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Old 08-30-2012, 06:30 PM   #16
Joined: Mar 2007
Location: Los Angeles area
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Quite a crowd

Great report so far. Quite a diverse group of riders -- Harleys, Hondas, BMWs, a Victory -- what have I forgotten? No Can-Am? Shocking! Trying to keep this kind of group together is invariably challenging. Looking forward to reading about how things go for you, and hoping for the best!
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Old 08-30-2012, 06:42 PM   #17
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From Idaho Falls it was onwards to Jackson Hole. Guess who got seperated? A few pictures of the ride are below.

The summit into Jackson. looks who's bike is the chosen one with the star reflection. That is from clean living boys.

We had to talk "Straightline" out of jumping after he ran into "The God Father's" BMW RT. Don't worry Jim, Paramount WAS only your biggest account. You have lost better customers than them! He didn't jump because he still had to kill me before himself. Everyone agreed, that was more important other than me. Hell I wanted to push him. Self preservation is a good thing.

Chickago John smiling like he just got the call that the cement shoes he measured me for had arrived in Jackson.

Guess who is riding the Triumph. Pushing it up the pass make your back hurt.

I guess this is how happy you look when one of your BMW headlamps burns out. It pissed me off for some reason. German junk.

Next, arriving in Jackson Hole and back into Kardashian Country.
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Old 08-30-2012, 09:28 PM   #18
Gnarly Adventurer
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Great trip in my book -

Totally agree on the Townhouse Motel in Winnemucca. Cleanest, quietest motel this hillbilly has ever stayed in also.
What in the world does " all the toys Randy" do in Hollywood? Represent Lindsay Lohan? Hope ya brought the BIG WALLET to Jackson Hole. Last time I was there, Motel 6 was $169/nite

and sold out!!!!
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Old 08-30-2012, 10:13 PM   #19
Joined: Sep 2008
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We finally arrive in Jackson and get checked in at the Lodge at Jackson Hole. Definately on the Kardashian side of the family.

Uh, does anyone see a Rune in that last picture? Guess who is missing? About a half hour after arriving, my Brother's cell phone starts ringing. He is in the shower, so I pick it up. It is his secretary asking if we were OK. Sure, why do you ask? Well because Randy is worried about you. Well we are fine (all 9 of us) and at the hotel but have no idea where Randy is. Oh she says, he is down at the Quikie Mart and doesn't have his cell and doesn't know what hotel to go to. She gives me the phone number to the Quikie Mart and I make the call. Is Randy there? Sure hang on. Just like he worked there or something. Crazy!

We go out to dinner at The Gun Barrell and "The Godfather" decides that we will take off in the morning for Old Faithful. Many of the guys had not been to Yellowstone so he wanted to get that piece done.

Yes, Straightline and the Triumph made it.

I bet the Movie Boys wish they could pack a theatre like this every 75 minutes.

Yeah it still works.

The crew.

Some things are better left unasked as they are unexplainable. Guess who? Again!

My Brother mark "The Godfather" and me.

Hot water.

Not all Park Rangers are created equal. This one didn't write Randy up. More on that later.

Straightline baby!

Look out says that Bison!

Who else......? Note cell phone in back pocket. He can learn!

Me watching what I thought was going to be Randy's last few moments on Earth. You can see I am ready to jump right in and help him. Hell, I was in gear and ready to release the clutch and get out of there.

We went out through West Yellowstone and South towards Idaho Falls and back over the summit to Jackson. A 10 hour day. Guess who got seperated and missed dinner at The Mangy Moose?

Tomorrow, the Jackson area.

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Old 08-30-2012, 10:54 PM   #20
Joined: Sep 2008
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Today we decided to stay in the Jackson area as we leave tomorrow for home.

Chickago John.

I didn't take this one and I wasn't there, so I figure my Brother was missing me and decided to take a picture of a horse's ass to remind him of me. I am good with that.

Can you spot the Honda Trail 90 in this photo? Oh, never mind, that's the Triumph.

Again, better left unasked. Jeff "The Wizard".

Seperated at birth.

These two have nothing in common other than the one on the left has a Brother as smart as the one on the right. E=MC2.

Sleepy is awake!

Easy ladies !!!!!

Remember how I never thought that ovulation would ever be brought up at a meal conversation even once. Well it happened again and again not even a hiccup from the waitress. I am baffled, but Randy has some kind of charm that the ladies like.

What is this man doing?

