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Old 02-28-2013, 06:07 PM   #16
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Joined: Apr 2012
Location: eau claire wi
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I am a first gen as well. My mom is a nurse, and as such forbade me to buy a motorcycle while living at home. Dad didnt care either way. I bought one anyway and kept it at a friends house. Fast forward to today. Mom is still totally against it, even after years of safe riding. At first the bike wasnt allowed at the house. Then I would park it on the street in front of the house when visiting. Then I started parking in the driveway. Dad shows an interest, but would rather have a wife.

My wife never cared. She knows its my passion and supports that.
Be happy today.

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Old 02-28-2013, 08:43 PM   #17
jsalman93 OP
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Originally Posted by OldManDragon View Post
This topic would lend itself to a book-length story... I can't remember any of my family who rode, I had never realized that I was the first rider in the family! but I'm definitely not the last either! From being told that motorcycles are dangerous and never being around them, finally around age 10 or 12 a friend's father took a new Honda 50cc Cub on a trade for a car. My friend and I had WHEELS! Eventually he talked his dad in to getting a NEW SL 90 (a real dual sport!), I bought the "Old 50", and things were never same again. Lots of "little bikes", mini bikes, junkers, and lots of miles later, through dirt bikes, enduros, Triumph and H-D choppers, to BMW GS's, raising a family and teaching our 6 children to ride, seeing nearly all of my older mentor riding friends pass away, and seeing my oldest son and I both earn IBA Saddle Sore 1000 certificates, I can say that I have enjoyed every minute I can remember of it all...! Life on 2 wheels has been wonderful! Even the 1 year and 4 months I did my daily 80 mile round trip commute to work entirely on my BMW until I had to get the alternator some new brushes, rain, snow, sleet, or shine, 2 wheels all the way. Now my grandchildren ride a CRF 50, and it continues. There have been some fantastic posts, pics, and stories on ADVRider since I found it in 2007, I would buy the book if it is ever published! Keep on Riding, Keep on Sharing, and Keep on Encouraging Others to Ride!
Amazing story. It's so cool to hear about how you were able to pass the passion on to the next generation and to have be having so much fun doing it. Keep on riding, OldMan.
"Underneath this bucket of rust and bolts beats a heart of pure arthritis"

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Old 02-28-2013, 08:50 PM   #18
jsalman93 OP
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Your First

Any of you guys remember what first got you into bikes? What was the first bike you ever had, would you still have kept it if you could now?

for me it was a rebel 250 , and I'm so glad for that . Starting on a 600 would have gotten me killed, and I would never had had as much fun as I did with that Rebel. Never dropped it, but damn, got really close sometimes. Really fun bike that was really forgiving for a new rider. Wish I hadn't have sold it for a vlx 600 (damn thing only had 4 gears)
"Underneath this bucket of rust and bolts beats a heart of pure arthritis"

2006 Yamaha FZ6
1992 Suzuki Gs500e (in progress)
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Old 02-28-2013, 10:39 PM   #19
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it was a looong time ago that I started riding , 1969 to be exact on a Honda Super 90. My dad didn't say anything that I remember, my mom was concerned, while neither of my parents or grandparents motorcycle riders, I had an uncle that rode (my first bike ride was at age 4 or 5 on his Harley) and he had recently had a serious accident, town road crews were spreading calcium chloride for dust control on a dirt road that crossed a paved road in a curve and didn't stop the spreader as they crossed the paved road. My uncle hit the slippery snot went down, bike totaled (towns insurance bought him a nice new one) one of his knees was banged up bad, he never worked after the accident, but he did recover well enuf to ride.

I will probably be and only generation rider, my son rode a few years, he had a VFR700, even went on vacation at Deals Gap with me once. His motorsports interest has shifted to bimmers, hes got quite the collection started an older 3 series convertible, 5 series sedan, and a 7 series limo

none of my grandchildren ride and my great grandchildren aren't old enuf yet
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Old 02-28-2013, 11:49 PM   #20
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Location: Central West NSW, Australia
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I'm ... sort of first gen. Apparently I had an uncle on my Mum's side that rode bikes many years ago but he was killed years before I was born.
I got into motorcycles after I had left home to take up an apprenticeship. I used to get around on my push bike but on the way home from work one afternoon I rode up from the road onto the footpath (so I could walk over a crossing and avoid nasty traffic) and my front wheel dropped into a gap between the concrete and the grass, catapulting me over a low brick wall and doing some nasty damage. The local motorcycle shop was thirty years further along so I stopped there and decided I needed something that had wider wheels and didn't require pedalling. On the 23rd of March, a couple of days later, I had my loan approved, got my learner's permit (already had a full car license), bought, registered and insured my first bike (DT175 Yammie) and with some effort got it back where I was staying. The next morning I took to the highway and rode the 176Km back home through caravans, 22 wheelers and cars and ... Mum was MORTIFIED! I was informed, ad nauseum, about my Uncle Eric ... though nobody ever gave me any real details. Dad on the other hand was keen for me to take him for a ride, which had to wait until I had my full license of course.
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Old 03-01-2013, 06:10 AM   #21
people suck
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Location: middle TN
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First time I tried to get one happened to be when my wife's favorite uncle was dying from cancer, so she had the biggest cryin' hissy fit ever, saying that she didn't want to lose me too....and so forth

