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Old 12-13-2013, 11:31 PM   #16
Joined: Jul 2009
Location: Chandler, AZ
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Originally Posted by gravityisnotmyfriend View Post
I'm 6'4" with a 35" inseam. The Wee is very cramped for me. No way would I be putting 300 miles on one.

For long distance highway riding, I had to go with a cruiser setup. I've ridden a ton of bikes, and my Shadow Sabre is the most comfortable for putting on the miles. You can get an aftermarket seat for your lady, as the stock one is pretty small.

As much fun as sport bikes are, I can only sit on one for about 15 minutes before I have to unfold myself.
Ah Ha!! So I am NOT the only one who cannot ride sport bikes without serious pain. And not the only one who rides a cruiser either.

To the OP, you mentioned some nice bikes:Triumph Street Triple, a used Tiger, SV650, WeeStrom, or maybe a used Ducati Hypermotard 796, but why is the SV650 in there? It is completely different from all the others.

Seems like every time someone asks for recommendations on a bike, the SV650 gets on the list. While it's sport bike riding position definitely leaves it off my list, I can't help but wonder what is so special about it. The SV650 is night and day compared to the DL650, which I actually wouldn't mind having, but I would take a KLR over it. Simpler, cheaper, much easier maintenance, and does everything I need.
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Old 12-14-2013, 08:20 PM   #17
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Might as well throw the FZ6 in there, I was tall when I had that one too after the strom and before the Harley. Cheap, great MPG, great riding position, and looks pretty good...also is pretty good for the passenger.
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Old 12-16-2013, 11:18 AM   #18
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Location: Apex, NC
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I'd recommend something along the lines of an FZ-1, Sprint or Ninja 1000. You'll appreciate the extra grunt of a liter streetbike and the fairings will make the longer days bearable. Although I've never owned one, the pillion accommodations seem more appealing than any of the sporty bikes I've owned.

I love my Speed Triple, but I don't really care for riding more than a few hours on the interstate with it.
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Old 12-17-2013, 03:27 PM   #19
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Originally Posted by dasrider View Post
I'd recommend something along the lines of an FZ-1, Sprint or Ninja 1000. You'll appreciate the extra grunt of a liter streetbike and the fairings will make the longer days bearable. Although I've never owned one, the pillion accommodations seem more appealing than any of the sporty bikes I've owned.

I love my Speed Triple, but I don't really care for riding more than a few hours on the interstate with it.
I'm 6'4" with 34" inseam and had an FZ-1 for a few weeks and sold it. I was cramped and combine with spreading my knees apart for the wide inline four, it was very uncomfortable for me, (that's why I sold it after a few weeks).
Has the price of the new V-strom 1000 been released yet? It might be worth waiting for. Kind of like a poor man's GS.
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Old 12-17-2013, 03:34 PM   #20
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Old 12-17-2013, 08:02 PM   #21
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Location: Capital of the Great White North
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Ninja 1000. Very comfortable bike, more sport than cruising but you can easily put on several hundred miles a day without issue. I'm 6'4", 200lbs and I've done a couple of multi day trips (10 + per trip) and felt great.

The seat to peg distance is comfortable and still retains a more aggresive foot position than the larger "sport touring" bikes so it can be a big sportbike on the weekends. The stock bars are quite upright, I ended up replacing with Apex adjustable bars to tweak the position and lower slightly to find the right feel (more downward bend to the bar).

For the road it's the perfect combo of power/torque and with Givi hard luggage installed it's a formidable touring machine.

My previous bikes have been both friendly and not for my frame:

Height friendly:
- F800GS
- Hypermotard 1100S
- Z1000

Not so height friendly (but fun ):
- CBR600RR
- CBR954RR - not too bad
- RC51
- ZX6R
- ZX10R - not too bad

Here's the N1K in sport mode:

I have the Givi V35's which can be installed in under 5 mins when I ride to work or for longer trips.
Current rides - 13 Kawi Ninja 1000 ABS, 07 BMW R1200S

Previous rides - 01 CBR600 F4i, 02 RC51, 03 ZX6RR, 05 CBR954RR, 07 CBR600RR, 08 Hypermotard 1100S, 09 F800GS
10 Z1000, 10 ZX-10R
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Old 12-17-2013, 08:21 PM   #22
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I'm 6'3"/34" and these work for me:

Yamaha Super Tenere (XT1200Z) is getting into your price range -

Here in Canada leftover 2012 Versys 1000s list at $10k

Of course a KLR 650 will fit you just fine and you can get a new one with lots of farkles for your price, but 2 up performance will suffer.

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Old 12-17-2013, 08:32 PM   #23
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Location: W Greenwich RI
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I'm about 6'4"/32" and the ktm 990smt fits like a glove as does the std BMW r series.
My old 2004 GSXR1000 was very comfortable.
Hayabusa and ZX-14 are all day comfy for both of you.
The new FZ-09 looks interesting, but would need stainless brake lines and stiffer springs.

