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very sad news indeed Jim. Please give Cindy and Alex my best. Will keep them in my thoughts and prayers.
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Thanx Eric I'll pass that on to Al... Cindy I have not met or spoken to, but I'm sure he'll tell her that she's in our prayers.
With a final toast to Rust... Peace Brother Dan!

I'll get back to the RR.
We left the solitude of he Little Cimarron River and sped east on Hwy 50 crossing the Blue Mesa Reservoir and passing through the Curecanti National Rec Area... The roads got a few corners here and there :)

In the distance a flotilla?

Don't know if it was a party day or what?...

I source some oil and we find Gunnison Motorsports... a cool shop dealing in Arctic Cat's and Husabergs.
They let me do a quick oil change and recycle it in their 50gal drum. While tooling around we meet the Owner one puurty gal Name of Vicky With her help John (who hooked us up with oil disposal) another cool dude. THANK YOU Gunnison Motorsports!

Turns out her Hubby is an 8 Time ISDE Champion and she was a Champion Dessert racer as well.. sporting the #1 Dessert Plate until she had kids... COOL!

To quote A Dual Sporting in CO segment in another forum: "The owner is Fritz Kadlec, a multi-time ISDE gold medalist and off road champion. For those who don't follow the International Six Days Enduro, this would be sort of like dropping by a Honda shop and finding Freddie Spencer working the parts counter."

That's the second time on this Tour I've met an ISDE rider... pretty cool.
Al and I have a good time talking with the pretty Vicky and congradulate her on her former racing prowess... as well as her amazing condition / beauty now :)

After this suprising meeting we... wait a minute. There waaaas also an interesting CHARACTER out in the parking lot as I was dumping Desiree's oil!!! I hope Parepin can chime in and remebers more than I!?!?! Since I don't have any pics to jog my memory. He WAS interesting trust me.

Ok now we roll up toward Crested Butte...

A Night and Dragon Schulpture greets you entering town...

We do a last fuel up before the Washington Gulch to Gothic to Lost Trail roads and over Schofield Pass ...
There's a more "Main" route along Coal creek that is also closed in winter making Crested Butte a nice little box canyon most of the year, but we have only eyes for Schofield!

"Schofield Pass, elevation 10,722 ft (3,268 m), is a mountain pass in the Sawatch Range of Colorado. The pass is the high point on Gothic Road, which connects the towns of Marble and Crested Butte. The road to the summit is suitable for a passenger car if traveling from the east; however, after this it is rated 4-wheel drive only as it switchbacks down the west side through the Devil's Punchbowl Canyon and becomes a narrow, rocky shelf road.
The pass is closed for most of the year due to snow or mud, and is open only for one or two months in late summer. Parking is available in the town of Crystal, and 4WD high-clearance trucks can continue two miles to the hiking trailhead at 9,700 feet. The road is accessible only by high-clearance 4-wheel-drive trucks from this side. Two miles from the trailhead lies Geneva Lake.
The pass has claimed 12 lives to date."

Right at the pumps is a groovy little coffee shop so we get some eats and caffeine where Al befriends a cute lady... (again he'll have to fill in because I got nuth'n) we share our vibes and outlooks on life before heading back into the dust. It really was another special moment.

We stay west of Mnt Crested Butte and hug the Gulch a ways until climbing some switchbacks into the hgh country...

Rain looks possible but never materializes but a few light showers...

The roads are typical fast forest roads for a good ways...

We take turns leading as we head into the unknown...

Sooomewhere in this area I get ahead of him and then pull off to wait, just taking in the beauty and silence around me...

And wait... after quite a while I turn back. Hoping he hasn't blown a turn and banged himself or Janis up!!!

Nope... BUT Remember the guy Bob in Silverton the night Al was putting Janis back together, doing the Stator?!?!?!?! Kinda distracting him...

Janis has developed a RATTLE and ALOT of VIBRATION... aaah shit this isn't good at all!^(-
We mull over ideas and decide to ride on but at a good bit slower pace... maaaybe me should have started tearing into Janis along the trail?

