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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Thanx for the pics Al!!! I love seeing Mick rid'n on the back... Miss the little guy
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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Originally Posted by BELSTAFF View Post
Hey JJ,
If you get a chance to gather some molted fur from those guys, it makes excellent dirty white colors in what ever fly is of you choice, a 5 wt line & the natural lanolin in the fur keeps your bug afloat through those swirling eddeys where the big boys hide.

Lovin' the ride, keep it commin bro.
Hey thanx for the tip brudda... Tho I just fish with spinning gear and a few levelwinds for bottom bouncing and pulling Steelhead plugs. Need to try your game some day
Thanx for riding along wit me!
Peace to ya,
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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Into the Sunset...

Yup you just can't help but to feel pretty dang exhilarated after the way this day has unfolded.
I see that there are lotsa choices in tracks to pick from so I go off on some fun smaller service roads with more humps, berms and jumps...
As I move further back in I start to see more and more snow...

The track is super fun (tho I don't seem to have any pics of it?) and passes by the Timothy Springs CG, I take a cruise through and contemplate pitching the tent...

As I near the next big interchange I come to this....

You can see my track going up 50 yds or so...

I'm only 200yds from the intersection and some dry roads and feel like I need to get past this. I have to back Des out as I had buried right up to the axle again.... Then I have an idea to ride up the side of the snow along the finger and try to get up the embankment and wind through the trees. It's muddy and soft but worth a try.
I get'r to the end of the finger.. but can't get her up the bank.

I may have been able to get her up over if I pulled off all the cases and gear???... but for some reason I didn't want to offload then.

I end up riding her back out along the bank and then back tracking a Loooooong way (quite a few miles actually!!!) And finish the night well into the wee hours of the morning in the blackness. It's a fun ass ride none the less.... I make it to Milton Freewater, get to Jims and pass out on the couch.
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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Next day dawns sunny and Jim makes us breakfast (he'a a damn ass good cook!) I get to visit with Paula his wife and his mom too, haven't seen her in over 20yrs. She's staying with them for a bit, so it was a fun reunion no doubt.
Jim ask if I've been doin' any fish'n on my rides... nope... just rid'n and tak'n pictures.
He shows me this compact rod in case I get the bug to fish on the road...

Pretty cool set up there.
I just wander around his new place checking out the vines crawling all over the shed, I forget what they're called, but they have almost swallowed it.

We talk of life... jobs, hard times, good times, and what's going on now. Then he shows me his '67 El Camino (cant find pictures?) project out in the garage... and talks about the newest rig he's ever owned a late 2000 something Chevy pick up, lifted and tough, sitting there with a blown tranny. He's been using Mom's rig to get to work... after he does go to work, I tell Paula I'll call Sherri and see what I can do to help... she says "he's stubborn and proud I don't know if he'll except any help" Welll we'll see... worth a try! Lifes been good to us lately sooo a plan to get him a new tranny is hatched.. time will tell.

We say our goodbyes and I decide to try and ride back to Lewiston using almost all dirt roads... should be fun!

Beauty bursting out of all the hills and clouds too...

I have to ride a short section of 204 the Weston Elgin Hwy, where I end up spying the Tollgate Store...

I meet Jeff who left Santa Cruz to get away from the wrong kinda people, who seemed to be chasing their tales.

He's a good dude... over some coffee we talk about the snowmobiling, his gas pumps, state of the economy, life, snowplowing etc...
Simply connecting with each other having been viewing life from near the same perspectives.

Then 91yr young Bill comes pulling up... what a CHARACTER! Love his energy...

He checks Desiree' out and explains Hamm radio and Cell phones to us... he was calling us children... asking Jeff where his bottle was! Hahaha nice guy.

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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Skyline Drive...

When I tell Jeff of my plans he tells me about a Skyline Rd just a few hundred yards down the road... hmmm cool I seem to find these Skyline Drives all over, and they never disappoint, I'll check it out.

With roads and views like these... is it any suprise we choose an Enduro to tour on.

As I work my way along these ridges I see a sign confirming I'll be coming to that snow blocked intersection I hit last night...

Just before that section I come up on this...

She's taking a break while he tries to dig out their high centered rig...

