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Old 07-09-2014, 02:44 PM   #1
wachs OP
just passin' through
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Joined: May 2005
Location: Tumalo, Oregon
Oddometer: 4,650
Brandy Canyon - NEVADA

Went on two rides, back to back in June.

Here is a link to the first one:

This one is the next 6 days with some other Oregon/Washington friends starting near Fields, OR.
We all trucked our machines and stashed the rigs with permission of the gracious owners of Fields Station.

This ride came about because of my life-long friend T and I had taken a trip back in 2006 (before I even knew how to post photos!?)
At the end of that mind blowingly fun ride, the T asked if I would take hiim and a select group of his friends on a ride someday.
ĎOf course set the date and weíll do ití
Set the date he did and we made a plan.
Iíll get it started and T will add his comments that should help my meager photos make sense chronologically.

At the end of my first 6 days out there, I split up with the original group and jumped in a hot spring waiting for T and the rest of the crew to arrive. We had a loose plan for this rendezvous with a back up in case I didnít meet them here. T was camped around the back of a nearby butte and I didnít see his bike so I just jumped in the spring for a well-deserved soak.

I have everything I need to spend the night and actually enjoyed being alone for the first time in a week but then heard the thump of a Honda putt putting up to the spring. Yes! The T arrives and is sort of surprised to see me bobbing around in the water. He had the pleasure of watching 7 bikes coming down the road at 80 mph earlier but didnít realize it was us.

After a super relaxing soak, we rode back to his campsite, I set up my kit just in time to see the crew arrive before sunset.

The next day I had to ride to Fields for bike maintenance - oil/air filter change, chain, spokes, etc.. Those guys had a day ride planned and will meet me back in Fields. Weíll have some grub and head back over the low hills to camp by the hot spring. It was a welcome break to take an easy day, work on the bike and hang out in the thick shade of Fields, OR.

I did about 900 or so miles the week before and even though my bike rode through very little dust, the air filter looked horrible and my oil wasnít so honey-like anymore either. Changed all that out. Wheels and bearings are fine, chain is holding up and the rear tire looks good enough for another 500 or 600 miles at least. I brought along a 50% used set of Motoz but didnít really want to spoon them on so decided to risk running the first set out.

As planned, they show up in the early afternoon. I wrapped up my project and gathered up all my gear back on the bike. Those guys had lunch and we headed back over the hills towards hot spring camp.

I do not have a group portrait to introduce the riders but it went like this: T - Honda XRL 650 w/ (5?) gallon tank. T has ridden quite a bit off road but also has a bitchiní Triumph Scrambler, Scotty on a brand spankiní new, pimped out KTM 500 EXC with 6 (?) gallon tank., has lots of on and off-road and trail riding experience. Sammy bought his new-to-him XR650R just for this trip. Heís ridden a bunch but hasnít done one of these kinds of trips before. Hotch is on a KLR and has riding experience but hasnít done a trip like this. Charlie borrowed an older KLR, has thousands of on-road miles and is scared to death that he signed up for a nightmarish, challenging, off road torture trip. Donít worry Chuck, by the end of the week youíll be poppiní one-handed wheelies and flashing the peace sign!

Scotty has quite the fashion sense! T on the right.

We all agreed that an easy power line towards the hot spring would be a good route to see where everyone lined up skill-wise. I took off first and made as much dust as possible. The silt isnít too bad yet but as each vehicle crosses it, the crust becomes broken and the fluff gets deeper and deeper.

Scotty and I both knew this could be a great photo opí , parked the bikes to walk back and watch the carnage.

Sammy was doing fine and Scott was trying to show him the easy line but might have been too much information.

I still canít tell what this is - man or machine!?

Later in the summer this stuff will be a foot deep in places. Itís not exactly dirt -

Probably donít want to be breathing a lot of it and it can be very slippery.

Hereís some more dust for ya Sammy!

more . . .
Wait till you see what's next!
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Old 07-09-2014, 02:51 PM   #2
The Dude Abides
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Joined: Mar 2006
Location: Seattle
Oddometer: 141
Another Nevada report!

'06 TE610
'05 R1200GS
'02 200EXC
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Old 07-09-2014, 03:28 PM   #3
Be here now
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Joined: Jan 2010
Location: Dixon, New Mexico
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Got us jumping around now
Looking forward to an excellent ride report continuation....
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Old 07-09-2014, 10:00 PM   #4
twolf's Avatar
Joined: Feb 2006
Location: Seattle / Wenatchee, WA
Oddometer: 33
Day 01

Jumping in while I can. Wachs and I go way way back and I was lucky enough to be part of one of his rides years ago. The idea of life long friends joining for this type of riding seemed like a good experiment. Can't thank Wachs enough for taking this "tour" on. Quite the opposite of his week prior.

