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TAT, T1, CDR, WABDR, OBCDR, El Camino del Diablo Ride Plan

I'm riding this summer and I'm checking to see if there are any connections in these two towns. Battle Mountain, NV and the other is Del Norte, CO. My route passes through and they will be mile markers for service stops.

I've checked the tent list and all that but no luck.
I'm looking for a connection so I can pre-mail some service stuff and have a place to do an oil change. Oil, filters, things like that.

Both towns have a Napa store and I know about using Motels, Fire Stations, police and so on. Just trying to find someone within the community that may live in or very near these areas.

Any help or leads would be appreciated.


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The Route

I've got a little time so I'll add my route idea for this summer.

I'll fly into Wilmington, NC and have the bike shipped to a local shop.
Once I meet up with it I'll head North along the coast to Jacksonville, NC area.
From there I kinda work my way across to the TAT in TN.
I'll track along the TAT until it crosses the Conti Divide trail.
I'll take the CD North to Rawlings, WY. From here I work my way West(ish) about 315 miles to Preston, ID.
From here I'll ride out to the start of the Tour Of Idaho. After following the T1 route to Canada I'll backtrack slightly to Priest River, ID.

From here I work across Northern Washington to the start of the WABDR. South following the route to the end, East of Portland.

From here I found some folks who were riding the OBCDR so I'll be joining them from Sisters, OR.

I think we do Route 3 to 2 then I'll drop South on the 5/1 section. This will reconnect with the TAT and I'll start to follow that back toward the East.
When I arrive at the CD again I'll go South this time. This will end in Antelope Wells, NM

From here I collected routes from GPSXchange and ideas passed along from others who responded to my mail.

As I move along the South sector of AZ back toward CA I included the famed El Camino del Diablo Trail. I figured it would be a Bazillion and a half degrees and should pose one last challenge to the overall ride.
Why not right???

So that's the skinny puppy.

I have more posting to do still. I really need to post up and give props to all of those who have helped me with the planning for this thing.
It's a full time job sorting something like this out.

That's a quick breakdown.
Enjoy the read.

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Quick version


This is for those of you who don't like all the extra fluff.
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In tha know

I'll try to write this while the Girl listens to fist pumper music....
My be cut short due to computer "failure"

Throw'n out a detailed outline of where I'll be as I travel around.
I see lots of peeps are doing rides around/across the U.S. and I just may be in the same area at the same time.

Always cool meeting folks with the same agenda.

I'm using 250 miles per day as a loose guide. All things can change on a dime but I'm hoping to keep it close.

As stated above I'll be starting in Wilmington, NC on July 22nd.
Moving North along the Coast to the Jacksonville, NC area I'll connect with what version of the TAT I'll be using

I'll move toward my first maintenance stop in Crossville, TN This should be the afternoon of the 25th.

From there toward Orak, AR and the Orak General Store. Another planned maint stop. July 30th here

On to LaVeta, CO near Trinidad, CO. Service on Aug 4th

Moving North I'll hit Rawlings, WY end of day on the 6th.

7th I'll make my way over to Preston, ID and the 8th being a major bike prep day. Tires, countershaft sproket change, torque checks, oil and all that other stuff.

9th will be my start of the Tour of Idaho.
16th should be back to Priest River, ID and do another service prior to heading over to WA.
17th I head toward the WABDR.

18th-22nd ride the beautiful State of Washington; WABDR.

23rd: Maint day in Washougal, OR.

I've connected with a few local guys who are doing OBCDR and I'll ride from Washougal to Sisters, OR on the 24th and we will start Route 3 OBCDR on the 25th.
I'll spend a few days with them ultimately relinking myself to the TAT and stopping for another bike service in Battle Mountain, NV. I'll be here on the 30th.
Moving along East on the TAT then connection with the South run of the Conti Divide I'll hit another service in Del Norte, CO. Should be in Del Norte the afternoon of Sept 4th.

5th-9th is South on the CD to the Boarder then Westward across AZ mirroring the Boarder until I veer up to Tucson, AZ for what I hope to be a final service.

The 10th I be in Ajo, AZ for my safety video and file for my permits to cross the El Camino del Diablo. (whip flag required).
I'll take two days to cross the 140 mile trail just because I want to spend a night on it.

