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kenbob OP
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Dos Leñadores - Montana to Mexico

Long Montana winters .

It's not that our winters are truly epic or extremely harsh , or make the weather channel , weekly . They just are really long , with little sun .

This is a story about two riding buddies - looking for Sun , good camping , great eats , and just being free from another long , drab winter .

Doug and I , have known each other for , I dunno , maybe 15 years or so . He lives 200 miles from me , in Montana's capitol city , Helena . I was always jealous of his tales of daring adventures , North and South , mostly on 2 wheels and sometimes , by Jeep . Since finishing school , Doug had wore out a couple airheads , and was on his way to the hundred thousand mile mark , on his 1150 GSA .

Myself , I have been torturing old Honda's , since the 8th grade . Just thrashin around . Never really had a nice , trusty bike . Both Doug and I are self employed . I always used to let that get in the way of life - Doug knew better and always kept his priorities in line - work a little , travel a whole bunch . See why I was so jealous ! Darn it, I wish I could do that part over again !

I went thru a couple big life changes , in this new century , and finally got my program headed in the right direction . Ended up finding a nice low mile 1150 GSA of my own , and started putting miles on .

Doug calls , midwinter 2010 ..... say's to me , " what would you say to a Mexican bike trip ?" Doug says . "Lets head to Copper Canyon - Barranca del Cobre "

I'm in !!

We met up at Overland Expo , Amado, Arizona - hung there till it was over . Took off for Copper Canyon , via Douglas , Arizona .

We camped at the cemtery , beyond Satevo ...

We met Capt. P.A. Fernando Arvizo , one of the nicest fellas in all of Mexico !

His place is on the Mirador road , backside of Basaseachi Falls . We camped on his property and he insisted we shower in his own cabin , there on his property . Spring water , off the mountain , thru a on-demand propane water heater.
Very nice man - Real nice shower !!

Doug took my photo crossing the bridge at the bottom of the canyon .

Invited ouselves to tour a little sawmill , at Yecora. Talked with this really happy sawdust conveyor , man . Custom high capacity wheelbarrow and a big smile !

Last camp , before leaving Mexico . 150 miles South of the border .

Douglas in blue and yours truly, in red . Good camp coffee and a beautiful sunny morning . Oh my , this is livin !!

Wow - I had now been on a bike trip to Mexico !! We were only South of the border 9 or 10 days ..... but Mexico left a huge impression on me . I just loved all of it .

A year passes - I thought of our trip , all the time . Every time i walked in my shop and looked at my bike , I could still see Mexican dirt on it .
I never worry about washing it .

Middle of the winter - 2011
Doug calls ..... "you thinkin what I'm thinkin " ?

Yes !! I'm in !!

We start planning . "Doug says lets expand our itinerary" ,lets take off from Beatty,Nevada - Death Valley to Baja - ferry to mainland - back North thru Mexico mainland .
" Man Doug , that sounds awesome " !

We cross at Tecate . Head for Laguna Hanson .

Beautiful Big Ponderosa Pine trees .....

Where I soon become familiar, real familiar , with Mexican terra firma .

We see some excellent ranching opportunities South of Bahia de Los Angeles

I become , even more familiar , with the Mexican soil ...... This one really hurt !!

This spill , allowed me to help put Dr Brandt's kids thru college ..... This is a month later .

I heard my knee pop , as it twisted under those dang boxes !

Yes , I bribed the nurse's into taking a photo , of my knee being worked on .

We were on our way to Punta San Francisquito , when this spill happened .
While there , we got to see Malcom Smith do a fast pass down the beach on his KTM

His bike ....

We let Rosa , make our coffee in the morning

We got invited to a taco party for the Army guys , camped up the road .
Rosa , sent her son out to get some meat for the tacos ....Here's the beef .

I only lasted till 2 or 3 in the morning - those Mex army boys were still going when the Sun came up . Man they were ready to let off some steam !
Doug and I , had a blast partying with those boys . After 3 days of rest there , we headed for the ferry at La Paz .

Found some great camping , along the way

You can imagine the Sunrises , over the Sea of Cortez

The Sunset from the ferry

Once off the ferry , we lit out for the town of Alamos . Hit the best lookin Taco stand for about , 4 tacos a piece.... Wow - so good !!