It's at this point the road turns more into a Jeep trail...

We had just crossed a creek and came upon a parking area of sorts and some puurttty girls and their dudes on lightweight trail bikes just coming up out of the Devils Punchbowl... this is where it starts to get FUN! I wondered what they thought of us as we rocked on bye on our hefty ol' girls, sporting out tents and tons a gear.
The trail drops down a series of rocky shelves and onto a steel grate bridge near the waterfall above.

This description is coming from Marble, the opposite we did it:

"This trail connects the loop of Crystal City and Lead King Basin to the loop made by Paradise Divide. It is quite a bit more difficult than the other trails because of the Devil's Punchbowl, a large section of trail about 3/4 of a mile long where passing another vehicle is nearly impossible and a mistake will send you into the Crystal River far below you in the canyon. There are rocky sections in the Devil's Punchbowl, and these pose the greatest challenges. If you start from the north end the obstacles are climbed, and if you start from the south end the trip is almost all downhill. These instructions start at the end of the Crystal City and Lead King Basin trails.

The trailhead is at a three-way intersection. One way points to Marble along the Crystal City trail. The other way points to Lead King Basin. Take the other way up the hill of bumps. The trail is nice as it climbs in the trees. There are a few places to pull off to let someone by, but the trail is usually too narrow.

The bottom of the Devil's Punchbowl comes at a place where you round a corner and see the trail ahead of you on an exposed shelf. You can see a short distance to see oncoming vehicles, but you can never see all the way to the top of the climb. The trail gets a bit more difficult from this point on. You can see Crystal Mountain on the right as you climb up Crystal Canyon, the crack that contains Devil's Punchbowl.

Midway through Devil's Punchbowl you can pull a few vehicles into a wide spot just before a metal bridge covered in dirt and small rocks. Walk a short distance along the creek here to see a nice waterfall with blue water below it. There are lots of photo opportunities here.

Before crossing the bridge, look up the canyon to see if there is any oncoming traffic. You can't see the entire way to the top from here but it's worth it to check before proceeding. Carefully cross the metal bridge -- this part may be intimidating for wider vehicles.

The rest of the Devil's Punchbowl is a fun and rocky climb on a shelf road. Many years are not warm enough to melt all of the snow here in the shade, and we do not recommend continuing if there is snow here. This portion is almost always in the shade. The old, rocky obstacle used to be in this stretch but it has been removed and flattened so it is not much of a concern anymore. Still, 4-wheel drive is recommended.

Once you get to the top of the Devil's Punchbowl there is a lot of parking just before a shallow creek crossing."

This all made for more FUN!^)- as we were there just 2-3 days pryor to these pics...

"Rock Slide Passable on Schofield Pass"
Thursday, July 12, 2012
By Schofielder
Members of the Colorado Book Cliff Cruisers recently organized a day trip originating in Marble with the intent to travel through the Schofield Pass area onward to Crested Butte and back through Lead King Basin finishing in Marble.
Recently the Forest Service reported a rock slide past the infamous Punch Bowl area. We at Schofield Pass can say thanks to the members of the Book Cliff Cruisers the rock slide area is passable.

The rock slide encountered heading to Crested Butte. Scree is still settling and winching maybe required. Photo courtesy of Jonathan Harris.

Rock slide continues for three vehicle lengths. Note this 100 series Landcruiser is 77 inches wide. Photo courtesy of Matt Burmaster.

Rock slide area heading to Crystal from Crested Butte. Photo courtesy of Ace Brown.
Tags: 4x4, colorado, pass, schofield

Looking down the Crystal River Canyon near the bottom of the Punch Bowl...

Janis still doing a GREAT job of hauling Alex's ass around to this point...

Beautiful Canyon...

Looking back over my shoulder as I ride down following Al...

At the base we have more falls.. aaand I find my pardner walking along the river bottom.. Hmmmm something feels off, ooohboy!

I'll tell ya the story in this video...

