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narcosis junky OP
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V-Strom skid plate for the DL650 & DL1000

This is an old thread, the skid plate design has been changed. It is now mounted on the sides. Find a new thread than this by Narcosis Junky. here is one bellow.

I make Skid plates for The Suzuki V-strom 1000 & 650

I sell the Skid Plate for $180 with bracket and mounting hardware
I sell the Skid plate (stainless) for $240 with hardware
I sell the Skid plate (aluminum) for $240 with hardware
I sell the mounting bracket for $40 by it's self.

Total $180 for steel (our most popular)
Up grade hardware is $10 (flush mount on the front)

PS, the Stainless, aluminum, and custom colors are all custom orders. They can take up to a month before shipping.

Shipping, I ship UPS or USPS. You decide.
West coast comes out to be about $20
East coast comes out to be about $30
Canada comes out to be $70
Other countrys about $90
New Zealand $120

UPS prices very.
For International, I only ship USPS.

IMPOTANT NOTE: The skid plate is designed to deflect rocks/gravel, small objects. It's designed to protect your oil filter, oil cooler, exhaust. It is not designed to be used as a belly ramp to go over logs and jumping buildings. If you choose to do that, you are risking damage to your motorcycle. Yes the product is very strong, but it is only as strong as the tube guard (crash bars) that it is mounted to. You can jack the bike off the ground using the skid plate. But remember that the skid plate is only as strong as the crash bars that holds it. The rear is mounted to a ” bracket. It is strong, but all of this is mounted to the bike. And the bike is casted steel. Not as strong as the bracket. My product is designed to be tough and long lasting but I can’t speak for the bike that it is mounted to. Please proceed using common sense. I will not be liable for the damage to you, or your motorcycle or any other use of this product.

Reasons for the design.

I didn't like the after market ones because they are expensive and cheaply made. I had an aluminum one that I paid $219. It had cut outs on the bottom for the exhaust. So it didn't protect the exhaust. And first time off road, The aluminum skid plate got all bent up. So I decided on inventing and making my own. I work for a fabrication shop. So I decided to get creative on my Solid works Program.

The things I wanted out of a skid plate:

To protect The exhaust.
To protect the Oil filter.
To protect the Oil cooler.
To be able to lift the whole bike from under the skid plate.
To be strong and tough.
To look good.
To adapt to both Givi and Motech Crash bars.
To be able to jack the bike up from under the skid plate.
To be able to use a duel kick stand.
And easy to install.

What I didn't want:

holes on the bottom where sticks could poke through.
a hole to drain the oil. It doesn't work. you end up making a mess.
A hole to change the filter. That would take away the protection I tried to give the oil filter.
If you can get your hand in there, imagine what else will get in.

So this is what I came up with.

I put a couple holes for drainage on the front corners for you mud lovers.

I shortened the lip on the rear so that there is no interference with the center stand.
I also altered one of the side notches so that it doesn't interfere with the bolt on the side of the exhaust.(DL1000)
this is what The 650 design looked like on the Dl1000 with the small modification I did.

So I got to work on this design. And here are a few pics of it on the DL1000.

Of course it took a few tries and a few designs to perfect it. But I was Happy with the final product.

The difference between the bottom of my skid plate and it's competitors.

Our skid plate design:

The competition's skid plate. To many openings and not enough protection. In my opinion.
The silver one was made by the competition. My design is the black one.(it was my first design, it is different now)

Now that I had designed the skid plate. I had to tackle the next problem.

The mounting bracket. The one that came with my Motech aluminum skid plate was thin, cheap, and flimsy. I kept bending it.
So I decided that I had to create a new one and much stronger. The kind that a Duel Sport bike should have. I believe if you are going to protect your investment (Motorcycle) then you have to do it right.

So this is what I drew up.

Here is a comparison of the competition bracket and My bracket.
My bracket is 1/4" thick and made of steel. Powder coated in black.

And of course, every one wants the hardware supplied with the Skid plate and bracket.
So, I put together a hardware kit. Every thing you need to install the skid plate.

Now I ask that when you order, you specify the type of bolts you want under the skid plate. The standard is Hex.

Pan Head bolts are an option if you specify.

The install

Very important, you must lube the stainless bolts on the bottom. I use mild lock tight. You can also use anti seize, or oil. You are bolting a stainless bolt into a stainless lock nut. Both are stainless. If you use excessive force, they will seize. If you use an impact they will seize. If you use a cheater bar they will seize. As long as you use lube, they will not seize. If you choose to not use some kind of lube, and they seize up, You will be sorry. So please use a lube. The other fasteners are not as sensitive. But the two bolts on the bottom matter. I go the extra mile to tig weld two stainless nylock nuts to avoid rust issues. If I use steel nuts and steel bolts, then you would have to deal with rust. Not a good choice, so use lube on the stainless. Please.