Then we spotted a dessert stand....
Just a little lime and salt on mine - Doug got some chili sauce on his .

We found a cool , back way out of Alamos -then headed North for the border.
Crossed back into the states at Douglas , Az. Headed for the Overland Expo again, spent some days there . Slowly made our way back to Beatty, Nevada . Camping all the way . We had hauled our bikes from home , in my pickup . Going back , it rained all the way thru Utah and snowed hard thru Montana . Our lakes were still froze over , here at home . I had been gone 30 days .

Gawd my shower felt so good !!

I know that was a long post - but I felt this was the best way to set up the real story , which I will set about telling next . Doug and I , just love rolling thru the Mexican countryside , camping and eating , smiling and taking photos .

It's the good life .......

Here is a shot from the trip , I'm about to tell you about

2012 Mexican Adventure next .......

lighter , smaller bikes , soft luggage and more tales from South of the border

Thanks , Ken

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We're waiting.
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kenbob OP
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The 2012 trip South

You just don't forget camp spots like this ........

Doug took this photo -I'm sitting in my sleeping bag , taking it all in .

In between those two previously mentioned trips , to Mexico . I had purchased a 2001 BMW 650 , which got Mi Amigo Doug , to start thinking about a smaller bike . He found a 2007 BMW X Challenge , and started prepping it for travel.

This was Doug's first purchase of a bike , from the internet .This worried him , plenty . I got a major kick out of his worrying . By this time , I had made several bike purchases off the interwebs , with no problems . My 650 Dakar was a Michigan craigslist find, with just 2,950 miles on it . David , the man selling it , allowed me to just store it at his cabin on the West side of Michigan -he lived in Detroit . I bought it in May , and in August , started making plans to get it from him. I flew to Grand Rapids, Michigan and met David at the airport - he had driven from Detroit to the Lake Michigan side , near Sleeping Bear Dunes . That was a 4 hr drive for him , he loaded the bike in his truck and met me at the airport . Never seen the man in my life . Here is David pulling up to get me at the airport , with my bike .

Very nice man !

I had carried with me , my helmet , dry bag , stich jacket and Montana license plate . David had stopped and bought bolts to put the plate on and had the correct tools in his hands , to help me put the plate on !! We went North of town a couple miles , put the plate on and said goodbye . He drove off into the night . I messed with the bike getting my gear tied on, and had started it a couple times - by the time I got ready to go , the battery was dead , so I bump started it and took off . My mission was to ride around Lake Michigan and wind up in Milwaukee , to have the bike shipped home. The bike had sat alot and the next day stopped at a Napa store for a can of Sea Foam , thats all she needed .

The ride was great . This was the first week of September , with nice weather . Stopped and chilled at my cousin's place in the Kickapoo Valley, Wisconsin.

The view from her deck

After three days there , I pushed on for Milwaukee , as I had a plane to catch.

Stopped at the Harley Museum . My little ole BMW was the only bike in the parking lot that morning .

I spent a hour or so in there

Then went and found my shipper - Haul Bikes
Hailed a cab to the airport and was off to Montana

A couple weeks later , I met the driver in a big parking lot . He had two bikes to unload .

This fella , had owned a CB 360 Honda , earlier in life - sold it and had always regretted it . So he found one on the net. Turned out to be a little more of a fixer upper , than he wanted .

It wouldn't start . He lived , just across the street

Took my bike home and put it in the shop , as the riding season was sadly about over , here in Montana .

Next summer, Douglas finds a low mile, X Challenge in Kentucky . Like 1,100 miles , I believe . His shipper , gets it to him , no problems at all . The bike looks great and Doug's world can start spinning again . LOL

His new bike has Leo Vince pipe on it and a Rekluse clutch , some other goodies and all the the take offs . Right away , Doug bought a Touratech tank and a fairing from Canada , with really good lights in it . That big tank would later on , prove to be a great asset . He spends the summer , knocking around central Montana on it ..... and loving his new machine.

We start making plans for our trip South , in the fall , of 2011 . We both decide to buy Giant Loop bags , new tires , and other small preparations . The big gear change for this trip is ..... a GPS ! Doug bought a new Garmin Montana and a mount for it . We previously had shunned them , thinking , we are men of the forest and do not need such modern things ! Well , as many of you know , maps of Mexico are a different matter . The new GPS really was very helpful . He loaded it with Bici maps.