There are two shovels so I grab one and go to town... after a while we ask her to get in and we'll push her backwards. It works and soon their free to go back down the road.

As I go back to mount Desiree', this Butterfly sitting on her, seems to acknowledge that we were in the right place at the right time... again.

I head up to see how far I can go... one last look back.

I only get another 1/4mi up Skyline before I'm stopped by snow.. again. Ok then I'll go down through the woods back onto the snowpack, a reverse of what I tried to do last night. Here's a video of the preride walk.

Aah that's better... made it through this time!^)-

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I was just wondering what was up with you last night. Lots of us get to live vicariously thru some of your riding. I like your style, bro.....Take it easy.
IBA # 59807
The Sandsman cometh and so he goeth too.......
Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just shoot you.
I got a real good feeling something bad is about to happen,
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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Originally Posted by sandsman View Post
I was just wondering what was up with you last night. Lots of us get to live vicariously thru some of your riding. I like your style, bro.....Take it easy.
Hey maaan... thanx I have been on another Adventure out West, just got back and I realize I need to get this damn RR done.... because soooon I'll be riding off up Nord into Labrador, creating yet another one.
Thanx for the compliment... glad ya like my style, you take it easy too and Peace,
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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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After getting past the snowpack I enjoy this rippy little connector road once again, in second I can touch 50mph sooo I just roll into and out of the throttle, jumping the ditches and bermshotting the ruts... oooh yea.
Lotsa side diversions to explore everywhere...

This one leads me way back in to a place I can just stop and chill.. not that you couldn't just about anywhere out here.

After a bit I come to the Hoodoo Lookout Tower...

I'm feeling pretty much Zonked anyway.. yaaaaawwwwn! I got stung by a Bee a few miles back and it usually has the effect of putting me to sleep, this time is nooo different. I'm falling almost completely asleep while riding down these roads.
I decide to climb up and look around, the first ten steps are have been pulled... to stop people like me from... looking around.

The old quarters and garage laying at ease below...

I look out over the expanse of life... thinking of simpler times when life was sloooower and men and women got to live out here on the lookout for... danger, fire, purpose, meaning. Hard to say... given everyone experiences this reality just a bit differently. Then my mind wanders back to before the Forest service... before the white people... on and on.

I leave the ADV and KLRWorld marks and descend... about 131 steps total give or take 10.

Here's a video and thoughts of the moment...

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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Since the Hoodoo Tower reminds me of some Voodoo... lets set the mood for the ride back into Lewiston with some...

Nearing Troy... just a BEAUTIFUL place.

Canola fields on the north side where I'm head'n...

I pass two KLR's coming down the grade, swing around take a pic and wonder who they are... and what they're feeling.

Up into the Canola...

The first section of maybe 4 miles is loose and dusty due to being plowed smooth for the ranches... I much prefer hard pack and bumps.
Then it climbs, gets twisty and basically too tight to maintain... now we're talking, I pull off to take in more views.

Start to notice more and more flowers...

Notice the Ants crawling around on this one... a whole other world.

Then you notice several Springs along the path... this one the Rimfire.

They keep me thinking of the past... but at the same time I feel completely in the now.

Nice OUT OF THE WAY campground... juuust my style.

Then as I descend again I come to more used tracks and the Umatilla NF guard station, with nice views too.

On and on...

Remnants of an old town... and past lives.

Soon I'm back in town at Waynes... his newest means to pay the mortgage this month.

And look who comes out to say hi right away... HAHAHAHA and jumps right back in the saddle. He simply doesn't wanna miss any more adventures!!!

I wander down to the Candy Store for some dinner.. and some convo with the Hoodoo Women yeeehaa :)
This Tatoo on Mercedes neck (yes it's her parent given name) she has found her way to see the cup always half full.

Then Lacy comes over to hang out... we share some common thoughts.

That's a wrap... the end of the Oregon Hells Canyon Rally adventure. Now to head for the FSSNOC Rally in Kamiah tommorow and to explore the Lolo Trail and the McGruder Corridors beauty and secrets.

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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Rally No.4....