This puts me in Yuma, AZ about the 13th and from here I just work my way back home in near San Diego, CA.

If you find any of this is matching your schedule; feel free to mail. Even if It's only a day ride.

I'll try to attach a screen shot. Not much detail but gives a general idea.

You may notice a few extra tracks along the West side of the U.S. Those are in there in case I get I get board, too tired, hemorrhoids grow too large in size to continue or whatever else could happen; happens. My bail outs if you will.

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Blaise W
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That is quite an ambitious ride, with a schedule to match. Best of luck and enjoy the trip. You are going to see a lot of country!
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Thanks very much! I'm super excited and also know that this is a very big undertaking.
I wish our trips could have matched up a little better. Always nice to meet fellow adventurers.
I'm sure you will be the one who was the wiser when it comes to avoiding the weather. It's tough to adjust the longer schedule.

If i fail it will not be due to lack of trying.

Hope your trip is amazing.


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The stuff...

Ahhhh, the stuff left to do.

After a heavy day of yard work and potato digging in the garden I find some time to put my feet up.

Going through the list in my head of all the little things left to do on the rig.

1) Wheel bearings gotta go.
2) Connectors need cleaned and dielectric grease.
3) Tires, rim strips inspected, new tubes, wheels trued and spoke nipples torqued.
4) H2O pump seals need to be replaced.
5) I've JB Welded the ignition cover so many times I've decided it may be time for a new one of those. Sight glass also leaks from smashing the skid plate so hard that it pushes into the case deforming the sight glass.
6) I've got a pile of all the normal stuff to do. Chain, sliders, spockets, airbox fender, grips.
7) Still gotta put the big tank on and add heavier springs in the fork and on the shock.
8) Shifter has been broke for some time. Got a replacement in the garage. That had better go on.
9) Better pull the headset bearings and grease those while I'm doing fork springs and wheel bearings.

Lots of little things to do.

All the gear is pretty sorted so not much to do there. I did order a camp chair that should be here this week so I'll need to rig a spot for that.
Not sure if I'll try to squeeze it behind the seat or not. Maybe play the backpack card with that one. We will see.

I'll purchase a flight no later than Monday evening.

The Moto Transporters will get the final details on Tuesday.
July is right around the corner but all is coming together nicely.

That's the latest and greatest.
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Just locked on a one way flight!!!

Look out Wilmington... July 21st is the West Coast invasion date.

Now I just gotta make the bike work. It's always sumthi'n.

Whoot whoooot
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Search update

Originally Posted by SICVIC View Post
So I finished writing a book about a ride I'm planning. That book was on this site about three hours ago. When I went to finally post that book; it deleted itself due to logout. Stoked.

This book.

I'm riding this summer and I'm checking to see if there are any connections in these two towns. Battle Mountain, NV and the other is Del Norte, CO. My route passes through and they will be mile markers for service stops.

I've checked the tent list and all that but no luck.
I'm looking for a connection so I can pre-mail some service stuff and have a place to do an oil change. Oil, filters, things like that.

Both towns have a Napa store and I know about using Motels, Fire Stations, police and so on. Just trying to find someone within the community that may live in or very near these areas.

Any help or leads would be appreciated.


I've sorted the two aboved mentioned towns so I no longer need assistance searching for contacts in either of them.
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Today I removed the suspension and dropped it off.
Rear will get a rebuild and a spring to support the added weight.
I rebuilt the front 180 hrs/5168 miles ago. Bushings, seals and so on.

Since springs gotta go in I'll just leave it to him if he sees anything that would require replacement.

I feel bad for ole girl just hovering out there on the stand.
Should have some replacement parts in later this week.
I'd like to get the H2O pump seals changed and fresh coolant done before the suspension gets back.

We shall see.

Cool to see that lots of people are planning on crossing the U.S. in one direction or the other this summer. A few groups out there right now getting the job done. All makes for good reading.

Better get back to the route stuff.

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2 forward, 1 back

Dove into some of that list I posted up a few days back.

Started with the front wheel bearings.
The bearings to be replaced were the stock ones. No complaints but I wanted fresh before heading out on a long ride.

After removing; I was impressed with the condition of everything. Bearings were smooth(ish) and the spacers were not too tore back. Spacers did have a small grove worn in them from where the dust seal was making contact. The spacer was also just a little loose on the fit into the bearing. All in all, not bad given the abuse.