Our bikes near Blythe, California

OK ... with all that bike stuff outa the way , we will actually hit the dusty trail, to Mexico, on my next post .

Thanks Ken

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Originally Posted by Rutabaga View Post
We're waiting.
Indeed! Take it easy on that knee, I know mine hurts like hell...
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Originally Posted by kenbob View Post
Long Montana winters .

We met Capt. P.A. Fernando Arvizo , one of the nicest fellas in all of Mexico !

I met Don Fernando last October, a great guy indeed with an amazing knowledge about Chihuahua and all its backroads
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kenbob OP
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Nice Man - really nice place

I had gotten a heads up , about him , from a gal at Overland Expo . She and her husband had been there quite a bit , when the place was in its heyday .

Fernando , had a restaurant and quite a few campsites, as well as cabins. Out back where he sent us to camp - at one time was multiple showers and flush toilet bathrooms . Apparently when the Mexico travel fear , kicked in , he ran out of paying customers .

This is the main commons area

This is what his place looks like from the Mirador road

The Mirador road gives you this view of the falls .....

Staying here and meeting this man , was definately one of the nicer things that happened to us , on that trip !

Thanks Ken
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A good reason to go South

This isn't a typical winter , but was a doozy !

This was in the Winter of 96-97 , one of the worst ever for us here in NW Montana . Thats's my 85 GMC under that white blanket . I shoveled my roof 3 times , that winter.
This was long before , I discovered the joy of riding in Mexico , while my buddies would be shoveling snow !

Let's Go .......

Douglas was ready long before me . He puts his bike in his living room and gets stuff done on it . I was supposed to have been at his house to pick him up and I was still in my shop - doing stuff like putting a new front sprocket on . I was frantic. Finally just threw all my gear in the back seat and took off for Helena . Doug lives a good 3 plus hours away . I got thru town and was 50 miles into the trip and looked in the rear view mirror , scanning my pile of crap in the back seat , for ....... my helmet !!
Nowhere to be seen - stop and jump back there , tear the pile apart ! Yep , turn around and go back . Dang it -now I will truly be late .

I get to Dougs place , about midnight . We hook on to his trailer , with his bike loaded , tied down and take off . I'm pretty sure he drove away from his place and I nestled in , thinking some about sleep - as I knew we would pull an all nighter . Our destination was Overton , Nevada . Just a little ways North of Vegas .

I tried to be of some help , keeping Doug awake . He purty much drove all night and I got behind the wheel , after the Sun was up . By the time , we were gearing up the bikes........ it's noon .

Overton RV Park

We finally got rolling an hour later - zipped to Henderson, Nevada to hit the REI store . We rode down hwy 95 and made camp , a little South of Needles, Ca.

I believe that is the lights of Needles , over the top of my bike

Sunrise photo -same camp , next morning

Were rolling now ! Camp coffee , pack and hit the trail . We were just gonna follow 95 South to Blythe , cross over I-10 continue on 78 South along the Colorado River , thru Glamis . We wanted to cross at Mexicali .

Before leaving home Doug had been hearing of a storm bearing down on Southern California - gonna hit the coast , about the time we hit Mexico !

We are about to Calexico , its 5 pm and I can see a black mushroom cloud , West of us. We are going by a couple hotels and I flag Doug down .

" Umm Doug , you see whats ahead ? You want to just grab a room " ?

"We'll just flank it " he says ......
OKAY- we had better get goin then !!

We stop and get peso's on the U.S.side . We still had to get our TVIP at the border , as we were gonna ride the ferry , at LaPaz again .

See that dark cloud .....

This little cloud ,was just a teaser....for it was going to get a lot worse.

We kinda pulled over to the left , looking for the spot to get our permits - I figure , I might as well snap a few pics ..... well 30 seconds into my photo session , here comes the man , walking towards me . Mexican fella - he says to me " you can not take photo -please hand me your camera - I will only pretend to delete these photos - we are being watched , so if you get asked ,say that I deleted them"

ten 4- roger that

Okay , so i'm not so good at border photo taking .

We cross and find the permit spot . Take turns watching the bikes and get our permits . By this time the wind is kicking up ! Purty soon , it's hard to keep the sand out of your eyes . We stop and check the map - got a little turned around in Mexicali . I forget , something was goin on with Doug's GPS ?