After a day of rest I head up the Clearwater on my way to Kamiah and my first Thumper Cafe... it's one of FSSNOC's lunch time gatherings, where guys and gals on Thumpers ride 100's of miles, from all over the country just to have lunch together! Here's a link:
Turns out Esther (NomadGal) already knew Jack or Mike or both I'm not sure, and ask me to tell them Aloha...

I narrowly missed getting taken out by a Doe here... so I held up 5 fingers to remind me I was 5mi up river from Orofino when it happened. It was close... like 70mph and 18" from my leg!

I pull up to the Hotel and see more thumpers than I've seen in a long while lined up on both sides of the streets. 36 total with 19 of them being lowly KLR's.

Then in for some food... the Hotel was sweet to host us all and had some puurrty girls too!)

Folks sharing a common bond or two... awards for best bike in different classes were given out, as well as longets distance etc... I turned down the Long distance award and let a couple who had ridden from Maryland take it. Though I had ridden further, I had other plans on my list, was on a multi month tour and felt that they were more deserving of it. Our fearless leader Jack incouraging a story out of I believe half of the Maryland Duo.

As an example of some fine machinery.. here is Jack's co conspirator Mikes KLR... WOW!!!

It was a blast and I look forward to hitting another Thumper Cafe or two this season!!! After the quick hello to everyone and then just as quick a goodbye, I make a sudden decision to go ride the Lolo Trail.

As I fuel up in Lowell before climbing the ridge, I meet another Adventure type dude on a Beemer (James) who is out fly fishing as he travels... hmmm two days ago Jim is asking me if I fish while I ride.. now this guy James is packing a rod! Two Jim's and both fishing is someone trying to tell this Jim something...

He has a nice map and lets me study it for a bit and take a couple pics to plan out my ride.
I pick up Smith Creek road that leads to the trail just to the left (down river) of Syringa, and climb up into the forest...

Logging going on on the lower section...

I air down to 20F-22Rpsi and am testing the limits of traction as I push it up each straightaway and see how fast I can take each turn, with a moderate slide in every one. I'm conscious of not wanting to tear up the road too much on the straights since gravity is pulling my back downhill, so I roll on it gradually after she straightens out... it's a blast.
Soon I come to the trail...

Soon I'm away from the signs and enjoying the views... and the trail, it's sandy loam, pretty natural as far as roads go with no gravel and having just seen rain, PERFECT traction!

The trail has you riding the ridgeline almost exclusively, with a dip the this side or the other occasionally for some fun turns, and to experience the different ways the Sun, Wind and Snow have affected the surface depending on the facing direction and shadowing etc...

Also a recent fire has opened up the canopy to allow views that wouldn't be possible otherwise.

Soon your dodging snow once again... this one taken over the shoulder.

And then this...

Yup Des' and I soldier on... what I do is air down a bit more and take dead or broken off Pine boughs laying off the trail and use them as traction and a solid base/flotation to cross certain sections. Some I can ride over and through... some require the boughs.

This one I rode through...

After this more solid section Desiree' takes a break and I walk anothe 3/8mi or so down the trail... going down hill the whole way, which makes the descent into the abyss much easier going now... the return if needed... not soo much.

After the walk I realize I best turn back... of course if the temps were to get well below freezing tonight, I could ride on the frozen snow with ease, but I don't know the forecast and don't feel like waiting around to see.

That section I rode through while standing on the pegs and she just floated right down... of course it was downhill. Going back was a nogo.. even pushing along side wouldn't work. So a little walk and I find a possible track 10-20yds off into the woods, that's the plan.
Sitting on Desiree' picking lines...

More offroad... if ya wanna call that a road.

After more Pine bough bridges and snowcrossing...

I get back to the start of this little adventure...

Time to play road racer again on the waaay down... what I learn kinda suprises me?!? I can rip much faster going downhill than coming up! All my life I felt faster and in more control pushing it up hill... as when your in your truck or car, the gravity will pull your ass end back in line if you go into a corner too hot. Straightening you back up when you lift off the gas, whereas going downhill the gravity usually pulls you spinning into the ditch. On this ride down I could come out of the turns with alot more speed due to not spinning as much fighting gravity, she would just hook up and go, and I would use gravity, brakes and throttle to slide the rear around... I know it sounds funny but IT WORKS. On these loose foerest type roads I am deffinately faster going downhill now, though in my Van I feel I would er on the safe side and not risk the ditch, since it is 4 tons and harder to control.
It was a blast...

