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Old 10-06-2013, 05:38 AM   #1
Questor OP
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Joined: Oct 2005
Location: Diamond Bar, CA.
Oddometer: 4,198
Questor and Wolfman ride the COBDR and KTM rally

Hello All.

For the past three or four years, I set my sights on one "big" trip per year.
And for the past three years, it just happens to coincide with the annual KTM Adventure Rally.

Two years ago I followed the Oregon trail and Pony Express trail to the KTM event in Reno, NV.
Last year the WABDR led me to the KTM event in Bend, OR.

This year was no exception...
This year the Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route conveniently led me to the KTM rally in Steamboat Springs.

The route was from Idaho Falls, to Moab, to the four corners monument, and then follow the COBDR to Steamboat Springs Colorado, and back to Idaho Falls.

It took 9 days and totaled 1855 miles.

Some teaser pics:

So settle in and get ready for a great ride through Utah and the Colorado Rockies.

Questor screwed with this post 10-06-2013 at 06:13 AM
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Mod Squad
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great to see you back with another adventure report

ADV decals, patches & flag? Here
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Questor OP
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Joined: Oct 2005
Location: Diamond Bar, CA.
Oddometer: 4,198
Day 1: Sept 6, 2013 - Idaho Falls to Moab UT

It has been a hectic few weeks before the start of this trip.

My laptop had died, and I could not get files into the GPS.

I remember doing tire changes late at night on the Super Enduro, and making mistakes... I put a new 908RR on the back, and later realized I put it on backwards and had to take it off, and put it on again the right way. (Stupid)

I had been packing a re-packing the gear trying to keep the load as light as possible, bringing only what I knew I would need.

And come the morning of the start of the trip, the poor Super Enduro was still piled with too much gear.

But come the morning of the departure, we were packed and ready to go.

See what I mean?
Too much stuff...
And I thought I was getting better at bringing less.

It doesn't look so bad from behind.

I guess its not bad considering I bring a lot of tools, spare parts, tubes, all my camping gear including a tarp (because I know Colorado can get a lot of rain) cookset, food for three or four days, several liters of water, and clothing for cooler temps, including a heated vest.

And trust be told, I did use everything I brought and still can't think of anything I could have left behind.

But anyway, soon we were on our way south towards Salk Lake City.

Time for a self portrait.

On the highway, just me and my shadow in the morning sun.

We had been riding for about 50 miles when we see another motorcyclist on the side of the road. So we pull over to see if we could help.

Turns out he had just run out of gas.
No problem. I give him 30 oz of fuel that I use for my stove, and he's able to get to the next exit where there is a gas station.

So we continue on...
Long stretches of open highway for hundreds of miles.

We get near Salt Lake City.

But as I ride the bike does not feel right.
It's supposed to have gobs of power, but it doesn't accelerate like it should. It makes noise, but the noise does not translate to more speed. On the hills at 80 the bike is having trouble maintaining speeds.

So I stop at Edge Motorsports.
They were super nice to me and let me use their shop to check the clutch.

Upon inspection, we could not find anything wrong.
Clutch plates looked good, no burning smells...

Oh well, at least the clutch isn't the problem.

So we get back on the road.
South of Provo, we take Rt 6 East towards Moab.

I'm bothered by the lack of power on the bike.
But heck, we're still moving.

But this lack of power could be a problem when we get to the high peaks of Colorado.

I guess we will see what we can do when the time comes...

As we head East into the Utah desert, the scenery changes...

It's starting to get really hot.
And the road seems to go on forever...

Big terraces off in the distance.

As we ride we see this huge dust devil off in the desert.

And the road goes on...

I'm running a bit late due to the stop to check the clutch, so I text Wolfman, and let him know I'm going to be another hour or so.

Then we keep riding.

Eventually we get near Moab, and the familiar formations can be seen.

When I get to town, I check my phone, and see a text from Wolfman.
He's already at the hotel, so I ride there to join him.
Air Conditioning. That's a good idea.

So when I get to the hotel, I dump all my gear in the room.

(Gear explosion...)

And we head off to dinner.

Oh yeah!
The trip has started!
I'm on vacation!

Stats for the day:
Total Miles 459 Total Time 9:11
Moving Average 63.9 Moving Time 7:11 Stopped 2:00

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League of Adventures
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Joined: Jul 2003
Location: Hamilton NJ.
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Questor OP
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Joined: Oct 2005
Location: Diamond Bar, CA.
Oddometer: 4,198
Day 2: Sept 7th, 2013 - Moab to 4 corners to camp north of Dolores, CO.

The next day we work up, had breakfast, and took the bikes without luggage to the Gemini Bridges area and Deadhorse Point.

First I lube the chain. (Gotta look after the KTM.)

Here are the bikes, ready for a day of fun.

Wolfman rides a Yamaha Super Tenere... like a wild man.
No. Seriously. Even if my Super Enduro were running correctly, I doubt I could keep up with him, and it's not easy to outrun a Super Enduro.

Wolfman knows this area really well, so I just follow him.

We ride some sand, and I don't take pictures because we're really moving along...

But on pavement I can relax and snap a few pictures while riding.

Nearing Dead horse Point.

This picture came out nicely.

At Dead Horse Point...

The views are kinda spectacular.