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Originally Posted by Jettn Jim View Post
Hey Fey... YES it REALLY is that gooooood!!! Come ride it with me! Glad to be back.....
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I'm sorry to read about Dan's passing. My thoughts go out to Alex and Cindy. It's been a rough summer.
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Originally Posted by Feyala View Post
Haha it would have to be next season Fey... won't be back out west till October.
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Originally Posted by Ladybug0048 View Post
I'm sorry to read about Dan's passing. My thoughts go out to Alex and Cindy. It's been a rough summer.
Yes indeed... thank you!
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Cool2 Ok back to it...

Was holding off a bit hoping Alex could chime in and fill in the Silverton section, because it was Fricken AWESOME!!! Not to mention this next part as it really goes off on a tangent... But he's super busy down in San Diego now sooo I'll keep it going.

Yup Janis is locked up and so we're gonna see about pushing her the 8 miles or soo to Marble...
We push Janis about a 1/2 of a mile, take off the luggage and I haul it another 1/8mi or so up the next hill. This will be continuing for the next 8mi oooh boy!
Al on the far side of the pic...

Still some flowers left around where I sat the cases...

And back for Al...

This goes for maybe a mile... and we realize that we're in for a Loooong day and night!
After a half hour out come some of the four wheelers and then the Tundra from Ohio... he pulls up we swap who, what, when and where, then a plan insues.
He's from Ohio, has ramps and is staying somewhere near Marble! Cooool beans.... we'll take the freebie and Janis embarassingly gets her pic taken in the back of a truck.

I follow for a while...

Then start to crowd his bumper as I'm not too keen on this slow pace or eating his dust for the next 7mi back to the village...

He seems incredulous to the idea I might not wanna be back here... I hang back a bit then start to pick a spot to blow by.

After a while it comes and I get to enjoy the trail at my pace, it's a fun rocky ledgy line picking ride.
It follows the Crystal River and I go through Crystal Mill.... where there are a few houses and an Author selling a copy of her book.. (Until this day I can't believe I didn't pull off and buy one?!?!?! I always do:(

Then Just out of Marble is Beaver Lake..

After dicking around a good bit, asking around town for a mechanic (to get at some more tools) I pull in to Marbles ONLY Bar and Grill and find Janis parked out front...

Slooooow Groooovin BB'Q... it's got a groovy vibe and soon we make friends with a cute waitress, a philosophycal Mystic Flyfishing guide Chad from Charlottesville originally, another cute waitress and a family of four who live in town...
The Couple Lee and his Beautiful wife Lisa are friends with Matt Piffer who owns the place! This is goooood.... because he's a landscape contractor and there's a shop connected to the building!!! He used to let strangers use his tools and stuff but do to (you know... A-holes, some things have came up missing etc...) he had stopped:(
Buuuut Lee takes an instant liking to us and a trust is formed... he calls Matt from the Bar phone (no Cell or Internet here) and explains the situation, he then gives me his number and if we pass the mustard we'll have a place to tear into Janis and a floor to sleep on tonight!
YeeeHaaaaa it's on!!!

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I got a text from Jim some two weeks ago asking that I jump on board for a brief stint and post some pics. I then got a message a week after that asking "Hey, could you at least get a free minute to text me about the week you spent after Marble? Silverton to Marble is all we have left together and then I'm off..." So I'll take this minute to put down what I have. Although Jim's done a pretty solid job of summing up those couple of days in the mountains.

I had pulled into town in the late afternoon, a day before Jim was to arrive if memory serves me right. I did a quick loop of the campground, stopped in town for some grub, then back to set up my tent as the sun settled in behind the ridge. I putzed through camp, waving at a few familiar faces and dodging the many more foreign ones. The lower designated camp site was wet from the afternoon rains, and the tents were spaced in just such a way that the tie down lines and tent spikes interwove each other in a knit of nylon and steel. I have been to a few rallies by now, and never understood why the tents get stacked like legos when there's open fields all around. And so I pitched my tent somewhere in no man's land and socialized for the night.

