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JonnyCinco OP
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Joined: Sep 2010
Location: Richmond,Virginny
Oddometer: 95
Rawhyde Adventures....East to West..and back

Well, I figured I would step up onto the big boy platform and throw my attempt at a ride report. My plan is to head from Richmond, VA to LA for a weekend of fun at Rawhyde Adventures.....then back via the cold route through CO to do some skiing in Snowmass. The plan is to find my way home by February 7th (departure January 18).

My stead of choice is a 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere kitted out with some Altrider protection, Trax side bags, Givi top case, and some sweet auxillary lighting by Baja Designs. For some reason (well, we can never really tell why) I fell for the Super at first sight. After picking her up from the dealership and attempting to go on a deep gravel road, I realized that 1) this is my first DS bike, 2) I have only ridden a dirt bike once...and broke my foot, and 3) this is one heavy girl. So, after discussing it with the missus, deposit set for Rawhyde and trip planned. Away we go!

Spotwalla link ->
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JonnyCinco OP
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Joined: Sep 2010
Location: Richmond,Virginny
Oddometer: 95
Day 1: 0 miles

After viewing, refreshing, re-refreshing, and having multiple weather sites open, plans have adapted to head out tomorrow morning and head South first (as opposed to West). So, I figured I would do a little "Gear overview"
First...the ride:
Obviously, a Yamaha Super Sweet Ace Tenere of the 2012 vintage. Though work and other travel didn't allot much riding since picking up the bike last year, I still had time to farkle away. Typical electronics of:
- Garmin 665 - Thus far, not impressed for a +$700 piece of poo. Had to send it back already once. Trying to get the blue tooth to sync up is a hassle and a hoff. It does enjoy freezing every now and then, plus the unit does not like to shut down at times. Hopefully, the motorcycle mount will do better. Mounted to the Touratech mount...which is mounted to WASP's adjustable bracket, aka, the bees knees.
- PC 8 - First time actually soldering and wiring, but with much planning, I think it came together well
- Eastern Beaver 3CS - hooked up as well for heated gear only and jack for battery tender
- Touratech side mounted fog lights - great side light and lighting up right in front
- Baja Designs Squadrons - Because Night is not a noun in my vocabulary
- Yamaha OEM heated grips - I used some electrical tape around the left side and seems to help with heat loss on the left side. Both hands cook at an even temperature thus far
- ABS Switch - Simple on/off relay. I am carrying the stock fuse just in case this does not work well, but it is sturdy and functions at the moment
- Two Gerbings permanent mounted dual controllers - I like things all together and the HDB top mount clamp had the holes for it
- SPOT - Why not?
- JC Whitney Voltage meter - power is everything and nothing at the same time.
- Bags GS tank bag with POWERLET power to it. I bought the bag and didn't want to jump through the hoops of the electrified tank ring. So, powerlet FTW! Plus the powerlet is ~$60 vs the Bags Connection tank ring is ~$150.
Not-so electrical goodies:
- Altrider kit - Skid plate, heel guards, rear rack, foot pad
- SW Motech pannier racks and Trax panniers
- Givi E55 with ADmore lighting kit
- Admore 8 inch brake light
- Pyramid rear hugger
- Motopumps motorcycle pump with tire patch kit
- Hippo hands
- Pazzo levers
- H&B shifter with extension and folding peg
- TT ABS guards and side switch guards
- Techspec and Holster's clear tank protection
- Bags connection dry bag - I just want to say that I already broke a hook to this bag. all plastic mounting hooks are a no-no for packing up
- Twisted Throttle D66 (only using the D34)
- Bark Busters with Strom guards
- Kaoko throttle lock
- TT headlight guard
The Wearing Gear:
- Olympia X-Moto jacket and pants - I originally got these last year..thinking that they would suffice. After some cold rides and rides in the rain, they were good, but I wanted to heated > So, I am only using the shells now. Next gear buy will probably be shells only, as I like to layer as needed. Great ventilation on the jacket and pant, but wish the camelback was integrated into the jacket and not a separate zippered backpack thingie. Sometime the backpack straps get tangled.
- Full Gerbings jacket, pants, boot sole
- Powerlet heated glove liners - for my test run, these get warm quick! I would have purchased the Powerlet jacket as well, but they do not have an access for pants
- Held Warm and Dry gloves - a bit small, so look for a FS soon
- Held Sambia gloves
- Arai XD3
- SMH-10
- Arctiva Windbloc Balaclava
- Sidi Adventure Rains
- RevIT Pacific H2O rain suit.
I think that about covers it. Now for the ::006::
Motopump in Altrider Rear rack