Yeah... I guess it's kinda cool to look at..

That's the White Rim Trail down there.
I rode that in 2009 when I did the TAT.
(Seems like a long time ago...)

And the Colorado River down below that caused all this...

Wolfman took this picture of me.

After taking in the "kinda spectacular" views, we head back to the hotel, pick up our luggage, and hit the road south to the start of the COBDR.

We ride past the famous "Hole in the Rock" store.

I've ridden past here about a half a dozen times and I've never stopped.
Has anybody stopped there? Can anybody tell me, what's the big deal?

As we ride we see some other motorcyclists from Switzerland.

We pass an arch visible on the side of the road and I snap a picture as we ride by.

and we keep riding...

We stop somewhere or gas and food.
The burger was actually pretty good. Perhaps I was hungry.

After lunch, we keep riding south.

The we turn East and head into Navajo Territory.

Amazing wastelands...

The town of Montezuma Creek.

but we keep riding...

After passing through the Ute Mounatin Indian Reservation we ride south to the Four Corners Monument, and the official start of the COBDR.

We pay the entrance fee and take the best parking spaces.
Why? Because we're motorcycle royalty!

This is what we rode 600 miles for...


So of course I have to cross four states at the same time, because I can!

So now you can all say those "You're ego is so big" jokes.
You're ego is so big it takes four states to contain it.

A couple more pictures, and were outta there.

Ok. Now the COBDR officially starts.
Tally Ho!

We cross into Colorado...

and head north...

We stop in Delores and get fuel.

The mighty Super Enduro with all the crap I've got piled on it.

After fueling up, and filling the dromedary bag with water, we head into the forest.

Again, I didn't take pictures during the tricky sections as I was too busy trying to keep Wolfman in sight...

But somewhere along the double track and the whoops, my dromedary bag shifted, melting the strap against the exhaust, and sliding under the rear fender and it got caught in the rear wheel, locking it up and sending me into a really interesting skid.

So after I salvaged what was left of the molten and shredded ball of nylon we continued on.

It was on these open sections that Wolfman would just take off.

All I could see was a faint trail of dust in the distance.

It was getting to be early evening and we stopped here at this store near Groundhog Reservoir to get a gallon of water (since my dromedary was now useless.)

And we continued on, now looking for a good campsite.

We entered the National Forest and slowly gained elevation...

In another few weeks these Aspens will be turning yellow.

We find a nice campsite off the road and set up camp for the night.

Here's Camp Snuggly.

My end of day "Victory Beer".

We make dinner, and make a small fire and sit and talk and think about stuff. What will the future bring us?

All and all, a good day...

Stats for the day:
Total miles 303 Total Time 9:28
Moving Average 50.3 Moving Time 6:02 Stopped 3:26

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Formerly H20Pumper
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Location: Corral de Tierra CA, Ketchum ID
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Great start, sorry to see the SE on its side :(
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Joined: Aug 2010
Location: Lanesboro,Massachusetts
Oddometer: 40
Great pictures!!!, thanks for adding to my " must ride list ".
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Curiously Satisfying
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Joined: Jul 2009
Location: Wandering the Smokies and sometimes in Costa Rica
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You know Q, if I ever grow up I want to be just like you. Great adventure. Be safe and hope to see you again next summer. I'll buy more of that great Idaho brew!!
" Send lawyer's, gun's and money "

94 CB 1000 " Big One "
K7 DL 1000
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Having a Nice Time
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Good stuff!
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Questor OP
More Undestructable
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Joined: Oct 2005
Location: Diamond Bar, CA.
Oddometer: 4,198

Aw Crap...

I just lost Day 3's posting...
Darn it. It was a good one. Almost poetry...

I'll do it again later.


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T3/T4 Hybrid
Lone Rider
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Location: K-Town NC (BSG-62)
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I've always enjoyed your posts. Keep up the good rides.
It's kind of strange, how the mountains pay us no attention at ll. You laugh or cry and the wind just keeps on blowing.
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Gnarly Adventurer
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Location: Colorado Springs
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Great start!
Beads in the headlight a Flying Aga Tale by Isabel Dyson I met these two travelers on their Journey from the UK to Alaska and through South America on a 1979 BMW R100RS. Their book is now on Amazon for Kindle.
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Beastly Adventurer
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Joined: Aug 2011
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Very good ride report shaping up. Thanks.

Sucks that you lost a posting that was almost complete. We've all been there. Really frustrating.

Patiently waiting until you have time to redo the post.

RedRockRider - WR250R, TW200, Versys, Vulcan 900 LT, Zuma 125

Southwest Utah: Dual Sport Riding from St. George
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Bug Sister
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Been looking for this one.
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Old 10-06-2013, 06:41 PM   #15
You can do it!
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Originally Posted by Questor View Post
Aw Crap...

I just lost Day 3's posting...
Darn it. It was a good one. Almost poetry...

I'll do it again later.


Poor Q.

Oh, that sucks! It's been happening a lot, I think.
A few weeks ago I started having more issues with editing posts
and having some kind of token expire before I could submit a final post.

Anyway, enjoying your story so far!
At least you're having some sunny weather.

Originally Posted by Questor
My end of day "Victory Beer".

Have a nice cold one now and give Day 3 another try...

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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