Our destination for our first night in Mexico , was Canyon de Gaudelupe . I had seen a couple ride reports here and those hot pools , sounded really nice . Sounded like a great first night in Mexico .

Finally hooked up on our road West outa town - we stopped here for a hot meal . This fella , talkin to Doug, had been in the beer and was quite full of it,and he was our best buddy , for a while !

By the time we hit the turn off the highway to Gaudelupe - the wind is about to become a real problem . Now it's just dark . We end up riding , side by side , to multiply our lights on the road . We are in first gear and maybe second , once in a while . Darkness and blowing sand .
We just keep forward progress and when we stop , we talk about how nice ,that hot water is going to feel . Halfway across , we run into the Mex Army out on a training run . Just exercise - they had fatigues on - a few had lights and they were just jogging thru this storm . We pulled over and got our lights out of their eyes - a few of them waved .....

We make that last fork in the road at about 11pm - we know the hot pools have to be close . We struggle on for a couple miles as the wind gets worse .

Finally , in our lights we see the gate , and as we ride up to it ....we see the sign.....

Cerrado.... They are closed -this just sucks ! Was, one hell of a struggle to get here and they are shut down .

Now , it's midnight or so . Foolishly , we think we might actually set up our tents ..... Doug got his staked down and was trying to put the rain cover on , when the wind pulled his stakes and took his tent away - at about 50 mph. Gone into the dark night . This really sucks !! Im about 30 feet from him and can't hear him . I cant hang on to anything , so I tie all my stuff back on the bike , and just lay down on the ground with my stich jacket , ridin jeans and helmet . At this point I'm not sure what Doug is doin .

Purty fitful , couple hours pass . Now its getting colder , much colder. I can hear the wind roaring down out of the mountains behind us . I'm starting to shiver . I think to myself , this is how hypothermia happens .

So I get up and pull my sleeping bag out . I would like to put down my tent tarp , but can't hang on to everything and get in . Doug and I both, have nice , Western Mountaineering down bags . I really don't want to just throw this down on the bare ground - but I have to . So I climbed in , with all my riding clothes . About an hour later , it starts to rain . Crap - this really sucks . At least I was getting warmed up . Couple hours later , it starts to get light . I can tell my sleeping bag is soaked .

I can look up the canyon and see some REAL weather , headed our way .

I hollered to Doug " we better get goin man - look up the draw behind you " !!!

I untied my dry bag and stuffed my wet down bag in there and walked over to where Doug was , and this is what I saw .....

Then he reminds me - we have to go look for his tent !

We split up and walked in the direction the wind was blowing about 3/8 of a mile from camp - there was Doug's tent - wedged in a big bush , totally unharmed .

Lucky, very lucky .

By the time we found the tent , the rain was stopped . But it was cold out . I looked to the West and here is the view . This would be looking toward , Laguna Hanson .

Yep - that's a dusting of snow .

We rode over by the gate and looked in the daylight - sure enough . Closed.....

I will continue our journey from here .

Thanks Ken

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Hi !

Nice report !
... tambien me dijo un arriero, que no hay que llegar primero, pero hay que saber llegar ......
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What's ******width?
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Looking forward to the rest of it!
Which one of you FF's was it?...FOUNDER!

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Great report, post some more pics. Learning any spanish?
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A dry sleeping bag and some gas

Our mission today .......

We are headed for Gonzaga Bay . We have just stuffed our " dry " bags with soaking wet sleeping bags . Doug is not much of a motel guy fact he despises them . However I did hear some mumbling , to the fact we may have to find one.

A soon as we got out of the canyon , this was our view .

Sunny , yet it is still quite cold - still see the snow on the hills .

This morning , I don't believe we made coffee !! We really needed to get out of that canyon , and in to the Sun. We were headed across Laguna Salada - to hook up with Hwy Mex 5 South to San Felipe. We started down this track and after about ten miles of this ...... I was warmed up , for sure .

This ended up being the wrong track for us . We had to backtrack half of that ten miles - ended up asking a farmer . He sent us the correct way out on to the playa .

Seemed like we went a long ways before we saw this sign .

