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Old 09-14-2012, 07:03 PM   #1
Punkonjunk OP
Joined: Sep 2012
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Honda C70/passport with a lifan 125cc engine strapped on, inputs?

Hello! I joined because this thread saved me about a million hours of work. I posted in there a thanks, and will be back with timeline/etc blah blah blah. So I tooled around a bit, and thought this was a cool place to learn about bike-stuff. I've wanted a motorcycle for a while, but I also wanted a c70 REALLY bad, so....

I found this: CL link that'll go down pretty quick, and then pictures the seller took
A Honda C70 with a 125cc dirtbike engine slapped on in. Yay! I think it's this engine or very similar, this one is 1 down 3 up, but neutral disappears when you're moving. Hey, I'm new to bikes that shift. :) (Don't worry, I'm going to just wear the crap outta the helmet)

It has a few little issues, head lights not working right, blinkers don't blink, but I'm 90% sure he slapped a 12v battery into a 6v system. (I won't be driving it till plates come, so I probably won't pop any lightbulbs, unless the headlight is already popped.

What I'm wondering.... what do I need to know about this sort of engine? It's a 4 stroke at least, which is a relief, but how often on average would you change the oil on a dirtbike engine? Is there any other maintenance I should do every X miles I need to know, or anything like that?

And I know this'll need to be plated as a cycle in my state either way, but it'll probably get plated as a 70cc because thats original and I'm not going to deal with all the other stuff. Right now, a little bit of it/air filter hangs out the side, but if I make/get a cap for it, is it reasonable that a cop might actually know hey, this is clearly not 70ccs?

Also, as I haven't ridden it much.... the speedometer APPEARS to work normally, and seems to make sense, but would that read correctly with a different, non-stock engine? Stock wheels and stuff, I think that's where the measurement occurs.

I haven't had a bike in a while, so I know my noob is showing. (and I've only ever owned a moped anyhow :P)

EDIT: I found this thread, and a lot of good info! However, one thing that's shitting me. This engine probably needs 12v. At least. All the other lifans I look at that are similar need 12v. And uh. My lights all need 6v. Any input on the conversion? How much hell am I in for? they work, they just don't blink, heh, and the headlight doesn't want to turn on. Pretty sure that's the voltage being too much. So uh. Turnin' a c70 to 12v. Any ideas?

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Old 09-15-2012, 03:47 AM   #2
Its a what?
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Dratv has everything you need as well as info to set it up.
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Old 09-15-2012, 07:03 AM   #3
Beastly Adventurer
hugemoth's Avatar
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Good looking bike.

Get signed up on this Yahoo group for your electrical questions All Lifan engines are 12V so the previous owner probably changed the whole thing to 12V which is good.

The speedometer reads off the front wheel so it'll still be as accurate as it was originally.

Lifan engines aren't specifically made for dirt bikes or street bikes. The 125 will do very well on the street. You should maintain it just like the original Honda engine. I like to change the oil about every 1000 miles with 15/40 oil. Valves should be adjusted every 5000 miles or so. That's about it.

Chances a cop would know you have a bigger engine in there are very small.
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Old 09-16-2012, 03:36 PM   #4
Punkonjunk OP
Joined: Sep 2012
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Great info! I stumbled onto drATV's website after much googling, it appears that this is actually a pretty common c70 mod: That's great, lots of previous experience to learn from! Thanks for the answers so far. I'm going to get around to bothering with the wiring conversions after I get it plated, right now I don't want some dick cop to roll up and be all "thats not plated, I'm taking it" so it's hanging out in a shed.

I'm really excited to get started on this thing, and I feel like 600 was kind of a steal. Thanks for all the input so far, I'm sure I'll have more questions at some point, too.
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Old 09-16-2012, 04:24 PM   #5
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I used to own a '81 C70 (Passport) which is just a jazzed up Super Cub with electric start for the U.S. Market. Mine had the original engine in it, which is what the Lifan engine is a copy of, in various displacements. A 110cc will bolt right in. These engines have a strange rotary shift pattern, completely different from the 1 down X up like a motorcycle. But the worst thing about them is they have no clutch. If you get stuck at an intersection with a stalled engine, and a lifted truck behind you blowing the horn and inching forward, you can't just pull in the clutch and push the bike off the road. You have to first find neutral, which can take a while under such circumstances. The pattern was like N-1-2-3-4-N-1-2-3-4 over and over again.
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Old 09-17-2012, 01:32 PM   #6
Punkonjunk OP
Joined: Sep 2012
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That sounds just terrible, Jerry. Friend of mine's dad has a Passport/Super-cub, (I think his is actually labeled supercub, but yeah, it sounds like they are all the same thing) that just has an up lever, and a down lever for shifting- up with your toes, down with your heel, on the left. I thought that was pretty cool, and it appears to be fully stock.