Side boob shot

Touratech Gas tank and Pyramid hugger

Switches for Fog and Squadrons

Cockpit view (the red button is the ABS switch, the knobs are for heated gear)

Light it up!

Highway pegs for...the highway

H&B shifter, TT Side switch, Altrider foot pad and rear hugger
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JonnyCinco OP
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Joined: Sep 2010
Location: Richmond,Virginny
Oddometer: 95
Day 2
Miles: 1,090
Richmond, VA to Monroe, LA

Well, got up at 3am with good intentions, but the weather didn't have the same. Ended up leaving at around 5:15 EST. Beautiful morning ride. I must say, I have never ridden the day after a snow, but have skied a bunch. The feelings of the morning run down the slopes is comparable to the morning run at dawn. Trees covered in thick snow as I throttle down I-85 in the cool, yet refreshing breeze. The road was wet, but temps in the upper 30's. On a straight road, I felt confident. Going through I95 in Downtown Richmond, confidence was far from my mind as I wished for my training wheels back.
Unfortunately for a ride report, but fortunate for a SS1k, nothing eventful happened. My GPS took me on a nice little detour to through Atlanta and I got to see the CNN building. But other than that, I was Keller TX or bust.
Needless to say, I busted. at 10:20 CT, I called it quits. My stomach could not take any more granola bars, nor could my colon, and Monroe, LA just happened to be a filling spot at past my 1,000 mile mark.
No pictures, as I was on a "mission" but I did learn:
1) heated glove liners get very hot, especially when mixing brand name gear. I think I have a slight burn on my fingers.
2) JC Whitney's is the best and most cost effective Volt meter in all the lands. Plugged right into my cigarette lighter and let me know that heated gear on high, TT fog lights, SQuadrons on high beam, and the battery do not get along....before it was too late.
3) Fuze self ear plugs are awesome...if you do not have to squeeze an oversized melon like mine into an XL helmet which should be a 2XL helmet. They worked, but the combination of ear plugs, balaclava, and helmet gave me the sensation a pistachio has right before you crack it open. After the first 3 hours, one had to go.
4) Most southern states are "tank states" as I have deemed them. It will take you one tank of gas to go from east to west
5) Eastern Alabama sucks. Western Alabama Rocks. its a motto. know it, love it. live it.
That is all for know.
To finish off with a tune that popped up on XM...
"Lonely is the night"
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JonnyCinco OP
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Joined: Sep 2010
Location: Richmond,Virginny
Oddometer: 95
Day 3
Miles: 341
Monroe to Keller
The morning started brisk, as brisk as I would prefer a morning to be when headed out on a ride across the flat lands of Louisiana. Initially, I had my Fuzeears in and attempted to rock out. But temps below and near freezing, along with not so seated ear plugs, I was not enjoying myself. So, a quiet ride to Dallas with the balaclava it will be. It seems that the only way to Dallas is straight west (go figure). But, as the Tenere ran from the sun, we saw the temperature rise. By the time I hit Cluster f*ck...whoops, typo...I mean Dallas, it was mid 60''s. Seriously, what is up with these access roads? This place is like attempting to navigate DC traffic and constant construction, with the addition of random rods running parallel to the interstate..

