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Old 06-30-2013, 05:43 AM   #31
Crusier Dude
pavement inspecter
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I've said it before and I have to say it again.

WOW, Ladybug,
You have really done a exhalent ride report here and all your reports. I to remember the honeysuckles growing up in Coeur d' Alene. We would pull the little string portion out and suck the sweet juice from them. You have found some awesome areas on this ride. Some I was aware of BUT a lot I didn't know of. Thanks again for sharing your riding adventure. It has been said that the IGA Store in Orofino really does have the BEST fried chicken there is at their Deli.
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Ladybug0048 OP
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You sure have that right. I enjoy early mornings especially in the summer time but it can be very cold. I agree with you about the heated grips they make a HUGE difference.

The Superbug has heated grips however they have been working Intermittently and of course that day they chose not to work. I also have a heated jacket liner but I had left the switch attached to my other bike so I had the liner but no way to turn it off once it was hooked up, without stopping to unhook it. The Superbug is limited with it's electrical output so when I have the grips and/or liner on I watch the volt meter and when it starts to drop I have to turn off accessories.

I have had two different people look for the grip problem and neither was able to run down the problem. A friend and I were just talking about the advantage of adding LED lights to the bike and I discovered last week my taillight is flickering so I have some electrical things that need to be taken care of soon.

Cruiser Dude,
Thanks for sticking with this and the nice compliments. Next time I'm in Orfino I'll try that chicken at the IGA.
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Ladybug0048 OP
Bug Sister
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It's time to wrap this ride up so I can move on with stories about Hells Canyon.

Since the day was still young and I had already given up on that silly idea of getting home early I headed to the top of Dworshak Dam and the visitor center.

Stopped to check out this core sample. I guess if you build a big dam you have to take big core samples.

The visitor center was nice with a lot of North Idaho history. Logging and mining were both a big part of the history. On my fathers side of the family logging operations were handed down from one generation to the other. It seems weird that things that were just staples in my childhood are now museum pieces. (am I getting old or what? ) I remember water bags like in this picture hanging on the front of the logging trucks (and beer stashed in the creeks and streams running off the mountains ).

It seems very odd to see one of these encased in glass.

One of the tunnels in the dam.

ďThe 717-foot-high Dworshak Dam is a straight-axis, concrete-gravity dam, meaning that it crosses the canyon in a straight line and uses a huge mass of concrete, as opposed to its geometric shape, to hold back the water's force. The tallest of its type in the Western Hemisphere, it is said to contain twice as much concrete as Cheope's Great Pyramid.Ē

ďSome engineering projects are controversial, and the Dworshak Dam, built 1966-1973 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, is one such example. The siting of the dam blocked a run of steelhead trout, and the reservoir covered an extensive area of wildlife habitat. To lessen the effects, the project includes the world's largest steelhead hatchery. Originally, the dam was to have six power-generating units, but peak loads would have led to flooding downstream and a second dam would have had to be built. So the final three generators were never installed.Ē

No wonder that sucker looked so huge when I was at the bottom of it.

I like the looks of the curved photo of the dam at the top of the stair in the visitorís center but since it's claim to fame is the straight-axis it makes me wonder why they made this curved.

There were a lot of things to see in the visitorís center and since I was the only one there the volunteers working the desk were telling me stories. Back in the early days lookouts werenít posted in nice towers like they were later but instead would find a high spot and look for fires from there. This lady climbed a snag and would sit on it all day looking for fires. If she spotted one she would signal the workers.

The story was that one of the men was very taken with her and he named the mountain after her as a sign of his affection. I donít remember the mountain name. Something like Bertha, Bertta, Martha, ah heck I donít know but I liked the story.

There is a nice colorful childrenís area where they can learn about boating safety.

The top of the dam. There sure is a lot of water in there.

While I was in the visitorís center enjoying the displays a storm blew in. It was raining hard enough the drops were bouncing when they hit the pavement.

Good thing Iím waterproof

Luckily the storm didnít last long but it was cold and time I worked on getting home.