The lifan engine in mine is a 125, and the front fairing was modified slightly for what appears to be part of the engine/air filter/intake thing, which makes me worry rain'll pull it off or mess with it, but we'll see.
It's 1 down 3 up, and it seems like neutral would be pretty hard to deal with as you mentioned, but yeah, having a clutch, it didn't even occur to me, I can just drop it into one and and clutch it if I can't find N, and push it around. I'm assuming that'll work. Can't wait for my plates to come so I can start figuring out what I'm doing.

Oh boy, DR.ATV really doesn't like emails for tech help, apparently. What I want to know is how I can quickly identify if the previous owner slapped in 12v or left in the 6v lights. I know for sure I'll need a new relay, but if their turning on now, they should be the right lights, right? Or maybe their working and over volted, and are gonna pop or do what lightbulbs do when you give em too many volts. (Get really bright? Look, computers are my thing) But they are lighting up, besides the headlight: Just not blinking.

What I want to know:
For the 12v conversion for the electrical systems, I'm going to need a new blinker relay, (maybe) new lightbulbs for blinkers/headlights, and.... I think that's it, right? My understanding is that most of the wiring can stay put if the system is all 12v.

Additionally, anyone know what the heck that white cover dead center ahead of the seat is for? Mine's empty and just has a shaft. I imagine it has something to do with the front wheel area, but I'm curious why it has a little box in there, might be a good place to throw change/a few small tools.

Forgive my slew of incredibly stupid questions, the only 2 wheeler I've ever had before is a yamaha vino, many years back. I'm really excited to get on this bike! (And then eventually buy a goldwing, because those things are just amazing)

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Old 09-17-2012, 05:18 PM   #7
Beastly Adventurer
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If there are 6V bulbs in the 12V system they'll be really bright for a short time until they burn out. Won't hurt anything but the bulb itself.

Switching to 12V from 6 volts requires new bulbs, flasher, maybe horn, and coil which would have been changed with the new engine. All the wiring and switches will be fine.

The white cover is the where the old air filter used to be. Makes a good storage space.
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Old 09-18-2012, 01:48 PM   #8
Gnarly Adventurer
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Lots of info on Planet Minis site. Not necessarily for C70 but there are some threads for them. Plenty of 6v > 12v conversion info. Same horizontal Honda motor.

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Old 09-20-2012, 07:34 PM   #9
Oh boy that was close
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60 mph on Passport wheels & suspension is a scary thought but a cool bike otherwise. The basic architecture and suspension dates to the mid 1950's and 42 mph tops. I had a Passport for a couple of years just several years ago and had great fun. I try to keep a small Honda single in the corner of the garage at all times.
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Old 09-21-2012, 05:29 AM   #10
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My wife and I have a pair of Jialing NP50-GL's that I installed 110cc engines in them a few years ago. They will do 53 mph (GPS verified) with my 220+ lbs butt riding them. I have a 17 tooth sprocket up front and the stock sprocket at the rear. They are great little bikes. They were a terrific learning bike for my wife when she first got her motorcycle license. Here is a picture when they still had the 50cc engines. I had to remove the front fenders when I installed the new engines, as they would not clear the extended head of the engine.

'87 BMW R100S
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Old 09-28-2012, 06:55 AM   #11
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Go here and ask these guy. It appears he did the same switch and then went touring on it.

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Old 09-28-2012, 05:11 PM   #12
Punkonjunk OP
Joined: Sep 2012
Oddometer: 7
Haha, that's awesome! Economy downsized my Harley, that got a pretty good chuckle.

I'm still tinkering, haven't been able to ride it much. Right now, it's idling really, really hot, and likes to kick off/pop a wheelie when I try to kick it into first, and toying with the choke is either hot or it chugs and shuts off. I'm still trying to figure out how to adjust the idle speed without the choke, I'm assuming this godawful racing carb he put on it has an idle screw somewhere. I'd like it to be a little more mild.
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