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Day 13 – January 24, 2013

We wake up to an awesome morning on the Sea of Cortez.

View from the Lighthouse.

Morning view from our bedroom.

We head over to the main casita for a great breakfast.

Yum! French Toast!

I tell Dad that today Patty, Dave and I are going to take a dirt road up to Bahia De Los Angeles. We had discussed this route earlier with ADV’er Mike (back in San Ignacio). Dad and Jacque should be good to stay on the highway back to Bahia De Los Angeles since they have been there before.
After breakfast I give the noisy KTM chain a little love. In typical fashion it takes forever to actually leave because we all keep talking, lol.

My added taller suspension won't allow me to spin the rear wheel with the center stand down.

Dad works on repairing some electrical that got snagged.

Patty having a good time chatting with Bob.

Now I get to chatting with Bob....

Got to say goodbye to Bob....

On the way thru Mulege Dave wants to stop and take a photo of the Tourist Information sign.

I'm not quite sure what kind of tourist they are trying to attract but it is effective advertising...

We make our way north thru Santa Rosalia then Dave and I motor ahead for our anticipated long day. Here's a few of Patty's pics along the way.

Riding thru Santa Rosalia.

Climbing out of Santa Rosalia. Sweet!

We stop for fuel in San Ignacio.

We stop again in Vizcaino to top off on fuel and while we are grabbing fuel we spot a group of 4, well set up KTM riders also heading north. We don’t know it yet but we will meet them again later today. We skip lunch and decide we will snack on all the food we carry, once we hit the dirt road. We continue north toward Benito Juarez and make our planned turn off onto 18 toward El Arco.

We don’t know this now but evidently we could have taken a short cut from Vizcaino right to El Arco, instead of taking hwy 1. Damn….that would have saved a ton of time!
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warp9man OP
Gravel in my Travel
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Day 13 continues.....

As soon as we turn onto 18 we notice it is dirt? Mike had mentioned, if I remember correctly, that the road was paved almost to El Arco? Hum… I soon come across some asphalt moguls buried in the dirt. OK, so it was paved at one point in time. I wonder if the road has deteriorated in other places since Mike had been here. We are still excited for the new scenery.

Why do they alway scatter at the last minute?

Poor Dave has to ride in the dust...

The road is generally good with a few washouts on the shoulder every now and then.

We make our way thru El Arco, just a little ranching area with a few buildings and some cows. The road is now getting into sections of sand. Happy I have the 908 on the rear instead of the Scorpion! The sand goes back and forth between hard pack with sand on top to deep sand ruts.

Riding single on the KTM would be no problem at all and actually fun. Riding two up, loaded down we total around 1000lbs. This is giving me a good workout with a few tense moments keeping it in control.

The scenery is amazing! The road constantly changes from varying degrees of sand, hard pack and dirt moguls.

Sorry it is loud.

Cemetery in El Arco?

We stop to grab a bite to eat and check out some big cactus.

I decide to let a little air out of the rear to increase traction a bit.!

Coming into El Progreso.

Damn Sand...

As we come into El Progreso we see a “gasolina” sign. I know I will be cutting it close on fuel to make it to the Bay of LA even with some of the spare fuel I carry and decide to stop. Patty asks an older woman outside if they have gas. She says yes and points for us to go around the house.

The Rancho

Her husband comes out and starts filling up his old coolant bottle. Dave grabs one gallon for the DR and I get 2 gallons for the KTM.

The best part….watching the old man dump fuel into the KTM while sucking on his cigarette with huge piece of ash about ready to fall off. His face is literally 1ft from the vapors swirling around the funnel.
I’m hoping to hell he doesn’t blow the KTM up.

We are lucky and the KTM survives unscathed. Four hundred Pesos later and we are on our way.

We have to back track a bit because we over shot our last turn. We want to go out to San Francisquito it is too late in the day and we will be pushing daylight just to get to Bay of LA.

When we turn around we take a short cut over to the road heading north. This road is just a two track road so I have to pick a rut. This is a very narrow Jeep type road with assorted large cactus very close to the road edge.