At this point my low fuel light had been on for a while . I saw it come on , when I was in the deep sand . I was packing a extra litre of gas . Doug hadn't really filled the supertanker up , because he was trying to keep the weight down . As I recall , he did not have much more gas than I did . I put my extra fuel in about here .
We could see on the map , a village called La Ventana - we had high hopes , they would have some fuel . We had not been down this piece of hwy before , Last year we got to San Felipe , via Mex 3 , as we had been thru Laguna Hanson .

Douglas and I were both tickled to get to the highway . Mex 5 is right behind me , in this photo .

La Ventana was down the road a ways , maybe 15 or 20 km's ? I had to be on fumes ! We set out for this little encampment , not knowing if fuel was there or not . This little ride was going to end up being quite scary for me - as they were working on that portion of the highway . On the West side of the hwy , next to the Southbound lane , they had cut away the toe of the road fill , to the fog line ! In other words , to my right , past the white fog line , was a 5- 6 ft drop off . This highway is very busy and if I was to run out of gas ......I really wasn't sure what I would do ?? I was easy on the throttle , trying to make it .

We pull in to La Ventana and I head in to the little tienda and ask - gasolina?

She shook her head no . Crap - this sucks . We stand around and discuss life for a moment . About this time , a nice looking , well dressed man pulls up in his pickup , and he has a four wheeler in the back !! I'm thinking this may be good . When the man comes out of the tienda , I ask if he has any gasolina . He then asks me if I have a jug - to which I reply " si " an ran to fetch it off the bike . He siphoned 3 litres of gas for me , out of his quad . Now mind you , he had on really nice clothes and was headed somewhere , with his wife . In typical Mexican fashion , he never spilled a drop of gas !! I pulled out a wad of peso's and pushed it towards him . He basically pushed it back and said " enjoy your time in our country " !!!! Seems like you run across stuff like this all the time , down there .
Very nice man .

Next spot on the road was El Michoacan

This fella sold me a milk jug full of gas , that he siphoned out of his van

The gasoline man is in the red sweatshirt - purty sure the gal, is the owners daughter . I gave him a good amount of peso's for the gas and he went inside and bought a beer - happy ! We went in and the lady inside cooked for us and we had some coffee . Joy , oh joy ! This is about 2:30 and we MAY have had a Clif bar .....maybe not . But I am sure there had been no Coffee . Boo

We light out for San Felipe . Pull in to the Pemex and fill all , clear to the top .

I'm quite sure this car was there , last year .

There is always something to smile about in Mexico . Look at the stickers

It's now getting close to 4 pm - we still have to figure out tonight's accomadations yet . Hit the highway and jam for Gonzaga Bay .

We head for Alphonsina's , with crossed fingers . When you see these boys in the bay - you know right then , what you are gonna have for supper . yay

Shrimp boats

We walk in and ask the main man about a room - he sternly replies " NO " .

Man , this is not good . Its now after 6 and the Sun is setting , it's cold outside and you know our sleeping bag situation . The man is very busy , lots going on . We stand and look like we are about to cry .... darn it , this is not good ! I catch the mans attention - I try to explain that our gear is soaking wet and we are in need of something, anything . He pauses for a moment and spins around and motions for us to follow . He takes us thru the kitchen and he stops and says something to the dishwasher dude - ooh , dishwasher man scowled at me . Not real sure what is about to happen ? He leads us out back and shows us this room .

Purty rustic - but hey , its sure looks great to us . Even Doug , the no way hotel guy , is happy . But then we get to looking around and spot the best part ......
A clothesline........ wahoo

We hung up our gear and raced inside to see about them shrimp .

I'm not sure what that little gal cooked us ..... but it was as good a shrimp dinner , as there is . Had a couple beers and went back to check on the sleeping bags . Sure enough the wind had picked up and everything was on the ground ,

We found it all , and hung it back up , using way more clothes pins , this time .

Took it all down , before we hit the hay . Was 3/4 dry - figured while chowing down on brekkie , in the morning , just hang it back up for a bit .

Sure enough , breakfast was killer .

Okay - I'm going to tell ya'all another cool Mexican hospitality story .

This was just a week or so before Semana Santa - Easter , The whole country was on the move .... they all go somewhere for this holiday !