Back on the Lochsa I see this Tribute to a fallen fellow rider...

I feel that was a beautiful gesture... as I ride away to find dinner and a place to rest my head at the Hotsprings, night all.

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Jettn Jim OP
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Thumb Onto the Magruder...

After skipping out on the Hot Springs... may have been chlorine... maybe??? I ate and found out I could get a little cabin dirt cheap and save time setting up camp, sooo I did. Cozy in the morning light.

Took a cruise down Hwy 93 toward Darby and the cutoff for the corridor just south of that...

Darby home of Logger Day's and sometimes WestFest...

South of town before Conner you can take Hwy 473 The W Fork Bitteroot Rd which is pretty scenic as it follows the river and mountain side.

More fishing reminders...

You turn off onto Nez Perce which will lead to the Magruder...

High speed sand... air down and either rip or cruise...

Wheeler creek here... up a ways the Whitebird B&B. Again very nice looking country as you have seen... it stretches endlessly. There's a parking area close where you can park Snowmobile trailers etc... this is where I aired down.

This is near a pull out on top of the Montana Idaho border... wher the Nez Perce blends into the Magruder. Strange thing... the road is paved with curbing and everything for maybe 10 miles up here along the peak??? You rip like on the North Cascades Hwy, just way rougher then it's dirt again... maybe from logging or mining in past years.

I see a face watching over me...

Higher and higher until you start to get into the burn...


Now it's a burn with obstacles...

And more snow...

Then ALOT more snow... an 1/8th to a 1/4mi of it.

Off to my right is the only option I have... what I name "The Black Forest". I walk it and pick as dry a track as I can hugging vegitation and high mounds. Due to the snowmelt and the fact that this area is a natural drainage... it's all wet!

I find the first 200yds to be a bit softer than it felt on foot... causing me to have to lay Des down and fill the ruts with burnt limbs.

Looking behind me you can just see the track...

More trees down... some I saw off, some I can break, this one forces me down the bank into the forest for a detour... again. I pick a line, move rocks... add rocks and make a track.

Clear of that I hit more snow... wishing I had that folding shovel again, I kick and dig a track.

Skirt more snow...

At about 8200ft I come to the end of the line... all the walking and looking wasn't gonna get me past this one. Like the Lolo Trail, the Magruder or Mother Nature and our own bodies frozen H2O had stopped me again... time to backtrack down, around and back through the Black Forest.

Back into the BF where down near the bottom I stuck her again right between two trees as I zig zagged my way looking for terra FIRMA! No way to lay her down and fill the rut... had to lift the 510lbs (waaaay up since she was buried up to the skidplate again) and heave her forward till she was over the burnt stump that stopped me. Quite a sweaty ordeal and a workout on my less than 1yr old fractured back. All in all it worked out good as I wound my way back down the Mtn's. I had made it about 80miles into the Corridor from Hwy 93 not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

Somewhere near half way back to the slab I meet Mr. Dave Graham... he was also trying to cross the Corridor as he likes to get out of the house and explore these roads. He had just done the Shalako road and was sitting on the berm with a flat tire. It was chewed up pretty bad as he had rode on it a ways trying to find a flat safe spot to change it. He wasn't having any luck at all though... sooo as the universe does... it put me here to help him. And that's what I did, looking through all his tools for something to get the lugs off with, then bracing the truck before jacking it up, mission accomplished. :)

Downward ho...

I take my time on the way back to civilization, airing back up and partaking in the Kind... just chilling out. Then as I pass throught Darby and it being dinner time with me craving some home cooked chow I find Bud and Shirley's... I get a kick outta the humor.

As I move down the bar to get a pic of The Worlds largest Hay stack... who is sitting there eating his dinner.. yup Mr. Graham! LOL small world.

Aferwards I hit the highway back over the Lolo Pass and down Hwy 12 along the Lochsa... a weird thing happens... or should I say MANY weird things happen!!!

