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Old 07-14-2012, 02:11 PM   #796
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2012 jul 14 1409 blue river (river safari - where you can find Indy that usually works on dirt bikes)

we are sitting on a river. (not BY or OVERLOOKING - we are on a cafe / restaurant that floats on the river)

bill is eating a buffalo burger.

i'm having OJ and a shake. I'm too full from breakfast to have anything solid.

and mosquitos are eating me!

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Old 07-14-2012, 02:29 PM   #797
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Laugh Hey Cliff and Bill

Thanks for bringin us along, great job storytelling and enjoyed seeing how well your doing on that new scooter. Kudos!
One thing I think the naysayers are not taking into account is that you are totally immersed in riding. Many riders, even on these pages don't have nearly the total lifetime miles you already have under your belt on this ride. Granted, you may have had some good fortune both in a riding partner like Bill, and some natural skills and awareness, but most of us would have started on the best bike we could buy if we had the $$. I started riding at 17 to save insurance $$ and gas, on a 1967 Suzuki Bearcat 120cc.( Would have gladly ridden a brand new BMW if I had the $$.) Been riding ever since on any and all types of motors, including a lot of off road, So Cal Desert, High Sierras, trail riding, desert racing, organized dual sport rides etc. All that to say..though I still might not recommend a BIG bike as a first ride, it's mostly out of the same concern you have for people's safety. Blessings, jw
R1200GS, Big ADV sled
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*way less of that pesky HP and light weight the KTM has
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Old 07-14-2012, 05:33 PM   #798
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Need a mascot for the trip!

Hey Clif thanks for the pictures and description of the frost heaves.

I just thought about something that no one else has mentioned. Some people have pics of their bikes with mascots on them. It is usually a mascot that reminds people about either their riding style, riding companion, or destination they went to.

I would suggest a Stuffed Bear, Moose, Mountie or Leprechaun. It may add a little more pizazz to you photos.
Be Like Water!
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Old 07-14-2012, 05:55 PM   #799
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Old 07-14-2012, 06:19 PM   #800
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2012 jul 14 1813 @ Kamloops BC Canada

I don't know why such a short ride exhausted me so much. I feel really tired. My eyes itch from the mosquito repellentS.

I was on my way down to wash the bikes and Bill introduced me to Cindy.

She is a warm, perceptive, positive, energetic (REALLY ENERGETIC), beautiful person. I hope she doesn't ride as fast as I think she will.

When Bill first mentioned her bike, he said it was a Buele (spelling?). I thought he said "mule".

I was thinking, "that is a weird name for a motorcycle! I've heard of ninja, katana... in Taiwan, the new bikes were named 'dragon'. Why would anyone market a bike as a MULE?" I could see the selling point:
Slow as a donkey. SAFE as a donkey.

Actually, I haven't seen yet, but Cindy may have a HARLEY DAVIDSON. Wow! That would be awesome.

A small percentage of Harley riders won't wave to me. Someone (c'monn clif - who was it????) said that when he rides with his friends, some Harley riders will ignore every bikers' wave JUST UNTIL the one Harley in their group waves.

Now we have a beautiful girl joining us. Rides a Harley - now I can feel our "group" expanding and gaining diversity. Now even the Harley riders will wave at us!
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Old 07-14-2012, 09:14 PM   #801
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Hi Clif---you mentioned ride reports. Your's is just fine! Most reports are just narrated pictures of a trip. Yours is so much more; even if it's a little off the wall. You also mentioned the "Harley wave". I ride a Harley and I wave at all riders. I don't feel the brand has as much to do with it as the attitude does. The feeling and adventure come from a mindset, as you have already figured out. Enjoy the rest of your adventure and don't worry about who waves at who. The important thing is you keep waving and smile as you do!
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Old 07-14-2012, 10:47 PM   #802
judgebill OP
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Kamloops, Here We ARE

Hello from KAMLOOPS. Cindy joinged us, as promised, exacgtly at 6:00 pm, in spire of an over-zealous border control agent in Canada who thought whe might be part of the advance party of a group of I-don't-Know-What. And she loved every minute of the long and very hot ride from Seattle to Kamloops. One thing on which we all agree (Clif, Cindy and me) is the scenery through which we are riding is fantastic and spectacular and any other adjedtives yhou want to add. Riding is a real pleasure.
We three had dinner tonight and the conversation turned to riding. Clif has such a refreshing view on life, on riding, on the trip and everything that he is a delightful companion. Cindy is enthusiastic about riding and is looking forward to the experience of the three of us seeing whatever there is to see. We will have to twist her arm a bitd to get her input but if her enthusiasm comes through it will be truly entertaining.
IL'cw norixws rhR my riding seems to bel the end in itself as opposed to the destination. That is, I ride to ridem, nbot to get some particular place. Yes, it helps if there is an intreresting destination, and I have no desire to just ride around in circles. But I am more focused on the act of riding thatn on the desire to arrive. I'm glad to stop at the end of the day, glad to have dinner and talk abou the day's ride, glad to take off my riding clothes and rela...bvu tI reallly and truly enjoy the ride. That's what makes it all worthwhile.
I don't know how many of you feel that way. Frankly, if I were to hear someone describe their riding experien ce that way I'd question their sanity. I'm interested in hearing from any of you who have similar feelings.
Life in teh fast lane, or the turn out or wherever. See you later. Today was esceptionallly hot (95 degrees) and I'm tired and going to bed. More tomorow.
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Old 07-15-2012, 04:14 AM   #803
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What an awesome ride report!