I had walked out on the beach this morning and a couple Mexican families had their kids on 4 wheelers , riding up and down the beach . I went over and tried to converse with them . They were having fun and so was I . I prolly spent a half hour or 45 minutes joking around with them . Well they had been in the rooms next to us and were related to the man - the man that kicked somebody out , to make us a spot . Meanwhile Doug is around back , by the room and he is talking to the rest of the group . Turns out , the displaced man is a cousin to the owner fella and he is a doctor . The doctor and Doug have a good conversation and he ends up giving Doug a flask of Bacanora .

Here they are loading up to head out , as were we .

So ...... not only did they get kicked out of their room , on account of us - but then gave us a real nice flask full of Bacanora .

For those that don't know - it's a spirit , distilled from Bacanora Agave , in Sonora . Its good's very potent , has a smoky taste .

Doug and I vowed then ....that each night when the tents were set up and we enjoying the Sunset .....we would each take a hit , from the flask .

It would end up lasting almost , the whole trip.

I love Mexico and it's people !!

We will continue from here .

Thanks, Ken

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Eventually Bahia de los Angeles

As much as we enjoyed our night and very nice morning , we had to leave .
Our gear was dry and our bellies full !

I wanted to include a photo of the water handling system at Alphonsina's

Always a beautiful ride , towards Coco's . I love seeing all the cactus .

We take the road before Coco's and head towards Bahia Calamajue

We heard this was a fungus on these cacti

We talked about going on out to the fish camp on the bay , and look for a camp spot .

nice ride out there

Its a really nice road out to Campo Calamajue

Then we spotted the fish processing building - must have been quite the deal in it's day . Looked like they smoked the fish in these brick structures on the end of the building .

Inside cleaning tables .

They were some nice spots to camp - but WOW , you had to stay upwind it would just gag ya , the fish stink !

We rode back a few miles and spotted this dandy camp !

Next day we head for Calamajue wash

We just barely got sprinkled .....felt good tho

Starting up the wash .....turned to sand after this

Doug's turn

I get up near the top and I see Douglas waiting for me to help lift his bike up - all the miles we have ridden together , and this was the first time he ever spilled !

Real nice cactus

Cool cactus log corral

We made our way into Bay of LA , headed for the tienda and got some supplies .Then we ate some late lunch , as we were headed for our friends place , down on the water . They come down from the states and spend the winters here ......which is a very nice way to live !!

Meet Stu , Dayna and their dog , Max

We met them two years ago at this retaurant in town

we camped in their yard , the year before . Stu always has a cold beer waiting and he has built a awesome shower - that he insists you use .....OKAY

Always on guard !

Doug , Stu and myself , sat there and watched a beautiful Sunset and then pitched our tents . Used Stu's killer shower and hit the hay .

I will continue on from here

Thanks Ken
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Great RR and images! Thank you for sharing.
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Nice report
I got tired of being here, so now I'm there
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Overland Expo

Sorry fellas - Doug and I just got back from a quick trip to Northern Arizona . We were gone 8 days ..... so I have been slacking in my report here .

Main goal was to take in Overland Expo - It was my 3rd time attending , and I don't believe Doug has ever missed one !

A couple years ago , I sold Roseann, of Expo fame , a R 80 g/s . As I had purchased a different G/S .

I got cash and 2 passes to Expo and a lovely bottle of Bacanora , in the deal .

So , since time was valuable and weather iffy - we loaded up and hauled the bikes to Torrey, Utah . Arriving there , in the middle of the night and sleeping for a couple hours in the truck ...... no fun ! Next morning , found a place to stash the truck and trailer at a outfitters ranch . Was on the road by 9am - first stop , Boulder , Utah .

Where we imbibed in a killer breakfast here ..... oh my !

We rode to Escalante , peeled off to the South on the Smoky Mtn Rd - 70 odd miles of sweet riding brought us out on the highway near Bigwater, Az.

Sights along the way ....

All in all , a very nice ride

I decided to ride my 1981 R80 g/s - had my Giant Loop bag strapped on and it was perfect for the task . The bikes got 1200 miles put on , and my truck 1750 miles or so .

We rode up to Jacob's Lake , the way to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon , had dinner and camped just down the road towards Page . We needed to get down off the top as it was very windy and cold .

Next morning finds us a Cliff Dwellers, Az. Looking for breakfast - and we found it .
Very good , homemade corned beef hash . Fave of mine .