Installed the new stuff without issue.

While I was there I did a wheel balance and a quick inspection for cracks at the rim eyelets and the hub flanges. All was good.
I did notice I need to set the dish as it tends to walk toward the right side every now and again. I'll do that when the forks are back so I have a reference as to where center is since I don't have a stand.

Next project was headset bearings.

Not having replacements on hand I was just hoping to do a service. Again, no complaints just wanting to get an eyes on.

Upon removal and inspection things looked solid. The bearings didn't really have any grease left in them or on the races. I didn't have any brinelling but the surface of the lower race did have wear showing on the surface coating. The upper was great. The bearings and cages operated nicely.

I slathered everything with high viscosity grease (after through cleaning) and slapped things back together. The upper seal and O-ring still looked fresh with no signs of cracking. Very nice.

Next I was off to clean and dielectric the connectors behind the mask.

This is where the one step back comes into play.
After cleaning , lubing and re-connecting i always do a 10lb pull test to ensure the connector and wires are set. I guess I must have went Bobby Gorrila on this one cause it all came unglued. I pulled all three wires out from the pins, while the pins remained in the female portion or the connector. Stoked!!!
Making the deal even sweeter I have aftermarket lights so none of the wires are the same color. Out comes the Multimeter!
After about an hour of sorting and several near misses to the hand with sharp objects the lights are back in the fight.

Everything else went smoothly and is bundled and marked for ease in case of trail side issues.

I enjoy prep for longer rides. It gives me an excuse to replace or repair things that have been broken for the past year....

Aside from a few small abrasion pads that I added here and there, todays repairs and services went well without major issues.
I always worry going into the front of the bike. I expect to find fracutres or cracks in the high impact areas. My upper crown is on its last leg. The right side bolt holding the bars to it has been bent and twisted several times. I can't believe it still holds torque. One of these days it wont.

Not exciting stuff but it is all in the planning phase.

Might jump into the rear wheel bearings tomorrow. I did pick up the oversized ones (bearing) so I'm curious to see it the spacers remain with the wheel when it's removed or if they fall out on the ground. I'm hoping for NOT falling out.

Thinking back; it may have been the Twizzlers and the Rockstar enery drinks that caused me to pull the wires out of that connector...???

All hopped up on Bull Urine and sugar
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I can't stand it, I know you planned it; Im'a set it straight this Watergate...

Yesterdays prep tales:

Rear wheel bearings.
The old had buku wear on the sleeves from the seals. Danger danger.

The replacements I went with have a larger bearing that has "23% increased load carrying capability"
This is hella sweet cause I'm carrying exactly 23% more weight on this trip....Ba dump bump

The bearings were purchased from Steahly Off Road yet the package was in All Balls plastic with a Enduro Engineering sticker affixed to it.
I think I should have paid $11 bucks for the bearings but with all those hands in the pot the price ended above $50. Themzz wuz expen$ive $tickers!!

Getting past all that.
The added width of the bearing negates re-installing the C-clip. It also does not allow the spacers to set as deep into the hub so when remounting the wheel, extra care needs to be taken or the spacers fall out. and fall out, and fall out.

Final 1/2 thought.. I didn't have issues with the stock and if I do it again I'd replace with stock bearings. They lasted 4 years; what more do you want???

Water pump seals. Check check.

This gets 2 checks cause I put in the same seal right after taking it out.
I lost my mind; wait no, I can't find it.
One of those deals where you finish the job, walk over to the bench and there is the seal you "just" installed still in the package.

Makes for a good laugh. Enough bout that.

Slapped on some new exhaust wrap. I always do it w/o gloves or long sleeves cause I love to itch like a MoFo for the next three hours.

After spraying it with the silicone it put it in the oven to cure. I'm pretty certain I have lung SARS with all the fumes that filled the house.
Sitting there digging at my arms while feeling all dizzy I looked over my routes waiting for the curing process to finish.

Almost forgot; did a rear brake bleed as well.
I've never had an issue with lock up from overheating while It's a known issue with my bike. Might be because I don't go fast or ride down hills....

Outgoing fliud looked really good, (not black) but I always like to replace just to keep water out of the system.

Today I may dive into the ignition cover. The one on there now leaks from the sight glass and is on its 3rd JB Weld session from punching the shifter through the side.