UH OH! That looks like a Federal offense! Much to the chagrin of the general public watching from the bridge, someone in our party needed to get a close up of this moose. Guess who? Someone turned him into the Park Ranger. As we were getting on our bikes to leave, the Ranger walks up to Randy and says that someone got too close to a moose. Randy was kind of busted with his shoes dripping water and the Ranger saying she saw someones digital photo of the "incedent". She ran his lisence and let him off with a warning. 25 yards from a moose or other wildlife is the law. $125.00 fine and a second offense is a ban for life. You should have seen Randy when a squirell got to close after that. He was kinda famous when he got back to the hotel. Quite a few guests recognized him. Great.

A better behaved citizen.

The evidence!

Again, try to ignore whatever Randy is doing in this photo and enjoy the scenery. He is hitting his wet socks on the pavement to dry the out.

Sleepy Steve at Jenny Lake.

Me and Mark at Jenny Lake.

Free tickets to the Jenny Lake gun show. Pitiful.

Jeff at Jenny Lake.

Heading home tomorrow. Thanks for riding along with us!
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Old 08-30-2012, 11:08 PM   #21
Joined: Sep 2008
Oddometer: 53
I thought I was done as it is midnight here, but Chickago John, Sleepy Steve and Randy just walked up as I was typing with half a pool cue in their hand. It appears there was another "incident" with (do I really even need to say it) Randy, at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. Apparently a bad pool shot angered T-Rex and he snapped it in two. We gotta get out of hear before we get locked up. Good night.
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Old 08-31-2012, 01:42 PM   #22
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love the report! my brother and i are going through the same route on our way north. thanks for the pics and places to stop!
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Old 09-10-2012, 07:34 AM   #23
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Question W.t.f. ?

NEED BAIL $$$$$$ ????????
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Old 09-10-2012, 08:08 AM   #24
One day at a time!
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What a nice bunch of bikes, and what a great bunch of photos and also what a great bunch of guys, knowing just how to have some fun. Thanks for taking the time for the rest of us, especially for someone like me who's staying closer and closer to my recliner these days!

Gary "Oldone"

Grampa’s Lake Superior Ride
Grampa’s National Monument Ride
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Old 09-10-2012, 08:54 PM   #25
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Well, we all made it back home safely, even Randy. We ended up leaving Jackson Hole on Friday August 31st at about 9:00 AM. I was all about taking the quickest route back to Oregon, but The Wizard and Sleepy thought it would be a good idea to head South with the Hollywood Boys until we hit Montpelier Idaho and then split off towards Pocatello and on to Oregon. It turned out to be a good call as it was very scenic. Plenty of small towns and diverse scenery. It added about 70 miles to our trip home.

We stopped for fuel in Montpelier and decided to get some water at the attached store. We left our bikes at the pumps and went inside. The gas station "handy man" decided now would be a good time to change the filter on the diesel pump that Sleepy's ST1300 was at. Note to handy man, shut off fuel valve BEFORE removing the filter! Needless to say, the handy man was covered head to toe with diesel, face and all. Sleepy's bike and helmet didn't fair much better. Covered in diesel! We washed it off with a hose as best we could. Kudos to Steve, I would have lit a match and sent that place to Hell, but Steve is good natured and while not happy, just moved on. Glad to have someone like this as my Boss with all the dumb stuff I do at work.

After splitting up with the Hollywood Boys, we headed towards Boise and they headed towards Salt Lake City. Neither of us stopped at these cities, as we still felt good. The Hollywood Boys hit rain South of Salt Lake and ended up in Bryce Canyon for the night.

The Godfather and Straightline at Bryce Canyon. Oh yea, guess who decide he would go to Cheyenne Wyoming instead of home. You guessed it, T-Rex. No support vehicle, no bags, no jacket, just a cell phone and the Rune. Right out of a Jack Reacher novel, WTH! He had made fun of my dayglo orange rain suit in Jackson. Well I guess he would have paid big bucks for it about 100 miles out of Jackson.

Jeff, Steve and I decided we would stop in Baker City Oregon for the night. We got to Baker City with plenty of daylight and still felt like riding.

The Baker City exit. Lets keep going!

We made a call to the Native American casino in Pendleton and they had a couple of rooms. We headed out and got there around 8:30 PM. We dodged quite a few deer over the pass into Pendleton. Hot 675 mile day, Whew!

