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Old 05-11-2014, 08:00 AM   #1246
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My local dealer told me $3799 out the door.The price increased from $2999 to $3199
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Old 05-11-2014, 08:08 AM   #1247
just going with it.
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I wonder what people thought about the Honda Ruckus when it came out...

I'm still enjoying my Grom. It's pretty much perfect for the riding I do most of the time, trips around CT, parents, friends, etc. about 100-150 mile days split up by a visit. In fact I'm heading out shortly on it to visit family for Mother's day.

Ideally I'll have another bigger bike (and newer than my slow project '71 CB500) for longer trips but for now I love putting around on the Grom and getting amazing mileage.

Still think it has a lot of potential for teaching people to ride and easier to handle for the shorter riders. A friend of a friend wants me to teach him how to ride, Grom would be perfect but I'm only hesitant because he's not the most responsible person.
2014 Honda Grom / 1971 Honda CB500 - just some random ramblings
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Old 05-11-2014, 09:48 AM   #1248
it's a KLR who cares
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i imagine 75% of people who wanted one were of the "impulse buy" type and realized didn't really want one after they didn't get one of the first ones.
it's normal for the first batch to sell like hotcakes then slow down to a crawl after a little bit. the crf110 and super tenere both did it.
the grom has a very small niche, aside from impulse buys it appeals to 3 main groups, those who like small bikes, those who just want a city bike, those that want an alternative to a scooter that has gears or doesn't look like a scooter. the question is, is that enough of a market for honda to keep importing them?
i bet if honda came out with the grom back in 05 they would be everywhere now, but the market has changed, people have less money and the "mini craze" is dead.

thing with the big bore kits is that it is not the same as original Honda.
correct, they're better, with forged pistons and they usually have better air cooling.
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Old 05-13-2014, 12:50 PM   #1249
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Originally Posted by minimotos95 View Post
correct, they're better, with forged pistons and they usually have better air cooling.
Don't know about better cooling, forge is nice. I'd like to see an endurance run, like a cannonball or a trip down to Tierra del Fuego and back, of aftermarket parts to see how they really hold up. I'd doubt it will hold up better then stock.
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Old 05-13-2014, 01:50 PM   #1250
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Talked to my Honda dealer today. I guess the May delivery for Grom's got canceled or rescheduled. So its looking like June as a possibility now.

Hard to believe that such a little sh!t bike is so hard to get. They also started getting more phone inquiries but everyone hangs up the phone when they tell them it will be at least a month.

Grom fever may not be over yet but I still think Honda is doing a good job of killing it by not having any supply. A bike like the Grom is sold on impulse and not having one right there is going to hurt it.
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Old 05-13-2014, 01:58 PM   #1251
just going with it.
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Dealer where I bought mine has one black Grom in stock (Adam's of Oakville, CT) Funny that this dealership seems to get them and not have as much demand for them. I walked in on September 25th of last year and bought mine that day.
2014 Honda Grom / 1971 Honda CB500 - just some random ramblings
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Old 05-13-2014, 11:46 PM   #1252
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I agree, if they were plentiful everyone would have one.

My friend bought the last one in October. I saw it on a Saturday. The dealer was trying to squeeze me for a deposit because he had two other people interested in it. I called Tuesday to see if it was still there, of course it was but they told me it would be sold before I got there unless I wanted to hold it with a credit card deposit. I called Friday morning and they claimed somebody was coming in from out of town to buy it, but I could reserve it with a deposit. We showed up at 3:00 pm and it was still there.

At this point I don't believe anything they say.

So she put a deposit on it because they promised that once we put a deposit on it nobody could sit on it or ride it. It had 1.5 km on it.

The following Friday we go to pick it up. After the paperwork was done and it was loaded into my truck I checked the odometer. 5.5 km. Bastards, I bet every one of their staff blasted around the building at full throttle.

So I liked it so much I started calling around to buy one for myself. There was only one left in the province and they weren't selling it until their next shipment came in. I was promised the beginning of January. I committed to one but wouldn't leave a deposit.

Dealers started advertising them in January, but they didn't actually have any. February and March went by and none showed up. In April I got a call saying I had to give them a deposit if I wanted to keep one reserved. I told the market will be flooded soon enough so they could tear up my conditional contract for all I cared.