Riding single this would not worry me at all, however…wrestling 1000lbs makes me wonder just how painful it would be if we eat shit on this road. It wouldn’t matter which way we fall….we would be a bloody pin cushion. As it is we make sure to keep arms and legs tucked in close to avoid the random cactus overhanging the road. Luckily the road isn’t very long and we are back on the wider main road.

We come across a bunch of graffiti on some large rocks and wonder who comes all the way out here to write on the rocks? A bit after the large boulders we make a right turn onto a downhill section with a fair amount of Baby head size rocks similar to riverbed. The rocks are firmly planted, it just takes a bit of effort to muscle the KTM around and pick a good line.

I guess this is the technical section Mike was telling me about? Luckily it is a shorter section. We have been riding in the dirt for over 70 miles and have another 60+ miles to go. This is giving me a serious workout and I feel like I’m in a slow motion desert race.

The tech section. In this picture it really doesn't look like much.

I start to notice a pattern. Every time I see the road split off but it doesn’t show on the GPS, this means you are going to hit some obstacle in the road but all the locals have made a detour around it. It never fails!

It goes like this….see the split…shit….grab a handful of brake to avoid death only to have Patty pile drive into me!

This is a sample of what you hit if you when you see the impromt-tu detour. This doesn't do it justice but we about pulled off a two-up stoppy when I just barely saved it! It would have been a bad G-out. I needed every inch of the dual front disks!

Patty is getting blisters on her hands from holding on over the rough terrain.

We stop for a minute at Bahia San Rafael to grab a drink and a quick snack. It is almost dusk and we need to get going.

Riding an unfamiliar dirt road in the dark especially when very tired will not be ideal. I know if I’m tired, poor Dave is probably pretty beat too. He’s probably wishing about now that he had stayed on the highway with John and Jacque.

Bahia San Rafael

I start thinking we haven’t seen a single other vehicle on this road? It would suck to break down out here. After a bit we stop to check on Dave and get to see an incredible red sunset.

It is starting to sprinkle out but it is not bad and we don’t want to gear up due to it is getting dark and we need to get moving. The road has been non-stop dirt moguls. Riding single I would just bust over these but fully loaded I have to go easy.

It is getting pretty dark. We stop to make sure Dave gets around this bit.

Here is a video Patty was able to get. Turn volume down. I'm amazed she rides with me on this stuff.

It continues to get darker and the sprinkle has now turned to light rain. We are only 3 miles from town and are determined to just get there. We look back or stop every little bit to make sure we see Dave’s headlight. He is hanging back to avoid our dust. We do our normal look back and don’t see a headlight. We stop and wait for a couple minutes because we can’t see over the terrain very far. Dave never comes. We turn around to go find him.

We go a surprising distance and no Dave…Damn…this is not good. He shouldn’t be this far back? Then we see a red light in the distance….this is not good! I should see a headlight not a taillight and the taillight is on the ground! Shit!

We get to Dave, his bike is on the ground but he is up walking around. It is dark out now and hard to see anything. Patty and I grab a flashlight to check on Dave and the bike. Dave says he’s ok but thinks his thumb needs stitches. Patty worked in Home Health Care for years and checks it out.

His glove is on but is ripped open. She shines the light on his thumb. From the first knuckle toward the tip, the skin is peeled backward exposing the underside of his fingernail! He definitely needs medical attention!

The DR is on its side in a pool of oil. It has busted open the crankcase! Shit! Everything is just bent to hell! We ask Dave what happened. He says he just smacked something hard then lost control.

We feel bad. I know Dave must be exhausted, it’s dark, raining, he is hurt pretty bad and his bike is seriously messed up.

Patty and I make a quick plan. Patty gets the first aid kit and puts a bandage on Dave’s thumb. We don’t want to leave him alone so Patty will stay with Dave while I ride into town. We pull the saddlebags off the KTM so they will have something to sit on and I can ride faster without the extra weight. I take off and head toward town. Not too far down the road I see a small pickup truck coming and flag him down. Despite some language barrier, he understands what’s going on and follows me back to Dave.