So I waited 8 months and found a smokin' ebay deal on a virtually brand new Rebel 250. By this time she had calmed down enough to simply appreciate the smokin' deal. If there's one thing she loves more than her uncle, it's a smokin' deal. Apparently!

Bike was less than a year old, had 143 miles on it, I won the bidding at $1200.
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Old 03-01-2013, 06:49 AM   #22
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Originally Posted by Blixa View Post
My mom was lecturing me about the dangers of motorcycles (she's a nurse) at the Philly Car Show this year (a HD display reminded her) but then someone near us farted terribly and my mom forgot what she was talking about and fortunately hasn't brought it up since.
Saved by a fart!
“Watch out for everything bigger than you, they have the "right of weight"
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Old 03-01-2013, 06:57 AM   #23
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I was 24 years old when the bug bite got infected. I had always been intrigued by motorcycles, but never knew anyone with one to borrow to see if I would really like it. I knew I would though. 4-wheelers, convertibles, boats, jet-skis; I always loved the wind in my face.

Anyway, when 24 my father-in-law bought a KLR250 dirt cheap to use as transportation to his work about one mile from his house. Theory being he would keep the wear and tear off his car since it never warmed up to temp on his commute. After he had it a few months he one day asks if I would like to ride it around the yard. Well, of course! After nearly breaking my fibula with the kick start then having the bike fall on me in the same motion (kick starts were hard at first ) I got to going. I rode that thing a few miles around the yard every time we went to visit for the next two years.

Then, I took the MSF and got my own bike, a Ninja 500. He still has the KLR, and it hasn't been registered (or ridden) in the past few years. I should really make him an offer.
2002 Yamaha FZ1
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Old 03-01-2013, 07:11 AM   #24
Bits. Bytes. Bikes.
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Location: Fairfield, CA
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I'm a (mostly) first gen - my dad had a couple of Honda CBs in the early 80's (when I was in my early teens), but gave it up after a short time.

Fast forward a few years.. to when I was 39... Looking for a hobby to do with my kids (son, now 10, daughter , now 13), and someone suggest "dirt bikes". Having reasonable time and resources (finally), I figured, "sure, why not". Then someone suggested that I take "that beginner motorcycle class" (later to be known as MSF), and I swore that I was just going to ride off road...

Fast forward 2.5 years... I now do my 100 mile round trip commute on my DL650 (10k miles commuting so far), ride trails with my kids, and love every second of it. I both regret and appreciate the fact that I started so late (I'll be 42 in April) - It would have been nice to get 25 additional years out of it if I would have started earlier, but I also think the chances of my being alive or not severely disabled would be slim.

My wife was OK with it until I brought the VStrom home - for some reason, it drove home that I was going to be that guy in commute traffic. She's over it now (mostly) and has accepted it (she does not ride at all).

My parents don't really like it that much, but then again I'm an adult...

As for my children - they will not have to make and advrider "Being a First Generation Rider" posts ;)
2010 KLX250
2011 WeeStrom
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Old 03-01-2013, 07:27 AM   #25
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I'm a first gen rider. My parents were never into motorcycles. They just never had any desire to ever try riding. I figured they were going to skin me alive when I told them I bought an SV650. I was really surprised when I finally showed them and they didn't care. Just told me to always wear a helmet and be safe.
2005 SV650N

Chicago To Los Angles For My First Road Trip
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Old 03-01-2013, 07:29 AM   #26
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Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post
Saved by a fart!
Yes, likely the only time a fart has gotten someone out of trouble.
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Old 03-01-2013, 07:57 PM   #27
On The Road Again!
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No one in my family ever rode a bike. I was the first. When I turned 17 I couldn't afford a car, so I mentioned that I wanted to buy a motorcycle. My father practically exploded!!! A few weeks later when he cooled down, my mother went with me to help me bring home a Honda 90 I found for sale.
(she always took my side in arguments and stood up for me)
We lived upstairs in a two family rented house. My father NEVER went in the basement. So I kept it down there and taught myself to ride while he was at work. Over the next couple of months I racked up the miles on that little Honda. Then one day one of his customers saw me and said to him at his store, "I didn't know your son had a motorcycle!".
That night the s**t hit the fan big time. I did not hear the whole thing but my brother later told me that the motorcycle nearly caused a divorce!
Til the day he died he never once looked at any of my bikes or talked about them. And I'm sure it made me even LESS popular when I taught both of my brothers to ride and THEY bought bikes!
George, high in the hills of Jersey!

