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Old 10-09-2012, 10:20 AM   #16
Joined: Oct 2011
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Been there myself

I was in similar circumstances to you a year ago and traded in my '08 KLR for a leftover 2011 Beta 520RS. The 520RS doesn't have fuel injection, but otherwise meets your criteria. I had the dealer put on an available 3.8 gallon tank to address fuel range (I average around 50mpg so my range is normally 150+ miles) The KLR was getting too heavy for my 64 year old bones and I wanted a lighter bike when I dropped it offroad. I live in rural New Mexico at 7600' elevation where I'm close to National Forests and BLM lands with literally thousands of miles of unpaved roads, some graded gravel/dirt and some 4WD only. I use my Beta for overnight camping (with a Giant Loop Coyote bag over the seat) and exploring. Highway speeds getting to the forest are posted at 55 - 65 mph, which is pleasant on the Beta. Out on the interstate at 75mph is less pleasant, with vibrations from the knobbies (Pirelli MT21s) and windblast limiting my use of the slab to short distances <50 miles. I once longed for the F800GS for it's speed and carrying ability, but now realize as you have also, that away from the pavement lighter is better. I've had my 520RS up to 100mph, and I think it may hit 115, but with knobbies and without a fairing it's not much fun to endure speeds above 80mph for more than a few minutes. The Beta is not a tourer, although if I switched over to a less aggressive tire I think I would be more willing to spend time on the slab, and does not have the electrical capacity for running accessories, but it will go over more terrain than most of us are willing to risk.
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Old 10-09-2012, 02:21 PM   #17
PatrickM OP
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So I take it most people who are reading/replying to this thread would think this would be preferable?

With most people simply worried about the cost?
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Old 10-09-2012, 02:59 PM   #18
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Originally Posted by Navin View Post
The Burgs were all 70 degree engines from 09-2011. The guts, cylinders/heads are all KTM EXC parts built by KTM. The Burgs are KTMs. The 2012 Burgs are literally blue KTMs with suspensions being different but still KTM/WP stuff.

The trans ratios are a huge difference. Aftermarket and factory hardparts are far more available for the KTMs, even the blue ones!
Owning a Husky with a close ratio 6 speed my next bike will be a KTM/BERG for the transmission alone. Everything else other than cost is probably about the same if not better on the Austrian hardware.
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Old 10-09-2012, 04:23 PM   #19
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My choice having had a KTM 530 EXC, then buying a Husky TE-630 when they were blowing them out and then sold the KTM about 6 months later when my dealer was blowing out Husky TXC-449's for $5499 (CDN) would be the KTM 500 EXC if you are planning on only having one bike and budget is not an issue (locally a 2012 KTM 500 EXC is listed at $10,999 and a 2012 TE-511 is listed at $8371).

The Husky 630 is IMO a better "dual purpose" bike than the KTM 530 and I like the Husky TXC-449 (which I have plated) better as a off road bike than the KTM 530 but I also really, really hate carbs so my opinion might be different if I had had a FI KTM 500 model to compare against. I also was able to sell a well used but well cared for 2008 KTM 530 EXC for enough $$$ to pay for the Husky 449 and a few accessories for it as well.

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Old 10-09-2012, 06:37 PM   #20
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Buls4evr - got it, you don't know Bergs, but know to stay away from them.

The expense of additional fuel tank(s) for the 70* Bergs is a valid point.

The new ('13) Bergs are KTM's w/ different colors (KTM nixed the 70* motor - cost cutting? maybe - but not because it's design is somehow flawed).
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Old 10-09-2012, 09:32 PM   #21
Meatbucket Supreme
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I chose the 690 because it has power for long slab at 70mph no problem, does B level single track (with some clutch fanning), and the maintenance interval is huge. I don't want to do an oil change mid way through a multi day dual sport.
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Old 10-10-2012, 12:07 AM   #22
Winter wonderlanding
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Originally Posted by PatrickM View Post
So I take it most people who are reading/replying to this thread would think this would be preferable?

With most people simply worried about the cost?
The race bred enduro bikes mentioned here are very similar to each other. The cost issue somewhat favours KTM, though. IMO, KTM resale value should be less of an issue than the other smaller brands, when it's time to move on to another/new bike. You may have a harder time selling a Husky or Berg, that's just the way it is. I love the looks of that new Husky, but when a nice little used sample of a 500 EXC Six Days came my way with similar price, I jumped on it without much hesitation.
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Old 10-10-2012, 12:56 AM   #23
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If you want FI and a wide ratio transmission, 09-12, 13+ Bergs and the 12+ KTM EXCs 500 are hard (impossible?) to beat. Both have proven reliable and performing engine designs, with the edge IMO going to the 70 570 simply because it has been around longer, and racked up hundreds of thousands of miles in Dakar/Safari/other rally use. Beta put 20,000 miles on his in 6 months and it didn't miss a beat. Fuel is a bit of bit of pain right now, hopefully the 70 Racing subframe tank will become available again soon, then you have 12 liters in total without any change in ergos. Front and rear Safari tanks are also available.