First you need to get your bike off of your side kick stand. Use a duel center stand if you have one.
(DL1000) If you have the plastic skid plate, you need to remove it. (DL1000) (DL1000) Then you need to remove the two brackets that hold the plastic skid plate. Here is a picture of the one on the left side. (The important one) The bracket will be in the way if you don't remove it. (DL1000 only)

The bracket will be in the way if you don't remove it.

You will have to remove the bolt that holds your exhaust and the two bolts that hold your kick stand. They are tight but you can get them loose. It is tight for space on the 1000 but with a wrench and patience, you will get them off. You may have to put the wrench on and get 1/4 turn and take it off and flip the wrench over and do the same again and again, but you can get the bolts off. I was able to. So can you. You don't have to remove the exhaust. You just need a little patience to remove the bolts. I have installed the skid plate on both the DL650 and the DL1000. The 1000 is more cramped and requires more patience.

Then you need to install the bracket.
Use 3/4 crescent wrench. It's tight under there and it might take a little time to get the new bolts in. (Dl1000) be patient. The two M12 X1.25 X 35 replace the two original bolts. Use the stock washers. And replace the M8 bolt with the M8 X 1.25 X 50 supplied. Use mild lock tight type product on all 3 bolts (blue if using the Loctite brand of threadlocker). Then you put both U-bolts on the front of your crash bars. A piece of inner tube works great to hold the U-bolts in place.

Anything works. It’s just to put a layer between the skid plate and the crash bar and it holds the U-bolts in place. It's not mandatory to put something there. It just helps with the assembly.

Then I hold up the front of the skid plate and bolt the front on. I use the second set of holes. I bolt it on loosely. You may have to use the first set. DL650 and DL1000 are set up the same. What makes the difference on which hole to use has to do with the brand of Crash bars you have on your V-Strom.

Then I raise the rear up to the bracket and install the two bolts. Please lube the two bolts. Once everything is screwed in, tighten all the nuts and bolts. And you are done. PS hand tightens these with a ratchet. Don't over tighten them they will seize. The two nuts on the bracket are stainless Lock nuts. And the two bottom bolts are stainless. Stainless nuts and bolts have tendency to bond (seize) if you don’t put a lube on them. (Oil, anti lock, grease, Lock tight) I do add mild lock tight on all my bolts.

Product info:
Made of 11 gauge. (1/8" ) steel and powder coated black.
The bracket is 1/4" steel. Powder coated black.
The bracket has two nylock nuts welded on top. (Stainless). So you don't have to hold on to nuts.
The skid plate weighs at 11 lbs.
The bracket weighs at 2 lbs.
The bottom bolts are 1” X 3/8" stainless
The washers are 3/8” stainless
The front U-bolts are 1/4" X 1/2" pipe zinc coated
The two Kick stand bolts are M12 x 1.25 X 35 zinc coated
The exhaust bolt is M8 x 1.25 x 50 zinc coated


I take Paypal, money orders and checks. I will do checks, but I will wait for them to clear. (I don't like checks) but will accept. And paypal is instant and most of the time, I can ship same day as paypal payment.
I sell these for half of what you would pay in a retail store.
So I don't make much of a profit. The prices are what they are.

Up keep of the skid plate: The skid plate is made of steel so it is possible for it to rust. What I do to keep it nice; Every time I do an oil and filter change, I remove the skid plate, inspect it, and clean it. If paint is chipped, I hang the skid plate up and spray it with Black paint. I touch it up once or twice a year. It is steel so it is tough. But some people are hard on their equipment. So take care of it.

If you have questions, you can PM me on (Narcosis junky) or E-mail me.


Yann D.
Eugene OR

Box weight around 19 lbs.

shipped from:

Please post pictures of your skid plate mounted if you can. On this thread.
Or e-mail me pics if you can. Thank you.

Pictures of skid plate on other V-strom 1000's

narcosis junky screwed with this post 06-08-2012 at 10:06 AM Reason: A lot of things have changed.
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narcosis junky OP
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Joined: Jun 2009
Location: Eugene OREGON
Oddometer: 141
Design has been improved

The Enduro Guardian skid plate has been redesigned.
Go to

yes, there is a website. It has videos on How to install the skid plate, videos on how to install the HWY pegs, Videos on what the difference is between the aluminum skid plate, the steel skid plate, and the stainless skid plate.4


HWY installation:

Kick stand Switch guard installation:

The difference between the 3 materials:

Radiator guard installation for the new DL650:

I hope all this helps to answer a lot of questions.

Thank you.

Yann D.
I ride a 2009 DL650 V-strom
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