It's May, there's a bunch in stock, but I no longer care. I'm getting a Ninja 300 to satisfy my little bike cravings.
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Originally Posted by RedRocker
You can never have too much hook.
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Old 05-26-2014, 06:17 PM   #1253
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Originally Posted by firebrick View Post
Can any of you grom guys compare the grom to a tw200 with street tires?
There is no replacement for displacement......keep the TW200 , it's off road abilities are renowned . Street tire's on a TW200 and the game changes completely in heavy favor to the TW .
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Old 06-24-2014, 08:33 PM   #1254
Jimmy the Heater
Tilting the Horizon
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This thread seems awfully dead for such a popular bike.

I just read the Grom article in the August '14 issue of Motor Cyclist and they stated that some stores had over 70 people on the waiting list for one of these. Also the initial import number was 10,000 units, those have all sold out and they continue to sell all that they bring in. That seems like a pretty popular bike in my book.
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Old 06-24-2014, 09:51 PM   #1255
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Took delivery of a red Grom on June 12 but did not get on it until this past Sunday because of a scheduled vacation.

I was a little bit on the fence and damn near gave up when the dealer started playing shenanigans with the freight and set up. Thankfully Honda puts the actual charge on its website so I used that as ammo. I did not get a super great deal but with 20 other people wanting to buy it I had to pay to play. I also got an incredible deal on the my trade in so overall OTD was about what I expected to pay.

I kept on saying I don't need it and its a huge waste of money..etc etc! Its probably a gutless lump of poo that can't get out of its own way. It will get stolen the first time I park it someplace etc etc!

Lots of very valid reasons why a bike like this is not needed. However I really did not seem to care. So I went ahead and did it!

My first ride out I was totally amazed. I felt like a kid again. Remember that energy when you were a little kid and you got that cool toy for Christmas? It was that kind of a rush riding around on the Grom. It was just a tremendous amount of pure FUN!

Performance wise its not exactly quick but it exceeded my expectations. The little engine seems to have a fair amount of torque and is smooth throughout the rev range. It takes a bit of time getting used to the 4 speed transmission. It seems to work best using each gear to its fullest and then up shifting into the next gear. Despite trying to take it easy during break in its pretty much impossible. For safety reasons forced to throw some punishment but being a Honda it should take it in stride.

Despite being small I find the engine to be very smooth and you don't get a lot of nasty vibes. I thought I would feel like I got beat up by a Gorilla but its smooth enough not to cause any issues.

Despite reading a lot of comments about the stock seat being stiff and a back breaker I personally found the seat to be fine. I imagine if I were to ride for hours it would be a problem but as long as you stick to the mission specific profile the Grom was intended for it seems fine. I could have an Iron Butt after riding all these years but I actually find the Grom kind of relaxing to ride and I got a bad back.

The brakes seem to work pretty well once seated. Horn works pretty good as well. Unfortunately you will need both the brakes and the horn fairly often on the Grom. In the 60 miles I have put on it I have almost been hit 3 times now. Very important to be extra careful on Grom.

I don't know or really care how the stock suspension components are rated. The rear shock feels a bit soft but then I am 5'11" and 231 lbs. I do find that the Grom seems to be a real racket on twisty roads and I don't notice any bad habits suspension wise. I have not really pushed it yet so I don't know but so far the stock tires may be the weak point. They may improve once the tires are fully broken in.

Its pretty darn economical as well. I don't have an actual MPG reading yet but the gas gauge still reads full at 60 miles. I am sure it will drop like a brick once it starts going like a lot of bikes but I bet I have at least another 60 miles in the tank.

I was thinking that the Grom fever may be fading. Unfortunately it kind of is because of the lack of supply. However I think its truly a FUN little bike and Honda will continue to sell them as soon as they roll into dealer show rooms for the foreseeable future. I guess my next comment is not very nice for those that are still waiting but now that I got one I kind of hope Honda keeps the supply limited. To me it makes it a little more special! Still it would make me happy if everyone who wanted one would eventually get the opportunity to own one.

Very interesting demographic buying the Grom. Mostly older folks who are experienced motorcyclist just looking for something to bomb around on and people with clout like professional football players. The latest 2 Grom's my dealer got in were sold to me and the other went to a famous radio DJ in Seattle. I don't have any clout but I am an experienced motorcyclist looking for something to bomb around on!

Again I think the Grom will remain very popular. It gives you a little rush that many people have not experienced in a long time. That sort of experience and feeling is priceless. I thought I was born again when I started taking CoQ10 supplements but the energy provided by the Grom is 100 times more strong...LOL

I also wonder just what the response from other manufactures will be? So far they seem to be staying out of it but if the Grom stays popular I can see the others coming up with something Grom like. Probably be a much better product in every way. I can see a full enchilada of performance parts right out of the box and water cooling. They will be true technical marvels compared to the Grom and blow its doors off in every category. However as good as they will be they will not have the same character as the Grom because its not a Honda and the Grom was first.