Me and the driver (I forgot his name) get the DR and Dave loaded into the truck. He says he can’t drive his truck all the way into town because the brakes are no good. He says he will stop at his father’s house and swap cars so he can drive Dave to our hotel, then they will bring the motorcycle over to the hotel in the morning. We are a bit worried about leaving the bike with strangers overnight but it is in pretty rough shape so it shouldn’t be too much of a prize. We don’t have much choice anyway. They guy is familiar with our hotel so Patty and I ride ahead. He will have to go much slower on the dirt road especially with bad brakes.

As we pull into our hotel, Jacque comes out to greet us. Patty quickly summarizes the situation for her but needs to go talk to Victoria, the hotel owner, about medical care for Dave.

On the way to Victoria she passes a group of 4 guys eating dinner outside. They ask how it’s going and she tells them, ‘things could be better’. She briefly explains Dave wrecked, bike has a busted case and Dave’s hand is pretty messed up. They tell ask if we were riding with a DR650 because they think they seen us earlier in Vicaino. She recognizes their bikes too. They offer to help us if we need anything.

Patty finds Victoria and tells her Dave needs a Doctor or medical clinic. She promptly says she can call the doctor and he will come to the hotel! Wow!

Patty comes back to fill us in. I have unloaded the bags and decide I will ride back up to the dirt road to check on Dave. Maybe I can just put him on the KTM and bring him back. I ride around but never find them so I come back.

When I arrive there is a Policia truck at the hotel? He has somehow been alerted to the situation and came to see what was going on. He doesn’t speak or understand any English so we end up just kind of standing around and waiting for Dave.

The guy pulls up in a big SUV with Dave. We unload his soft bags and other gear that is in the truck while the driver explains to the police what happened. The doctor has arrived and they head into Jacque’s room to check on Dave. In short order they come back out and say they have to go to the clinic with the doctor because he can’t fix it here. Jacque and John escort Dave to the clinic.

The youngest Doctor ever! Very cool and told Dave to just pay whatever he wanted! They gave him a total of $150usd and were very happy they took care of him late at night.

We had originally hit the edge of town at 5:45pm and after Dave’s wreck we didn’t make it to the hotel until 6:30pm. It is about 7:30-8pm now and we are exhausted and hungry. We’re relieved; J & J are taking care of Dave. We head to the restaurant for dinner. I briefly stop and talk to the guys from Vizciano and fill them in on what happened.

After dinner we go grab a shower and get cleaned up. We go back out to chat with everyone. Dad, Jacque and Dave have arrived. Dave lost his thumb nail and got two layers of stitches. He is not supposed to use his thumb for a while but the doctor said he is fine to ride. Luckily it is on his throttle hand so it should be easier on the thumb. We are definitely going to have to stay and extra day here to try and repair the DR.

The guys from Vizcaino are actually fellow ADV’ers. I’m never going to remember their names. Neduro is one of the ADV inmates. He is and ADV moderator, Paris to Dakar rider, and stunt rider! Nice! One of them is a kick butt Rally bike builder. They are from CO and TX. Come to find out they hung out in Vizcaino for lunch and then took a dirt road that cut up to El Arco. They were surprised they arrived ahead of us because we left much earlier. We definitely went the long way around!

They have some bike problems as well. One of them smacked the lip of a concrete arroyo crossing on the dirt road today and it zipper split his Excel Rim. They have to try and stabilize it tomorrow. We of course start talking about bikes and business for quite some time. They are a great group of guys.

Here is our comedy for the night: So Patty went to bed 30 minutes ago and Dad is outside with me and the guys. Dad decides he’s going to go to bed. He turns around and walks straight into MY hotel room with Patty sleeping in the bed, lol. Me: “hey dad, that is my room”. He embarrassingly closed the door and everybody was cracking up! Then I thought maybe I shouldn’t have said anything because it would have been hysterical if he actually crawled in bed with her!

And that’s a wrap for today…..

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man big props for riding that stuff sitting down!

edit: the videos are great btw!
530EXCR and a bunch of 2 strokes that you dont want to read about. :)


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Enjoying the ride
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The one time I have been able to take my wife pillion, that rough stuff was the riding she liked the most . I dumped us, low speed in the poof dust, and I think that took away her fear of falling. She got up and said " that wasn't near as bad as I thought it would be, Lets go" Thanks for keeping up the report. I'm trying to talk her into a trip next winter.
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Lots of pictures missing? what happened, the last one was the sewing of the hand
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Day 14 – January 25, 2013

We wake up and make our way down to breakfast. We take our time chatting with Neduro, Chris and the rest of the guys (I suck with names).