I slept in through the organized masses and crawled out only as the smell of over-rich engines was just starting to dissipate. I grabbed some coffee and went down to the Cafe for grub where I helped clear tables before being served, myself. The waitress, Vicky, was a cool sport about this and seemed to appreciate the effort, albeit slightly embarassed by it all. I told her "no worries" and wolfed down my fried eggs.

I don't know that I had any direction as I wandered that day. I wanted to avoid the crowds and just see where my front wheel would take me.

Into the mountains and up along every disused road I could find. This place was littered with old mines and it took every ounce of self control I had not to burrow into each and every pit.

Simply amazing scenery. There's few things that I've come across that can compete.

As I descended the mountain and neared town again, I noticed my lights were acting up again. I ran a few tests that didn't fill me with confidence. It would appear my charging system was going once again and I had next to no power in the lower RPM range. I glanced at the map and crunched some numbers. I had spares at my buddy's place, but that was up in Vernal, Utah. 300+ miles away. It was early afternoon by now, and I really hated the idea that I would be missing out on another rally due to technical difficulties. I had mesh gear, no layers, no luggage, and an 89 cent bottle of water in my tank bag... fuck it.

And so I made my run north, which is why Jim couldn't find me when he pulled in that evening. I pulled into town a few hours before nightfall and allowed myself a few minutes rest before hitting the street again. During that time, I dug out my part, hung out with his roommates (my good buddy Ian was out on the river at the time), and got to witness this class act parenting.

I half expected to see someone come out of the trailer with a bucket half full of cut up fruit, entire heads of cabbage, and a couple bottles of water, and just dump it over the fence into the "play area". The roomies and I joked about this a bit as I packed up. As a farewell and safe travels gift, I was given a small handful of mushrooms to take with me. "Awesome! Holy crap, thanks. These will be great back at camp. I'll hang on to these."

I did not.

For three hours I rocketed my quarter ton of scrap through the red rock canyons, leaving nothing but a single print and a trail of silt to reach up into the heavens. As the sun touched the edge of the horizon, the canyons around me erupted in some of the most intense pink/orange/red hues I've ever seen. I was ecstatic. This is what a man punishes himself for. Dodging ruts set in concrete, blasting through cattle gates, threading the needle along the smoothest line, I climbed up and into the hills. By the time I reached the pass (the name of which evades me), the sun had long set and I was cruisin fine. I had long ago taken up talking to my KLR, dear Janis. We held a solid conversation as I kept my eyes on the farthest reaches of the hi-beam. "Just keep goin, Janis. We've been through a lot, we're not done yet. Just speak to me, let me know if you've had enough, and i'll try my best to listen." I torqued through the last corner and my headlight spiked, lighting flat grade before me. A straight shot to the lights in the distance, Grand Junction.

The rest is pretty straight forward. As I climbed the ranges and the night wore on, I got chillier and chillier. With nothing but mesh gear, a pair of shorts, and a T shirt to keep me comfortable, I made a mercy stop at the local wally world and bought a case of hand warmers. I opened, shook, peeled, and stuck damn near every handwarmer I had to some very vital parts of my body. I then covered the underside of the mesh vents with grocery bags, manned up, and cleared the 12,000 foot peak before coming into Silverton at around 4AM. Jim had set up his tent alongside mine, but I barely had time to register that before I was out like a light....
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The next morning, Jim and I got as organized as we could, grabbed some grub, and hit the trail. Like I mentioned, Jim got this part pretty well covered, so here's some pics.

The day was an absolute blast. Black bear was/is by far my favorite trail that I've ridden, quite possibly, ever. The cable swing was a deathtrap of fun. Considering that I had no past knowledge of this trail, when the canyon ended and the trail hangs that hard right along the wall and makes it's descent, I was terrified. I remember flying down the steps, putting way too much attention into what was JUST in front of me, so when I come to the end of the trail I very much believed that it just went over the edge. I dropped off a step, bottomed out, stalled the bike, and went over against the rock wall. Jim stopped hard behind me in a near collision. "You can't do that, dude. I almost smacked right into ya!" My bad. Once I was able to re-gather my composure, we finished the day several miles high and back at camp.