No way I'd buy a 650 twin for two up touring.
2013 KTM 500 EXC
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Old 12-22-2013, 06:55 AM   #24
Mr. Motivated
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I'm 6'4", 235#, with 36" inseam.

KTM's fit tall people, even the Super Duke and RC8.

The '98-'01 Honda VFR800 is surprisingly comfortable. With your inseam, it would be even better than it is for me. Great engine, great handling, good suspension, effective wind protection, and reliable once the few minor issues are sorted.

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-Albert Einstein
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Old 12-22-2013, 12:53 PM   #25
The Walrus
Gone and back again.
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I'm 6'3" 34" inseam, 230 lbs.

I just checked into the SMT forum with a 2010 KTM 990 SMT with under 6k miles and within your price range. Any of the KTM's will meet your criteria. I've been on a test riding binge for the past 6 months and one option presented would meet with discouragement from me. Stay away from the Ducati line of motards, they are uncomfortable for riders our size. I have also spent a bunch of time on this Ergo site and I've found it very useful in predicting which bikes fit me best. I have no reason to promote them other than I like what they've done....
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Old 12-22-2013, 09:46 PM   #26
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tall rider

I am 6'4 34" inseam my BMW 1150 GS fits fine

moto guzzis I banged my knees on the heads

DL 1000 will work goo also
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Old 12-23-2013, 02:35 PM   #27
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Originally Posted by UCLA Bruin Rider View Post
Hey guys,

I moved to Chicago earlier this year and it pained me to go through the warm riding season without a bike (I sold my Ninja before I left). I was told by a few friends of mine that now is a great time to start looking for good deals on bikes now that riding season is close to over here. So my search for a new bike has now begun, and I would love to pique your guys' brains for suggestions.

I'm a taller rider, about 6'3" 220 lbs but with a short 32" inseam. I will be riding 2 up about 20-30% of the time with my lady who is 5'10"/140 lbs. I'm looking for bike suggestions that will be tolerable for 2-300 mile trips with the rare 500 miler thrown in for size. I'm pretty open to different brands/styles

My criteria are:
- Less than $10k
- Decent room for pillion (footpeg extensions/new seat are not out of the question)
- Powerful enough for safe highway 2 up for our combined ~400lbs with gear
- Primarily a bike to be ridden around town; not necessarily a dedicated tourer/ADVbike, so I'd like it to be "fun"

Some of the various bikes I have been looking at are the Triumph Street Triple, a used Tiger, SV650, WeeStrom, or maybe a used Ducati Hypermotard 796. I fit very well on the Street Triple, but I'm not sure even with a 2 inch lowering of the pegs that my girlfriend will ever comfortably fit on there. It's fun as hell to ride, so I'm kind of leaning towards it anyway and just dealing with it/stopping often on trips. I just wanted to see if you guys have any other suggestions so that she doesn't kill me when I suggest a trip. Thanks!
You sound a lot like me plus my wife (dimensionally). I went through the same list this past summer.

The Hypermotard is probably straight out for 2-up.

V-strom 650 was a strong contender for me.

Tiger 1050 could be a good bet; I never rode one but the passenger accommodations get very mixed reviews.

You seem to be OK with "low" powered, ugly bikes , so you might look at a Honda NT700V, not to be confused with the NC700. I got mine used with 6,000 miles, bar risers (I could take 'em or leave 'em), and a trunk for well under $10,000. Not huge, not tiny, not too heavy, not a beast, but a fine all-around bike.

Good luck in the search!
2010 Honda NT700V-Red
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Old 12-23-2013, 04:54 PM   #28
Inspired by Trevor W
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Thoughts on a Triumph Sprint? Great motor and would be good for 2 up, but may be a little to sporty of a seating position for you. I looked hard at the same bikes as you, and really wanted a KTM 990SMT. I looked and looked, but couldn't find anybody willing to part with a used one for less than $12k with lots of miles on them. I did find a dealer in Colorado that had a new 2012 that they would sell for $11.9.

I ended up getting a good deal on a Tiger 800 XC. It's a great long haul tourer (I'm 6'2") and has more motor than I need. I've ridden a Speed Triple too, the 800 motor makes me a lot less likely to get in trouble.
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Old 12-24-2013, 10:39 AM   #29
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Tall rider suggestions

Keep in mind when Two Up you will have about 360lbs of humanity on the bike without gear. Don't kid yourself on how that will impact performance, braking, suspension. I wouldn't consider anything under 800cc. I don't want to say you need more power (you do) because and older GS or similar will haul your asses around pretty well at a reasonable pace. You'll need to do the suspension on whatever you buy since everything is set up for someone who is 165-180lbs.
I would rather drink a gallon of bleach than be the two of you riding more than 20 minutes on a KLR.
Flame away!
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