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Old 07-16-2014, 07:25 PM   #1
brianwheelies OP
Iron toocus
brianwheelies's Avatar
Joined: Aug 2005
Oddometer: 2,837
Shifting on the bike or in a car

Long time rider of all disciplines of motorcycle. Been legally licensed over half of my life and have always preferred the third pedal in a car. Still do.

A couple of years ago I found scooters. After owning the biggest barge on the road, K1200LT, my new found 2 wheeled pleasure comes in the form of CVT equipped 400cc or less bikes.

I loath shifting a motorcycle anymore. So much more fun to just twist the throttle and go.

Get me back into the cage and I want levers and pedals to stomp and jostle.

Anyone else tired of shifting their mc's?
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Old 07-16-2014, 07:58 PM   #2
Dances With Huskies
Kiba's Avatar
Joined: Nov 2013
Location: Houston
Oddometer: 87
I am the polar opposite. I love shifting bikes, the hand-clutch pull, clicking it into gear with a tap of the foot, a little flick of the throttle, etc. I always look forward to it on the bike and it's part of the reason I like to ride. I like manual cars, but I like them less than bikes- it's much harder to pull off so many basic techniques that came very easily to me on a bike, like shifting quickly, floating gears on upshifts, etc.

But, I do get tired of manual cars after driving for a while. I still prefer a manual car to an automatic but I do "get" why some drivers would rather not have a third pedal. IMHO, I can't understand what you're feeling with regards to bikes since clutching/shifting feels physically easy and controllable on a bike, especially when compared to cars in certain situations (hill starts, etc). And all the activities on a manual bike require very little physical effort- hand strength, I guess?- while operating a standard car with a heavy clutch can be a big pain over long periods.

Maybe it relates to what you learned to shift/clutch with? I had been riding for a good while before I really started driving manual transmission cars.
Wherever you go, there you are.

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Old 07-16-2014, 08:50 PM   #3
Prettyboy's Avatar
Joined: Oct 2012
Location: Philly
Oddometer: 336
I detest automatic transmissions. They never feel right, and I often want to shift at different times than they want to.

Flappy paddle gearboxes are alright, but I'd rather have a clutch. It's one of my favorite things about riding a bike too.
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Old 07-16-2014, 09:00 PM   #4
WYO George
Gnarly Adventurer
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Joined: Sep 2005
Location: Rolling Hills,WY
Oddometer: 388
I prefer a manual trans with clutch in my trucks, cars and bikes. However, I'm willing to go auto on my cars if needed, but I won't own a truck or bike with an automatic.
My lame, but photo intense day trips around Wyoming can be found here:
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Old 07-16-2014, 09:14 PM   #5
Beastly Adventurer
Joined: Nov 2005
Location: Gold Coast
Oddometer: 2,390
My wife has a CTX700D, I'm allowed to ride it occasionally, and yeah, it's really nice if what you want is a relaxed ride, looking at the scenery, smelling the roses. And in commuter traffic, no contest compared with a manual.

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Old 07-16-2014, 09:44 PM   #6
Gnarly Adventurer
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Joined: Jan 2013
Location: San Francisco
Oddometer: 121
Since most of my riding, including 100% of my paid riding, consists of stop 'n' go city traffic, I sometimes contemplate getting a maxi-scooter or something. But I can't have 2 bikes, and I can't imagine not having a bike with a clutch.