I think this was the evening of the big cook out, so it was nice to be able to relax and chat with the other riders. I met some new friends, made fun of a dude in a utili-kilt, and generally just kind of fooled around. The presentation was NOT holding my interest in the least, so I eventually just dropped back and nursed my bottle of Honey Whiskey with a few other hooligans.

The following morning was business as usual. I checked my chain in preperations for the day and noticed something was a little off.

And the more I dug, the worse it got.

Notice the left shock mount broken at the weld? I think, all in all, we found two or three clean breaks, three "Oh shit" cracks, and a half a dozen cracks in the powder coat that implied some serious frame movement. I grabbed a beer, showed Jim, and we laughed. Fortune was on my side, as this all happened in the presence of a master welder that good old Jim was quick to brother up with. More beer was purchased, parts were stripped, and I stood back to watch the magic happen, shielding my eyes from the productivity with a half full brown bottle.

This continues late into the night. Dinner at Handlebars where we had the waitresses in stitches. I watched Jim lay on his charm, much to everyone's amusement. I took this opportunity to swap out the stator and relay that I had been testing, and found quite a few pretty gnarly cracks in the factory Kawasaki wiring harness. This was no real surprise, now that I think about it, considering the Great Baja Frame Seperation of 2012 left major components thrashing about with the harness as a leash. Cracks got taped, the bike was buttoned up, and I haven't had a stator issue since.

And then there was Bob. Well, look at Jim's video. It's Bob.

The next day's ride...

Man, I'm gonna miss this place. We rode well into the night that night. I think we crossed several 13,000 foot passes, most of which happened at night. I caught a gnarly rut in the darkness and was thrown into the underbrush at one point. I was able to gear up and catch up to Jim down he line. I tried to play it off like nothing, but he wasn't a believer. Emergency gas stops, dead end trails too narrow and gnarly to turn around on, and even a handful of "Fuck it" moments as we wandered off the trail and chose a straight line rather than the trail. It got late, it got frigid, but neither one of us cared. It was taking far too much effort, energy, and concentration on both of our parts to pay the clock any mind.

Love the video, Jim.

"And here's Alex..."
"I'm getting my ass handed to me"

I really should take more videos.

Exhausted, out of fuel, and out of energy, we crashed for the night. It was one of those nights where you blink, and the sun is out. I don't even think I made it out of my riding gear. I got halfway in the tent and was out cold, I even left the keys in the ignition.

The next day was all business. We packed up and got ready to head north for the Big Dog rally which Jim graciously sponsored me for. A quick look at the Janis and several more cracks were pretty obvious. Jettin Jim went to town with the welder this time and we called it good around lunch.

As Jim stated, the ride north was pretty epic. A couple great campsites, an epic sunrise (that I slept through), and some classic dirt roads. I have very few pics, though. Too busy hanging on. We got separated coming into the next town. I knew Jim had to make a few stops and get an oil change done, so I figured we'd catch up down the road. I'm sure I was simply dragging ass getting packed up that morning, so I urged him along ahead of me. He was quick to make a few friends and trade stories. I don't think I was really having any of it that day and just kind of kept to myself. I wish I had more details to pass back to Jim, but I don't. I remember the old timer and the old bike, but I didn't really pay too much attention to what they were going on about. I was preoccupied with my own oil change and some mystery metal I found floating around.

Fuel, caffeine, pretty coffee girls, and Canadians. That's what you'll find just before Schoffield pass. We hung out for entirely too long in the coffee shot, trading stories and sharing our humor. But, with daylight fading, we felt the pressure to ride on. Halfway towards the pass, with me bringing up the rear, I hit a hell of a culvert and something popped. All of a sudden, the bike was vibrating quite a bit more than usual. I stopped, had a smoke, and waited for Jim to double back. Which he did. We evaluated the situation and found that, other than the vibrations, the bike seemed to be running fine. I would just have to keep an eye on it and try to get up and over the mountain. Which we did.