Costa Del Sol room.

Neduro, Chris and the gang at breakfast.

We are waiting for Dave’s bike to arrive so we can start assessing repairs. We don’t know just yet whether it is repairable or even if Dave will be ok to ride?

The guard dog....Scooby.

Dave's thumb is on the mend but still looks gross.

We soon see the familiar little pickup arrive with the DR. The man driving is the father of the guy who helped us last night.

We get it unloaded, tell him thanks and give him some cash for all their help.

The handlebars are bent pretty good, brake pedal is bent up, passenger footpegs are bent up and ripped open the frame, subframe is bent, case obviously crushed in, and some melted plastics.

Passenger footpeg mount ripped up from frame.

We get to work on the engine first.

Dad and I get to work on the case.

Neduro is supervising.

It's a spectator sport...

We have some JB Weld so we knock the pieces of metal where the crankcase is crushed.

Dad’s first patch idea was a large coin. The biggest thing we have is a $10 peso. Dad tries it on the hole but quickly loses it INSIDED the case. Shit! Luckily, Patty has small hands and is not afraid to get dirty (she worked as a Service Writer at a few motorcycle dealerships). She is able to fish out the coin. We need something larger. We get some scrap metal from one of the construction workers at the hotel and cut it to size. We get it JB Welded in place and it looks like it will hold.

metal cut to size.

The patch job.

We start disassembling the throttle controls so we can try to bend the bars back.

I find a big piece of pipe and after a few tries we get them fairly straight.

We put it all back together and work on the other bent pieces.

After a couple hours we have it put back together and running. John and Dave go out for a test ride. Dave said his thumb feels ok and he will be fine to ride it home.

While we are working on the DR, Neduro, Chris and crew are working on their zipper split Excel rim.


The wheel is hopping pretty bad at speed. I lend them one of my saddlebags for an impromptu bike stand. They start swapping out front tires with one of the other bikes.

Happy crew....

They want to run the tire with the stiffest sidewall on the split rim. He is also running a Moose foam in the front. He carries some extra foam so they cut some wedges out of it to fill in the flat spot. He takes the bike out for a test run and the repairs have stabilized the hopping enough that they are able to get on the road again.

They have some sweet rides..

Getting ready to head out.

We are finished with the DR repairs by noon. We are thinking maybe we can just head out? Our original itinerary today was to ride the 207 miles up to San Felipe. Patty and I can make the ride in pretty good time but with the group it took us about 8hrs on the ride down. We could possibly make it to Gonzaga Bay but Alfonsia’s may not have any vacancy (we know from experience) plus it has been raining up North so we don’t know the condition of the dirt road? We decide to just chill for the day. Unfortunately Costa Del Sol is booked tonight so we have to find other accommodations.

Victoria referred us to Las Hamacas, a place almost next door. It looks ok but we decide to cruise north of town to check out some of the other hotels. We ride out past the airport and along the beach. We stop in at Los Vientos which was ok and priced about $50-70usd which is much lower than what it says online(could be great if they fixed some stuff), Villa Bahia which is a hole that smells like cat urine, and there were a few campgrounds. We decided to stay at Las Hamacas because it was in town and we could still eat at Costa Del Sol. Later that night we took a tour of another hotel, Villa Vitta and we would have rather stayed there. Good prices too.

We took the time to walk around town.

Do you see the dog?

This dog is trying to play with another dog that is running around down in the dirt pile. It's pretty funny to watch them antagonize each other.

The other dog playing and running in circles to piss off the dog on the roof.

We talked to one of the locals getting ready for the Bahia 200.

Yeah that would be a good time. He shows us his uncle's ride.

We end up taking a tour thru the local cemetery. We can’t figure out why it always stinks in this part of town? We are thinking they don’t embalm the dead bodies out here and wonder if that is what the smell is?

Old signs in town.

New signs in town for the race.

We spend the rest of the day kind of bored due to it raining off and on.

Sitting at Las Hamacas.