At least I can lane-split, so clutch claw isn't *quite* as much of an issue as it would be if I lived in some other state.
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Old 07-16-2014, 11:01 PM   #7
brianwheelies OP
Iron toocus
brianwheelies's Avatar
Joined: Aug 2005
Oddometer: 2,837
I think I more interested in a relaxed ride nowadays. Hence the auto/CVT motorbikes.
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Old 07-16-2014, 11:55 PM   #8
Insert wit here.
Danjal's Avatar
Joined: Oct 2011
Location: Location,Location
Oddometer: 2,150
Manual everything here. And none of those fake BS auto/manual trannies like the 350z has. They've all failed me in some form,caused more headaches,dangerous shifting,or you lose the ability to do things like bump start. No autos for me ever again.
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Old 07-16-2014, 11:55 PM   #9
Human Ills
Useful Idiom
Human Ills's Avatar
Joined: Oct 2008
Location: South (Dog help me) Bay
Oddometer: 20,955
When I was commuting from Santa Rosa to SFO last year on a BV 500, the ride was anything but relaxed
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Old 07-17-2014, 01:09 AM   #10
Gnarly Adventurer
GreyThumper's Avatar
Joined: Apr 2014
Location: Manila, Philippines
Oddometer: 126
I'm the exact opposite as well. I'm not a car enthusiast (heck, I drive a Hyundai), and I don't care about the tactile pleasure of a manual transmission. I enjoy the convenience of an auto. I'm sure it would be different if I owned a vaguely sporty car, or an off road vehicle.

But I really enjoy having a manual transmission on a motorcycle. I like all the techniques involved; feathering a clutch for low speed work, choosing the right gear (and holding it) for a curve, preloading your shifter, even clutchless upshifts, all that stuff.

I also think a clutch is a safety feature; it's handy to be able to immediately disengage power to your wheel, so I think owning a scooter would feel pretty disorienting.

That said, I've got a dry clutch, and it gets pretty heavy after a bit of stop and go traffic. Good thing lane splitting is legal where I am.
Good judgment is a result of experience. Unfortunately, experience is usually a result of bad judgment.
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Old 07-17-2014, 01:10 AM   #11
Still a B.A.N
catweasel67's Avatar
Joined: Aug 2009
Location: Vienna, Austria
Oddometer: 7,246
I used to say that I'd never have an automatic (and being English it's easier) but then my company gave me a BMW330 auto and I loved it. I'd almost always go for an auto now.

Would I go auto on the bike? Never! :p Part of the fun is snicking up and down the box and it gives me that much more control - but then that's exactly what I used to say about cars

Ask me again in 10 years.
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Old 07-17-2014, 02:31 AM   #12
Beastly Adventurer
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Joined: Mar 2007
Location: WNC SWFL
Oddometer: 3,646
Auto in the Subaru Outback, Scion IQ, Ford F350 but not against a stick.
Stick in the bikes in sig line but not against a CVT in a scooter.
Not hung up either way.
For many years my tractors had to be stick but then I got a Kubota with hydromatic and definitely no more stick tractor for me.
Vince @ SWFL or WNC
2001 Kawasaki W650
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Old 07-17-2014, 03:21 AM   #13
Red Sox Nation
Pantah's Avatar
Joined: Oct 2004
Location: India Wharf
Oddometer: 9,958
Having been a gridlock commuter for much of my life, I buy automatics now. One was a mistake, the new Subaru Impreza with CVT. It illustrates that small motored cars need to solid ratios to perform when you need to go. CVT lags and is maddeningly unresponsive for passing. Never another of those.

I like selecting ratios on my bikes, but I think I could have fun on a large scooter. Still, I would miss going up and down the gearbox when hustling the twisties. Particularly on my old Ducati.

I recently bought a Ford pickup with a V6. It has an automatic that does a truly amazing job of extracting power out of that little motor. It's light years away from the old two speed Powerglide of my youth. When in cruise control, that Ford even downshifts automatically coming down grades to add a little motor braking when she wants to exceed the speed selected.
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Old 07-17-2014, 03:49 AM   #14
Joined: Jan 2010
Location: West Coast of Ontario, Canada
Oddometer: 19
I won't buy anything with a CVT, or the Ford version. They are lame, can't seem to decide which gear to be in and the performance is flat. I just test drove a Mazda6 with a 6spd stick and it was great. I'll drive a manual any time. I love the feeling of going through the gears and being apart of the vehicle. Our cars are automatic though because of the other drivers in the family.
The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem - Jack Sparrow
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Old 07-17-2014, 04:02 AM   #15
Joined: Aug 2010
Location: western pa
Oddometer: 1,382
find an old Guzzi convert(automatic!!) and put a sidecar on it, then, not only don't you need to shift, you don't even need to put your feet down when you stop!!
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