Just as we came over the mountain and on one particularly gnarly and rocky descent, I dropped the bike down a gear and the engine just stopped. The rear wheel slid along the rough gravel as I fought to maintain control. I managed to get it back into neutral and coasted as far down as I could, where some locals had been gathering to watch their friends and family navigate the same section of trail with everything from quads to full sized trucks.

We managed to catch a ride, as Jim mentioned, back into the nearest town. This "Town" happened to be that of Marble, Colorado. The same little place where all the marble for the Washington Monument was harvested way back when.

The fellow with the truck is Zach, out here on vacation with his family from Ohio. He actually jumped on ADVrider after we chatted during the rescue, I believe he goes by Zkeys. A really cool guy. He asked me about Black Bear pass, as that's where he and his family were headed next. I recommended against driving his pickup down it, but in true Nomadic spirit, he did just that. Then PMed me to boast about it. I'm so proud.

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So, we're pretty screwed at this point. Well, I am. We went into the BBQ joint and kind of took it all in over a meal. I don't remember how it came about, I'm sure Jim had something to do with it, but as we were looking at our options a local wanders over. Lee is his name, and he's here with his wife Melissa (I think) and their son Zeland. He tells us that he knows the guy that owns the shop out back, and he's sure that, after a few phone calls, we'd be able to set up shop in there for the evening until we could get a better grasp on what, exactly, is going on. Quick to jump on this opportunity, we got the gears turning and found ourselves laid out in the shop within an hour or two. Tools clanking away and music blaring through tinny speakers on a budget laptop. Good times. Octane and oil.

Jim and I spent a good chunk of that evening just digging into things in an attempt to simply get an idea what was going on. I was able to pull the cover with the tools I had on me, and somehow managed to even pull off the rotor without the puller. I just kinda smacked it with a mallet a bunch of times and walked it off it's tapered shaft. And what I found buried beneath it was not pretty.

What you see here is a broken balancer chain. If you look closely, you can see a screw wedged in between the chain and the main sprocket, all mangled and whatnot. I quickly identified this as the screw that holds one of the stator wiring components in place. "I bet you were working on that part when the drifter Bob came in. You guys were getting into it, I bet you just forgot to tighten it with all the destractions."

Fucking Bob....

So that's where I am. A broken bike, in one of the most remote communities in Colorado. Jim was on a tight schedule and we were both exhausted. We fiddled for a bit trying to figure out a way to repair the chain with the hopes that, once all the metal got cleared out, we could just thread the chain back together and all would be kosher. We failed, however, to come up with a solution before the night wore on too long. I finally made the call shortly after midnight. I told Jim to continue on in the morning and make it to the rally. I would figure something out. I wasn't sure how, exactly, but I knew this would all get sorted out.

Jim was out early the next morning. I was laid out on the back of a flatbed truck and came to just long enough to wish the man safe travels before he vanished into the brisk early morning air. Later on that morning, the shop owner's son, Matt, came into town. He moved quick and wasn't one for words, simply asking me a few questions and looking at the chain before going back to his truck in the parking lot where he had a torch rig ready to go. I watched this man go to work, from a distance, peening out the old shattered pin and replacing it with what amounts to a drill bit shaft. Heat, peen over, work loose, and Bob's your uncle. He was gone before I really had a chance to offer him any coffee or payment. A man with a mission.

The work is magnificent. To this day I still have that chain, mounted around my bike's headlight. It's a work of art and I show it off every time I can. I threaded it in, buttoned up the motor, and apprehensively tapped the happy switch. SHE TURNS OVER! But... she won't start.... I crank and crank, but nothing. Then I feel it, a rush out of the airbox. Hmmm... I naively assumed maybe I just had the timing wrong and went through it again. Then a third time, with the same results. I finally had to admit that I had, more than likely, bent some valves and was truly fucked.