Cavendish United Methodist Church.

Riding through the Palouse is a treat, itís always changing.

All those yellow roses around the old farm house sure are pretty.

There is a cache here that I didnít find but it gave me a chuckle.

This section of the road is very nice. It drops down from farm fields through a forest into a canyon with a river or creek at the bottom then climbs back up again. Very scenic but this is all I got for a picture of it.

All these birdhouses remind me of the blue bird houses around Bickleton, WA which is a fun place to ride to. I want to ride to Bickleton again sometime this summer. It's a good half way point to meet a friend or two from the Portland area for lunch.

Lots of grain in the Palouse which is evident by the number of silohs

I was on Hwy 95 for a short distance but traffic moves fast and passing isnít always available. With the Superbug only doing about 55 mph I needed to get off 95 so I took the first road west that I came to and it was a nice ride through the farmlands.

Kids playing at a park in one of the farm towns.

It was a good four days where I spent a lot of time thinking about the things I was seeing and the people I met along the way. It was refreshing so many people stopped to make sure I was OK when I was parked along the road and talking with them was a pleasure. This ride reminded me of why I like small town America and a rural lifestyle. The two cafes I ate in had waitresses with personalities and they were hustling while making sure each customer was taken care of and doing it with a smile. Coffee cups did not get empty before more was poured in. Much different than in the cities where the waitstaff act like they are doing you a favor to bring you a menu and take your order. Itís nice having a meal delivered with a smile instead of being delivered with a scowl and the bill. Unfortunatly I have too much city in me and my face scowls while my insides are smiling. . There is a lot I can learn from those waitresses, like how to smile on the outside.

As I was riding home I kept thinking of these people. They werenít fashionable, no brand names on their clothing to be found. They donít spend hours and hours in a gym trying to look good. They didnít have hard bellies or six packs. No bleached white perfectly straight teeth. No fake tans without tan lines and none of them looked 20 at 40+. Heck some of them were wearing mismatch clothes but all those things werenít important to them. T-shirts, jeans, flannel shirts, and sweats were the going thing. They all looked like real people aging as god meant them to age. Best of all they were kind folks that smiled easily and sincerely much different than the people I find in the cities.

When turning on the TV we are bombarded with all the messages about how none of us are good enough. We are told we need buns of steel, 6 packs, longer lashes, flawless skin, silky hair, younger looking, perky breasts, and it goes on and on and none of those messages have anything to do with the beauty found within nor the goodness of people. Iíd much rather spend time with a good person any day than the shallow ďbeautifulĒ people.

Iíll admit that I get sucked into those messages the media throws out and the celebrities that donít appear to age and I feel very inadequate. Getting out and being around real people that have good souls brought a realization I needed. Beauty really does come from inside and there are a lot of beautiful people out in the world and they are the people I want to be around.

At home when I checked my mileage I discovered I had ridden a lot further than I thought. I was thinking I rode about 500 miles but my guess was a bit short.

Next up and soon to come will be a week staying in Enterprise, Oregon with 100 other ADVers while enjoy the Hells Canyon area.
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Great RR and I've been enjoying the pics.
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Beastly Adventurer
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First class, LadyBug. Really a cool RR you have going here. Everything about it -- photos, writing, exploring off the bike -- is working great. Looking forward to riding along!

RedRockRider - WR250R, TW200, Versys, Vulcan 900 LT, Zuma 125

Southwest Utah: Dual Sport Riding from St. George
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Old 07-01-2013, 03:48 AM   #36
Ladybug0048 OP
Bug Sister
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Old 07-01-2013, 07:12 AM   #37
Loud Al
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So that's what you were doing, looks like fun
A Quick Trip to Big Sur

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Old 07-04-2013, 09:31 PM   #38
Studly Adventurer
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Great little RR!