Oh, got my camp chair in the mail yesterday too. SWEEEET.
Did a bunch of speed drills putting it together and taking it apart.
Several times blind folded; today I will go for blind folded while under water in the pool.
If I don't post up in the next few days you can assume that test didn't go so well.
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18 degree Flashpoint

So I'm out working on things and while I'm waiting for something to drain, dry or setup I decided I'd call the USPS.

I went by the office a few days back to find info on sending hazardous materials pagkages. They couldn't answer my questions directly but gave me a number to call.
The question was; what do I need to do to ship a quart of engine oil....?

Today I called the number.

The lady had me get on their site and she walked me through to the section where I'd be able to find my answers. After she spent about 5 minutes looking around not finding oil, she said I needed to keep looking and wished me well.

Hazmat is broken down about 45 ways from Sunday according to the Postal Service. Solid, liquid, weight, usage, blah blah blah.

I never did find oil by the way. The best I can tell is things are based on Flashpoints. The oil I use has 200 celcius listed on the MSDS. That's Canadian for "a lot eh" No real answer on how they ship that stuff.

Going along gathering flaspoints for all the crap I'll be shipping, I can't find one for the chain lube I use. I call 'em up.
They tell me 18 degrees..... NOOOOOO... that's a show stopper at the Postal House. Under 20 is a big no go at this station Ranger. No air/no ground. Someone ships the stuff RIGHT!??

She said; dude, forgeddah about the USPS and go Downtown Julie Brown. Take it UPS and they will get you sorted quick fast and in a hurry. I threw out a phone high five; after a few other kibbles of info she had to give I was off to a new plan.

I'll hit them up soon and see what they say. By then I should be recovered from the brain damage I sustained from looking through all the loop holes on the Postal site.

Got the exhaust mounted back up (minus the spring that launched while attampting to connect it), exhaust guard mounted, shifter installed and while I was kicking around I whittled out a protective guard for the new ignition cover I'll be putting on.
I'll switch them out when the suspension is all back together. Easier to lay the bike on its side than it is to drain the oil. Oils fresh too.

Flashpoints baaad, mmmkay.

Pics of covers.
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The support crew

It's about time time give mention to all that have supported or helped me get ready for this adventure.

My BETTER HALF is at the top of the list. When I brought up this crazy idea she was like; sweet, an entire summer to herself...
After that, she really helped me get things together, find the best deals on items I needed, be the spare hands with the moto repairs and most of all; not make me feel I was planning a crime for being away for that much time. Score of a lifetime finding her. I love you!

GPSKevin: A lot of debate on here floating around about route sharing, giving credit where due, and so on.
What I write about him and what he does for the Moto Community is based off dealing with him directly. Face to face.

A large portion of the route I'll be using is from his FREE downloads from his site. A version of the TAT. Version or the Conti Divide, WABDR and OBCDR. I also used several of his recommendations for bail out routes in case I need to use them. He has ridden all of these in the past and puts them out for anyone to use. (For free) His site also has printable maps for the areas following the route. Motels, gas and other important information is also included. (For free)

All said, roads do change from year to year and even day to day.
A bridge may be gone or a fire may be raging and this is what makes it an adventure. No posted track can be perfect everyday of the year. Taking the Freeway does not even guarentee there will not be a detour somewhere along a 10,000 mile trip. It's there to use as a guideline and you should expect to make adjustments as necessary.

Another amazing service he offers is ride or trip planning.
You have an idea for a trip but don't have the time or resources to plan it; check him out.

This part here is what I find even more amazing.
He makes your "TRACKS" into routeable "MAPS". (hope I used the correct terms)
I'm gonna venture off into a quick story, so I can better get my point across.

I use a Garmin. It's a few years older so it has the max capacity of of 20 tracks at 500 point each. Also less capacity for mapping.
Newer ones hold more of everything. All basic knowledge here.

For last years Tour of Idaho T1 I wanted to try and make good time on the route. Keeping it short; I used 2 Garmins holding 40 tracks at 500 point per track to get the most accurate route I could to avoid confusion.
That was for a 1500 mile ride. To have a tight track like that for 10,000 miles I'd need 50 of those Garmins.

