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Old 04-28-2013, 09:55 PM   #1
Tokamak OP
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Joined: Nov 2010
Location: Buenos Aires
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Talking Fiambala - Argentina - My first RR !

Hi guys iīm Chris from Buenos Aires - Argentina (be advised ... my english is not neat ). I've been reading advrider for a couple of years now and it has been such an inspiring experience heeheh ... so many and diverse stories , so many amazing places shown .. this is by far one of the best sites on the web ... hey you donīt even need to be a biker to get amazed by the great journeys you find in here . Iīve some favourite stories like Misery Goatīs "Same as it ever was…heading to Latin America" ( ) or Swampīs "A Fist Full of Cambodia..." ( ) and although iīv spent lots of hours reading .. i feel iīve just seen the tip of the iceberg ...

Finally iīve a little story of my self and a friend of mine ( nickname "Axo" ... ... he got that nickname cause when he started riding at 16 , all his gear was from AXO ) . Although he has been riding for a long time... i bought my first bike when i was 32 ( iīm 35 now ) . Iīm not sure why/how ... but one day it seems i woke up and i suddenly knew it was my time to start riding a bike ... actually it was during a night i spent at the farm of a friend o mine.. , he had a little 230cc honda dirt bike and after doubting it a bit i got on the bike and went for a ride ... after i got the "basic" rules ... "DONT YOU EVER FRONT BRAKE WHILE TURNING !!" he shouted me when i was already gone .. hehe .. The thing is ... that night i felt i suddenly had lost the fear i had before for bikes ... and found myself accelerating on a pitch black dirt road into the night ... it was mind blowing... i went back to sleep knowing i was ready for my first dirt bike.

So to make a long story short ... Axo and i bought two beautifull WR250Rīs and started tunning them a bit .. heīs the mechanical expert iīm still all newbie on this .. but we did some "basic" changes to the bike , like new tires ( we use MT21 front and rear ) , new exhaust pipes ( Some Leo Vince XL or something .. they sound mean! ) , ummm.. what else.. handguards yes... and also we installed those great pegs that pivot Called "Pivotpegz" of course ( what a great addon ... climbing feels soo cool with these ) ... , skid plates and we removed some weird tubes/pipes conected to the engine which iīm not sure about what do they do but i think theyīre related to an emision control system ..anyhow i trusted my friendīs expertise ... mainly because he was doing the same with his bike ! .

During the last year weīve being doing some dirt riding on some tracks you can find near buenos aires , they pretty cool , but ... theyīre not the real thing if you now what i mean. We wanted to take our bikes to do some real off road in the middle of nowhere and lukly we have lots and lots of amazing places to ride here in Argentina . So we picked a place called Fiambala , itīs located on the Catamarca province in Argentina , here :

(Just in case.. Argentina is located in South America . Yea i know most the guys/ladies that read this forum know... but itīd be not the first time that someone thinks Argentina is in Africa or somewhere around hhehe .. actually i saw that the FOX Channel in USA recently pointed out Argentina as being located exactly where Venezuela is.. )

Fiambala is an amazing place , mainly for two reasons... 1st ... you have ALL possible terrains to have fun with , sand , dirt , mud , gravel , small rocks , big NASTY rocks , dried river beds , silk ... and so .. you name it .. it has it . And the second reason is that there are NO fences/wires AT ALL ... you just get off the main route wherever you want and itīs freedom and fun from there . This is actually one of the hardest places where the recent Dakar rally took place on recent years .

Exact position of Fiambala :

From space :

So enough of writing ... letīs go to the important stuff .. pics !

On route to Fiambala

We are in business YEAHHHH


Arrived at Fiambala . BTW we took almost 24 hours to do 1300km from Buenos Aires , we still donīt know why ... but we started driving at night ... and arrived at night also hehe

You see the dog ? ... he was just there ... waiting for someone in the middle of the street ..

First day ! doing some maintenance ... chain lub and stuff

King of the Hill !!