Loading up in the AM


A nice Saturday morning ride

After I finally weaved my way through the concrete mess known as the Dallas Fort Worth area, I met up with another Super Tnere rider nice enough to offer up a room as his home. Since the Tenere loved I20 so much, she was requesting another tank of fuel prior to my arrival, which added to my latency. Upon arrival, I could never ask more from a random person I met on the internet. He told me I was his first! He opened his garage door, heated up some grub, and then ushered me over to RideOnADV for some Tenere afternoon McLovin. Whatta good dude! Plus, he and his wife are old fashion and sleep in separate bedrooms. He was nice enough to let me use his bedroom while he slept on the couch. Nice décor, isn't it

:P Just kidding. Really, I cannot thank him enough for the GREAT food and even better HOME BREW! The obligatory food shot:

Anyway, I digress. Back to Jaxon at RideOn ADV. aka Saturday rock star. Got the Tenere on his lift and started breaking her down amongst the salty grime that the snow storm left behind. Oil Change, drive chain oil change, new proper boots, and some RideOn swag. Plus an afternoon of shooting the shite about motorcycles and everything in between. Jaxon has a great shop, which is even better in the summer from what I understand.
The triple threat

RideOn Swag Engaged. Guaranteed 10% boost in horsepower and 13% boost in offroad ability with this simple add on:

I have yet to try the power.
Anyways, no longer on a strict schedule, I am looking forward to finding some adventure the next couple of days as I make by way to San Antonio and then towards Vegas.
Welcome to TEXAS
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JonnyCinco OP
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Joined: Sep 2010
Location: Richmond,Virginny
Oddometer: 95
Day 4
Miles 310
Dallas to San Antonio

Started out a great morning in Dallas TX, a bit brisk, but a beautiful day in Texas. This being my first official "I do not have to be anywhere" day, I set the GPS to avoid highways. As it turns out, there is not much between Dallas and San Antonio. So Route 281 it is. Texas is quite an amazing state. Wide open roads that do not agree with gas mileage, but very cool small towns. Though I am a little confused to "County Roads" versus "Farm Roads", I did take a few Country Roads. Unfortunately, nothing off asphault, but interesting none the less.
Middle of a random Bridge on a county road (CR 204 I believe)

Glamour Shot

After a few miles on 281, I did stop at a picnic/vista area as I sunk down into the hill country of Texas

And the glamour shot for Jaxon

The Tenere makes eating up miles easy. Currently, I am at about 160-170 when my E begins to flash. Hitting the nice 75 mph speed limits don't help, as that continue to become less and less. Rolling into Hamilton, TX, I just love the way all these small towns are centered around the courthouse an built out from there. Unfortunately, I forgot to get a pic of the town center with the massive courthourse..but I did get the always enjoyable food shot. A little Mexican restaurant in Hamilton and some good ole carnes guideros (sp?).

The rest of the ride to San Antonio was pretty uneventful. Since I was actually early (for a change) I decided to ride down to see the Alamo. Nothing like Pee Wee's Big Adventure, as San Antonio has based thei "Riverwalk" around the Alamo....worst past, there is absolutely no parking on the street down here. So, here is my quick attempt at the Alamo:

And the Entrance:

Wore my skull candy Titans today and actually had a good seal. However, after five hours, I was definitely ready to have them out
Tomorrow, the plan is to head to the Twin Sisters and then attempt to get towards Tuscon, AZ.
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JonnyCinco OP
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Joined: Sep 2010
Location: Richmond,Virginny
Oddometer: 95
Day 5
Miles 955
San Antonio, TX to Tucson, AZ

As I road North on Highway 16, enjoying the views of the "hill country" of Texas...I finally realized, I am on an adventure. Yes, it's not in a foreign country where the primary language isn't English (well, maybe some parts of TX I stopped in today would count), and, thus far, the roads have been a solid asphalt or concrete surface. However, what constitutes "an adventure". I had a bit of time to think about this as I headed towards Medina, TX and the biggest criteria (IMO) is when you cannot remember the day...well, either that or you have just sustained a concussion, but usually that involves running around being burned by an imaginary fire in your underwear. It took me a good minute or so to think "what is today". That, in conjunction with not having an exact time schedule, make up an adventure. plan today was to head the Three Sisters and then more running from the Sun. Unfortunately, today the Sun made it a bit difficult to run from, as it was wickedly overcast and foggy. Which put a bit a bummer on the Three Sisters, as the road had that nice mist over it. You know, then kind that brings that dirt floating on the surface and it only takes one wrong lean and BOOM! Luckily, no BOOM for me. I rode on RT337 into Leakey and did the stop at the motorcycle store there....
The Lonely S10