Whether you take a 12+ 500 or a 13+ Berg 501, not much difference there any more although I do prefer the plastic subframe as they are super tough, both when you crash and when you load them. At least that was the case with the earlier Bergs.
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Old 10-10-2012, 12:21 PM   #24
PatrickM OP
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Thanks Lukas and everyone! So far you folks have provided plenty of food for thought...

1. Fuel range is a concern. The KTM's have a lot easier time with the aftermarket kits to resolve this, the Husky's are going to have to use a Rotopax or something else.

2. Maintenance schedule on the light weight dirt oriented bikes. Moving up to the 690 class (includes the TE-610 class also) of 330 lbs (~80 lbs more) provides additional highway / slab comfort.

3. Wide spaced transmission. Get it.

Got to admit, spoiled with oil changes every 6000 (maybe 5000) or so miles and almost never having to check the valves on the newer "adventure" bikes. Is the 690R/TE-610 (huh, where did the TE-610 go?!?) close enough to the 500EXC that it makes much more sense to get, or is the Six-Days 500EXC still too sexy of machine to use as a true dual sport with off-road bias?
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Old 10-10-2012, 05:54 PM   #25
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The 2012 KTM 690 Enduro weighs in at 313 pounds, and makes 66hp. Replace the stock exhaust cannister, and you will lose another 5-6 pounds.

I have no complaints with the 690 in the single track. The great suspension, high ground clearance, and low 1st gear tackles the tight stuff pretty good. Tire choice and tire air pressure play a big role in the tight trails.

I have also been averaging 50+ mpg dualsport riding with the 690, which gives it a 150+ mile fuel range on the 3.2 gallon take.

The TE630 is about 20 pounds heavier, and makes less hp. I find that the TE630 is more street oriented.

The TE610 is more comparable to the KTM 690 Enduro, but it only makes about 45-50hp.
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Old 10-16-2012, 10:46 PM   #26
PatrickM OP
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Joined: May 2012
Location: Zephyr Cove, NV
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Again, thanks all!

I hit the local KTM dealer and saw the latest 2013 500 EXC and 2013 690 Enduro R. Talking to the sales folk there, the opinion is that the 500 EXC is a great bike for western Nevada.

Asking about maintenance and basically unless I'm racing it (or following a bunch of people and their roost) the 500 EXC isn't a maintenance nightmare. Oil changes ~500 and filter every other, or about once a month.

When I sat on it, the 500 EXC felt high (30" inseam here!), but they said a low seat is one of the first mods they'd recommend, and if that wasn't good enough, they could modify the suspension components.

Still, the 690 looks like a much easier horse to fall off of (and get back on), and if the exhaust weighs that much, it may be a much better option.

So... 690 Enduro R looks like the leader right now. Seat height is good out of the crate, the maintenance is good, the weight (313#) is good and IIRC, the transmission is spaced just right.

But the 690 is closer to my F800 than the 500 EXC (overlapping a bit more ground in the "dual sport" versus "adventure sport" area)

However, it's good that it's now narrowed down to two solid bikes. Well, that and the 6-Day version of the 500 EXC that I can't seem to find anywhere!
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Old 10-17-2012, 06:11 AM   #27
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Glad to see you were open to advise and did your homework.

I had to travel 300 miles one-way to find my 2012 Enduro 690R. Negotiated the dealer down to $1,000 under MSRP.

Have done 500 miles of dualsport & single track riding already with no complaints.
First oil change was super easy.
Fuel injection has been flawless.
Engine is getting smoother, and gearbox is loosening up.

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Old 10-17-2012, 07:06 AM   #28
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KTM 500 EXC looks like a great bike. Make no mistake it is a street legal dirtbike. The drawback I found is that the oil needs to be changed every 12 to 15 hours.

I went with the Yamaha wr250r, which I pick up today! Small gas tank, but replaceable if needed, and under 300lbs wet.
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Old 10-17-2012, 07:24 AM   #29
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first to say

Ok, ok, I know everyone will bust my balls for saying this, but you need the WR250R. I have had a lot of bikes. Check my profile. I can say for sure the WR 250R is just what you described. It us a proven design. It is fuel injected. If you take some of the shit off of it is is under 300lbs and rides light. It has long sevice intervals, it is fast top end then all but the 690, it is blue, you can get parts in every town. It will go anywhere any other bike will go and do it well. The seat is comfy. Large tanks are a vailable. It is only a 250 so my full coverage insurance is $8 a month. I can get the front end up in 1st and 2nd. I couldn't ask for more. I sold my tenere for this bike that is how great it is. also has a steel sub frame for gear. BTW the sell for under $6000. Think of what you can do with the other $3-4k

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Old 10-17-2012, 08:33 AM   #30
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Says the guy who just bought a Husky 310???
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