With what Kevin does I can make a track on G Maps with 700 zillion points; something that would never fit on a Garmin and he just turns it to a map. Somehow he takes that map and puts it on a routeable map and there you have it. Turn on device; follow line. Need a gas station in the next town? Search map, find service and ride to it.

This is just the surface of what he does to assist the Adventure Riding Community.
All this and I've only met the dude once. Good people.

Suspension: George Spinali @ Suspension 101

I own one bike so it has to do whatever type of ride I feel like doing on any given day.
This is my first type of adventure ride where I'll have to carry additional weight in gear. The camping thing really ads up.
Once getting everything together I strapped it all to the bike and lowered the stand. Once the bike settled into its travel I had already used up half of the suspension... I had not even got on yet! The good news it that I can finally reach the ground with my midget legs. Bonus.

This was not going to fly at all. This is a tough trip to setup for due to the varying terrain. A lot will be flat open dirt roads that scooters cruise down with ease, but then there are trails on the T1 that puts the hurt on the best race bike setups.

Someone was about to have their hands full. Suspension 101 has a solid reputation from casual weekend riders to full on race teams.
I had also heard that he is a supporter of the Military and notably, Wounded Warriors. This is fact.

I call him up. After about 5 minutes of me tossing questions at him I'm hanging up the phone and ripping suspension off the bike.
After delivering it to him I had it back in 5 days. 2 of those days were the weekend, 1 was a Holiday, I dropped it off in the afternoon; if you sort all that I had it back on my bike in just 2 business days. Full rebuilds, F/R with the required springs to tote the extra load.

His business card says "personalizing it to your specific ability". Since I suck I didn't sign on for that option. He does however do it all. Revalve, Rebuild, SKF seals, High quality springs, all good stuff.
He explained everything he did when I picked them up. All the information was printed out so when I start turning adjusters like a mad man I have something to go back to.
If you're looking for banners hanging everyplace with Team Rockstar Girls dancing around in the background; he might not be for you. If you want a quality job done by someone who cares about the customer and his own reputation within the community you should be all over this.
I'd really like to nit pick some tech details about what he does but it might be better if you just check him yourself.

You run a proper business George; thank you for what you do!

Giant Loop: These guys have done me right. Returned E-mails, mailed product ontime, make good stuff (I'm using the Mojave) and really really care about the feedback they get from people who use the product.
I'm sure they do other "save the world" type stuff but I can only write about what goes down with me. I like them and I like their stuff. Done.

My local shop: Motoworld
I deal with the parts department. They do me right every time I come into the store. They remember me, (good or bad) are helpful when ordering parts or I have questions about my machine. Prices are right on par with others best.
They have helped me find answers to things other than just parts.
Bike shipping questions, local part fabricators and some other odd stuff that always seems to find me.
I like feeling like a Bro rather than just the "next guy" in line.
Good job fellas and thanks for being stoked about the ride.

***********EDIT, BEWARE OF SHIPPING COMPANY**************
This company mailed me on July 3rd and told me they would not be able to P/U my bike and make the delivery time. 20 days prior to when I would be landing in NC to meet with it.
This had been planned for more than 2 months and they have also had my deposit check.
They claimed to have tabs on another company that would ship it for $205 more but were unsure if they would take along the additional gear I had enclosed in the Rubbermaid container.
They also asked if I could get it in Florida IF they could get it there.
As a Vet I try to support Vet owned business.
Based on what happened to me I URGE you to AVOID this company.
I have all details documented if you have any questions or doubts.

After a frantic search and paying much more than I needed too, I found a company who would take it. In under 24 hours the bike was loaded and is now headed toward the East Coast. Something that Patriot Express Logistics could NOT do in over 2 months.

Moto Shipping: Patriot Express Logistics
Owners/operators are prior Military.
They are a smaller outfit and like it that way. I know people who have used them and the feedback has been 100% positive.

They use Dually trucks to pull a custom trailers that are divided into compartments for each ATV or Moto. Your ride gets its own home. The bike is side loaded so no need to be at a loading dock or have a forklift to unload. Quick and easy and they do pickup and dropoff at your doorstep. Awesome.
This would depend on your situation but they also are taking my gear for delivery so I don't have to worry about carrying anything extra when I fly to meet with the bike. Just an extra bonus.
I also feel the price is very fair.
They want photos of the bike so they can see exactly what they are dealing with; I also know they fill out forms on condition of the bike when picking it up so you will not have any issues, if something were to happen along the way.
In the beginning I had a lot of questions and they were very quick and patient with their answers.
Great price, and nice folks to boot.
Give'em a call.

