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beat OP
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Location: appel town, the lowlands
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2012 summer holiday

After a thourogh preparation, .. well it could be better, but i just got to deal with it. A week on the road and it still works, i better write somthing myself instead of lurking in the RR.
So preperation started in december 2010, i bought a honda xr400 and stripped it as soon as i got home. During the winter a xr350 frame was modifyed with parts of the 400. Then a second subframe was added as a luggage rack. I did already buy secondhand touratech alu cases some years ago. During the summer i drove the MS1000 as a test to see if it was as i hoped. It did, but back than i didn't take as much luggage with me as now. The folowing winter the engine was disassembled and the TRX400 quad was stipped for parts. To create a xr400 with e-start and kickstart, you need the cranck-case of the xr, crack of the trx, left cranckcasecover of the trx with the e-start parts, the rest is xr parts. the gears of the trx wer wrecked, so no option for 1,2,3 gear from trx and 4,5 of the xr.
So much for the prep of the machine.
Day 0
I'm leaving my appartment and drive to my mom for the start big trip the next day.
Day 1
From my mom's place i drive the backroads to get to a village in the "far north" wher my grandpa used to live. It's only 150km but that is far away in Holland. Than i drove allong the north shore allong the "waddenzee" this stretch of see that becoms dry at low tide, making it possible to walk to the islands.

Day 2
The wind was strong yesterday, but today even stonger. Driving on the freeway at appropriat speed is a riscy buisiness, backroads again. not that i don't like back roads, it just takes a lof of time. The houses in northen Germany are well maintained and all made of red bricks, it's a nice contrast with the green tree's. When i cross the Elbe river with a ferry, a German on a scooter starts a conversation. he grew up in the area and know it like the back of his hand, but a holiday to mongolia?!..he has to tell his wife and starts a sms.

Day 3
As i stoped before the border of Denmark, driving through it and over the bridges to Sweden is the goal af the day. As i get further east it gets colder and on the last Dannish island my boots fill up and i wonder why i left my airconditioned appartment, it's only 3 day to get home...
Crossing the bridge into Sweden the weather turns dry, for a while. But i made the misstake of not putting the scandinavian maps in the gps and it is hard to find a place to sleep. In the evening it appears the gps cable is still home, but a card reader also works.

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beat OP
Double Dutchie
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Joined: Jul 2006
Location: appel town, the lowlands
Oddometer: 88
Day 4
Drove from Malmo to Rada, Sweden. In Sweden there is Biltema, a shop for man. So i went in spend half an hour in there and came out with one usb cable for my gps. Beceause preperation took more time than expected a make the stops as short as posible. And the result is..yes i droped the bike, at a gas station. I put the bike back with the rubber side down. No damage, except for my knee, but that will heal itself. I'm really happy it's not a 300kg beemer.
After a while cruising the countryside i hear a metallic drop on the asfalt (hmm, i need to inprove on my english). As i turn to look, the tire iron dissapears under a lorry that appears to be hunting me.. I dive into a siderode to turn back. After walking the stretch two times i find my tire iron and the journey continious.
Well, it does but not so good. The gps seems to shut down once in a while. replacing the batteries doesn't help, but they could be empty. When i arrive in Rada i have to find my friends house without navigation, not easy when you have never been there.

As expected a limited amount of views, do to the lame title.
Just the way i like it,
for me the writing is a way to organize the mess and experiance in my head. I hope those who do read it, enjoy it. i enjoyed reading other RR.

Maybe i should tel a litle bit more about the trip...may not. but i can add some pics of where i'm going..

There are issuse with border crossings. Some are open to locals only and some are open for every one. This changes quite often. So for the russian borders, go to and look for multi-lateraal i believe
As i'm writing this in notepad du to the lack of internet acces, misstakes are obvious.

Day 5
A long day, i start driving at 10. A bit late but with propper breakfast. I use a Garmin etrex GPS and set the routing to shortes route. This gives most of the time the most scienic result with a minimum of boring freeways. i could do it better myself but since i'm the driver, i dont read at the same time.
So after warming up the engine in a few km the first 'dirt road' is there. it is more an unseald road as i'm cruising freeway speeds. While i pas a lake, an early short stop is made.

At dinner time some guy aprotches me at a fuel stop and asks if i speak english...apparently he knows a dutch guy 5 miles down the road, owening an off-road tour company The question if i'm heading that, a bit further. not sure he understands, i move over to the restaurant next door. It lookes more like a nightclub on the inside but they have food. The waitres is as tall as a 14 year old, not what you expect in Sweden...
By the time it is 21:30 i try to call my friend for his adress, he says it won't show in the gps and pics me up in front of the WMCY (accros the street from the train station, but wmcy sounds funnier). since he lives during the week in the workshop (caravan) of the company, i park my bike between electrical city buses and tuned toyota priusses. The only vehicle sound the workshop hears..a thumper! Maybe not, during the tour in the workshop a see another familiar face swaping engines in a 1973 mazda something. He learns the hard way as the valve seats arn't checked and leaking, nice for 2 in the morning. Apperently sleepovers in the workshop common.
sorry no pics allowed, all highly secret and shit.

Day 6
After a short sleep (it doesn't get dark here and there are no curtins in the workshop) i get woken up by a man looking for some capacitor, yes electrical vehicles...
While i make breakkie, the floor manager appears. After a chat i manage to escape the paperwork that says i didn't see anything but i can work one my bike and use all the tools i need. He even says that my friend will help me if nesseccary, nice! So we head to town for some motor oil, the rest of the spares are in the lugage.
When we are back, the CEO enters and ask a zilion questions, but the most remarkeble one..if i can start working for them after my holiday..?! Cool but uh.. i don't know
Day 7
We celebrate the longest day with a BBq at my friend house
2012 summer holiday

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