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Old 05-15-2013, 08:15 AM   #1
havafati OP
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Joined: Jul 2009
Location: Yass, NSW, Australia
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Our Birdsville-Flinders Experience / Thank-you Tugboat Bill

As some of you would be aware the seed for this trip was a tragic one. Tugboat Bill a legendary rider in the Aussie adventure riding world passed away in late 2012 after losing his fight with depression. I'd never met Bill or Philth but had always enjoyed their antics on the DVDs that Phith produces. Myself a BiPolar depressive felt this loss deep inside me, something I never expected seeing as I'd never met Tugboat. So when Philth put the word out on ADV about the gathering on the edge of the Simpson Desert to celebrate what would have been Bill's 50th birthday and to say farewell I new I just had to do it.

I put the word out on my local sub thread on ADVrider to see if anybody else was keen to go and we soon had a small party together, one that only truly got together in Birdsville but more on that later, Benz-inOz (DR 650), BergDonk and Wife (Mazda BT50), late ring in JDeks (KTM 950), Jonesy (Land Rover Disco), my lovely better half Tanya and myself Havafati (BMW R1150GS PIG). Loose plans were made as we were all aware that plans change and nothing should be set in concrete. Benz and the BergDonks would be leaving a day before us and we'd leave on the 3rd and catch them up. Plan number 1 to fail. I failed to take into account that I'm one unfit bastard.

Now I'm not going to lie I had a support vehicle and I was EFF ENN glad Jonesy was there.
Cheers mate

The Disco

DAY ONE 3rd of May
Plan was to leave at the crack of dawn and head to Wanaaring from Yass, a big first day. JDeks didn't arrive from Sale until 1am in the morning with his KTM 950 waking the street as it came in all thunderbolts and lightning. He then copped 4 hours sleep on the couch before he had to work on the bike as we did our final preps. It didn't help that he'd hit a roo on the way up and had to repair the left hand tank. We were on our way about 8ish all full of anticipation and excitement. We made good time rolling into Cobar at about 1pm.

On the road to Cobar.


Twas after Cobar on the Louth road that I started to struggle for the first time. The further we went the deeper the bulldust got. the whole bloody road was 10-20cm deep bulldust, nowhere to hide. And man did I struggle, I had my first off on that road.

Louth Road

What have I done

Getting Dark

We arrived in Louth after dark and set up next to the Pub after a couple of soothing beers. Louth is a great little joint with friendly people and green grass to camp on, the last we would see for entire trip. Tanya cooked us up some steak sangas and we were in hog heaven. JDeks did some more repairs to the fuel tank which saw it right for the rest of the trip. An early night was had by all.

Tanya's fancy cot tent glamping in Louth

Louth Camp

DAY TWO 4th of May
Day break saw us up and out of bed and raring to go. I was ready to face the day and not let the evening before beat me. We were on the road at about 7.30ish and soon purring along until more bloody bulldust appeared. FAAAARRRRKKK. I came off again, this time for the benefit of JDeks camera. We picked the bike up and I stood there assessing myself when JDeks said, "Mate just get rid of your luggage and I reckon you'll be right." So into the Disco it went. Well bugger me happy days. Sure it was baby steps at first but within half an hour I was into it big time and we ended up getting into Wanaaring just before lunch. Straight to the general store to see the friendly faces of Ben and Margret. A bit of a chinwag and some lunch and we were on our way to Tiboburra.

Ben Fuels us up in Wanaaring

Wanaaring to Tiboburra The Cut Line a superhighway

JDeks agreed

Salt Pan The Cut Line

Did it easy and clocked my fastest speed for the trip on that road (not telling) and shouted myself a quick beer after fuelling up. the others soon learn't if I wasn't at the servo I was at the pub. We decided that as it was only 3pm we should push on so we headed out for Cameron Corner. We Didn't quite make it and decided rather than pay to camp at the Corner store we'd stop at Fort Grey. Best decision we could have made the campground had toilets, rainwater, free gas BBQ's and best of all it was just us.

Mmmmm Beer Toole's Family Hotel

Fort Grey Campground

Sexy Man Fort Grey Campground

Ah the Stars Fort Grey Campground

Sunrise Fort Grey Campground

To Be Continued...

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again Fati love ya work

now more please
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Studly Adventurer
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Originally Posted by Doctor View Post
again Fati love ya work

now more please
Yep we need more indeed. Great report!!
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havafati OP
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Joined: Jul 2009
Location: Yass, NSW, Australia
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Originally Posted by Doctor View Post
again Fati love ya work

now more please
Originally Posted by Roland44 View Post
Yep we need more indeed. Great report!!
Thanks Fellas. I can't take credit for all the pics. The night sky in particular was taken by my mate Jonesy, his first go at the night sky too .
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Beastly Adventurer
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Nice! Keep it coming
"Motorcyclist are always going to be frowned a pond..." an inmate in the AUS group

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Good stuff Fati
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havafati OP
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Joined: Jul 2009
Location: Yass, NSW, Australia
Oddometer: 2,176
Continued Day 3 and 4

DAY THREE 5th of May
Up early this morning, even beat the sun. The Corellas were up and making noise over at the Fort Grey wetlands before making a spectacular exit as the sun rose. Up and gone by 7.30 it was off to the Corner store for a quick top up for the next leg to Innaminka and beyond. Easy 26km ride to the Cameron Corner Store, this was where we heard of a rider who went down on some washouts about 30kms out the day before, not sure but I think it was UncleGra.