A bit chilly for me

The roads were nice and curvy (compared to the previous 1500 miles) and I am sure the scenery was amazing. After speaking with the sole lady at the shop, she recommended I take I-90 instead of I-10. The scenery was better and the drive less stressful than the I10. Looking at the GPS, it only added 80 miles to my trip, so why not.
Texas does amaze me, as I crossed several areas that, during the rainy season, the roads would be part of the creek bed. I ran across this dried river bed on RT334

Making it to Del Rio, it was lunch time. I have been trying to stop at all the litte places versus the chain restaurants and this little place fit the bill


I love how every little town is/was built around their courthouse. I forget where this was, but here is a shot of the court house.

Then my first "AMERICA, F#CK YEA" check

West Texas is certainly different from East. A state that can goble up most countries, I guess it should be. Nevertheless, I was starting to see some canyons close to the border

Unfortunately, the canyons slowly disappeared and more flat asphalt ahead. Texas is very proud of their history, as there are history markers everywhere. Though this was not a history morker, I thought it looked pretty cool

Cruising along on I90 did have some good scenery. You do get close to the border and head close to Big Bend. However, this is a trip of "firsts" First iron butt, first ride across country, first time on a huge dit bike doing dirt bike things, AND FIRST TIME I FOUND OUT THE RESERVE DISTANCE....This all happened right about here:

With 34.6 miles on the reserve at ~80 MPH, the bike stopped. Luckily, I had the TT fuel can with me and was able to fill up. Turns out, I was only 2 miles from the gas station, so, it would have been a good workout, but doable.
After Marfa, TX, I-90 gets very, very, very straight. As I dazed, looking left to right, to left...and maybe a right again, I found myself "testing" the speed limits of the K60. Turns out....the front end really ends to float at around 100-110. It did not feel stable at all and I thought I probably should slow down....And these kind gentlemen agreed

Sadly, they realized I should slow down before I did......

PS, I will be selling this highly artistic photo for $200, sign and framed. :P
Donation to Marfa County. you are welcome TX.
Finally made it to Van Horn, as the night set in. I pulled over to don my heated gear. I did not feel like taking my helmet off, so as I am there, half naked in the parking lot, some random guy and his wife pull up. they might have said something, but I had my ear plugs in and helmet on. I said hello, and I think he did as well. I continued to attempt to get dressed and this guy jus sat there in his car. Alrght, I said to myself, what on earth does this guy want. I looked again and (though it might have sounded a bit disturbing, I wasn't sure what to say) "can I help ya?" Random guy finally asked if I was on these crazy super tenere forums. Turns out, I finally got to meet the infamous ColoRider from the S10 forum!! Ok, earbuds out :) He was on his way from San Antonio to Tucson as well. A quick, but delightful chance meeting in the west of Texas.
Gas up, caffeine up, and onto I10. It was dark and animals of plenty. A car just happened to go by me (I am much more diligent o my throttle since my Ranger meeting) and...all of a sudden, this car swerves wildly to the right then scoots to the left..WAY out of control. WTF?!?!? Well, animals of plenty, a deer just narrowly escaped a run in with some metal. The car did a couple of donuts and came to a stop, drifting in reverse. Nothing like the smell of burnt rubber in the middle of night. Everyone was OK and I continued on. However, I am pretty sure I pissed off every driver on the road, as there was NO WAY I was turning off my highbeams (this includes TT fog, stock high beams, and Squadrons on high). Sorry to all I10 drivers out there.
Rolled into Tucson at 2 am and got to bed at 3 am.
Good by Texas!
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JonnyCinco OP
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Location: Richmond,Virginny
Oddometer: 95
Day 6
Miles: 531
Tucson to Sedona...check that....Las Vegas