Actually thereīs a video of this day , here

We found this great dry river bed ...

This is on another ... sort of canyon we found ...

Wind started to blow and it got really dusty..

And then the dunes came ... and it was my first time on sand also ! i had to learn fast !

My bike should be... over that dune i supose...

The battery of my bike died that afternoon when we where in the middle of this sand sea ... we had to push the bike uphill and then started it on 3rd gear going down ... that was neat

We then found a soo needed river...


Me !

From the river , we had this beautifull sight of this amazing ... sort of dune and rock mountaing at the same time... it reminded my the movie "Dune" ... this would be the place where the freemen would live ... yea probably ... so cool .. well ... hot and dry also.

All these pics are from the Contour HD cam we hand on our helmets..

This nasty canyon was impossible to cross , lukly we had google maps sat view loaded to our garmin Oregonīs and we found a place where it got smaller enough to cross..

Yea that way we should find a nice remote place for my battery to die , lets go there !

We also found this freeking cool valley surrounded by peaks

Thereīs a video of this place here

Well thatīs it ...hope you like my little RR , i was planning to write a bit more but itīs late and my mental english transaltor does not work so well at this time of the day ... If anybody is planning to come to Buenos Aires or needs some more info about Fiambala just let me know ! iīll help you in anything i can ...

This was for me a dream come true ! Yeaaa

When I sin , I sin real goooooooood !! - Misfits
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Old 04-29-2013, 05:00 AM   #2
Studly Adventurer
Joined: Aug 2012
Location: Southeast Lower Carolina
Oddometer: 733
Thanks for sharing the dream ride. The scenery is stunning. Your city of Buenos Aires has always been a gracious host during my visits.
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Old 04-29-2013, 03:16 PM   #3
Tokamak OP
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Joined: Nov 2010
Location: Buenos Aires
Oddometer: 11
Thanks Rutabaga ... yes , foreign people usually get a good first impresion of Buenos Aires when they come... specially about itīs night life !
When I sin , I sin real goooooooood !! - Misfits
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Old 05-08-2013, 08:09 PM   #4
blues bob
Joined: Feb 2011
Location: salida,co
Oddometer: 92
wr250r's rule

Yo Tokamak, What a fine job you did on your "little RR!" Good story, great photos, fantastic place to ride. I just did 3 days on my wr2 also, in the Utah desert. But we must stay on the existing trails. You get to go cross-country. Lucky guys. Write another one. PLEASE. Did you only need a new battery?
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Old 05-10-2013, 01:34 PM   #5
Tokamak OP
Tokamak's Avatar
Joined: Nov 2010
Location: Buenos Aires
Oddometer: 11
Hey Bob ! iīm glad you like the RR ... Fiambala as you see is an amazing place ... really hipnotizing ... thereīre so many places to explore... so much freedom. Iīm sure weīll go back soon , but donīt know exactly when ... we live in Buenos Aires city , which is 1300km (aprox 800 miles) from Fiambala so we need 4 days at least to do a new trip. Off road riding is not so regulated here in ARgentina , soy you can have some extra freedom on where you ride.. offcourse this has its pros and cons . Iīd love to see your pics from the Utah desert , did you wrote a RR ? post the link ! ... riding in desert/mountain terrains is so cool... i think i like it the most. Regarding my battery ... as i said it just died at the worst moment... , and after we managed to get out of the dunes we went to Fiambala town and bought a new one. It seems the original batery was not charging well , and doing all that off road finally killed it.
Iīve tons of videos of this trip , iīll post them to this topic gradually ... so stay tuned .

BTW , last week i had a really silly fall in the mud with my bike and somehow it fell sideways exactly over the radiator ... the handle didnīt touched the ground at all ... the result was this :

A bent and punctured radiator... iīll send it for repairs and see how it goes. Iīm planning to buy one of those radiator guards that are mainly designed to protect it from lateral falls, like this one

So consider ir yourself as well just in case !

Bies !
When I sin , I sin real goooooooood !! - Misfits
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