77 Honda CT-90
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Old 03-01-2013, 07:58 PM   #28
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I'm a first gen. Turned on to bikes when I was about 14 (1962), I had the BSA and Triumph 650 posters on my bedroom wall. The BSA 441 was something to behold.

Short side trip: I was raised by my Mom, but She understood. I was about 10 when I saw a guy riding his bicycle backward. Hey, that's cool, I need to learn how to do that. So I figured out how to do it. Well, that's boring................I need to learn how to do it without stopping. So I did, front to back and back to front, no stopping.

There was a problem however. Both my Mom and Stepdad would have nothing to do with motorcycles. Stepdad introduced me to guns (ok with my Mom). Both of them laughed when the .410 almost tipped me over backward. I treasure that memory. To this day, I'm a gun guy, Thanks Woody. RIP

My point is: Mom said "If you want a motorcycle, it's waiting until you live somewhere else: Ain't happenin'."

Ok, some how I turned 21. Me: "I'm 21. One of two things can happen here. I move out and get a motorcycle (Stepdad has left the scene), or I stay here (paying rent) and buy a motorcycle."

Mom: "Ok, fine. If you're that dumb, buy a motorcycle." Lukily they had instilled the 'fear of street riding'. So I got into dirt riding, trailer and all. That wasn't good enough. Four months later, my leg was broken.

Fuk, 8 months later............................................. was broken again. Motorcycling: where the laws of physics are enforced immediately.

I'm 65, and still riding. Looking to buy an XT-250. The last thing a solo rider wants to know is that he can't pick up his 400 pound 650.
2004 DR650: 62,605 miles
2013 WR250R

Originally Posted by Threewheelbonnie View Post
"BTW, I don't do style. It's a dirt bike, not some girlie dress-up thing." -

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Old 03-01-2013, 08:31 PM   #29
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I'm first gen, too. Never knew anyone who had a motorcycle growing up, and never had any friends into bikes before I bought mine. I did know a few people who would occasionally talk about wanting some kind of bike or other, but to my knowledge none of them have ridden a motorcycle, yet.

I didn't get a bike until I was out on my own with a steady job, and even before that I never owned a car (rode a bicycle anywhere too far to walk). I knew I'd like motorcycles, though, since I already preferred non-motorized bikes to cars

Almost everyone I knew just thought bikes were shiny death traps, and it didn't help any when my first bike was totaled one night by a left-turner (pretty much everyone I knew said something along the lines of, "So you're done, right? Not getting another one?"). The first time I talked about a bike most people I knew were just somewhat wary of the idea and probably figured it was a temporary idea. After the accident most people I knew had a lecture for me, and I got so sick of it I didn't tell anyone when I started shopping for a new bike.

Perhaps because of this riding has always been a personal thing for me. I rarely ride with groups (though that can be fun) and don't often talk about bikes unless someone else brings it up. Connecting to the machine and improving my skills are a source of continual enjoyment, though, and it's hard to imagine giving it up now.

I was more nervous getting back on a bike after the accident than I was the first time I rode one, but as soon as I pulled away down the road and clicked into second gear everything just felt right.
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Old 03-01-2013, 10:28 PM   #30
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My dad rode when he was younger. He did trials and had dirtbikes as a kid. Then he had some Harleys. His last bike was an 81 Yamaha XJS 1100 I think.

It was really fast and he almost got killed by cagers a few times, so he gave up riding to raise us. I only have a few memories of riding with him, I was born in 85 and he stopped around 91.

That bike sat in the shed from 91 to 2004 when he sold it for cheap.

I got a TTR 225 in 2004, it was half blown up. I traded an SKS for it and sold it for 500$ smoking like a bastard. I wish I had kept it and rebuilt it but I was an idiot and needed money for a Jeep transmission.

When I got my Marauder I was living in an apartment, parents never brought up the issue. Since I got my KLR I've let my dad ride my Marauder a few times. He doesn't like it much but it's a bike and he misses riding I think.

My buddy wanted a bike and his dad shot him down. He's 22. I called him a pussy and if he wants it as a man he has the ability to get it. Some people have poor opinions of motorcycles, I mostly ignore them.
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