I was early to the base camp so I perched myself up on this hill. I was lucky enough to hear and see Wachs and his crew. They came out of nowhere from behind that outcropping in the distance. I knew these guys were serious when the lead rider (Wachs) hit the 90 degree corner at speed.

Met Wachs at the springs and we proceeded to kill a bottle of something horrible. I was glad my tent was already set up. Hotch, Scotty, Sammy and Charlie show up and get set up just in time for a perfect sunset. Hotch is talking:

The next morning we decide to take a little warm up ride without the weight of our full gear. We head past Whitehorse and pick a line to Coyote Lake. Sammy standing tall:

Charlie named his KLR Marshawn. Partly because of the Seahawk colors but mostly because it's an entirely different beast than what he used to riding. Charlie and Marshawn crashed somewhere between Whitehorse and Coyote and the impact blew all the water out of his camelbak. So now when he bums a swig off of Hotch it looks like they're sharing some form of intimacy. Between Scotty's clown suit and these fellas kissing, I'm beginning to doubt we'll get served at Fields:

Charlie relieved to be standing on the solid pack of Coyote:

We tore around the playa silly, keeping our distance from each other of course:

Posed like idiots (Scotty, T, Sammy, Hotch, Charlie)

Weather was great, little breeze keeping the dust at bay. Hotch:

Hit the Alvord and Charlie was questioning this whole idea, plotting his escape route.

Met up with Wachs at Fields. Wachs in flip flops, Charlie in deep exhale:

Hotch blowing through the site of the Sammy explosion:

Made it back to base camp and our friend Brian from Seattle had found us in his VW Syncro. He made pulled pork tacos and brought his hand made bow and arrows:

Marshawn needed some fixing:

So we ate drank and packed for the next few days. Tomorrow was goodbye to base camp and cold beer:

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Old 07-10-2014, 05:39 AM   #5
Joined: Sep 2011
Location: sunny san diego
Oddometer: 82
looks like its gonna be an adventure!! nice start
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Old 07-10-2014, 07:10 AM   #6
Formerly H20Pumper
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Joined: Sep 2002
Location: Corral de Tierra CA, Ketchum ID
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In for chapter 2!
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Old 07-10-2014, 10:16 AM   #7
wachs OP
just passin' through
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Joined: May 2005
Location: Tumalo, Oregon
Oddometer: 4,650
Scotty making the 650 look like a 90

Originally Posted by twolf View Post

Wait till you see what's next!
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Old 07-10-2014, 04:01 PM   #8
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Location: N.E. Louisiana
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Originally Posted by Bob View Post
In for chapter 2!
Me too!
2008 Yamaha Road Star
2008 Kawasaki KLR 650

Two lane blacktop isn't a highway, it's an attitude.
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Old 07-11-2014, 01:52 PM   #9
wachs OP
just passin' through
wachs's Avatar
Joined: May 2005
Location: Tumalo, Oregon
Oddometer: 4,650
I don't want to screw up the flow of this report as T is out until monday but will share my views of the second day or really, the first day we all rode together.

Saw this funny lizard earlier in the day and a 4 foot long bull snake.

In the interest of saving whatís left of my tires, the fellows trucked my bike
back to Fields and I took my first spin on a KLR - big fat cruisy bike.
Now I see why theyíre so popular with some guys (no photos of that).

Those guys parked behind the motel and we headed south towards Denio.
Itís really dusty now so we split up sending the KLRs down the pavement
while T, Scott, Sammy and I rode a dirt byway that takes big chunk of
pavement off the list.

Fresh oil and filter in my XR made a huge difference, didnít realize how choked up it was.

Denio has seen better times, still no gas here which will affect our routing in the coming days.

The shade is still there though.

We did the same separation thing sending the KLRs down the pavement
south on hwy 140 while I proceeded to get us lost up in the foothills to the
east of the hwy. It was super fun though and we rode a buch of cow trails
parallel to the hwy south.

My shots are not so inspired on this part as I was a little nervous about
giving these guys a lite ĎWoxingí on the first real day of the trip. We got
suckered into riding an old firebreak through barren, rock-free foothills
back to the highway.

As agreed the KLRs were at the turn off that will take us up into the Pine
Forest Range of N. Nevada.

Most of these fellows have known each other since college and a couple
cases, since grade school. T and I worked together in the city back in the
Ď80s and have stayed in touch ever since.

Itís fun for me as I know exactly where weíre going and can give them a headís up about what to expect.

Scotty making dust out of the valley.