As I near the Summit at Warp 9 speed Scotty (Warp9 being my usual cruising speed... about 75mph in this case) I start to pass a pickup with a camper and out of the shoulder jumps a doe! Right in front of me!!! I mean NOW... I swerve and brake hard.. near miss ok all goood. Then at the Summit itself... with an oncoming car approaching another suicide deer... yup near miss. Then about a half mile down the pass as another rig approaches I instinctively start braking in anticipation... and sure enough another deer!!! Then as yet another rig comes at me...3 Elk run out in front of me... HOLY SHIT Batman... I have been on radar alert since the sun started setting because in this country your gonna see some critters, BUT this is getting outta hand. 3 deer and 3 elk in less than a mile... again WOW!!! Well this scenario plays itself out all the way down Hwy 12... I had resigned myself to the fact that the Universe/God/Mother Earth/Great Spirit whatever you wanna call my Mother and Father, were telling me to... SLOW DOWN. So I did... to about 60, and a good thing too... since I finally got to the point where at Deer number... are you ready for this... Deer number 11 a big old 5x5 or 6x6 Buck was actually running down the road in front of me as I fully compressed the forks while nearly locking the front brake and still lightly skidded the rear tire, then yelled at him before I could slow enough and he went off up the embankement!!! Very very near miss... after this I cruised about 50mph and resigned myself to getting to Waynes whenever I got there.. 11 Deer and 3 Elk all near misses in less than 70 miles. More critters than I have missed in the last 100,000+miles whoa.

Anyway quite an end to this weekend of adventure, here's where I pulled off to relax, kiss the ground, aaand regroup after the Bucks last message to me.

Now ya know why I picked Unchained Melody as the song for this day... I was close a few times tonight... close to being a Ghost!
See ya later, JJ.

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Well there it is..
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Great Report JJ !!
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Jettn Jim OP
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Originally Posted by Reverend12 View Post
Great Report JJ !!
Thankya Rev!
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Thumb Meeting up with Parepin again.........

I had forgotten to mention that I was planning on doing a really wild 705cc engine using stage2 cams, porting, larger valves, high compression and a KLR600 tranny with a kickstarter later in the winter, at my buddy Andy's shop... buuut some leeetle bug told me to just go ahead and send it to Carl's Cycle and let them do it. This would give me a backup engine as well, since this ride was going to be over 20,000 miles long.
It was almost done and Alex and I planned to go down to Boise and pick it up as soon as he got back into town.
Since he would be a day or two... I decided to take Mick out for some fun and training in the meantime. I feel like since he's still young I need to work with him as much as possible to instill all the best behavior I can! I mean Mick not Alex... hmmm or do I. JK

I take him down to Chief Timmothy WMA on the Snake river to work on his Hunting skills and to play. Nesting season is over so I'm not worried to bother any hens on their nest!

Next day Al arrives and we borrow Waynes Hondacar to go fetch the new engine...

Al meets all the gang at Carl's and we head back up North, we're hungry near Donnelly and see this sign. Who could resist a pretty girl like this, who also offers Comfort foood...

We meet Krystal our smiling waitress on the right, Julie the shy owner in the middle and her husband Tom on the left...

We finally get her to look at us and smile... the food was OUTSTANDING!!!

By nightfall we're back in Lewiston and the Beast is in the house...

Des before the transplant...

Checking out the porting...

New engine in place... note the kickstart shaft.

After initial fire up we discovered a minor hick-up... sooo after a bit of dis and reassembly we were good to go again. Just another typical thrash for the hooligans.

A couple laps around the area for shakedown miles and an oil change, then we were off to visit old friends, family aaand to meet new ones. Destination all over Washington and then onto Vancouver Island,BC. With the first stop being a suprise stop at Becky's place... I had told her in May that I'd pop back in later in the summer. It was July 4th sooo there had to be a party goin' on somewhere... The mill was deffinately feeling STRONG!

Aaaaaah the open road... just two gears and Janis is in the dust... again juuuust kidding.

In Helmer we stop for food in the General Store and Cafe, a place I'd ridden by many times but never stopped.