Right next door to the cafe is the home of these guys

They were getting ready to take a batch of folks out....
Check out their supplies

From there , we headed for Flagstaff, Az. The long grade South of Page is closed , due to a major slump in the hwy .... we tried to find a way past the barricades and go see it - but they have it all fenced up very tidy .... no getting moto's thru !

There was a strong headwind all the way to Flag, about 20 miles outa town , I experienced the only hiccup on my R 80 - I ran out of gas ..... all I had to do was reach down and turn on reserve , but still it wakes you up . I have the PD tank on it , and that is 8 and some odd gallons , and allows you 2 reserves ( 2 petcocks ) went the rest of the way into town and stopped at a station , no problem .

We arrived at Mormon Lake , sight of the Expo , in the afternoon and set up our tents . We were camped next to Ken and Carol Duvall , from Australia . They were on their R 80 g/s . Ken and I had the only R 80's there .....but there were a few other airheads , all R 100's . Ken and Carol were headed to Vegas after this event , to take in a Fleetwood Mac concert . Ken told me , that on the way there , their bike will turn 800,000 km's !
Thats just South of 500,000 miles . Woo hoo !! Believe me , he knows every bolt on it.

Here they are

Sights around Expo

We stayed 2 nights there , headed out Sunday morning . Rode to Winslow,Az. for lunch at the La Posada .

Oh my , you gotta stop here.
Was my 3rd time there - Doug , had never been to this place .

It's a real nice place , with great food !

Did the touristy thing you do in Winslow .......

Tribute to the Eagles song

We headed North under the I 40 , out in to the prairie . Kayenta , Az. was our general direction . We camped on the Hopi Reservation , South of Black Mesa .

Found a nice spot , up against some cliffs

After coffee and a clif bar , saddled up , and was in Kayenta by noon . Gassed up and headed North for Monument Valley

Where I took this shot

and this one

X bike and R bike ....livin large

We proceeded on to the Valley of the Gods

Very nice riding here

Where we found this killer camp spot

Next morning ,before I made any coffee , I was out looking for good sunrise photos

We were forced to hang out and have several cups of joe , that morning .

What a spot - nothing like leaving camp at 10 O'clock - geez

We went in to Mexican hat for breakfast , then back out , to ride the Moki Dugway , up the hill . We hit hwy 95 West , thru White Canyon , then turned South to Bullfrog Basin , past Ticaboo . We already knew the ferry was not operating , just want to see the water level , I reckon .

Reservoir still has a ways to go

From there , we hopped on the Burr Trail

What a sweet ride to Boulder , Utah

Here is the West end of the canyon , that you ride out of

We saw a camp spot on the way to Boulder . Had supper at the Burr Trail Grill .... wow , soo good . We both had country fried steak - like chicken fried , only with a way better steak .

We then rode back to the spot we had seen earlier, and made camp there .

On my morning stroll , I saw these

made coffee and headed for Boulder - had another awesome breakfast at the Hell's Backbone I'm still thinking about those meals ! geez

Sights on the way to breakfast

After vittles , we rode back over the 9,600 ft summit and into Torrey , Where my truck was . But I suggested to Doug , " let's go see whats in Capitol Reef National Park" . Only about 17 miles or so , East . Stopped and got a map, decided to just ride down the short , 10 mile long , scenic drive . We get to the end of the pavement and Doug can see on his GPS , a dirt road out the bottom end , looping back onto the hwy into Torrey . Was starting to get a little pressed for time , as we ( I ) needed to be getting back , to Montana .

We elected to do it , after a short sales pitch by Doug

The ride took about 2 hours and was well worth it

We got back to my truck in Torrey , in the early afternoon , maybe 2 ?

Saddled up and stopped at the little store , got some meat, cheese and crackers and lit out for Montana ......

Got to Doug's place at 1:30 AM and unhooked his trailer , he grabbed his stuff and I took off , to the West , for home .

I got to the top of Flesher Pass , just 20 miles from Doug's and this is what I had for the next 3 hours ...

Yep that's snow !!

Fought it for a long time - doin about 30 mph ! Places it was 3 or 4 inches deep

Made it about 60 miles from my bed and had to pull over - slept 2 hrs and rolled into my home at 7 am .

Was a great trip !!!! Perfect weather , good camping , got to meet some great folks at Expo , and really enjoyed my ride on the R80 .

We will continue south into Mexico from here

Thanks ken

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