After my long ride yesterday and early morning, I was thinking of changing my plans to camp around Sedona and enjoy the topography that AZ has to offer. I do my morning work (I love my job), call the lovely missus, and then look for some breakfast. Although I did not get a picture of the outside, the Crying Onion in Tucson AZ is AWESOME!
The Chorizo Scramble - Health meter at 32 (hey, it has eggs in it and I had an orange juice)

Sitting at the Crying Onion, I text my buddy in Vegas to let him know I will probably be a day late. No worries. Then, I call Bill Mayer and see if it would be OK to move to Friday, which (I thought) we had touched on when I made the appointment). Well, it was not OK. in fact, I have to be there Thursday at 7am. SHISTA! Well, scratch plan B and rotate to Preparation H. Garmin, Las Vegas via Jerome, AZ please. I did a clinical rotation in Flagstaff back in 2004. I had my ole FZR 600 at the time and went on many rides. Got lost one day and ended up riding through Jerome. Really cool place next to an old Ghost mine. I figured I would head through there again for a change off I17.
I love AZ. The topography is awesome, roads amazing, and the climate cannot be beat.

Made it to Jerome

I thought my GPS just could not figure out the twisted Jerome roads (you literally do switchbacks and end up on top of the building you jus drove by), but it told me to turn around and head towards the Ghost Mine. I go down the road and it straightened out and looks to be on the correct path.


Looks like I will be establishing a 'baseline' of my offroad skills for the Rawhyde course. Remember, I have no clue what day it is, so adventure on. ;D
This was just AWESOME!

The pass

After I made it through the pass, the "road" became a rolling, backcountry road towards Williams, AZ. There were a heap turn off that looked like more fun, but I was attempting to get to Vegas.
Sweet bridge in the middle of the backcountry

Good by road, sure was fun!

Did I mention how much I liked AZ?

Go Go Gadget Snow tires!

To end this great ride, the route placed me right at I40 and I66 in the little town of Williams. Bonus, ESPRESSO!!

To warm up the soul

I think I will come back here some day to check it out

Then it was off to Vegas. Good ole Garmin wanted me to get off I40 70 miles early and back onto I66...which I am sure would have been a great ride, but it was getting later and later. Well, not actually, as I was changing time zones again, scored another hour! J5 = 3, Father time = 0 8)
Got into Vegas at about 9 pm local time. Now onto LA!
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JonnyCinco OP
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Joined: Sep 2010
Location: Richmond,Virginny
Oddometer: 95
Day 7
Miles: 348
Las Vegas to Ventura, CA

It was a nice slow start to the day. My body is feeling well after many miles that I have really never put on a bike before. However, my brain was still on East coast time, so I was up at 7:30 am. I am fortunate to have a job that allows me to work from the internet and I enjoy a good espresso. My office is now any good café with WiFi and a double shot. After a few hours of "work" I headed back to my buddies place to pack up and ship out. I am getting more efficient at packing up the Tenere, but still takes a bit of time. Yesterday, I realized a casualty of the trip was one plastic screw on my XD3. Figuring Vegas has to have some moto places, I look up the nearest motorcycle place...BMW Vegas, why not?
A wolf in sheep's clothing

A HUGE thanks to Kurt at Vegas BMW for the SS bolt hook up. My visor is thanking you!
Today was nothing special, just a quick trip from Vegas to LA. Seems as though Garmin does not enjoy the highway when you say, quickest route. I was a bit "tired" of riding at night and wanted to make it to Ventura before nightfall. But, with a 2pm start and Garmin avoiding the main route to LA, I got there at 7:30 pm.
Departing Vegas, I saw many billboards for Alien Jerky....of course I had to stop!