We had great rooms at the casino but no place was open for dinner, so we just had snacks. Up in the morning, we decided we would fill up and get breakfast after riding a bit. We packed the bikes and heading off through the parking lot to the gas station. As we pull up to the pumps and start to put our credit cards in fuel pump, a Police Officer ask me for my lisence, registration and insurance card. I didn't know you needed this for fuel in Oregon, but maybe things had changed in the week I was gone. Actually, all three of us failed to stop at a stop sign that was kind of what we felt was a prt of the parking lot connecting the casino and fuel station. He took our information back to the car and came back and told us to ride safely. Very cool of him as we were clearly wrong in what we did. Thank goodness Randy wasn't with us with the moose warning on his record! We would have all been in the Tribal jail.

Pretty much an uneventful 200 mile ride into Portland from Pendleton. Amazingly fun trip with great people to enjoy it with.

Home! Washed up, oil changed and ready to go again. 2620 miles total for the 9 days.

Thanks for reading our blog.


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Old 09-10-2012, 09:54 PM   #26
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Here are some more pics from the trip. These from Jeff's camera.

Randy really didn't have an idea that there was a rule against getting too close to a moose. Common sense may have suggested such, but when he was reprimanded by the Park Ranger, he was respectful and apologized. She was pretty cool about it. Makes for a great photo though. I wonder how the pictures he took came out.

We met Claire (in the forground and camo) at a bar in West Yellowstone. He had ridden to West Yellowstone in 3 days from Pennsylvania. The bartender wasn't quite sure if they took the Black American Express Card. They did. Oh! to be a Kardashian! We did see the best T-Shirt on the trip here. "West Yellowstone, a small drinking town with a big fishing problem".

This cleared the road of any bikes.

Just plain weird. Bubbling hot mud in Yellowstone.

Just plain pretty. Hot water in Yellowstone.

What the hell am I looking at? The geyser is where everyone else is looking. Maybe someone coming with ice cream? That would be better than Old Faithful.

Yeah baby! One of the reason you just can't stay mad at Worldwide.

The Goldwing dethroned! America's favorite new touring bike. How out of place is this at Craters of the Moon Idaho. I never really saw the front of this thing while riding, but I saw a whole lot of the tailpipe. Mad Max.

The Townhouse Motel Winnemucca Nevada. Clean and quiet. Recommended!

My nemesis. Everytime we passed a vehicle on the bikes, my Scala Rider would cry out "did the Raptor get by?" The Godfather was riding point and I was riding cleanup with the Raptor behind me be driven by the maniac Worldwide. Did it make it passed? Hell if I would have touched my brakes, Worlwide would have made me into road kill. Everytime I looked in my mirrors, all I could see was the "OR" from the FORD emblem in the grille. I was praying that Randy had spent just as much money to upgrade the brakes on the Raptor as he did on the engine. After realizing how stupid that thought was and that Worldwide wouldn't touch the brakes to avoid me anyway, I just quit looking in my mirrors. It was worse at night!

Guess who got seperated from the group about 100 miles back and shows up in the middle of the night at a gas station in Lovelock Nevada wearing a nice button down dinner shirt. Weird stuff happens in the desert.

Shangrila. One of the many decks at Randy's house. This is where morning coffee was enjoyed. Nice.

The view from one of the decks.

This where one of the 3 best things I have ever eaten came from. Blueberry crumble.....mmmmmm! My wife said to get the recipe and that stove for her and she will make it whenever I want it. Lotto ticket purchased. Thanks again Sue!

One of the AMG Brabus Mercedes waiting for me to steal it from the garage. That damn Rune is in the way and it looks to heavy to push.

Countless people have asked me, how do you stay in such great physical shape eating blueberry crumble, drinking mochas and eating steak everyday. Easy, I work out! Randy's private gym. This picture is from the middle of the gym, there are more contraptions behind me. Pretty awesome even to someone that avoids gyms like the plague. Do you realize how many mochas you could buy with what all this worthless iron cost? Note all the movie posters on the walls. Hey Randy, I don't think 300 was a Paramount film. Maybe something The Godfather should discuss with you. Just sayin'.

Me, Steve and Jeff cooling off.

Riding through Oregon

Randy and I decided to get our hair cut in Jackson Hole. We got the "what the hell is wrong with you guys" question from some of the guys. Of course most of them don't have hair so it was mostly jealousy. What would you rather do, spend another hour in the bar with Chickago John, Worldwide and the Godfather or have this young lady give you a shampoo with scalp massage and haircut. Duh! They don't really have Supercuts in Jackson Hole. Randy and I made the right choice.

Clearly the smartest man on the trip. Just had my haircut by Miss America and still made it to the bar.

Moonrise from the Idaho side of the Tetons.

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