Crappy iPhone pic of the Fort Grey Sunrise with the moon in shot

Morning Visit Fort Grey

Fuel at the Cameron Corner Store

The Dingo Fence Cameron Corner

The Three State marker Cameron Corner

We left the Corner and headed out for the Old Strzelecki Track and our first of two desert crossings, the Strzelecki Desert. This was a huge moment for me as I'd never thought I'd be doing this on a bike, ever, I was a tad emotional as we headed in, not that I told anybody. As we headed for Merty Merty I was amazed at the amount of dunes we had to cross, I just didn't expect that many. We rode gingerly as we had been warned of washouts on the back sides of the dunes. My concentration slipped once and I'm pretty certain I hit the washouts that brought the other rider undone. It was truly a sphincter tightening moment and I thought I was gone as it was three huge holes one after another. BANG BANG BANG went the undercarriage as the PIG bounced in and out of each hole, I'm sure my feet were higher than my head at one stage. We got to the turn off for the Old Strzelecki Track and stopped for regroup and a smoke and I let my sphincter calm down.

The Old Strzelecki Track was in really good condition and we made great time doing it in about an hour. I haven't mentioned yet but the wildlife was really starting to come out the further we went, since Tiboburra I'd seen Red Roos, Grey Roos, Wedgetail Eagles, Kite Hawks and stupid bloody Emus. I digress, we hit the road to Innaminka and it was another desert superhighway. This allowed us a good cruising speed and we made Innaminka for lunch. It was about this time I noticed I was starting to feel sick, I didn't worry to much as I thought a feed would see me right. Big Mistake.

The Road to Innaminka

The Innaminka Superhighway


Lunch at Innaminka

Things went a little pear shaped after Innaminka. The Disco had blown an air bag on the rear drivers side and was looking sad indeed, much credit to Jonesy who babied it to Blinman were a replacement was waiting. I took the advice of the lady who runs the Innaminka General Store who said going Cordello Downs was a bad choice and that we should hit the Walkers Crossing Track as it was freshly graded. And it was too, on the Santos made roads not the actual Walkers Crossing tracks. Deep sand awaited us in places and this was another new experience, I was up on the pegs though with my bum over the rear as far as I could get and was doing the best I could. Unfortunately I wasn't drinking enough water and soon came off the bike as I tried to negotiate a bend on a very sandy bit. I could barely stand let alone pick the bike up so there I lay till the Disco showed its pretty grill. Vomiting up lunch and shaking like a leaf I got under a tree and stripped down to my reg grundies and started drinking a litre of hydrolytes to rehydrate. That was the last time I would let that happen it was a bit scary. I had my last fall for the trip on a reasonably normal corner coming to a stop, the front wheel just dug into the sand and I high sided. My shoulder still aches from that one. JDeks scouted ahead and said it wasn't much further to go and we were out so after about and hour I got back on the bike and we made it to Walkers Crossing where we made camp for the night.

Walkers Crossing Memorial

Walkers Crossing

A Santos road Walkers Crossing

Camp at Walkers Crossing

DAY FOUR 6th of May
This was one one the biggest days of the trip. We had to be in Birdsville so we could head out to Tugboat Bill's Farewell that afternoon, trouble was we got a wee bit lost. As I said to the wife we're not lost we just don't know where we are. We'd lost the Walkers Crossing track and ended up on an unmapped track. We consulted maps and GPS and couldn't see anything but desert. We could however see the Birdsville track on our GPS so we stayed on tracks that kept us heading in that direction, some times you've just got to have faith in yourself.

The Disco looking a little leany

Not lost but which track

Consult the paper maps… ummm you are nowhere

Not that the track was to bad

Thats right drink that water boyo

Twas a tad sandy but not to bad

Dingo tracks

Gibber Plains the bottom of the Sturt Stony Desert Our second Desert

Gibbers and Sand Dunes

How the hell do cattle survive out here???

We made it out to the Birdsville Track with no further problems and headed for Birdsville. We were cruising along nicely when I noticed that I had no more bars of fuel left, no worries I thought the reserve light hasn't come on yet and its only 10kms to Birdsville. 7kms out the PIG ran dry cough cough sputter and nothing, bugger the reserve light was blown. The Disco soon appeared and out with the jerry can splash a few litres in and away, all I could think of was cold beers.