It looks like you had a ball!
The structure in post 21 is the remains of a silo. I almost lost my job when I was like 15 because I told my boss there's no way in hell I was going up a 100 ft tall silo, once I got up there the view was awesome! Plus I got over my fear of heights.
A link to Hells Canyon would be much appreciated, I may never get there, as I'm on the wrong coast, in soooo many ways!
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Old 07-14-2013, 07:58 PM   #39
Ladybug0048 OP
Bug Sister
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Location: Spokane Valley, WA (the dry side of the mountains)
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I was wondering if that concrete thing was a silo but it's in an odd place for a silo. It's along a steep grade between switch backs. The river is just below though so that might be why it's there.

Slowpoke, You'll have to figure out how to get to this side of the U.S. one of these day and come out to the Hells Canyon gathering. It's a lot of fun with tons of great riding. I see you found the picture thread.

Many of the following pictures will be repeats for you but there are others I will be adding in here so hang out and enjoy the ride.
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Ladybug0048 OP
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You probably thought I forgot about this thread or gave it up already. Nope, I was just busy playingÖÖ

About the third week of June each year I host the Hells Canyon/Wallowa Valley Gathering in Enterprise, OR which keeps me a little busy for a few weeks in June. The nice thing about it is this gave me more stories and pictures for this thread. While the gathering is listed to take place from Thursday Ė Sunday I enjoyed spending the entire week there rather than just those few days.

Sunday on my way to Enterprise, OR:

FLHTLady and I both drove our pickups and hauled our motorcycles to Enterprise. This meant I could take both bikes and all sorts of stuff to use camping. The two of us decided to caravan down with me in the lead. I did a great job leading, took a wrong turn in Clarkston, WA which dropped us into a small waterfront park with limited room too turn around. I canít backup a trailer worth beans so FLHTLady jumped in my pickup towing a small motorcycle trailer and got it turned around then turned her pickup towing a travel trailer around. Meanwhile a sheriff was sitting watching us didn't offer assistance just watched probably waiting to see what the two dingy ding dongs would do. Well, things were off to a good startÖ..

On the way to camp I wanted to stop and look for a geocache at Fields Spring State Park. has partnered with the Washington State Parks system to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the parks. Caches have been placed in 100 parks and there are 2 years to find them. They have a small prize for finding 50 and another for finding 100. It sounded like fun so Iím working on visiting at least 50 of those parks in the next two years and maybe even hit all 100.

Just like the caravanning got off to a ďgoodĒ start looking for my first state park cache got off to a "good" start too. We found a nice big parking lot to put our pickups and trailers in and off we went. We followed the GPS arrow to another parking lot further up. We walked in circles, looked at the clue and walked in more circles but no cache was found. The coords. were placing us right in the middle of the parking lot. What the heck????? After a bit I finally realized we were at the spot listed as parking and not where the cache was supposed to be. Duh!

OK we found the parking lot now it was time to go looking for the cache. Off down a hiking trail we went and we got to another trail where it looked like the cache should be but again we couldnít find the cache. The cache was a multi cache and the first multi Iíve tried to find. A multi is where you find the first cache which holds the coords. for the next cache until you ultimately find the prize. I was getting frustrated because it was clear I had something wrong and we werenít even finding the first cache.

We were tromping around in the bushes looking for the elusive cache and checking out these gnarly looking trees.

Then I spotted a man walking up the main trail holding what looked like a GPS. I started laughing and asked if he was a geocacher. He confirmed he was and was looking for the same cache. I said we were going to follow him. He was a nice man and the three of us partnered up to go in search of the cache.

His GPS said we needed to go further down that trail to get to the first cache. OK off we go and finally found the first cache near these trees.

We put the next coords into our GPSs and saw the next one was over there to the right across the valley. This picture doesnít show the valley but it does give an idea of what a great area we were in.

Our new friend wanted to do what I normally do and take the straight shot across the valley. I looked at it and decided it would be a bit of scramble down to the bottom of the valley and strenuous climb back out of it and suggested we take the long way and use to the trail. I was impressed with myself that I suggested the sensible route for a change. FLHTLady was too because the two of us normally stumble into things the difficult way.