I took a walk. I walked down to the lake and had a smoke, pondering my options. By early afternoon, I had Janis stashed in the woods across the street, tucked behind a back hoe and some oil drums with tires stacked on top. My luggage wasn't too far off, chained and padlocked to a tree. I had packed everything I could into a backpack and just started walking. I wasn't sure where I'd go, or who'd help me out, but I was out of options in this town. As I left, I thought I'd make one last stop at the BBQ joint for some lunch. While there, I took this opportunity to call up Lee and inform him of my situation, and to thank him for all his help. He told me to hold tight for a bit, that he'd be down momentarily. He said that the least he could do would be to give me a place to stay for the night and some food. That sounded delightful, and so I took him up on the offer.

Shit. I'm sorry to rush these posts, i've already spent several hours on them. Here's a link to the thread that developed as a result of my breakdown. It'll fill in some details.

In a nutshell, fortune shined down upon me in that little town. Lee put me in contact with a buddy of his out of near Aspen. Thad is his name. This man, no questions asked, came down in a truck to pick Janis and I up and brought us back to what I called "The Compound". Basically, a plot of land on a hillside with two houses and a large barn. One for Thad and his wife, one for his parents, and the barn housed his construction equipment. You see, Thad is a contractor that frames multimillion dollar homes in Aspen, Snowmass, and the surrounding areas. I was given a place to stay in the loft of the barn, with mini fridge, bed, lighting, and power. I was allowed free roam of his house for food, bath, or entertainment. The barn was my shop until I could get the bike fixed. And I would go to work with him every day until I had earned enough money to buy said parts. It turned out to be a pretty awesome time. I spent just over a month working for Thad, and came away with it much better off than I had come in.

There ya are. Of course there's more to the story on my end, and more detail, but this should suffice here. This isn't my story, after all. This is Jim's tale, and I'm glad I could be a part of it. Through all the poor decisions we've made together, I don't regret a one, and can only shake my head and chuckle when I think back upon them. I hope this works for you, Jimbo. I wish I had more to contribute and more time to research, but this is better than nothing. Ride on.
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Thumb This pic tells of an epic ride...

Hahaha maaaan I know that faaaaaaar away stare! Shroomed outta your gourd... and on 0 sleep for a couple days... Excellent!
The insight into the caged kids was funny as shit and as usual, your writing style is suuuperb... the pictures excellent!

Thanx a MILLION for the great update and finishing up our time together!!! I REALLY appreciate you taking your time.
IT'S BEEN A PLEASURE to ride with ya again brother!!! I'll post up about the last night in Marble then get onto The Big Dog, then back east to for the Ride to Newfoundland where this gets mighty interesting!

Peace and Good Fortune until we ride again!
Your buddy Jettn Jim
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Haha Jim,
Looks like we both like the same thing!

I took the same shot, just a little closer I think

It brought back memories when I saw your photo
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Where in the world is Jettn Jim?

Has anyone heard from him?
The Sandsman cometh and so he goeth too.......
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I got a real good feeling something bad is about to happen,
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Originally Posted by sandsman View Post
Has anyone heard from him?

He's around. Life just got busy, that's all. From what I heard, Jim put down an offer on a big chunk of land in Northern Washington mere moments before up and riding to Newfoundland on a whim. My guess is that he's somewhere in Canada at the moment, probably chatting up some waitress in a little coffee shop.
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Originally Posted by Parepin View Post
He's around. Life just got busy, that's all. From what I heard, Jim put down an offer on a big chunk of land in Northern Washington mere moments before up and riding to Newfoundland on a whim. My guess is that he's somewhere in Canada at the moment, probably chatting up some waitress in a little coffee shop.
LOL That's close to the story maan! Yup decided to start a High Adventure guiding business out in Washington, and flew out to look at a 100 acres with a shop, power and well. TREES everywhere.... PEACEFUL...

Was about to ride to Labrador to finish that pc of my North American Adventure, and add that to the ending of this current From Insanity and Beyond RR. Thought it would add a slightly different perspective, when I realized I had better just get my shit together for this next Adventure... Under contract now, hoping to close mid October!^)-

Gonna go ahead and finish the RR and then start another with a whole new twist!

Looking forward to posting up the Newfoundland part of the ride as it WAS A life changing detour!

The People and Scenery just off the map....
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