The Iconic Bridsville Track

He only parked here overnight

Yes Yes not far to go

Our first encounter with other riders, Sorry fellas I have a shocker for names

But I knew what a Fogo looks like

Filler up and away

Birdsville Servo

Cold Beer at last and Finally getting to meet Nazza, Matty and Ani with Beetle at the Birdsville Pub

As the time to head out to Little Red the tribe was gathering

We headed around to the Pub and met Nazza, Matty (Desert Dog), Ani the dog and Beetle sitting in the cool of the veranda enjoying a few coldies, of which I partook in a few myself. It was here that we started to hear of the casualties of the trip including one of our party Benz-in-Oz who came a cropper on the Fifteen Mile track heading to Walkers Crossing when he hit the wet clay from the water truck on the section being graded. Banged his ankle up pretty bad and it was very purple and swollen. Luckily the Bergdonks were not far behind and they and a couple of other riders loaded his bike into their ute and got him to Birdsville. This was also the first time our little group was all together.
We booked into the Birdsville Hotel for the night had a feed and unloaded the Disco. I decided to go out to Little red in the Disco and give my body a break as it was starting to feel it. We headed out about 3.30pm so we could be there when everybody arrived so we could take pictures.

And here they are

On the edge of the third desert for the trip... The Simpson Desert

Words can't really give justice to the emotions that went through everybody as close friends and family of Tugboats payed their final respects and told stories about Bill. A fruit cake had some candles lit and we all sang happy birthday to the Dead Set Legend known as Tugboat Bill. I'm tearing up even now as I think back, it was very very moving.

The monument was built by Easo and is made up of the frame of the DR 650 that Bill used on the Coast to Coast ride with Philth and a Tugboat bell

We headed back into town and had an early night. I was a tad overwhelmed.

To be Continued....

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havafati OP
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Location: Yass, NSW, Australia
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Continued Day 5 and 6

DAY FIVE 7th of May

Day Five was a rest day and it was great to relax and have a look around Birdsville. We said goodbye to the BergDonks as they headed out on their Simpson Desert Crossing adventure. We moved over to the Birdsville Caravan Park for the night. We wandered around town and took some piccies. We were having lunch when THE GAV wandered into the dining room, hey mate we said pull up a stool and have a beer. He'd put a hole in the side cover of his KTM the day before on Little Red and cooked the CDI and his bike was a no goer. It was being trucked back to Brisbane and he was flying out on the Friday. He could only get one nights accommodation at the pub but it worked out ok as he could stay with Benz-in-Oz at the Caravan Park, Benz needed a little help getting around with his bung foot. It was really good to meet THE GAV as he was one of Bill's really good mates, he gave us some really good insight into Bill as a man and told us a few stories. Thanks Gav. We had a BBQ that night and prepared for leaving the next day.

The Diamantina River at Birdsville, Queensland

The Iconic Birdsville Hotel

Birdsville Airport

The Old Royal Hotel

How now brown owl

Birdsville Sunset

DAY SIX 8th of May
After breakfast we said our goodbyes to Benz, Gav and JDeks (who was bitten by the desert bug and was hanging around to do some of the Simpson) and made our way out to the Inside Birdsville Track. This track was only opened a week before and was great fun. My fear of sand gone I rode the sandy creek beds with no drama. It was a great track and we were happy to say we'd done it. We joined up with the Birdsville track proper and headed for Mungerannie. Now if you've never stopped at Mungerannie do yourself a favour and be there. Its a top little spot and we got a skinful of rum that night. We had the excitement of watching some Coober Pedy window lickers (the locals term for em) load a broken down BMW GS (the same one from the big stack on Little Red) onto their tilt tray truck. Best entertainment ever as advice came from all corners. Everything else that happened at Mungerannie stays at Mungerannie, and I can't remember much. Phil and the boys were great hosts, and the locals told some great yarns and bush poetry, hunter_greyghost would have loved it.

Sturts Pea outside the Birdsville Bakery

A drink on the Inside Birdsville Track

Death awaits the unsuspecting on the Inside Birdsville Track

What took you so long I'm already half way though and its your shout

Time for a Hot Bath (where the hell did you get those fancy fly nets)

We spent a few hours in there

Corellas apparently mate for life awwwww

Mungerannie Wetlands

Some of Tom Kruse's left overs (Tom Kruse was the original Mail truck man for the area)

A rock from the inside of an Ants nest spilt to show the layers

The Bus that never comes


Fire in the Sky

Big Night Out

Cheers Phil

To be Continued...
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excellent stuff mate
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Fan eff fnn tastic, great sunset shot
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Brilliant Fati!
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Bloody good yarn, making me jealous, gotta do the trip someday soon, reckon 'Kenny' would've handled it!!!
Maybe next year I'll find out!
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Bloody outstanding stuff, fati!!!
Part of an Internet Forum ''Gang'' of Cyber Punks...........apparently.
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Good stuff Fati, keep it coming! I will confirm that it was a huge night at Mungerannie.
Didn't see you lot out and about when we left at dawn for the 11hr truck ride to Port Augusta. Do you remember Bob & Billy?

Despite Muzza's concerns, I didn't get mugged or raped and the bike travelled really well.

The crew at Mungerannie looked after me really well.

BMW R1200GSA (The Mother Ship),
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expat in the jungle
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awesome pic report

that can be called a desert (in capitals)

Youth is wasted on the young

Need some help<<<<<<>>>>>>> wet wanderings
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