Clif, Cindy's bike is most likely a Buell. Eric Buell is a brilliant iconoclast. He worked for H-D and then formed his own company which was then bought (and eventually liquidated ) by H-D.

Most Buell motorcycles are powered by H-D motors but with modern suspensions and tires. They handle very well. The trade-off is in horsepower--the air-cooled motors don't have the output of the water cooled stuff. Still go fast enough to get plenty of speeding tickets though.

If you guys are ever going to be coming through AZ, PM me.
rubber side down,


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Old 07-15-2012, 08:11 AM   #804
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2012 jul 15 0802 kamloops bc canada

i don't have much time. i need to pack fast so bill and cindy don't have to wait for me.

i don't know how bill and cindy have 10 times more energy than i do. i have to nap at occasional turnouts - bill never gets tired. i haven't seen cindy ride yet, but if it's anything like her energy level, she's going to be fast.

last night i drank alcohol for the first time on the tour. i only drink red wine for the resveratrol - if it's around. so... i might drink alcohol once every 2 - 6 months.

i got severely drunk. there was a slight misunderstanding and the waiter thought i wanted another drink. remember? on the river raft, i didn't eat anything? so on an empty stomach and generally having no tolerance, i got drunk.

the hot tub was FULL of hot girls. there was some kind of modeling or tv episode convention (or both). they couldn't even all fit into the hot tub. i was supposed to put on my swimming suit and join bill and cindy there.

instead, i passed out on the bed until Bill woke me up this morning.

i think if God ever wanted to punish me for drinking alcohol - that was the best way. "My Son! You have chosen to inebbriate yourself rather than to enjoy the company of the abundant beautiful women in the hot tub. ha ha ha ha ha!"

We took so many beautiful photos yesterday. We ate at a restaurant that had glass for walls and it seemed to be floating in the clouds.

But I'm in a huge hurry. I'll post a couple here to start. If the pace of travel becomes even more frantic with Cindy, I might not be able to post a lot of pics. Well... we'll see.

I don't feel hungover, but I'll drink extra water in case.

I do feel my coordination is a bit off.
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Old 07-15-2012, 08:16 AM   #805
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Bill and Cindy sit in the "restaurant above the clouds". We all eat delicious salmon dishes for dinner.

the GTLs socialize with Harley Davidsons on each side.

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Old 07-15-2012, 08:20 AM   #806
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beautiful hotel. i could see bill and cindy's HD from there.

i wouldn't mind to stay here a week and start organizing, upload more multimedia from the tour so far.

at least i passed out on a beautiful bed

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Old 07-15-2012, 08:22 AM   #807
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yesterday, in a very Macayver-like tv episode, Bill opened one of the farings slightly, then used a "do not disturb" maid door handle sign to direct coolant into the GTL.

I have pics... but I really should get packing now.
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Old 07-15-2012, 10:50 AM   #808
Harry Swan
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Best Western in Kamloops

Recognized the entrance. You're back in civilization ... Harley country.
What the hell do I know?!?

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Old 07-15-2012, 01:39 PM   #809
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2012 jul 15 1327 @ Revel Stoke BC Canada, Denny's Restaurant

Sitting across from Bill and Cindy.

There was a black infinity that passed me and stayed a long time in front of me, Bill and Cindy in front of it.

Later at one of those short two lane places, the infinity and I were accelerating hard. I think the infinity finally saw me and slowed so I could pass. Or... was it because of the curve ahead?

I accelerated more to take the "go ahead" invitation, but by that time was at a very high speed. The curve was sharp and as it was too late to brake, I leaned into it.

The gtl was shaking. There was rain. And I had never taken a curve that sharp, so fast...

I made it - obviously because if I didn't succeed, I'd probably be dead - but I'm still freaked out by it.

Cindy is a good rider in many ways. She's already ridden Bill's? GTL. I told her I didn't think a petite girl could ride it. She said, "I'm not carrying the bike, just riding it."

(fyi, Cindy wants me to post that I ordered a milk).

It's raining a lot outside now.

Whenever I get under stress, I want to get a rag and start washing the GTL. So... it is hard for me not to go out now in the rain and start washing. It wouldn't make sense, right? 5 minutes after riding away from Revel Stoke, it'll just be completely muddy again.

I like how alcohol tastes. But I might not drink again. I noticed that I've lost a very slight bit of sensitivity to the direction I'm heading when I'm looking around. Or - another way to put it is that I feel less coordinated than usual.

Bill said Cindy is a HARLEY GIRL and is having a bad influence on me - up to yesterday, I didn't drink ANY alcohol!
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Old 07-15-2012, 02:38 PM   #810
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This is a photo from a video of Bill and Cindy just before we went on our first ride as a threesome.

Cindy said she didn't want to be an "interloper." I said that Bill and I are like Batman and Robin. So we need a Batgirl!

Or were we more like "Of Bikes and Men" and Bill would be George in that analogy (reference Steinbeck).

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