Camping Bivy:
This is what I'm taking down range. The "Uber Bivy"
Check out Daves site at

Another guy who was quick to answer questions.
I like the underdog and when it comes to Bivys, this is just that.
Not a lot of information about the system online. I look forward to hammering away at this thing for a couple months.
It sets up instantly, has tons of room (for a Bivy) and covers all the features the big names have at a fraction of the price.
He's a SAR type of guy who put a lot of what's learned in the field into this shelter.
I've had zero issues to date but looking forward to testing it in all the climates the U.S. has to offer.
More will be told about this in the upcoming ride report.

Blais Racing Services:
Chris Blais; a major shout out for doing the rebuild on my bike.
I'll be riding more hours for this trip than I've ever gotten on a top end in the past. With the rebuid Chris did I feel confident about rolling the distance w/o any engine issues.
He turned the complete rebuild around in 8 days. This includes shipping to and from. Insanely fast!
He also has a large selection of parts that are not just fluff. It's stuff that is known to work for hard use applications. Solid pricing as well.
Chris also gives back to the sport.
I'm not a racer but he does give some level of sponsorship support to several riders. Some of these riders are very young; he not only cares about seeing his product on the podium but also wants to see the future of riders progress. I support that and as I said; I do not race.
Thanks Blais Racing Services!

This one is to those of you who have helped or will be helping me along my route.

Carolina Coast Harley-Davidson: Moto shop accepting my bike from the shipping company in Wilmington, NC. Thank you Jeremy Jacobs (service manager)

FlyinFuzz: Andy up in Crossville, TN Tent space supporter from this site.

MuleMan in Oark, AR Thanks Reagan at the Oark General Store. Tent space supporter from this site.

Old2Wheeler: LaVeta, CO Roderick; tent space supporter.

Plaza Motel: Preston, ID Thank you Claudia. Shipping supplies ahead.

Eagles Nest Motel: Priest River, ID These fine folks also supported me last year! Great Family with a couple of young children.
ArticRider: Washougal, WA Gary accepting an advance shipment and having the facilities avail for me to do some maint. Priceless!!! Tent space from this site.

Super 8 Motel: Battle Mountain, NV Bertha who has worked there for 13 years. Thank you for all your help! I'll see you in Aug.

Country Family Inn and Restaurant: Del Norte, CO Warren (owner)
Thanks for storage of the advance shipment and for the locals only information! See you late Aug.

Performance Cycle Center: Tucson, AZ Thanks on advice for short notice appointment and for having the "whip" for the El Camino del Diablo.

All the above mentioned have been a huge part of the planning.
I've had great luck finding amazing people who are just as excited about riding as I am.

I know the information is overload but I like to tell parts of the adventure that mostly goes unwritten.

Thank you to the Veterans and the Family members of the fallen who have sacrificed everything on this Memorial Day.

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Ship PU date

An e-mail arrived making me a little nervous.

The shipping company will be picking up the bike in about 25 days from now.
Sounds like a lot of time but yet, It's not.
The work on the bike is moving along well. I've been playing around with the gear trying to get it loaded as well as I can. A see a test ride in the near future.
I had to drop off my Ogio flight vest for Zipper Repair today. About a week to get it back.
All these little things really eat up time.
I've said it before but I'm not savy when it comes to all this gear hanging off my ride. I ride single track or slow tech stuff. I start to get scared above 25 mph. This ride would take a long long time at that speed.

I'll be working on my "smell the flowers" skills on this ride. Normally I would be seeing how high in the air I could roost the flowers. OK, I'm not that bad.
I did try to reach out to a few people while the route planning was happening to see if I could link up to ride some locals only secret stash, but didn't have much luck. Is what it is.

Idaho will give me some nar nar ripper ST again. Actually, with the camping load on the bike it just may kill me out there. Lifting that B-atch off the ground iz not gonna be cooool.

Watch me crash myself out of the ride clear over in NC on some wide open dirt road... LOL It has happened before.
Here's to building sweet ST and flowing sic trails.
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