Tomorrow, new saddle time at BMS!
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Studly Adventurer
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Location: Southeast Lower Carolina
Oddometer: 733
Well Damn, why don't you just bite off the whole of America on your first ride out. No sense in waiting for a good Springtime ride later in the year. I actually know where Marfa Tx is located. I don't think the two hundred you donated will help with their situation much. Ride safe and keep checking in.
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What will break next
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Oddometer: 4,893
Subscribed....Headed out to Rawhyde in March...looking forward to hearing more
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Beastly Adventurer
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Anxious to hear about the RawHyde course. Thanks for posting.
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Oddometer: 86
If you need somewhere to stay in ventura, I have a room for you!
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JonnyCinco OP
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Location: Richmond,Virginny
Oddometer: 95
Day 8
Miles: 0 (ish)
Ventura, CA

After making it out to has rained....and rained....and rained. The good news: my Revit Pacific H2O has held up to its coastal heritage and not allowed any water in. The bad news, I am not keen on hitting up any of the great roads near here. I took the Yamaha Champions Racing school at NJMP, and it rained there. They say "you learn a lot in the rain"...I can see where this philosophy stems from, after all, I say if you can ski the east coast ice, you can ski anywhere. Nevertheless, Murphy and I are best of buds, and I do not ant to test anymore theories that may lead to me renting a Uhaul to get the bike back to VA.

So, this morning, I wake up to my first California morning by the beach. Wait...where's the beach? Oh, it is beyond all the clouds and rain. Did I mentioned I have not hit any rain in the past 3600 miles? No worries, today was a Gluteus Christmas, as I was headed to BMS for a supreme upgrade. Arriving at BMS, Adrian (sp?) opened the large garage door at their new place and ushered me in. After asking a few questions and seeing my seated position, he was tearing off my old vinyl before I knew it. HIs apprentice, Chico, arrived a few minutes later. For those of you who don't know, Adrian has been in the business for > 20 years and rocks the socks. Chico has been apprenticing for just a year, but did a superb job of touching up the "rough edges" of the seat while the cover was being sewn. The yamahasupertenere forum had a group buy on the BMS saddles about a year ago...but if I was going to cash out on a custom seat, I wanted a custom seat. And let me tell ya, thus far it has been worth the wait! Though I have not had my gluts in one position for greater than 30 minutes, it feels much better. We increased the height of the seat as well, which placed much less strain across my knees. Also, with a bit of goofing around on the pegs, I feel like I can grip the tank/seat better in standing. Though this will be tested this weekend.

Rocky is a great guy and tells me that I have to hit up Tipps Thai restaurant and speak with Chang. Internally, I was thinking he was messing with me...Come on, Thai restaurant, owner named Chang, with a long thin goatee...Don't try to fool me...more on that later.

Back to the saddle. First edition done and took her out for a jaunt around the highways. Came back in and spoke with Adrian. In seconds, he and Chico were adding pieces here and there. Before I knew it, I was shaking hands and headed back out for the day. Total time was about 3.5 hours.

Nothing else planned for the day, so rode around and picked up some things. Then, it was dinner time! Looked up Tipps, which was 4 blocks from my hotel. I walk in and do the obligatory "Is there a Chang that works here, Rocky told me I should ask". Sure as sh!t after coffee, out walks a Thai man with a long thin goatee...named Chang! Awesome dude and drank Budlight the way it should be...with ice...much like water The food was awesome and very very tasty. After that, I hit up "Zero Dark Thirty" and called it a night.

Tomorrow, onto RAWHYDE!!!!
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JonnyCinco OP
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Originally Posted by uberaudi View Post
If you need somewhere to stay in ventura, I have a room for you!

thanks uberaudi...but I was catching up on my ride report while I was in Ventura. Nice place and I am sure it has some amazing views....when it isn't raining.
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JonnyCinco OP
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Oddometer: 95
Gerbings help!

Well, I do not need it now...but come next week, I may. I installed the Dual Permanent controllers (as seen in the 2nd post). They both worked GREAT all the way out there. Now (after the rain) the auxiliary dial/LED (for pants/gloves) just blinks fast all the time (whether the switch is off or on) and the other LED does nothing. NO HEAT either?!?!?!?

Anyone else run into this? Check the fuses and the connections...all seem to be fine....Thoughts?

Gerbings is closed today due to inclement weather and I am off to Rawhyde.....Hope they start working when I hit Utah!
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