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Old 02-22-2015, 02:54 AM   #1
wrecklessrobbie OP
Joined: Feb 2015
Location: York, england
Oddometer: 3
Hello......and information and help required

I have just joined this site.
I am called robbie ( in case you had guessed from my user name).
I live in the UK in the city of York, which is more or less give a little bit in the centre of the UK.
Over the years i have had various scooters... Mainly vespas and lambretta 2 strokes. I have a zr7s and two lambrettas at the moment.

I have just purchased a canadian import into the Uk...a honda elite 150.
It has done 7000 miles or so (thats if the speedo is correct and working).
It has not been run for many years apparently. I bought it as i wanted a challenge. I know nothing about these scooters. In the uk they were honda spacy's i believe.
I have read a thread on here about the elite.
Yesterday i bought a new battery. I fitted it. All the lights came on and indicators and horn worked. The indicators would not flash and the rear brake light worked.
When i tried to start the scooter by pressing the start button all the lights dimmed as they appear to be on permanently.
The starter motor made no sound whatsoever.
What should i do next? I would like to get it running or at least see if it will attempt to turn over and fire before i attempt a total refurbishment.

Any advice gratefully accepted
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Old 02-22-2015, 03:57 AM   #2
Clueless n00b
Joined: Sep 2013
Location: Newcastle, England
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Is the new battery fully charged? It doesn't sound like it is.
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Old 02-22-2015, 04:12 AM   #3
Gnarly Adventurer
Joined: Sep 2014
Location: Lee's Summit, Missouri
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Could be a faulty starter solenoid, or worst case, piston is seized in the cylinder. I would remove the spark plug and see if you can turn the engine over manually to determine if the piston moves or is frozen in place. Also, check the small stuff such as battery being fully charged, electrical connections clean and tight, etc.

I would want to know if first I have power, then do I have power making it to the starter.

Its usually more likely its something small versus something catastrophic. But anything is possible if its an older machine that hasn't run in a long time.
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Old 02-22-2015, 06:57 AM   #4
Gnarly Adventurer
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Joined: Apr 2013
Location: Toronto, ON
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Change the oil, try to turn the engine over manually, check for spark.. That's where I'd probably start off.

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Old 02-22-2015, 09:49 AM   #5
Gnarly Adventurer
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A little bit of silicone spray or WD40 down the plug hole might help the motor to turn over. Allowing a couple of hours for the spray to seep into the rings and free them up is helpful. Simply putting in a new battery and attempting to crank on a motor that has sat for a few years isn't the best idea - patience will be rewarded. As mentioned above an oil change should be among the first things you. More than likely the carb will need rebuilding unless someone had the presence of mind to drain all the gas prior to storing it.
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Old 02-22-2015, 07:04 PM   #6
wrecklessrobbie OP
Joined: Feb 2015
Location: York, england
Oddometer: 3
Thanks guys
Yeah i know patience is a virtue.
I went back to the scooter today.
After pressing the rear footbrake down hard and holding it the starter motor fired up.
I left it at that. My next task is to clean the carb and drain the petrol tank.

I shall change the oil and spray wd40 into the cylinder.

I will let you know how i get on. :)

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Old 02-23-2015, 01:13 AM   #7
Let me take this duck off
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Joined: Apr 2009
Location: BC
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Originally Posted by wrecklessrobbie View Post
Thanks guys
Yeah i know patience is a virtue.
I went back to the scooter today.
After pressing the rear foot brake down hard and holding it the starter motor fired up.
I left it at that. My next task is to clean the carb and drain the petrol tank.

I shall change the oil and spray wd40 into the cylinder.

I will let you know how i get on. :)

Will robbie almost all honda have brake cut outs switches . I thinking that the one that is attached to the foot brake need engesting . To start most scooters you have to hold the brake on ether at the foot or handle bars. Rather then spray Wd40 into the cylinder just inject some reg oil down it . some people just use a needle to do that . The reason is that any bike that sat for awhile has no oil in the cylinder which mean during the first 10 sec there no lub which isnt a good thing. Always oil just burns off.

1) check fuel lines due to age and replace with standard bulk auto fuil lines.
2) Check air cleaner is still good. I guess ebay, honda or david sliver spares will sell you a new one. Do a quick visual check of wiring to see that there no issues.
3) new spark plug .
4) Take off all the cables . Clean and lube them. It's not like you can buy them over there I m guessing but whom knows.
5) Check date code on the tires and replace if 4 years old. Google if you don't know how to read it
6) If the black panels are fading use something like back to black to restore them
7) Doing the carb and tank cleaning. Don't run it with ethanol based fuels since it eats up old rubber gaskets including the ones in fuel pumps and carbs. Not good for oil bikes per 1990 or so.
8) does the pop up light work or not? Guys what the fix I forgot if it doesn't ? It's not that hard to do.
LInk for info and oem service manual.
9) Check the drive belt isn't cracked from age
10) if it starting and runing then also check the vavlue are adjusted right. Youtube has videos that show how to do that if you don't know. The elite ch150 is a tough scooter and many rusted up ch150 have been brought back to life with some THC Woops that pot I mean TLC. 2 Things the do go wrong and can be blamed for rough running are the Carbs bystarter and the CDI failing. The bystarter going often mean it starts Runs and runs rough . often dies out when. CDi going means that it runs for a while and randomly dies . Will start up sooner or latter. The parts are 10 to 30 bucks off ebay.
Once it going you find you get around 75 Mpg and it goes about 55 MPH give or take. Good for your B roads or city etc.
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Old 02-23-2015, 01:48 PM   #8
wrecklessrobbie OP
Joined: Feb 2015
Location: York, england
Oddometer: 3
great to get so many replies.
I removed the spark plug today.....a problem in itself. I have two socket sets and the spark plug sockets are 17mm and 21mm. The one I removed is between 17 and 18. Glad I had some extension sockets.
I poured some oil in.left it and tried the starter. The piston was moving. Well I presume it was as I was leaning over the scooter and oil squirted out of the cylinder head.....I think I look good with slick backed hair :)
Hopefully I haven't damaged the rings and piston or cylinder bore by trying it the other day with out lubrication...time will tell.
Whilst the plug was out I ground it onto the frame. It had oil on the end, but was giving a spark. An orange spark. I suspect I need a blue spark.
I couldn't smell petrol. I suspect it is not getting through to the cylinder.
If I can work out how to get the carb off I will work on that next.I removed the dip stick and the oil appeared very clear and clean.hopefully a good sign of a looked after engine.
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Old 02-23-2015, 06:22 PM   #9
How's that work?
Joined: Feb 2007
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The engine will only start with the footbrake pressed down hard. There is no interlock with the front brake.

The fuel line is controlled by a vacuum operated valve. It's under the tank on the right side. If I were you I would look around on the internet for a service manual, and the take off the plastic bodywork around the engine and rear wheel. You can put the seat back on and the lights do not have to be removed. You can ride it safely without the plastic, and you can get into things to adjust them and replace them without so much fuss.

There are a few vacuum lines that are probably cracked. Get new line at a car parts store, and replace them one by one. It's not worth checking if they are bad; just do it.

Change the oil and the coolant. There is oil in a reduction gear case at the rear wheel that never gets checked and is often low or dry. Find it and check it.

Check the tires for age, and check the tire valves, too. They are tubeless tires and if a valve cracks you are going to lose control. Very dangerous; replace them.

There are lots of "tech tips" at a website called Your scooter is a 150, but they are very similar and you can use lots of the help you will find there.

A fine machine, well worth your time.
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