The walk to the cache was nice. Our new friend (his geocache user name is different and I canít remember it) was having a difficult time with his GPS and it was trying to lead him a different direction. Mine was still pointing the direction we started with so all three of us were now following my GPS. Sort of, the two of them were hiking in the direction the arrow was pointing and I was playing with my camera.

Iíve camped in this park a few times & even took a few walks but I had no idea there were views like this in the park.

Thereís where the GPS is telling us to go.

Iím playing with my camera again and the other two are finding the cache.

It sure was pretty there.

I put a pedometer on my shoe before we started our walk to check my miles.

Walking in circles gets the miles to add up. Ė 3.63 miles. I bet if we cut out the circles it would have been closer to 2.5

With the cache found and pictures taken we headed back to the pickups and off to camp we went. We got set up and called it a day since we needed our sleep because we had riding to do the next morning.

This is getting off to a slow start but I will be back with more.
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Ladybug0048 OP
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Monday, June 17, 2013
This year my good friend Rainbow007 (Becky) joined me for the week and I was pleased to be able to spend the time with her. We have been friends for more than 20 years, riding street bikes, snowmobiles, bicycles, dirt bikes and now dual sport motorcycles together. Sheís much better at all of it than I am but I still have fun with it.


Our plan was to spend the day geocaching and see where chasing them would take us. First stop:

Bingo, we found the cache right off.

I like to leave lady bugs in the caches I find.

Nice looking old church. Say a quick prayer with lots of thanks.

Across the street from the church is this fun coffee shop that we had to check out.

The list of geocaches we were using I created two or three years ago so I didnít know if all the caches were still active. There was a cache at the coffee shop when I created the list and we were looking for the cache but didnít find it. Later I checked the website and I see the cache is no longer there. It was OK though because there are all sorts of fun things to look at.

The outhouse is even fun.

We had to play with the blue banana

Rainbow thought she was going to get a picture of me.

But I was obnoxious and took a picture of her taking a picture of me.

I had one of these when I was a kid. I didnít have a bicycle but I had a tractor.

We didnít find a cache so it was time to move on.

The next cache was here

Rainbow hot on the trail of a wild geocache

Found it

Making notes in my caching notebook. The top one was at the coffee shop that is no more. Then avoiding tires was in my GPS but not in my notebook.

Rainbow decorated her bikeÖÖ.OK, it was funny at the time, now just lame.

Thereís a nice round barn out there.

We were on our way to the next cache and this one was going to be more of a challenge. There was a wide spot to park our bikes right at the bridge on Summerville Rd and the hwy. Across the hwy we spotted this.

It was on the way to where the GPS was sending us to find the cache, up the hill. As we walked to the cross we saw windshield glass and it was clear the cross was for someone that had died here in an auto accident but how on earth did the vehicle get there? It was a ways up from the road. We took a closer look.

I googled the name and date to see if I could find out anything about this person but my googlefoo wasnít cooperating and I didnít find anything. Things left at the memorial included a beer can. I wondered if the accident was alcohol related and if so a beer can wouldnít be very appropriate. Well not in my mind but then people that enjoy their beer really enjoy it. The guy must have liked elephants too.

Itís possible the vehicle was coming off this hill and the driver fell asleep and didnít stop at the bottom. Or it was winter and the hill was icy and the vehicle didnít stop. Thereís our bikes down there in the shade of the tree, you have to look real hard to see them.

We are headed up there.

To this tree

It took me a while to drag my fat behind up there but I made it. Rainbow had no problem getting up there she just sprinted on up like a limber gazelle. She already found the cache and checking out the contents before I even got close.

Now it was time to head back down. Ahhhhhh crap, thatís steep and slick.

No problem, I know how to get down. The nice thing about wearing riding gear while hiking and geocaching itís no big deal when you slide down a hill on your butt. It was easier going up than it was coming down until I gave up and just decided to use the hill as a slide.

Summerville Rd. sounded inviting and looking at the GPS we could see there is a town called Summerville. We had no choice we had to go find out what is in Summerville.