The facilities. Notice the shower rod is just drilled into the concrete wall....

The room.

John watching it rain.

We head down to Costa del Sol for dinner and notice they are setting up for a large group. Victoria said a group of 30 is staying the night.

Costa del Sol's chips and salsa are awesome!!!!

Chillin in the restaurant.

Outdoor dining set up for the group.

A few trucks and a herd of motorcycles start to arrive. I go outside and start talking with two of them. They are on an organized expert ride that cost $2500 per person! They tell me some of the bikes had problems or wrecked today. Me: “where did you guys ride from today?” Guy: “we came down thru Los Arcos and El Progresso on the dirt road.” Me: “oh…ok. My wife and I rode it two up yesterday.” Guy: “Whatever…(in a fuck-off tone, I’m guessing he’s in a bad mood or didn’t believe me?)” Umm…ok? The same guy is talking about using JB Weld to try and fix a hole in his radiator so he’s had a bad day. I’ve tried JBW on radiators before and never had it hold for very long but I hope he has better luck. I decide to leave the guys and head back to the more cheerful, Patty.

Our hotel for the night.

Entrance to the hotel

Our room is up here.

View across the street from the hotel

We walked down to check out this place.

They have a pool and hot tub but neither of them open until March. Rooms are 550 or 650pesos depending on the room. We wish we would have stayed here.

They had an on-site restaurant also.

We head to our room for the night and look forward to heading out tomorrow.

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Originally Posted by vintagespeed View Post
man big props for riding that stuff sitting down!

edit: the videos are great btw!
Hey Vintage, thanks man. its more work to do a report than the actual ride
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Originally Posted by effensteve View Post
The one time I have been able to take my wife pillion, that rough stuff was the riding she liked the most . I dumped us, low speed in the poof dust, and I think that took away her fear of falling. She got up and said " that wasn't near as bad as I thought it would be, Lets go" Thanks for keeping up the report. I'm trying to talk her into a trip next winter.
thats funny, the wife likes the dirt routes and tries to plan our rides to include as much as possible. she says thats when we see the cool stuff
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Originally Posted by 805gregg View Post
Lots of pictures missing? what happened, the last one was the sewing of the hand
haha thats called a cliff hanger. ok so there more pictures posted now.
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Day 15 – January 26, 2013

We wake up to Dad knocking on our door at like 6:30am. They say they are about ready to go. I tell them to just go ahead and we will catch up with them. We hear them leave about 7am. I’m awake now so we go ahead and start getting ready to go. We ride down to Costa Del Sol for breakfast and find John, Jacque and Dave are just finishing up. John and Jacque say they are going to leave. We are sure to catch them since they will be hitting the dirt road up to San Felipe so we are in no hurry. Dave mentions that he wants to hang back and ride with us. However, I’m a bit nervous about this. I tell Dave that I would prefer him to ride with John and Jacque, that way if his bike has any problems John can help him and I will be coming up behind them and I also think the slower pace will be easier on his injuries.

Dave takes some pics of the crabby group riders as they leave Costa del Sol.

This is not my cup of tea...

Patty and I head out about 9:30am.

Not a bad misty morning..

It is sprinkling already and the clouds to the north look ominous. Patty puts her rain gear on while I opt for the wait and see approach.

Leaving the Bay of LA

I see the rain coming down ahead. In a short distance I end up pulling over to put my rain gear on too. LOL.

It’s not keeps changing between a mist, sprinkle and light rain. It’s kind of a nice change. I can’t say that I purposely ride in the rain very often but out here it is very nice. The rain makes it smell like wild sage and there have been rainbows all morning.

Coming to our turn off to highway 1.

Heading North on hwy 1.

More Rainbows.

We make it up to the dirt turn off for San Felipe. We can see the John and Jacque a short distance down the dirt road but they are stopped. That isn’t a good sign. The rain is coming down harder now. The road is not good and the mud is very slippery. The loaded KTM is a handful on this stuff. We make it up to J & J and see Jacque went down.

Jacque after the wreck..

The snot pile...

The road actually looks pretty good but riding it is another story.

Patty tries to demonstrate..

A better has sections that suck you in.

The Bimmer got dirty.....

