypass micro dust in engine. At the end I hope the engine didnt suffer from to much sand going in...
The time will show.
Fuel filter: the sand definitely enters the fuel tank from above. I hope it stopped in my new fuel filter.
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Old 03-19-2012, 10:21 PM   #40
Don't be Surprised
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Thumb Go Honda Go!

Fantastic. Always wanted to ride in real Sahara dunes. Maybe some day. I love that there's not a single pic of that beautiful, red, taped up Honda bogged down in the sand! Go Honda Go! (Bummer about the sidestand though, just happened to me this weekend too... hmm).

Keep on.
Don't be surprised.
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Old 03-20-2012, 07:46 PM   #41
frozen dead guy
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Wow this is a great ride report!
Bad Medicine - White Rim Sandwich
Help keep our trails open, support COHVCO, AMA, BRC, TPA, etc.
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Old 03-20-2012, 08:47 PM   #42
Crusty Adventurer
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Great report just keep twisting the throttle and digging out when necessary.

R1200GS-08', WR250R-08'
XR650R-03', 110 Honda-83'
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Old 03-21-2012, 03:16 PM   #43
Ni3ous OP
Double Axle Rider
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After rest day in Ksar Ghilane, we wanted to go further / deeper in the desert for a few days. The issue was that we needed gasoline/water/food/shelter for several days. We found the solution with Tilen - Desert Soul. He has modified his army truck for dune riding. He is able to carry 160 litres of fuel reserve, 350 litres of water, some food... His truck is especially modified for riding over dunes in the desert.

That day we met with him and decided to go to do the trip Ksar Ghilane-El Mida-Timbaine-Douz.
This means at least three days riding in the wild without any sign of civilisation, no mobile phone comunications, no water, no roads, no pistas, nothing for several days.

You can see part of the plan here

In the beginning we were a little faster on riding over dunes, so we went ahead with the bikes straight over the dunes....
We were playing in The Big Sanbox

Tilen needed to take some other "paths" with his truck ...

Progress that day was good

We soon reached El Mida mountain. We were waiting for Tilen with the truck...

He did not answer over the comunication...

So we took some more time for lunch on the top of El Mida

Since we were not able to contact him, that meant he was at least 8-10 kilometres away from us, since there was no signal betwen us. We needed to find him, since he is carrying our water and gasoline...

We went on the other hill for better signal...

We finally managed to get contact from Tilen, he was 10 kilometres away back where we came from.
He was stuck in the sand with the truck. He managed to dig him self out, but later the suspension broke down on the chassis, so he couldnt continue driving. Major failure in the midle of nowhere.

So we went back with the bikes to "find" him. In the desert there is nothing to find. Nothing to orientate on. That means, you need GPS coordinates, or you are lost. He gave us coordinates by the CB comunication station (no mobile signal around here for help) so we went back to help him if we can.

We found him here-in the midle of nothing,
under the truck

We were than
figuring how to fix the suspension without any spare parts awailable

We used some heavy duty straps to tighten the suspension on chassis. That was a "half" fix, but the best what we could do in this circumstances.

Since dark was catching on us, we could not continue the trip. We need to find lower flat ground to take camp and sleep in the desert, since we cannot continue the ride

We managed to get to the flat ground where there was some bushes, to get wood for overnight fire. We need to make us warm, nights are cold here.

Our emergency camp site over the fire, shisha, tea and lots of sand all around us.

Tènèrè Spirit
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Old 03-21-2012, 05:09 PM   #44
Gnarly Adventurer
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Old 03-22-2012, 11:03 AM   #45
Ni3ous OP
Double Axle Rider
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I forgot to mention...
The day before we went with Tilen and his support truck, we separated from the Italian group.
Those three guys were amazing, great riders, great spirit and adventureous riders with lots of experience, especially in the desert.
It was a pleasure and fun for us riding with them, so it was difficult for us, that our ways had to separate, since they had different plans from this point on.

Good luck boys, hope we get another chance to ride together!

Ok, lets continue with the report.

So we had to sleep in the desert since failure on the truck did not give us much progress that day.
In the evening we had a lot of fun eating smoked sausages and sour cabbage I brought from home, as a surprise for guys. We also had a bottle of strong slovenian "radioactive" buzz, so that evening was all joy.

Since we had too much fun last night, we slept too long next morning, and the sun was already very high.
We still had to work on some repairs around truck, bikes...

We went forward with the bikes and stayed connected with truck via CB radio conection.
We went over some dune sections, and than there was one bigger dune section in front of us.
We decided to just go straight over.
So that day we started riding too late, sun was high and sand already too dry.
There was also wind this day, so this means even faster drying of the sand, and more soft spots on the dunes, where the bike just sinks in the sand.

Getting over the top of the soft dune became very difficult. So problems began very soon.

Kawasaki already ate a lot of sand in the airbox, so he had troubles with running. Not enough airflow...

We were stuck all the time, we had to dig bikes out most of the time. Energy was getting low, progress was slow...

We came to a point where we had no energy left. In front of us sand was so dry and soft, we could not continue and we were somewhere in the midle of the big dune section.
We could not go back since during the day sand behind us became also too dry and soft.
We were stuck.

We tried to contact Tilen in the truck, via radio, but he did not answer. We didnt know that, but he got sand in his radio, and frequency was disturbed.

So we had a real situation. It was turning in the middle of the afternoon and we had no conection with the truck, and no phone signal far around us. Tilen with the truck couldnt know where we are. In the desert it is easy to miss (not see) someone. You can be 100 meters away and not see each other. We also did not have much water or fuel left, so even if we stay in the desert alone for a night, we had no supplyes to get our selves out of the desert next day.

A while later we saw Tilen!!
He was behind us with the truck, and was driving right towards us.
I was sure he saw us, and he is comming to rescue us. So I drank all the remaining water from my camelback, I was saving, since Tilen has a lot of water in the truck.

You can see Tilens truck in the distance, as we saw him...

We thought we are rescued, but at that moment Tilen saw that big dune section in front of him, and turned the truck left, to avoid them and try to find better way to get on the other side of this difficultsection. We saw him turning truck away from us. That means he did not see us and he is not comming to get us.
It was now an emergency for us! We have to stop him or we are finished.

Peter decided to take Kawasaki because it was the lightest bike, and tried to diagonally catch the truck to stop him.
He went over few dunes and he was gone. We could not hear him or see him anymore.
We also could not hear or see the truck anymore.

We wait for a long time and no one is comming back. I realised that Kawasaki had no GPS, so Peter had no coordinates where we are stranded. Since there was wind, there was no tracks seen on the ground. Wind covers tracks in a minutes. So I realized even if Peter catches the truck and stops him, there is almost no chance that they will found us!

Think, think, think....
That was in my mind. There was not much we could do, but I saw a bush close to us, and Bor is smoker, so he has lighter. So we made a signel fire. But the issue was, the fire did not give black smoke, like in the movies.

You can see the fire we made in the back, but no smoke, damn it.

Later I figured we have to gather more green branches and grass and put it on the fire.
But there was not much choice for that in the midle of sahara...

Tènèrè Spirit
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