Again the food and convo with the ladies is great... he and I leave our own Dollar Bills on the wall.. Al can confirm but I believe there were 5,000 of them in there!!! And I think she told us that a local had broke in and taken many many in years gone by. I didn't get a pic of Al's...

Another hottie guarding the bathroom door...

Always love this ol' round barn...

The St Maries river...

Lake Coeur d' Alene...

Somewhere in here as we're doin' about 80-83mph, and I'm try'n to keep up with Al, I notice a bit of vibration set into Desiree'...

We get to Becky's neck a the woods and see a party going on at her sisters place... never been there buuut have a feeling. Yup it is... turns out to be an interesting night... drunk friends and protective relatives of hers trying to figure out who the wacko strangers on bikes are?!?

Beer, Crazy people, Fun people, The Kind and Fireworks for the kids ensue...

Alex thought the whole damn thing was pretty weird..

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Jettn Jim OP
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We had crashed at Becky's, eaten breakfast and started to suit up to head Westward to the Ranch.
Al playing with Miss Ruger and her puppy...

Colt telling motorcycle war stories..

So all three of us has metal in our bodies from our love affair with the motorcycle...
Becky had drawn him in the Hospital...

Wild picture she had captured of a friend as well... the essence of Spirit... Energy.

Was he trying to tell me... something??????

Becky rides tooo..

We notice her tires are pretty dry rotted and take notes of the sizes, to get her some fresh sticky Avons shipped in!^)-

Colt donuts us out the driveway and we're off...

People plaaying on Priest lake during their holiday...

We head along the lake, then cut over the Mtn toward Sullivan lake and Metaline Falls...

Beautiful views...

Sensed a puurrty girl on the bow of this boat as we road by, but didn't get zoomed in time to show you...

The Pend D'Oreille, and old log holding barriers...

Along here I pull up to Alex and try to tell him somethings not right, he points to a pull out.

The vibes are worse and worse from last night and she'll hardly pull past 70mph... After we pull the carb apart it turns out the diaphram spring is about worn through and ready to break in two. It isn't controling the slide well at all. I wonder what all is wrong with my fresh steed. We decide to keep motoring towards my sisters palce where I'll tear into her more thoroughly.. there's still alotta beautiful country to see between here and there.

Puff puff pass break...

Aaah the mighty Columbia...

And a ride on the Columbian Princess.. the Gifford Inchelium Ferry.

There has been a Ferry operating here since 1898. Increased traffic due to a Congressional decision in 1896, to open the Colville Reservation up to mineral exploration to non-Indians, caused the need.
After the privately owned operation went bust in 1947 the BIA took it over... and of course things changed again after Grand Coulee Dam was built in the 1930's, flooding the old towns along here.

"In 1981, Fisherman’s Boat Shop in Everett completed the Columbian Princess on a $1.7 million contract with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The 120-foot-long hull was towed through the Strait of Juan de Fuca to the Columbia River where it transited five sets of locks to Pasco. At Pasco in July, the ferry, with an engine and screw at each end, was placed on wheels and trucked overland, at four to six miles an hour, 108 miles to Lincoln in Lincoln County. The unusual convoy, 42 feet wide, passed over four highway bridges and 54 culverts, often creating an odd image in a sea of ripening wheat."

In 1994 the Colville Confederated Tribes took it over from the BIA.

Anyhow we were enjoying the day, more folks playing on the 4th...

Here we duck off onto some good dirt... W Gold Creek rd, to W Sanpoil rd to Aeneas Valley rd.

Follow the light...

We meet a Fish and Game guy with electronic tracking equipment, tracking the Rainbow trout migrations... very very interesting stuff!!! Way more range than I had remembered... alot like a sea run Steelhead. Since all beings in the universe are connected through a consciousness grid, and at one time they used to be able to migrate to the sea... before (the Grand Coulee Dam- remeber) they behave like their saltwater brethren... though they're now completely land locked.
Was a Great conversation:)

We also stumble on some camping offroaders on KTM's... say hello and ride on. As the sun fades we ride into Tonasket for supplies before heading back up to the ranch... there we meet a slightly discouraged girl named Jess, who seems to need our counsel. I'll put up a video which includes the gist of it.

Haha... almost bigger than her car.

Safe in the Magic Bar...

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