I found a firm spot..

Jacque and Patty walking back...

You look at the road and think it looks firm and has great traction. It's hard to imagine what the reality was.

There is no way their tires are suited for this stuff and even my 908 isn’t great. They say they are going to have to change plans and head to north on Hwy 1. I wonder if maybe Dave and I can continue on the dirt. I have Patty jump off and I take the KTM for a quick spin down the road to see if it gets any better. I can do it alone but it will be a workout but two up there is no way.
I tell Patty it is not a matter of if we go down but rather how many times. So we all opt for hwy 1.

J & J stop to put more rain gear on.

We just plan to ride as far as we can and stay the night. It’s kind of nice because we have never been up this way. It’s nice new scenery and better than I expected. We climb up and ride atop the mountains for quite a while. The rain comes and goes all day but the skies are very cool.


I'm loving this!


This skies and scenery are awesome!

We pull off in Vicente Guerrero at a little pizza place to grab some lunch. There must have been huge amounts of rain up here and it’s still raining.

To be continued...
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Only the highway is paved and everything else is a pond or mud. In the towns, even the pavement looks like dirt due to all the muddy cars driving up on it. John and Jacque do not like riding in the congestion of the busy towns as we head north. Patty and I ride ahead of the group but I tell John that we will pull off and wait for them as we enter Ensenada so I can navigate them to a hotel we had picked out.
Some of Patty's pics on the fly.

There are commercial greenhouses everywhere!

I thought it didn't rain in Baja? That's because it pours!

Little ponds everywhere!

A very nice ride...

This is a great detour!

We pull into Ensenada at 5:40pm about dusk. We still have light out but it’s raining good now and we pull into a Pemex and take cover under the canopy while we wait for the others to come. I was riding the last section at a pretty quick pace so I’m thinking we’re going to be waiting for a bit.

Waiting under the Pemex canopy.

We sit and enjoy watching the variety of vehicles go by for about an hour before we see John ride by. It is fully dark now and still raining. I pass Dave, Jacque and catch up to John. As soon as John sees me he pulls off the main road into a dirt parking lot. Dave and I follow him but Jacque doesn’t want to go into the dirt/mud due to her earlier wreck in the mud. To my horror…I watch as she cuts across 4 lanes of traffic, narrowly avoiding getting hit, to the other side of the street where there is a paved OXXO parking lot.

John says they are having a hard time seeing in the rain. Their flip up helmets are not good in the rain and they can’t see with the shields down, even using their finger squeegee’s due to the condensation and moisture on the inside of the shield. When they flip up their shields to see, their eye glasses get wet. If they take their eye glasses off, they can’t see anyway.

Dad asks me how far the hotel is and I tell him it’s about 6-7miles. He says we have to try and find something closer. I agree and tell Dad to go across the street to get Jacque and to start heading north. I tell him we will follow and pull ahead of them to find another hotel. Dad heads across the street while Patty and I franticly search on the Zumo and Blackberry for a closer hotel.

We look up a minute later and John and Jacque are already gone! Shit! I quickly ask Dave if he seen them pull out but he wasn’t watching them either. Now, I don’t know if they are already gone, or if they are somewhere around the OXXO station? We pull forward so we can see the other side of the OXXO but we can’t see them. Crap…they must have left already. I’m not sure how far ahead they are so we take off to try and catch them. I’m still not sure if they are even ahead of us?

When I pull out, Dave is right behind me. I go thru a couple traffic lights and have to stop but I don’t see Dave’s headlight? I ask Patty to look back for him and she can’t see him either. Shit! Where the hell did Dave go? I pull off into the dirt to wait for Dave. We haven’t gone that far and we haven’t made any turns? We sit in the dark rain and watch for him for a few minutes then we see him coming. I pull out behind the motorcycle and it is cruising. I think he is trying to catch up to me so he is darting around the cars. I ride like a mad man and pull up alongside him and look over. Fuck!!!! It’s not DAVE! Just another local motorcycle out riding in the rain! Seriously….what are the odds. I pull off into the muddy shoulder again. I seriously don’t know what to do? My Dad and Jacque are some vague distance ahead of us but I’m not even sure of that and Dave is somewhere behind us? I sit there for a minute talking to Patty trying to figure out if I go forward to find my Dad or turn around to find Dave? We decide since Dad and Jacque are together and they have a GPS, they will be ok, but Dave has no GPS and is alone. I turn around and head back to find Dave.