In closing the Grom makes a nice complement to any motorcycle. I think every motorcyclist could use a Grom in the garage. It is not practical and its not cheap but its 100% pure fun and it will bring the kid out of just about anyone. The sole exception is those people with a huge stick up there @SS. A select few want get it but everyone else sure will.

Here is a picture of mine. I posted this in a different thread but I will re post it in the Grom thread. I took this pic on Monday. Originally I was going to take a different bike but I just needed a rush of Fun for my Monday so I took the Grom. I road into work literally!

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Old 06-28-2014, 12:16 PM   #1256
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My local Honda dealer got 2 black Grom's in yesterday. One sold as it was rolling off the truck and the other is sitting on the sales floor but someone is on the way to look at it.

They are getting 2 more on Tuesday. A red and a black one and they heard from Honda that they will be allocated 8 Grom's in August. All though that sometimes gets cut in half.

Anyways its looking like Honda is starting to increase the supply to match the demand. I think this series of Grom's will be the tall tale sign on how well they hold up sales wise.

I truly believe its a fad bike and its real collector potential is slim to none. However its a fun little bike and a nice compliment to whatever else you have in the garage. So I think it will continue to sell really well is my opinion!
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Old 06-28-2014, 06:42 PM   #1257
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seen a number of groms in redmond/bellevue. holdin' out for a yellow one myself, if honda ever shapes up and sells that color for a forthcoming model year...
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Old 06-29-2014, 10:09 AM   #1258
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Originally Posted by quasigentrified View Post
seen a number of groms in redmond/bellevue. holdin' out for a yellow one myself, if honda ever shapes up and sells that color for a forthcoming model year...
Interestingly I have yet to see another Grom on the road. Probably just a matter of time before I do. I bet the highest concentration of Grom's would be the Bellevue/Redmond area.

My Honda dealer asked his rep if any changes were coming for the Grom? Its been such a success that Honda is not planning any other changes except for color. A few years down the road they are toying with the possibility of a dual sport version and yes possibly a displacement increase. However don't expect it any time real soon.

Even more interesting back ground noise I heard is the possibility of a bike that is very Grom like but larger in size. Both frame and displacement. It will not be a full size bike by any means but a little larger then the current Grom. It will cater to those that think the Grom is kind of cool but its just to small.

None of this is concrete info and all 3rd party but who knows what the future will bring. One things for sure the Grom is a success story and if history is any indication they are going to run with this success until its dead and berried. So it seems logical we will see more of the same and spin offs and everything in between.
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Old 07-03-2014, 03:35 AM   #1259
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Old 07-03-2014, 09:01 AM   #1260
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Originally Posted by y2blade View Post
Wow that is totally awesome. Oh I wish I could ride my Grom like that! Oh wait what is stopping me

Been riding the Grom around some. It feels like the engine has loosened up a bit but at the expense of some low end torque I noticed when I first got on it. Probably all in my head. I have traveled 100 miles now and the gas gauge is bouncing between 2 and 3 bars still. Gas gauge supposedly reads fairly true on these so I think 120 to 130 miles range is pretty realistic. You really could get around on pocket change with this bike.

Only issue I had is around 50 miles my license plate fell off and went missing. At one point during that ride I heard a tin sounding ding ding and then a drop but for some reason it did not really register as an issue. When I arrived at my destination I looked the bike over and noticed the license plate was gone. I went back to look for it where I thought it dropped but it was missing without a trace. So I had to ride around the rest of that day on a Grom without a plate on. Luckily I did not get pulled over!

Luckily the next day I stopped by the DOL and for $15 was able to get a replacement plate and registration plus fill out the necessary missing plate affidavit. I put the replacement plate on good and tight and have been inspecting it and so far so good. First time I lost a plate on a motorcycle. I must have not tightened it down good enough. I am pretty sure I did though..strange!

Also really concerned about theft. I road it to our local Barnes and Noble and parked it right in front of the store so I can keep an eye on it. The bike got a lot of innocent looks. Then a meth head hood rat started looking at it and then calling on a cell phone then looking some more. It seemed he was scoping the place out as well. At that point I decided to leave and he seemed mighty disappointed when I road off and coincidentally he started walking off at the same time. I am probably just being paranoid but it seemed a little sketch to me. Now days you never know!
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