Summerville, OR. Itís nice to know there is gas here. Too bad we didnít gas up.

Not far from Summerville we found the Dry Creek School

It looked like someone started working on restoring it then walked away from their project.

The little shed off to the side had all these flattened Tab cans on the floor. Itís been a long time since Iíve seen those pink cans. Tab was my favorite way back when.

From there we headed to Tollgate, OR figuring on getting gas and having lunch.

They are closed on Mondays so no gas. I was fine with plenty of gas but Rainbow's tank is small so we needed to be aware of where we headed next. We had a couple ideas from there but didnít know if they were good routes or if the roads were open so we opted for the shorter one. Before we did that we made ourselves at home on the bench in from of the store and had our lunch.

We were then off to go find a firetower and there it is up on the mountain.

We got about 1 Ĺ mile from it and found a locked gate. Oh well the ride was fun anyway.

Even being on the highway is a nice ride.

In Elgin we stopped for this micro cache

Yep, I carry tiny lady bug buttons to put in tiny caches.

In Minam we crawled into the bushes and retrieved a cache.

We rode a couple miles of gravel to Minam State Park thinking it might be a little used park but at the park things were paved and it was much busier than expected. It was a nice little side trip though following the river.

Back at camp we went up to the teepee skeleton on the hill and enjoyed listening to the bird sing, and watched the sunset while overlooking Brian and Margaretís kingdom.

The next installment might have more riding and less geocaching. I have discovered a pattern of mine, I start off fast and furious with the caches and each day they are less and less.

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Ladybug0048 OP
Bug Sister
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rainbow007, AirheadBruce and I left camp in Enterprise, OR and went for a fun loop ride.

Not far out of Joseph, OR we stopped for a cache.

Our motorcycles waited patiently for us down the road.

Weíre going to follow this road for a bit.

Rainbow007 was behind me taking pictures of me riding down the road. Normally I just have photos of empty roads so it's nice to have photos with a bike in them.

Nice easy road.

I missed a turn and we had to turn around. Neither Rainbow007 or AirheadBruce complained since I told them the first one that did could take the lead.

Thereís the road I wanted.

Typical for me I saw rocks on the road and down came the landing gear. I kept telling those darn feet to stay on the pegs but they chose to come down and tip toe through the rocks. Iíll pretend I didnít hear Becky and Bruce behind me laughing. At least Iím entertaining. No, the rocks werenít worse than they looked in the picture. Iím just that lame.

The feet jumped back up on the pegs where they belong, good feet.

Stopped to check this out.



Neither one of them ran me over.

If there isnít a sign available taking a picture of the GPS will remind me where I was.

Nice little country ride

We found flowers and nice views

Harl firetower at the end of the road.

We ate our lunch at the tower and enjoyed the views while Bruce complained about cramping smile muscles.

From there it was to McGraw Firetower

The ground was covered with wild flowers


A quick stop at the Hells Canyon Overlook

And back to camp we went with big smiles from a good day, with fun riding and great friends.
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You can do it!
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Hi Ladybug,

If you're ever near Torrey, Utah; there's a geocache at the Nielsen Grist Mill...

I didn't find out until I was doing my RR, but I liked the little mill cutout and took a pic. Here's the cache info.

Hope you'll check it out sometime so we can all see what's in the cache!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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I'm enjoying your adventures, loving the photos and seeing all these little out of the way places

I have heard of geo caching, but until this report didn't really know what it meant! It looks fun to do on a bike especially. One day when I have a GPS it looks like a great way to practise using the GPS and doing a bit of exploring along the way.

Keep up the good work
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Ladybug0048 OP
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Oddometer: 11,384
Little Wan,
I guess I'll have to put that cache on the map as a place to visit. I won't be getting to Utah this year but maybe next year.

Thanks, I'm glad you are enjoying the report. I wasn't sure if anyone was looking at it. Sometimes it's hard to tell. Geocaching is a fun way to learn how to use a GPS plus the caches often will take you to interesting places. There are many things I have seen looking for caches that I otherwise wouldn't have seen.
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