Patty sends a quick email to Jacque knowing if they find a hotel that Jacque will jump on the WiFi. We are the only ones that signed up for Mexico phones plans before we left. Everyone else keeps their phone signals turned off and we can’t call them.

After several miles we spot Dave at a different Pemex station. I make another U-turn to circle back to him. When I pull in he is talking to the local Police. I ask him what happened? He said, “I stopped to get some gas. I didn’t know how far it was to the hotel.” HUH?

We both had stopped earlier in the day and got fuel at the same time. The DR650 with the big tank has a lot more range than the KTM so I’m beyond confused? My fuel light just barely came on so I don’t think he is even on reserve yet? I’m more frustrated that he didn’t tell me, pull up and flag me down or get in front of me, before he decided to just stop for fuel.

We get back on the road again. I have no idea where Dad and Jacque are. We will just keep an eye out and if we don’t spot them we will just go to our original planned hotel and try to reach them via email or phone.

Several miles down the road we see John on the side of the road flagging us down. We spot him too late and have to make a couple U-turns and circle back. They had pulled into a hotel that said $200(peso) special? Well…at least we found them but we are not too sure what kind of hotel you get for $200 pesos? We decide to check out J & J’s hotel room before we decide to stay here. We were really looking forward to a hot tub and good restaurant at the planned hotel. Dad’s room looks surprisingly good and we decide to stay.

It turns out the room is actually $550 pesos. The advertised $200 special is for a 4hr stay? Um..ok? I don’t understand that? Is it like a one night stand special? It was called hotel Aztec Inn and was just south of the Ensenada airport. We paid $600pesos in the Bay of LA for each hotel and this is much better than anything there. It took about 5 minutes to get hot water but once it started, it stayed nice and hot and never ran out. It had a huge shower and comfortable beds. They even let us pull the bikes down a ramp and park them right in front of our hotel room. This was great, especially since it was covered so it got the bike and gear out of the rain!

Pics of the room...Complete with mud that we tracked in..

A Nice shower!

We grabbed a shower and decided to go find some dinner. The rain had stopped so we decided to just walk down the road. We walked down to a busy little place called Tacos Original (I think). They were packed…always a good sign. They didn’t wait on the locals but we must have stood out because a nice older guy came up, pulled out our chairs, asked us to sit and asked what we would like. Nice! We each got two tacos and drinks. They brought out a full plate of condiments that included radishes, sliced limes, whole cooked green onions, pickled onions, cilantro and grilled jalepeno peppers. I can’t say I have ever taco condiments quite like that before. I’m a whimp but Patty tried everything except the radishes. It was pretty good.
The best part is when we went to pay. We couldn’t understand what the amount was so he pointed to $90pesos we had in our hand and he would bring us change! I guess it was $85pesos! That is like $6.70usd! Sweet!

We started walking back and stopped at a 7/11 to grab some snacks and ended up spending $100 pesos! That was more than our dinner…lol.

Back at the hotel we made plans to ride MX 3 to Tecate, cross the border and ride back to Yuma on I-8.
As soon as I lay down I crash out for the night.

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Lewddite at large...
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This report is amazing!!!

Great pics, write-ups, stories.

Thanks so much for all the hard work.

Keep it coming!!

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Great ride report so far! Be safe man and keep us updated!
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The Walrus
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Very eventful ride.....great pics.....great report......

One of my buddies did a prepaid ride through Baja Norte'....his experience was expensive but well guided and the bikes were kept in tip top condition....I've ridden north to south BOLA, San Francisquito, El Arco and I thought the section from BOLA to SF was the most challenging due to did you feel about it? I wonder how many options there are, your tracks would be great. Can you post your route or a Google/Bing map link?

You got some interesting weather, can you imagine the hurricane conditions............
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Mucha distancia
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This is a mega adventure...Two up on a KTM, bad weather and Dave surely wants to see Mexico in his rear view mirror.

Your a tough bunch
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