We have a nice breeze scattering the dust and everyone knows to wait at
any intersection for the rider behind to signal, ďOK I see ya!Ē

The clouds are beautiful today as we continue to climb into the mountains headed south.

Scot has a Go-Pro mounted on that armature and set to snap a pic every minute or two.

Very curious to see how all that came out.

The faint mountain on the horizon is an 8000í butte north in Oregon.

T is stoked on his XRL and riding well.

Sammy is digging his new XRR and getting his legs with the gear on the bike.

Charlie is scared to death but getting used to the KLR and riding off the pavement.

Hotch looks totally comfortable on his KLR and is motoring upwards into
some of the coolest mountain roads heís ever seen.

he light is not great for photos and Iím a bit pre-occupied making sure
everyone is OK with the route, track conditions and their bikes. You can
see the road off on the hillside ahead. It goes through some glades of
aspens that are electric green with new leaves and significantly cooler
temperature wise than the air just a few yards outside their shade.

This was a short day to the Boy Scout table parked on a ridge above Onion
Resv. in the Pine Forest Range. Brian drove his VW van to meet us again
and provided another fantastic meal so I havenít cooked for two nights
now - Thanks Brian!

Iíve camped here before because there are very few bugs and the sunset is
usually amazing from this ridge.

We scrounged up some sage and mountain mahogany for a fire but then
some random guy named Will rolled up on a qwad to give us more -
thanks Will!

tís summer solstice and the sun hung on the horizon till 9:15. We all had
good laughs around the fire and talked about what lay ahead for the next
daysí route. For myself, this is becoming a relaxing tour that is rewarding
for me and T - to see these guys explore this part of the country for the
first time. No crashes, flats or mishaps.

Including the KLR ride to Fields, I got about 115 miles today.

more . . .
Wait till you see what's next!
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Old 07-11-2014, 02:13 PM   #10
Studly Adventurer
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Location: In Motorcycle Heaven since 1990 - So Cal!
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Geez! You guys! Are having waaaaaay too much fun ! I'm in!
- please check out our blog: "Around USA on BMWS"
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Old 07-11-2014, 03:26 PM   #11
Baja Ho
Studly Adventurer
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Location: Central Coast, CA. USA & Cabo San Lucas, Baja Sur
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Great riding up there, thanks for posting.
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Old 07-16-2014, 10:33 AM   #12
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Hey, who killed this thread? Hi Dan.
Explain to me again why enjoying life when I retire is more important than enjoying life now?
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Old 07-16-2014, 11:18 AM   #13
wachs OP
just passin' through
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Joined: May 2005
Location: Tumalo, Oregon
Oddometer: 4,650
Originally Posted by trailrider383 View Post
Hey, who killed this thread? Hi Dan.

Yeah! I'm waiting for the T to post his stuff but if he doesn't do it today, I'm gonna keep going!
Wait till you see what's next!
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Old 07-16-2014, 11:24 AM   #14
Gone Riding
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Both ScottPDX and SuperD did the silt dance splat at the same location as your boys! I forgot to take pictures, laughing to hard, oops! I took the high road as I have seen this twice before! That was a Woxing sort of though!
Keep it coming!
Ride more, write less, work when !!!

Having fun is not a sport! It's a full time job for some of us!
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Old 07-16-2014, 11:45 AM   #15
twolf's Avatar
Joined: Feb 2006
Location: Seattle / Wenatchee, WA
Oddometer: 33
Day 02

OK, sorry I'm on a road trip so I'm sure I'm what's holding this tread up.
DAY 02. Like Wachs said, we high tailed it over to Fields in the morning to stash the rigs. After the usual amount Hotch dilly dallying, we hit the dust. I should mention we're kicking with new AltRider Hemisphere bags design by Wachs. They're freaking amazing. I own his previous design as well and love this new design's ability to cram loose clothing way deep with the piece of mind of being complete waterproof. My current suspension is actually tracking better with it on. Anyway, right before Denio, we lost Sammy.

Wachs radioed from Denio, we told him to stay put as we searched for Sammy's dust out here:

Found him (signals crossed) and continued to Denio. From there Wachs got a bit crossed up but had fun riding the craziest cow trails as the KLRs traveled a bit of pavement. We meet up with them to find Charlie freelancing a bit of shade:

Travel up Cow Canyon and things get beautiful and cooler. Hotch way out there:

I stop and wait for the KLRs at this corner for a beauty shot of the XRL with gear. You can just make out Wachs, Scotty and Sammy waiting at the corner right before the aspens:

I'm reaching them at that corner with Charlie coming down in the back:

We chill at Onion Resv. I was reminded I need to drink more water at this elevation. Camp is quite picturesque:

Wachs says the light is nice here. He was not wrong:

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